Ruminations on this blog’s direction #1

March 9, 2018

A friend of mine recently sent me a long message commenting upon this year’s change of direction in the blog towards doing book reviews. His general conclusion was “great to read, but likely bad for business”. I think I probably owe my readers an explanation.

Around mid-2015 my attitude to daygame had changed. From early 2009 right through to the end of 2014 I’d felt like I was on a journey of self-improvement. I was very clear what I wanted – shag lots of birds and become a skilled player – and set myself walking that path. There was always doubt over whether I’d achieve my goals, but the goals themselves were very clear [1]. Most of you can relate to this because you are either walking down that path yourselves or have, like me, completed the journey.

This is why my memoir series ends at the close of 2014. It’s the end of that particular journey.

The Players Journey

Since then I’ve been daygaming for the fun of it with no real end goal in mind. Lacking any sense of a project it became increasingly aimless. I’d already banged enough girls, I was experiencing heavily diminishing returns in improving my technical Game, and it all felt rather like treading water. Well, considering how much fun I was still having, perhaps the better metaphor is it felt like relaxing in a jacuzzi. But, importantly, the sense of forward motion had stalled.

From mid-2016 I started to get increasingly long periods of daygame revulsion and by mid-2017 was barely even approaching. For two years my subconscious was telling me to change tack but I hadn’t yet figured out what the next project was to be. So I kept at the old routine of Euro Jaunting and chasing skirt. I’m not complaining, I still had a great time.

Rapidly losing my interest in doing or writing about game, I set myself to writing Daygame Infinite. It would be the final distillation of all my daygame experience, written while I still had enough motivation to complete it, and leave a permanent mark. I believe it was a success.

Blogging was badly impacted by Infinite because (i) all my good ideas were saved for the book (ii) writing it took all my creative energy with little left over (iii) Since it’s publication a few months ago, I don’t have anything left to say, as Infinite is still recent and there’s been little time for another round of new ideas to occur to me.

If you want to know about daygame, get Mastery, Infinite, and Overkill. It’s ALL in there and in a far more polished and systematic presentation than this humble blog. By all means read my blog, I do like having a readership, but if your goal is to get good at daygame then those three products are the obvious choice.

There is, however, the culture of daygame. For most of us, daygame is a hobby (even a way of life) and we like to be in the mix chatting and reading about that hobby. It’s pleasant. It feels like a community. There is a growing world of daygame culture, such as other blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts. I personally don’t pay any attention to that stuff anymore but I used to, and enjoyed it while I did. My blog and YouTube will continue to contribute to the cultural side of daygame and I intend to pick it up more next month when I start travelling again.

I suggest you don’t conflate the cultural side with the instructional side. Both are good, but they aren’t the same thing. My major recent contribution to the culture side is my memoir series.

If readers are interested, I’ll continue this line of thought in another post explaining why I’m doing the book reviews and how it fits into Game development.

[1] Even when mission creep expanded the goals, I always knew the next one.


  1. For someone who is just making steam on his journey. I can’t get to grips with a man losing the hunger to bang top draw birds. But then again we all want what we don’t have. Credit to you for listing to your core and not mindlessly racking up numbers.

    • I feel the subconscious pull towards tell my self to find a new litestyle other then game (I’ve been going almost 5 years)
      Though I’m just simply too horny, I can’t walk down the street these days without getting horny… a blessing and a curse.

      Probably when I’m krausers age my T levels will drop (no offence) and it’ll be easier to focus on other things, [I don’t think it’s T. I have no notable change in horniness. It’s simply satiation over the long term. Things lose their novelty. K.]

      • That’s fair enough, if that’s the case then since sex drive is a natural effect of high T how will you take care of it. Long term GF or girls on rotation?

  2. I MUCH prefer these recent posts and the Count Cervantes writing to the pickup stuff. You can tell your heart is not in the latter any more. It is great to see your intellect shine in other areas. I would love (like many others) for you to dive into political commentary and further current affairs analysis.

    • Don’t forget economics

    • Krauser is a good source for daygame but outside of that he is an unhinged and indoctrinated far right lunatic that takes his news from Breitbart and other anonymous blogs.

      Thank goodness guys like him are a minority or else Europe and Britain would end up as another fanatical hell hole like Saudi Arabia and the middle east. [Could someone please call the waaaaambulance? K.]

      • LOL – It’s guys like him who have the balls to speak the truth, someone who is putting his neck on the line – it’s people like him that will stop Europe becoming a muslim hellhole like Saudi Arabia you fucking leftist moron. Guys like him are growing in number – leftists cucks like you will b crushed in the process.

        P.S. When’s your sex change happening, or have you already cut off your balls?

  3. Not sure if you’ve seen this but sounds like what you’re saying is reminiscent of what Jordan Peterson talks about starting at 11:26. [I saw that talk a week ago. I think he’s mostly correct. K.]

    Certainly my life has gone through certain shifts, am about to make another big one now, but there is a connection between each interest to the next. He mentions that you need prior experience to even see the future opportunity which is true in my case.

  4. You’re a video gamer. We have an ability to concentrate on a seemingly repetitive task.

    It’s kinda funny. I am having periods like what you say. Daygame revulsion. Just with a lot less success with girls than you have haha. Nowadays when I see a video game, I have the ability to look forwards and actually see what accomplishments the game will bring. I can either look at a game or play it one time and sometimes I very quickly stop playing. Now I have other goals as you do. Everybody needs a project.

  5. I enjoy the non-game posts, though not as much as the daygame content.

    I seem to remember you saying something similar back in 2013ish… “Barely done any approaches all year, losing interest, etc etc”. What made you regain interest on that occasion? [I approached a lot in first 9 months of 2013 then hardly at all until April 2014. It’ll be clear from volume 3 when it’s finally published. K.]

  6. Exactly like I’ve said a while ago, Nick.
    Just put it on another medium. It’s really good content, it just betray the original purpose of this blog. [“betray”? WTF? Tell me English isn’t your first language so you simply didn’t appreciate the nuance this term has to English ears. K.]

    • Not really.
      And my point is still valid.

      This is an excerpt from your FAQ pages:


      2. Who are my readers?

      Despite the above I do care for some of my readers. Probably half of my motivation for writing is to provide a detailed path for well-intentioned disciplined guys who wish to follow in my footsteps. I’ve met with and had correspondance with such men and its rewarding for me to know they’ve sidestepped landmines I had to trod on myself. I find Game a topic of fascinating complexity and like any hobbyist talking shop I like to have an audience / peers of similar interests and sophistication.

      END OF. [Really, just fuck right off with your telling me what I should and shouldn’t write on my blog. K.]

  7. Regarding the cultural side of daygame I think it’s largely in decline. A lot of the popular quality daygame YouTube channels have become inactive. James Tusk seems to be the only active PUA YouTuber putting out quality advice. And for the daygame blogs most of the ones listed on your best daygame blogs post are also inactive. The reason for the decline seems to be that the first few years after daygame was taught formally there was a huge surge in interest and it gradually faded out as a lot of cultural fads do. Now of course there will always be a small group of guys taking action based on the material that has been published but it will go back to the Pre Neil Strauss days of being a super niche group.

  8. I think the future of the game will be ever more about individualism and individual journeys. I don’t see any sense of community anymore. Lot has been lost because guys who enter the game now enter a field which has been written a lot about already and lot of stuff has turned weird.

  9. I got good reading your blog. That promoted me to buy the daygame books.

    Now I’m at a point where I miss your regular daygame posts as a constant source of calibration of my own game.

    I don’t take my blowouts too seriously because they correspond to many of your experiences.

    I think you should continue blogging but do posts on specific situations. That would keep you connected to the fans and newbies. Right now if I was a newbie I wouldn’t know where to turn for help because the whole pua community has reached saturation and there are no new guys at your level of competency sharing.

    Mystery is solid but I’d love to hear how he deals with the changing attitudes of girls. Likewise I loved the various text breakdowns in your book.

    You didn’t hold back. Keep that going with regular posts.

  10. K, this is your blog, you do whatever you want in it and we enjoy the variety and change of pace.

    This is a case of what self development people talk about a lot: how your friends will try to stop you from evolving and changing because they became too comfortable with the old you to let it go.

    So, many people became comfortable with the usual daygame stuff from your blog, but you’re not a robot, you are a human being. Do what keeps you writing, what keeps you excited, which is what you are interested in right now. If people need daygame content, like you said, your products are there covering everything from A to Z. [I’ll write about the reasons soon. But yes, weird how people tell me what to do on a free blog that I don’t charge them for. K.]

  11. well, if you don’t care these book reviews. you can still play with a pua videogame from Richard La ruina…
    the game is out

    • This is good.

      LaRuina is solid Nightgamer though, as like reviewed by George from StreetAttraction.

      PS. Just wondering you can link LaRuina video, but I can’t link Torero one =]

    • Let’s be honest. This is the stupidest creation ever to exist in pick up. It is just a variation on a dating simulator. It isn’t really designed to teach, especially for people who know and do daygame.

      But as for a business idea, it is incredible. He even is getting react channels to review the game. It is definitely a bit silly, but it is an easy way to get new eyes on his products. Which eventually turns into customers. And Richard’s video style is made for that. [Richards primary talent has always been selling shit to idiots. He’s made plenty of money that way, including recently hawking Bit Coin study courses. He’s totally unproven as an actual pick-up artist. Not saying he can’t do it, simply that he’s never demonstrated having that skill set. K.]

      • I have a good friend who used to work as a daygame coach during the early days of his company in 2006/7 and was responsible for teaching me his method back in the day when I first started in 2009. He basically doesn’t endorse his ability to seduce girls at all aside from using his money and success to attract gold digging Russians and unsuspecting newbies who don’t know any better. He’s basically a very good marketer. [Richard knows how to sell. That’s a real skill set. K.]

  12. It feels kinda strange reading all these comments yet also not unexpected…some saying continue, some saying do something different but end of the day Krauser is going todo whatever Krauser is going todo. People need to remember that blog writing is a thankless task with much criticism and very little financially to show for it. Add to this that people are cheap these days (and getting cheaper) and it doesnt take much to see why people decide to exit after a while and focus on something else.

    I would imagine that everyone “doing daygame” got into it for the girls and some have reached higher levels of success (however you want to define this) with most likely having failed (however you define this). Taking a step back, game is nothing more than one part applied psychology, one part technical knowledge, one part self development and remainder all will power. Think of it in the same way that wine is just fermented grapes (no matter how you look at it and what marketing is applied).

    Personally, I enjoy reading Krauser because of his style and detail which others are just not providing. The biggest value that Krauser has provided me (and likely others) is his breakdown and analysis of interactions (shown well in Daygame Infinite). It doesnt matter if it is in date transcript, messaging or infield video, the interactions between the guy and girl are always the same with only the medium changing. Before “discovering game” I always use to think that it was just pot luck who was good with girls and who wasnt but as everyone reading this already knows, it is not that at all. The larger part of game is on the self development (my view) because girls will eventually figure out what value a guy likely has (via “shit tests”). Everyone seems to try to get around this by learning some “new trick / technique” to get girls into bed but will ultimately burnout and fail as the mask can only stay on for so long.

    On the “game material”, I cant think of it really having changed much over time but rather being distilled with the non-essential parts being boiled away. If you think about the London Daygame Model (street stop), the key innovation there is the spike as comfort and rapport are things that people do by default when speaking with each other (Obviously, self confident people do comfort and rapport differently than self conscious people) . Other core components that have been established before during the Mystery era are the DHV and Frame Control but even here these are just articulations of human behaviour that has always existed. It may the articulation of these behaviours and organising them into a specific model that “broke ground” and created “Game” so to speak but one cannot say this is new because man and woman have been on planet earth for a long time and the mating ritual has been going on since then. So if one asks the question “Is there anything new still to learn?”, it is difficult to answer because nothing is really new just new to the person seeing it for the first time and with all content already available via blogs, books and youtube, it is easy to see why it is difficult to add further knowledge. Now add criticism and cheapness on top and you see the result …

    In my view, the only remaining component is calibration which is what Daygame Infinite was all about. I do believe Krauser can provide more Calibration examples by creating a 3rd book in his series where he can show his past text messages with girls (from his phone) and provide his unique breakdown + analysis on what is happening in the text exchange in the same way that Daygame Infinite has done. Obviously with different girls and not only successes but also failures with an explanation of why it likely failed. A 3rd book with more examples means more reference experiences (via someone else) which means further calibration which allows for further real world progress. If such content doesnt exist, it takes set after set after set until eventually enough errors have been made that the guy knows what is working and what is not working. Will I every see a 3rd book? dont know but odds are not good…

    The memoirs written are story telling while also acting as expectation management describing someone’s journey and is something that I am interested in from Krauser regarding Vol 3.

  13. Would you be interested to do a post at some point on the options available to older guys (40+) that still would like to bang more prime YHT girls than they have been able to do so far? Is it honestly too late at that age to get properly started on such a journey, if one did not already make sufficient progress while still in their “prime”? I haven’t got your books except the old Daygame Nitro but am a long time follower of the blog. I am planning to read Daygame Mastery, don’t know if it has some of the answers. I don’t really consume a lot of pick up material these days but wanting to still get back to the Game to achieve my remaining goals, after a long, long pause brought about by a relationship and various things getting in the way and distracting my frame in the past years.

    • For 40+ guys, all the material to deal with the YHTS is in the books, Mastery and Daygame Infinite. Nick pretty much breaks it down into minute details so its all there.
      the issue you may have is your own inner game issue, which you will have to deal with.

      She may wish ( because of media influence / peer pressure telling her what she should like ) on a superficial level that the older men look like the younger guys she went to school with. but for an older man, the difference in looks can be effectively compensated for by Fitness, good hair style, good clothes, and shoes and overall decent grooming.

      • Thanks, those are good points. Sounds like I really should check out Mastery to get properly started with DG. I think you are right about inner game presenting the main issues for me currently. Last year I already did a fair bit of work on improving my fitness and style, but my frame was still horrible after being away from the game for too long. I would just walk on the streets desperately scanning for IOIs from girls with the hope that it would build up my state so that I would eventually feel justified to even approach them (in general, this did not happen). But now I think I am making progress week by week in improving my inner game. After trying to further improve my appearance and focusing on just to go on and approach without clinging to the outcome too much, it seems I am starting to get positive receptions again.

  14. Not too late at all as long as you don’t look like a wrinkly old nutsack and/or act inappropriately.

    • Good to hear such an opinion from you. I know in order to do this, I have to believe it is possible first (at least “in theory”). It will be my goal for this spring, summer and autumn to get started with this and see how it will go.

  15. I think there are a lot of game methods out there already (including your own books), so you can easily switch to other interests. I really liked your Count Cervantes blog. Maybe I am projecting here but I am under the impression that the kind of guy that gets into your type of daygame is likely to be interested in that sort of stuff. [Me too. I’ll post more on Project High Value man and why Count Cervantes stuff is important if you want quality girls without bribing them. K.]

  16. What happened to that book about banging Thai women?

  17. Love the new content. There’s more than enough material in infinite to help anyone on the path to intermediate or advanced DG

  18. I know you’re reviewing primarily fiction books. But any chance for an opinion on Ekhart tolles books new earth and power of now. I know you’ve obviously read it, after reading Infinite. But wondering if there’s parts you’d agree with and disagree with e.g I know you think ego is essential to give your life purpose but what about his take on world peace, could following Ekharts way of thinking end terror etc?
    Cheers. [I skim-read them in 2010 so I can’t really remember much. If I re-read one, I’ll review it. K.]

    • Where’s part 2 of this?

    • Thanks, the stuff you mention in Infinite about humans putting labels on everything even gravity, and the fact ‘notch counts’ don’t really exist is really similar to what Elkhart talks about, I think particularly ‘A new earth’ you’d enjoy.

      Btw, If it’s not too personal… are you returning to monoghamy or having casual regular sex now that you’re taking it easy with game?

      Thanks again. [It’s got a common root in Daoism. K.]

  19. Politics post if I may; Just how to explain why Trump is bringing in globalist and all round wall st piece of shit (((Larry Kudlow)))? That’s like making OJ Simpson head of the FBI. [How about you stop fretting over Trump and let him get on with the job he’s done so incredibly well over the past two years? K.]

  20. I’m my opinion as a marketer for over 10 years, focusing on the “next project” is a road to ruin. You’ll eventually run out of things to say and the quality of the next thing will decrease. You’ll be like a hamster on a wheel. I think you should focus on writing about your daygame adventures (when you do them), shooting videos of sets, and write lay reports so you can sell what you’ve already created to the new and intermediate gamers who will eventually find your blog. There’s always new men coming of age who want to know how to get laid. You’ll have to do very little work to sell the stuff you’ve already put tons of work into. I would even consider licensing your books so have some kind of passive income. [Yes, you outline the most appropriate business case. However, there is also the consideration of (i) wanting to write things I enjoy, and (ii) continued personal growth. Hence why I haven’t yet decided. K.]

  21. “If readers are interested, I’ll continue this line of thought in another post explaining why I’m doing the book reviews and how it fits into Game development.”

    Interested for sure

  22. Slightly offtopic: have you ever thought about turning your memoirs into audiobooks?

    These days I find myself having less and less time to sit down and read, but I love listening to an interesting audiobook, while doing mundane tasks like washing the dishes etc. or on my way to work.

    More on-topic: been a reader of your blog and your books for two years now (Mastery has helped me to get laid, thanks).
    If your blog goes more in the Cervantes direction with the occasional daygame post, count me in 100%.

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