Another trickle from the Daygame Infinite stream

March 19, 2018

I’ve been busy lads, sorry. After my ridiculous reading binge that led to 39 book reviews in just over two months, I turned my mind to other matters. I’m still reading, currently up to #43, but I’ll get round to reviewing them later [1]

So, what other matters?

First and foremost is the impending release of the full-colour Daygame Mastery second edition. It’s taken longer than I expected purely because I decided to spend more time writing new material for it. When the 468 pages from the first edition were re-laid in the Infinite style, it came to 401 pages. It’s now 481, the extra 80 pages being entirely new content. So, about a 20% increase.

It also takes a ton of time to carefully monitor the layout to get everything right. These are complex pages with a lot going on. I sent my latest amendments on Friday. If I’m lucky it’ll be finished by the end of the month but don’t bank on it.

The other big project was returning to volume three of the memoir, Younger Hotter Tighter. I’d written the first half by the beginning of January, twenty chapters, then parked it. It’s good to cool off from a book and let ideas settle, then come back to it cold. The book review and Mastery projects pushed it back further.

So, this week I wrote four more chapters and a total of 25k words. It’s up to 95k in total but there’s still 16 chapters remaining for me to chip away at. I hope to reach the end of chapter 30 before I begin travelling, and then cheerfully plod on while I’m on the road. Don’t expect to see YHT any time soon but be sure it will be done. This isn’t an idle fancy. My memoir project will be completed this year.

I have ten days of hibernation remaining.

[1] So far, my reviews total almost 50k words, which is the length of a short novel all on its own.


  1. Nice one, apologies if you mentioned it before, but what is the new content in mastery? – trying to work out if it’s worth shelling out for the new edition if you have a copy of the old one. Plus will it be available in soft-cover?

  2. This is standard of Virtue Signaling(also excuse of not being so productive) from Lazy Writer. [I’m tired of your bullshit. All your comments are negative and weird. Either contribute properly, or you’re going into auto-spam forever. Final warning. K.]

  3. Totally off topic, but Vox Day announced that he’s done with “Alpha Game”. He grew bored with the subject and was fed up with stupid comments. AG was one of my first introductions to Game (along with you and Roosh), so this feels like the end of an era. Hope you never stop blogging, Nick! Your content is too damn good.

    • Vox Day’s alpha game blog was just mindwank at best. As are all manosphere blogs. Nothing really lost to be honest.

      Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male is the only manosphere writer that gives practical game advice. Though his is intended as basics for men in general not PUAs who want to learn the complexities and nuances of daygame or night game.

      Black Label Logic’s writing on Sexual economics are mindwank but still pretty high quality.

      ^ Those are the only two manosphere writers I read.

      • I actually agree with you about the mindwank. As time went on, I read AG less and less frequently for that very reason. Still, the blog was a great introduction to the fundamentals – especially back in 2011-12, when I was first getting started.

      • Another thing to be aware of with manosphere forums is their “game advice” tends to be laced with their political opinions. Their primary goal with the material they put out is to promote their political views not teach a scientific understanding of game.

        So Jack Donovan ‘s book for example has interesting excerpts about masculinity for evo psych and philosophy however he tries to link being a masculine man with being a racial tribalist. So at that point it becomes more of a sales pitch for the far right than a scientific analysis of masculinity.

        The Rational Male blog and Black Label Logic’s work on sexual economics are the only manopshere blogs that keep their content apolitical.

      • “Vox Day’s alpha game blog was just mindwank at best. As are all manosphere blogs. ”

        have you checked out nash’s daygame blog? it’s the best daygame blog out there.

  4. I think your heart is not in pick up any more so I am very happy you write about things that make you happy. Many of us readers love it when you are making observations on politics and economics especially. And the book reviews were great so I hope you continue. New direction makes the site and you fresh.

  5. I know this is a super random question and probably unimportant but why with girls is the day game coffee order ‘a paper cup, but have insdie’ Tom does the same, is there something wrong with a proper coffee cup haha [I do it because I don’t like the wide-brimmed ceramic mugs in Costa. K.]

    • I’m going to guess that it’s in case she makes “the switch” mid-coffee; that way you aren’t stuck with ceramic cups and can suggest a walk which happens to go by your AirBNB. Otherwise, she’ll use that as a reason not to walk with you.

  6. Man this is really good content. I’m talking on a general level not just pickup. Thanks Krauser [Thanks. I’ll be posting the rest of the talk later. K.]

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