The Daygame Infinite Seminar

February 5, 2018

Regular readers will know I delivered a two-hour talk on the London Daygame Model just before Christmas. The Street Attraction team was kind enough to film it [1] and Eddie gave me the mixed video files. My plan is to release the full talk in a series of bite-size chunks, a new video every week [2] until it’s done. So far I’ve edited the first 1/4 of it.

Here’s part one.

You can buy Daygame Infinite here.

In other news, I have now received THREE completed first-draft manuscripts from the Winter Memoir Challenge, being 80k, 50k, and 50k words respectively. I’ve given feedback on all and it’s looking increasingly likely that you avid daygame maniacs will be blessed with a veritable bounty of dirty stories to entertain your filthy minds. I am optimistic that 2018 will be the Year Of The Memoir. Another FOUR guys have told me they are writing memoirs so hopefully they’ll have something to wave around proudly in the next month or two also.

I’m very pleased with this response because, I must admit, I wasn’t sure anyone would get a manuscript done. It’s a huge investment of time and emotion to write a book. Not for the first time I’m reminded that whatever qualities I think make me so adorably special are in fact possessed by quite a few others too.

Now that I’m an old-timer and semi-retired from the daygame life I see my primary role in the community as encouraging the next generation of players to step up and take things in their own direction. I’m part of the wave that came up in 2009-2012. I learned a lot and I’ve done my best to capture it all in books and video so that the knowledge is passed on. As these newer guys build their blogs and tell their stories, the baton is passed and I hope they run with it.

Then I can retire in peace, put my monster feet slippers on, and reminisce about “I used to be a player like you, then I took an arrow in the knee”. I’ll be Eddie Futch rather than Joe Frazier.


“Remember it’s two compliments and one tease”

I’ll have an update on the new Mastery colour edition fairly soon. It’s still a long way from completion but I’ve got stuff to talk about related to it.

[1] They basically did everything at the event. I just rolled in an hour late for my talk after sleeping through my alarm. Sorry, complicated business.
[2] The talk is primarily a marketing exercise for Infinite. If you can’t wait, just buy the book.


  1. >> I see my primary role in the community as encouraging the next generation of players to step up and take things in their own direction.

    You can really feel this ^ tone in your writing in the book. The first section, more than the examples (which are excellent).

    It’s a fantastic book, Krauser. I’m making mentions of it here/there in my writing and on Twitter, but I’ll do a full post when I finish.

    More importantly… I’m using it on the street already. You can see from posts on Twitter that other guys are as well.

    I’m in Japan again, and too busy with my goals for this trip to read much… but I’m taking the book to dinner on my free nights and loving it. [Thanks boss, glad it’s working for you. I look forward to seeing the review. K.]

  2. hey nick.. will your two video programs, the black book and the womaniser one give me any new information hats not found in your books? cos I own all your books and was interested in those programs but only if they offer insights not in the books..cheers man… [All my material has its own new content, but it all covers the same model. The thing for you to decide is whether you want more on the model and from different angles, in which case you’ll like the videos. Or, do you want material covering different topics entirely, in which case you won’t like the videos. K.]

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  5. Go back to London and daygame there again, release some infields and date footage. I would buy that product.

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