#13 – The Bolshevik Myth, Alexander Berkman BOOK REVIEW

January 29, 2018

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve lost interest in Daygame, but no. This is simply Project High Value Man limping it’s way to the finishing line in month one. I’ve had this book on my shelf since my second year in university but never got round to reading it. Wish I had, as it would’ve ended my experiment with Leftism a few years earlier. What’s fascinating is throughout his time describing Moscow, Kiev and Odessa I have actually walked many of the same streets as he did.

Berkman Bolshevik Myth

My parents are Leftists. My mother is a low-information champagne socialist who hasn’t studied a single page of socialist theory or real world history in her life. That doesn’t stop her from routinely saying “I wish someone would shoot him” while watching the BBC trashing Donald Trump. My dad is less retarded and less hateful, our conversations going like this:

Me: Trump is draining the swamp. Today, [say something fact-based from an actual event currently hitting, such as Devin Nunes giving an interview on #ReleaseTheMemo]
Dad: *shakes head dismissively* No Chance.
Me: What don’t you like about Trump?
Dad: I don’t like him.
Me: What is it don’t you like? What policy of his do you oppose?
Dad: I just don’t like him.

My father prefers the ostrich’s head-in-the-sand approach. Usually I let it pass, but once in a while I’m a little exasperated and I’ll say what I really think, such as:

“Dad, you’re just hoping you can make it to the grave without ever suffering the humiliation of knowing your world view is completely wrong and that you’ve always voted for the maximum evil every chance you cast a ballot.”

Harsh, I guess.

My parents are living in a carefully-constructed delusion bubble and I frequently see the anxiety in their eyes when reality presses too close. They have restricted their information about the outside world to just two sources, the Bolshevik British Broadcasting Corporation and The Grauniad Guardian. Their response to reality is to hide from it and double down on their self-inflicted gas-lighting.

“Dad, you’re like a battered wife. Every single time the BBC and Guardian lie to you, I tell you in advance of the lie. I prove it to be a lie. You still dismiss it. Then within a week I’m proven right and what do you do? Run right back to the people lying to you.”

Harsh, I know.

It is from dealing with my parents, and from spending several years around fringe Far Left politics as a teenager [1] that I’ve come to understand Leftism as a mental illness rather than a political ideology. There are two types of Leftist:

  1. Lenin’s “useful idiots”. My parents and most of the Far Left foot soldiers fall into this category [2]. They are low-information, easily swayed by emotional and overly-simplified appeals, and completely oblivious to human psychology.
  2. Alinksy‘s “radicals”. These are the self-aware organisers and political fixers, like Cuffy Miegs in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. They know Leftism is bullshit but understand it’s utility for giving themselves power. These people are truly evil. See also: Hillary Clinton.

I include this long preamble because Alexander Berkman is a high-functioning useful idiot and The Bolshevik Myth is the story of him getting raped by reality. He began in high hopes:

“Without exaggeration I may say that the happiest day of my existence was passed in a prison cell – the day when the first news of the October Revolution and the victory of the Bolsheviki reached me in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. The night of my dungeon was illumined by the glory of the great dream coming true.” [page 327]

This quote is from his post-facto analysis in which he’s thoroughly disillusioned and yet can’t quite give up on the Leftist dream. He’s seen exactly what terrors it creates, how utterly hypocritical its radicals are, and yet he still believes it was simply socialism done wrong. He devotes the last chapter (“Anti Climax”, not in the original edition) to a theoretical analysis of where it went wrong and, precise though it is, he just can’t let go of his commitment to Leftism.

It’s Leftism that is wrong. It’s fundamentally broken. This is because at its very centre it is built on theft, which requires totalitarianism, which then requires lies. This has never – in the entire history of Leftism – been proven wrong. Every single time, Leftism begins with theft, proceeds to totalitarianism, and is covered in lies. Berkman remained a battered wife to his grave, lamenting that socialism just needed one more chance.

Few people today grasp how evil the Alinsky Left is. Not ‘mistaken’ or ‘deluded’ but outright evil. Those people would do well to read Orwell’s Animal Farm as it draws out the tragedy of the Bolshevik revolution. However, although Orwell is biting in his satire and perceptive in his observation of trends, his book is ultimately about pigs, sheep and wolves. If you read Berkman’s The Bolshevik Myth you get an unvarnished account in human form. This is real-life starvation, corruption, mass murder, and ideological fanaticism. It’s in your face, horrifically bleak, and 342 pages of data points collected from first hand experience of how evil the Left is.

The book begins with the author’s deportation form the USA just before Christmas 1919. Interestingly, Alexander Berkman is a Leftist Jew himself. Exactly the sort of person who should’ve been deported. Just look at this biography from the introduction (by a sympathetic editor):

Fucking Jews

And people wonder where the reputation comes from….

Every. Damn. Time.


This review is not, however, about how you should never allow Jewish intellectuals into your country [3]. It’s simply to set up the key theme of this book: disillusionment. Berkman is as Left as they come and a lifetime agitator for Anarchism. He was extremely excited to be sent to Russian a year after the revolution because he wanted to help the revolution. This book is written by a man absolutely sympathetic to the cause of the Russian Revolution. The book then describes the most harrowing experience a Leftist can ever suffer: reality.

Ayn Rand was inspired to write Atlas Shrugged because of the same period in Russian history, which she too experienced first-hand before escaping to the USA. From 1919 to 1921 was a period of utter incompetence from the Bolsheviks. She makes a great deal in Atlas Shrugged of how most deprivation and tragedy occurs not due to sneering evil-doers actively hurting people but instead due to the utter incompetence of the Left once in charge. Many of them sincerely believe running an economy is easy. You just have to kick the capitalists out, tell everyone to work hard, and then decide where the products go [4]. Ludwig von Mises absolutely destroyed this argument in his book Socialism, written in 1922, and in particular with what he terms the ‘problem of economic calculation’.


Can someone give me the cliff notes?

As is clear from Berkman’s book, we didn’t need to wait for Mises. Back in 1919 everyone in Russia knew exactly what the problems were. It’s just the Bolsheviks were too busy murdering and betraying everyone for it to be stopped.

I’ve long believed that the only difference between the actions of SJWs now and the Tcheka in 1920 Russia is opportunity. The psychology is exactly the same. These are self-serving narcissistic personalities with hair-trigger amygdala. Total hyprocrites. Capitalism rewards the kind of people who effectively deal with reality. The Bolsheviks created a system that perfectly selects for dangerous murderous hypocrites and then encourages them to get even worse. Berkman’s book is very long on the examples. That SJW reporting you to Facebook and conducting a whispering campaign behind your back is the Commissar who would have you summarily executed without trial for ‘speculation’ if it was 1920’s Russia. Same people. Vermin. Evil.

Berkman presents a world of utter chaos and a population too tired from starvation and terror to do anything about it. He arrives in Petrograd when the White army is still fighting the Reds, and the Mahknovists in Southern Ukraine are still taking territory. The West has an economic blockade on and my oh my do the Bolsheviks make use of that as an excuse.

The narcissist never accepts responsibility for his failures. Berkman shows us this throughout his examples. At a high level, the problem is “the blockade” or “the speculators” or “the counter-revolutionaries”. It’s never ever the Bolshevik policy. At a street level the chaos is always blamed on somebody else. Commissars and functionaries spend most of the day shirking responsibility [5]

At times I felt like I was reading a Sven Hassel novel.

Hassel wrote a pseudo-memoir of his time fighting in a German penal battalion on the Eastern Front in WWII. His books are full of chaos. Commissars and SS officers barge into villages and press-gang conscripts for suicide missions. There is an ever-present fear on both sides of the military police because they are constantly arresting people on trumped up charges and executing them without trial. Quartermasters steal the foot solider’s stores so the infantry are left bartering secretly with peasants to survive. Political fanatics rant and rage, looking for people to abuse, always blaming their own errors on everyone else. Caught in the middle of it all is the oppressed masses, waiting for the madness to end.

The whole time I read these Hassel books I thought, this is a bit overly-dramatic. It’s not very believable.

Bolshevik trial

This could easily be a scene from a Sven Hassel novel, or modern US university campus

Berkman’s book reads just like Hassel, without the battle scenes. The Bolsheviks really were that crazy, that incompetent, that fanatical, and that evil. They betrayed everyone who ever helped them. Just like Vox Day describes SJWs as following the ever-changing narrative like a school of fish changing direction, Berkman depicts the Bolsheviks as shifting alliances on pure expedience. Evil people.

We are left with a country in the grip of madness. A hell on earth. The Bolsheviks take control of a city and murder the opposition. They install themselves as leaders and steal everything ‘for the people’. They then set impossible targets for production but make the bureaucracy so unwieldy that no-one can even get a permit to work. The factories are idle so they need to blame somebody and shoot some workers. Then they raid the markets and imprison or shoot some local traders, the very people keeping the population alive. By now the peasants have had everything stolen so they aren’t planting the food needed to keep the cities alive. So the Bolsheviks shoot the peasants.

It’s a horror show but…. if you’ve ever watched the Left run organisations nowadays in the West, you’ll see they do exactly the same thing, limited only by their lack of power and access to guns. The Left always eats its own.


Just another mass murderer worshipped by the Left

I’ve said before that it’s always Year Zero with the Left. There’s a reason Orwell said: “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” Everything the Alinsky Left touches they destroy. They are pure evil. The only way they can keep singing their ruinous siren song to the next generation of useful idiots is by airbrushing and falsifying the history of what they did last time. [6]

I read an illuminating book by Anthony Flew when I was at university, called Thinking About Thinking. In it, he introduced the logical “No True Scotsman” fallacy. It goes like this:

Imagine Hamish McDonald, a Scotsman, sitting down with his Glasgow Morning Herald and seeing an article about how the “Brighton Sex Maniac Strikes Again”. Hamish is shocked and declares that “No Scotsman would do such a thing”. The next day he sits down to read his Glasgow Morning Herald again; and, this time, finds an article about an Aberdeen man whose brutal actions make the Brighton sex maniac seem almost gentlemanly. This fact shows that Hamish was wrong in his opinion, but is he going to admit this? Not likely. This time he says: “No true Scotsman would do such a thing”.

We can make the logical structure of the fallacy clearer by changing the topic from murder to porridge, and from Hamish to Angus

If Angus, a Glaswegian, who puts sugar on his porridge, is proposed as a counter-example to the claim “No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge”, the ‘No true Scotsman’ fallacy would run as follows:

(1) Angus puts sugar on his porridge.
(2) No (true) Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.
(3) Angus is not a (true) Scotsman.
(4) Angus is not a counter-example to the claim that no Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.

Rab C Nesbitt

A true Scotsman, yesterday

If Bolshevism, a socialism, is a criminal racket of theft, murder, torture and lies, is proposed as a counter-example to the claim “Socialism is the highest expression of human society”, the “No true Socialist” fallacy would run as follows:

(1) Bolsheviks are evil thieves and murderers.
(2) No (true) socialist is an evil thief and murderer.
(3) Bolshevism is not (true) socialism.

This is why no amount of examples, in China, Venezuela, Cuba and so on, will ever persuade a Leftist that socialism is evil. No amount of predictive and accurate economic and social analysis (i.e. Mises) will persuade them. No amount of Democrats getting caught red-handed trying to build a Bolshevik state, or of Labour flooding the country with third world savages will ever persuade them.

War is Peace. Diversity is Strength. Refugees are Welcome.
Four legs good, two legs bad. No human is illegal.

Berkman’s book is fascinating not just because of the powerful critique it lays against socialism but also because of the degree of self-delusion as Berkman simply cannot leave the partner who is beating him. He can’t escape the gas-lighting and keeps doubling down on his No True Socialist fallacy until finally he collapsed and died. It’s sad too, because this book positively drips in Berkman’s essential humanity. He’s a fundamentally good guy who desperately wants what is best for the people and puts himself at personal risk repeatedly to alleviate what suffering he can. He’s in anguish at the sufferings the Bolsheviks subject the Russian people to. [7]

Naturally, the idealist loses and Cuffy Miegs wins.


The Workers Paradise, yesterday

If you think I’m smart and write intelligently about smart stuff, you’ll fucking love Daygame Infinite. It’s proper smart. Or, if you are curious about how the Former Soviet Union is now, post-Bolshevik, for clacking tarts then you’ll like my memoir Adventure Sex. It’s in the same place as The Bolshevik Myth but there’s waaaaaay more shagging.

[1] And watching Monty Python’s Life Of Brian
[2] As did I until about my mid-twenties. It takes a long time to shake off the narcissistic abuse of living in The People’s Republic Of Northern Britain.
[3] I might do a post on that later. Almost every ideology or administrative act to destroy Europe and the USA has a Jewish intellectual behind it somewhere.
[4] Nothing has changed on the Left since because they never ever learn from history.
[5] And the other half feathering their nests with stolen goods. The 1920s equivalent of Patreon accounts and Government jobs, basically.
[6] It’s no surprise that people who adhere to an ideology based on lies would also be shameless liars themselves. Look at how many times Hillary Clinton has been caught at it and yet her supporters simply don’t care. They all embrace the lie.
[7] Even though he’s a Jew. There are several chapters which are the usual Jewish belly-aching where they are apparently the worst victims. Sigh…. don’t care


  1. Trump is a genius. I love that man.

  2. 1. This made me order Berkman’s book.

    2. Year zero: no wonder I was taught literally *zero* history in the Canadian public school system. K-12, absolutely nothing, aside from some guy building a railroad across Canada (mcdonald? who the hell cares, it has no historical relevance). Indoctrination runs deep and it’s insidious. I was always bitching to anybody who would listen how immensely frustrating it was to know nothing about the past. Almost as if such a curriculum was built… on purpose.

    3. As an aside, they’re now teaching transgender theory as irrefutable fact, starting in kindergarten, in Ontario and British Columbia. This began in 2016. It’s disgusting. Children don’t develop a sense of self until something like age 7, and the public schools are telling them they can change their gender on a whim?

    Poison. I’ve got a week left before my one-way to Europe. Leftists have absolute control over every facet of this country, America might survive if they get eight years of Trump, the infected parts of Europe can be saved, but the non-rural areas of Canada are completely gone. [Let us know what you think of the Berkman book. You’re a writer, yeah? Probably gonna be interesting stuff. K.]

    • More of a storyteller for the Amazon.com masses, but yeah. The only metric I use for my writing is that it’s not boring (as opposed to “interesting”), and that’s served me well thus far.

      As you said somewhere else, generic sells best. Give it enough of a twist, cater to the mommy porn crowd, and with a bit of luck you’ve got a bestseller.

      I figure I’ll read Berkman on the flight.

  3. “He cared for you and he ceased to care – does he deserve death, dearest?” The communist version of ‘regret rape’. Fucking hell.

  4. Fucking brilliant, Krauser. I’m fascinated by the fact that nearly every man who starts into PUA eventually discovers the failure of Leftism. Seems we end up there by peeling away at the layers of the workings of the female psyche, no? [I was actually red-pilled on politics before Game, when I read Raedwald and Very British Dude blogs in 2007/8. K.]

  5. Please can you do a fair and balanced post on the Jews. Are they really responsible for the decline in the west? Where would we be without them? What good have they done? Are they at the top of banking and media on merit or through nepotism? Why are they always the intellectual behind every ideology? (Even Ayn Rand is a jew). Do you think that they are ultimately relatively well intentioned but just sperg it up?

    Lots of the Alt right sites just blame the jews for everything, it seems too simplistic.

    I don’t really know exactly what to ask but I would be interested to get your thoughts generally as you do look at things through a relatively clear lens, it is very refreshing.

    Also have you considered an amazon affiliate link for the books you are reviewing? I know your own books are your products and that is your bread and butter, but you would make a bit of extra change for some pints from the amazon links. I know that I would personally buy through them. [Jews have their own internal divisions. Generally, the diaspora Jews are meddling rabbits and the Israeli Jews are nationalist wolves. Not all Jews are evil, it just looks that way because there’s always a Jew behind evil. Difference between necessary and sufficient condition. K.]

    • Steve: “Do you think that they are ultimately relatively well intentioned but just sperg it up?”

      No innocence here, the kernel of it all is that they do what is best for their tribe, which coincides with what is ultimately deleterious for White People.

      They are masters of controlling all sides e.g. (((Ayn Rand))) was the seed of Libertarianism the controlled opposition to (((communism))).

    • Leave it to Joe Sobran, there is a Jewish mafia, it’s not nice but it exists.

      In short, the Holocaust has become a device for exempting Jews from normal human obligations. It has authorized them to bully and blackmail, to extort and oppress. This is all quite irrational, because even if six million Jews were murdered during World War II, it doesn’t follow that the survivors are entitled to commit the slightest injustice. If your father was stabbed in the street, that’s a pity, but it’s not an excuse for picking someone else’s pocket.


  6. Cracking read. I’m very interested to read about the Jew stuff.

  7. Krauser, the more I read of Daygame Infinite, the more it saddens me the thought that you’d retire from writing about Game.

    The political sphere has a good number of brilliant thinkers and sharp minds. They have enough people to take care of them. In Game thinking, there is no equal too your brilliant mind. We only have you, yourself and your mind to lead to some truly amazing perspectives and discoveries.

    Yes, you’ve pushed the model further than anybody has. And yes, you’re enjoying staying with a few girls.

    BUT if you could push it further to help men who want relationships find happiness by setting on creating a model for Deep Conversion, for creating a “a win-win balanced maledomfemsub long term”.

    Because when guys hear about you, they think you and us are all about banging them girls then throwing them away to go to the next one, that we’re all about that shallow sex, and so many men who want to develop win-win deep relationships with women get sucked into some purple pill (or even worse, blue pill!) charlatan who takes advantage of them, and teaches them to “worship the woman as your goddess) and shyt like that.

    Women crave it. Many men who join the PUA community crave it. There is no guidance about it.

    Now with your brilliance, you have pushed the LDM to a level where it would have taken other men multiple generations to maybe get to 70% of what you have contributed. If you leave the Deep Conversion out to other people to take care of and figure out (knowing — and I say this with respect — how incompetent many of the “thinkers” are in the PUA world), we’re guaranteed to spend the rest of our lives bent over getting either fucked over by the charlatans or end up buttfucked by our own girls who will be wearing the pants after a few months and we just wonder “how did this happen?!”

    I can’t really see a downside in this world where men are set up to be beta slaves to women, for us to not only notch count, but to get to deeper satisfying relationships with women. Yes, some psychopath dude might abuse it BUT (1) his vibe of being an evil little bitch will betray him, if it worked for him at all it will fall apart eventually, and (2) anything can be misused, even a pen can be used to spread leftist propaganda but it also helps defend conservative thought. Imagine if the guy who invented the pen said: naaah, this can be used for evil, let me break this into pieces and never let anyone use it.

    I believe that Deep Conversion is the dream and true wish of 90% of men who enter the PUA world. That if you released a book like Daygame Infinite that is just about Deep Conversion, then that would be another giant step for men worldwide.

    Because, what is the alternative? When I look around, I either find tantric new age incels spreading the message of “worship the woman”, or people like Eben Pagan who say “ditch all PUA tactics if you ever want to have Deep Conversion in your life” then tells you some blue pill shit done based on the experience of some 60 years old psychologists whose blue pill beliefs mess up any theory they build on top of that. Plus, they lack the deep understanding of women and the thousands of hours of real life experience you have.

    Literally, there is nobody else in the world that could have written a book on Deep Conversion, and probably never will be other than you. It is the perfect storm: your brilliant intellect, your long varied experience, your mastery of the Deep Conversion skills, and your great systematization skills where you break-down everything in a way that just works. And also now being in a time of your life where you’re not looking to be running around the streets all day anymore, it’s the perfect time to perfect and deeply think about Deep Conversion.

    The Deep Conversion book could even be opposite to Daygame Infinite in that if it’s deep conversion with a K-Selected girl requiring a slower sex to get a better Deep Conversion relationship, I’m all for that too.

    Otherwise, people will use your brilliant advice, fuck some girls, and then their wish for a satisfying relationship rears its ugly head, they get into a relationship and end up back to being a beta slave submissive little bitch for an unhappy woman who hates their guts, which is a bad ending that is expected and will probably happen 99% of the time unless someone lucks out without knowing why he happened to get Deep Conversion and will stick to that girl like glue hoping he doesn’t lose her, which drops his frame, and he is fucked again.

    Finally, a Deep Conversion book will be a BIG HIT with conservative blogs and the conservative audience. They are not into the “player lifestyle”. But in this day and age where women are buttfucking men (instead of the opposite), a system where they can create a deeply satisfying and solid relationship with women will make them salivate and praise you as their savior the person who is saving family, the children, and all the conservative values.

    The leftist incels, don’t mind them, their beliefs probably make them enjoy being a woman’s little bitch. Plus, most aren’t into our shit much anyway. They prefer to live in lala-land economically and also in dealing with women. [Thanks for the kind words. I can only write effectively when it’s a topic I’m interested in. Currently I have no interest in writing about game theory in general or deep conversion in particular. If that changes, I’ll write a book. Till then, the only book I have planned is finishing volume 3 of the memoir. K.]

    • Plus, since this is going to be all yours, you can call it the Krauser Deep Conversion Model 😉

      KDCM sounds nice, doesn’t it?

    • I would love to see some more work on deep conversion aswell. Some of us Daygamer’s actually revel at converting a high value woman over some form of time be it facebook and the like. I certainly didn’t get into this whole identity shift to be SDL mentally unbalanced 6/7’s as fun as they are. Having said all that there’s ample work on this blog if you just continue to keep it all up for us.

  8. +1 C[H]ulo4Life
    I endorse and agree 100%.
    Would love such a book too.

    • This article gets to the heart of what C[H]ulo4Life talks about imo.

      Is it ultimately resolvable?

      Roosh, is bringing out a book this Year which I believe will address this too.


      • Roosh is a tool lol

        He is giving up on life because he couldn’t get Deep Conversion from any girl. He gave up on Deep Conversion after the girl he fell in love with left him, so he doesn’t believe that long term happy relationships exist, and his vibe had been totally fucked since then.

    • I am sure if Krauser just wrote a blog post asking about people’s opinion on whether they would be interested in a Deep Conversion book and model, that thread will explode with comments.

      Even Anti-Pua guys will find their way to it just to say: “Yes, we can’t wait!”

      • In his defense, I believe He left her as She was flirting/carrying on with other Men and He refused to tolerate that – understandable imo. The main problem bein,g He either refused to see the signs of Her hypergamy early on or He found them out after identifying her true nature. [I like Roosh. He’s a good guy. K.]

      • Romeo, I do respect the fact that Roosh has been in the Game for so long and hasn’t stopped.

        However, I think he has messed up beliefs that lead to frustration, and he comes across now as a man who gave up, who has been defeated by the Game rather than someone who won in it.

        Did you watch that 4 hour livestream he did a few weeks ago? I didn’t watch it all, I skimmed through it, and in a part there he was giving advice to guys that basically said: You’ll be in the game banging random hoes having shallow experiences of meaningless sex, and you do it all to maybe get the rare once in a lifetime experience of feeling loved by a woman for a short while before she falls out of love for you. That is the highest pursuit: to feel Deep Conversion once in a lifetime, randomly, based on luck, and temporarily before you lose it all and become broken hearted and defeated like he is.

        Plus, if you read his book on Ukraine “Bang Ukraine”, there was a bonus there about pictures of Ukrainian girls. And in it he said the best you can do is getting a butterface: a girl with a nice body but ugly face, better than that, you shouldn’t hope for it. His criteria for success is definitely not YHT, but the least ugly girl he can get. So that guy definitely shouldn’t be teaching other men how to bang girls, because dude, wtf, even he looks good enough to naturally get such girls. In Russia, he spent a while in a small town and in Moscow and got 0 lays. I respect that he tries, and I know it is hard, but dude don’t teach other people how to do it if you cannot do it yourself at all! He tried for 6 months non stop to have fast sex in Ukraine and had zero lays as he admitted. Now he goes on 4 and 5 and 6 dates with Ukrainian girls to get a lay.

        The problem is beyond technique (which I think his messed up view of the world and of women probably lead him to ineffective techniques). The biggest problem is his vibe: just watching a video of his I feel drained from my energy, I start to feel a little depressed about the state of the world just because of his vibe and it is repulsive.

        So he could say the best lines ever and do the smoothest moves ever, his dark depressed energy “black hole” will just repulse girls. He definitely better work hard at his inner game.

  9. Von Mises and Rand were jews too…It appears they’re and have been everywhere

    • The Jewish character of the Bolshevik revolution was widely recognised at the time, As much as I’ve enjoyed their works, I often wonder if Ayn Rand and Mises obscure this fact by directing their ire towards collectivism. Austrian economics is another heavily Jewish intellectual movement, as is objectivism to some extent. A common critique of libertarianism by the American New Right is that, much like communism, it is just another method of Jewish control, by leading to a society of highly atomised individuals in which Jews can advance and seize power through playing a highly ethnocentric, collectivist strategy. [I agree. Even when they are helping you, the Jews are helping themselves more. K.]

      • Exactly, they make sure to cause the chaos and then provide the solution to the destruction they caused.

        Goes in PUA too

        e.g. Problem Feminism Frankfurt school etc Gloria Steninhem loads of Jew Feminists; Solution (for Men) PUA ((Neil Strauss)), ((Ross Jeffries))), I believe the owner controlling interest of RSD is/are Jews. [Jews have very high levels of gammas in their midst, so you’d expect PUA to be popular with them. Always chasing white girls. K.]

      • Austrian School is predominantly non jewish. Von Böhm-Bawerk, Hoppe, Hayek and many others were no jews.

        Their origins trace back to School of Salamanca, one of the most important Middle Age universities.

        Collectivism would be a German thing, mesianism on the other hand and the priestly ruling class would be jewish…Remember Marx wasn’t alone, Engels was the most progressive of both them. [Salamanca were the Adam Smith before Adam Smith, right? 15th Century. K.]

      • Could be that Libertarianism and Communism both tend to promote atheism/materialism. Rand was also an aggressive atheist.

      • Don’t get me wrong, there are many gentiles in the Austrian school, but Jews are over-represented (although that seems to be the case with economics in general). Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Israel Kirzner, Steve Horwitz and Mises himself to name a few.

        That said, Rothbard and Block have never been shy about naming the Jew, and from what I understand Rothbard spent the last years of his life supporting Pat Buchanan and hanging around with David Duke. And ironically for a think tank named after a Jew who fled the Nazis, the Mises Institute seems to act as a kind of kindergarten for budding white nationalists.

  10. Yoo Nick. This one is also good.
    Now stop.
    Just stop!

  11. Hi Nick, first time posting on here, long time lurker. Just want to say PLEASE keep these high value man posts going on your political and economic thoughts. The pickup stuff is far too degenerate. I really appreciate how you have made the switch to world BUILDING rather than world destroying. Could you write more on Trump’s presidency outlook, the real story of WWII (not the propaganda history), your views on the migrant flow etc. With your intellectual capacity for linking all this with wider views then it would be illuminating. The other sphere guys who try it are just tabloid level. [Thanks for the kind words. I choose topics that are tangential to whatever book I’m reviewing. When I cover books that provide this stepping off point, I’ll cover these topics. K.]

  12. I know this is kinda a creepy question. But what’s your stance on murder? Do you genuinely think it’s ever justifiable, e.g as you claim you’d like to do on your ol twitter killing muslims, corrupt politicians. Can we really live in a society where murder is justifiable, and where people are not given fair trial for innocence? [There are three options: 1) peaceful deportation, de-islamification, and easing of traitors from office, 2) kill them all 3) surrender and be destroyed. These are in order of desirability. Other than a few high-profile traitors (Obama, Hillary, Soros etc) I don’t really care about punishing the enemy so long as they are beaten. Vengeance on a few hundred individuals isn’t anywhere near as important as saving civilisation and hundreds of millions of lives. This appears to be Trump’s path. But if that option is foreclosed and the traitors/invaders force a fight then we should kill them all and burn the bodies. K.]

  13. Always be careful with groups or movements

    I’m suspicious of many in the Altright being Jewish and being controlled opposition, at the very least they see the $$$ opportunity in it.

    Trump’s Son in law is a chabad cult Jew. A Cult that believes non-jews are “goy” or cattle that exist merely to serve Jews.

    I distrust all that comes from the Middle East no matter what religion. [Kushner won the election for Trump. No need to worry about him. The evil Jews are just a subset of Jews generally. K.]

  14. @C[H]ulo4Life.
    That’s fair enough about his vibe, but maybe it’s just a phase? A version of midlife crisis?
    We shall see.
    I’ still enjoy his youtube podcasts and material – makes a change from the RSD scammmer “just be positive” bullshit.

  15. +1 interested in Jews and Deep Conversion. [I’ll discuss the JQ when a book I read triggers it. K.]

  16. This post made me think of Montefiore’s books on Stalin that destroyed my last illusions on the soviet union when I was around 20 years old. They might interest you too – “Young Stalin” shows in detail the first half of Stalin’s life and thus the making of a psychopath. His childhood is as one would expect – single mother, absent father, and a lot of violence starting from an early age. Later moving to Baku, he became more and more important to the Bolsheviks since he could steal large amounts of money from to local Oligarchs that prospered in this region which back then produced more oil than any other region in the world. Another cornerstone in the fall of Russia to the Bolsheviks were their extremely inefficient and sometimes too forgiving institutions: Stalin actually got caught by the whites and deported to Siberia three times but each time managed to escape. Given the whites incompetence it is a miracle that the revolution took so long and had to be fought for so hard. Note that during his time in Siberia he also impregnated a local thirteen year old.
    The second book “The court of the red Czar” is focused on when Stalin already was in power. Rather than focusing on the war as other books do, Montefiore focuses on the revolutionary socialist policies of Stalin. One thing I found particular impressive is that at times they decided that a certain quota of the population must be counterrevolutionaries. The central planners would decide that X percent of the population had to be degenerate counterrevolution, and then it was the duty of the provincial leaders to come up with X percent of their population that wound consequently be send to the Gulags. If the local leaders fell short of this quota, they would have been send to the Gulags themselves. Thus, they added hundreds of thousands of innocent people on their lists which then got transported and enslaved in Siberia. All of these processes were by the way well known the leaders of the Union.
    The book also talks in great detail about the people that Stalin liked to surround himself with. As can be expected, they are of similar character. Notably Beria, who was notorious for abducting and raping random women he took a liking in, while threatening the raped women with sending them and their families to Sibiria if they dont keep their mouths shut. I guess all these people fit into your second category. [Yep, I heard that about Beria. When Stalin was poisoned Beria immediately stepped over his corpse to try for power but got arrested and killed. Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap. Leftists are always degenerates, it’s baked into the cake. They always idealise the very worst people, willfully blind to their crimes. Just look at how the average Leftist sees Hillary, Obama or Corbyn. You can’t treat these people as fully human. They are willfully evil or stupid. K.]

  17. You seem to be holding back on your real world views compared to when you were on Twitter regarding Muslims, negroes, jews, pakkis. Is that because of website censoring restrictions? [My Twitter was not my real-world views. I was trolling in accordance with the platform, and it was an exercise to build up my amygdala by seeking out conflict (because by 2015 daygame bored me). Additionally, things were more dire in 2015 and it looked more like bloody civil war was necessary. Since Trump won the landscape has changed. It’s quite possible things will be peacefully re-aligned. I’m particularly hopeful that with Talal and Soros getting taken down, and Erdogan and Merkel falling, much of the immigrant invasion and Islamisation will be rolled back peacefully. My views on how Europe should be haven’t changed, but I’m hopeful that it won’t require pogroms and mass murder to acheive it. K.[

    • “My Twitter was not my real-world views.” Nick you can’t backpedal that easily, you’ve made your views 100% clear over the years (there’s archives of your tweets, RVF posting, Wayback Machine grabs of your blog) so stick to them. You seem to be trying to reinvent yourself as the harmless holier than thou adjudicator of the manosphere, the friendly old man who just want the best for everyone, but that shit’s not gonna fly. [You’re making shit up. If you tell me what I think again, you’re banned. If you can’t contain the impulse to talk shit about me, go do it at RVF. This is your only warning. K.]

  18. Yes left-wingers are largely whining, annoying idiots who expect a free and easy life. Imagine half of your workplace being swamped by them. Eurgh!

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