#11 – A Soaring Spirit, Time Life BOOK REVIEW

January 25, 2018

Right this is a big one. I came to the cafe with my laptop fully intending to play SimCity (the new one that everyone hated but I like) and then I just got carried away with writing. I’m quite used to limiting myself in what I’ll say on the blog in order to keep it all about Game. I thought I’d relax those rules further for at least this post. Let me know if you think that’s a good or bad idea.

I’d always thought the Persians were cunts. Except the women, obviously, who are well hot. But as a general rule, they seemed like a right bunch of twats. I may have been mistaken.

Back when I used to daygame the London streets I spoke to quite a few Iranian girls, usually in or around Selfridges department store. Their thick black hair, dark eyes, and strong features would really attract my interest [1]. I noticed that when I did the usual LDM stack and commented they looked Middle-Eastern, they’d always describe themselves as Persian, and not Iranian. In contrast, men always seemed to say Iranian [2].

Persian girl

I’ve never had a problem with this kind of immigration

Ten years ago, my knowledge of Iran/Persia was limited to the following:

  • They murdered a female police officer then held hostages in the London embassy. Our SAS smashed them, big time.
  • The Ayatollah put a fatwa on a smug annoying novelist who, so photos seem to show, has pretty good game.
  • Saddam Hussein took US/UK support to pick a fight with them in the 1980s, leading to the Iran/Iraq war. At one point Iran responded by emptying it’s insane asylums and marching the patients through minefields to clear them.
  • In the 1998 World Cup they beat the USA in a football match with a crazy amount of heat on it.
  • In 1985 they received weapons from the US, via Israel, in contravention of sanctions and the cash they paid went to fund anti-communist guerrillas in Nicaragua.

So, I was hardly a subject-matter expert on the region. And, except for the hotness of their girls, there didn’t really seem to be any point to the country existing. Recently, I’ve been taking a keener interest in them because of the sweeping world revolution that Donald J Trump has instigated, with the help of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Now, what I’m about to lay out here is based on one part evidence and three parts conjecture. It is completely against the dominant media / scholarly narrative. Subsequent events may prove it to be incorrect and I’ll thus look a bit foolish [3]. However, today, on the 25th January 2018, this is what I know about Iran/Persia……. or think I know.

Trump Salman

Cover of Time Life #20 – “The Saviours Of Western Civilisation”

Contrary to the impression you’d get from walking around the East End of London, any part of Germany, or from watching LiveLeak, Muslims are not all jihadi cunts. It just seems like that because the jihadi element is very vocal, very well funded, and their collaborators are installed at high levels in Western governments, NGOs, media, and of course certain Mayors.


Time Life #21 – “Jihadi Infiltrators Who Were Executed For Treason”

Most Muslims are as half-assed about Islam as most Christians are about Christianity. Only a small proportion have ever read the Koran and, like most Christians, most Muslims rely upon professional preachers to tell them what it says and how to interpret it. I know from my own experience of banging Uzbek girls [4] that they have no discernible interest in a theocracy, much less the global jihad. They were rather more interested in fashion, chocolate, and whether I was willing to date them monogamously.

So, how come the jihad has so much funding? How come the third great wave of Islamic expansionism is blighting Europe? Well….. because of this guy.

Pursuing Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal At London's High Court

A real-life Bond villain

This is Al-Waleed bin Talal and he is the central hub of global jihad. He’s a Saudi and over there it’s like Game Of Thrones. The Saudi Royal family is nothing like the British Royal family [5] who are mostly ceremonial. The Saudis have a huge family and they all wield real political, financial, and administrative power. They are organised loosely into two factions: jihad, and secular. Talal leads the jihadi faction and they’ve been ascendant most of the past thirty years. They funded Al Qaeda, shipped their militants to Syria, funded the mosques and madrasas in Europe, spied and blackmailed politicians, and of course did 9/11.

Naturally they couldn’t do this without support in the West. So Talal funded the Bush dynasty and 20% of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He put Barack Hussein Obama through Harvard before traitor Barry had even gotten into politics, and he got very tight with George Soros.

With Obama as POTUS and Hillary as Secretary of State things got complex. Obama is no fan of Saudi Arabia but loves Iran, as did the real president Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian national [6]. So whereas the Hillary/Bush cartel was in SA’s pocket, the Obama interlopers were not due to the Iran connection. Hillary just wants $$$ and power, happily selling her office to whoever pays into the Clinton Foundation. Obama is more ideological, he wanted to destroy the USA.

These conflicts came to a head with the Uranium One deal. Putin had zero respect for the Obama/Hillary clown show but never expected it to end, so his job was to make deals good for Russia and for enriching himself. He had a front company under Russian control buy 20% of the USA’s weapon’s grade uranium, but that required the CIFUS board (representatives of the US government’s agencies) to authorise it. Russia paid Bill Clinton for speeches in Moscow and sent $146m to the Clinton Foundation, then Hillary approved the uranium sale. It was shipped through Canada under Justin Trudeau’s nose [7].

There was a problem, though. Obama was being set up.

That uranium found it’s way to Iran, because in the Middle East there are two key power blocks. There’s the Sunni-based alliance of Saudi-Qatar-Emirates-Israel and there’s the Shia-based alliance of Iran-Syria-Turkey-Russia [8]. Russia gave that uranium to Iran to help them get nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia would not be amused.

Sad obama


Poor foolish traitorous Obama was caught between a rock and a hard place. The Iran deal – the only thing he did in his second term – was the result. It was nothing more than the Iranian mullahs blackmailing Obama, and Barry trying hard to prevent evidence of his treachery coming out.

Up until two years ago, that was the West fucked. The richest country in the world funding our destruction and all our treacherous politicians on board. Iranian mullahs holding the US administration to ransom in order to get nukes. Then two men stepped up: Donald J Trump and Mohammed Bin Salman.

Salman is the leader of the secular faction in Saudi Arabia. He wants them to be a normal country, not a vipers nest creating global chaos and jihad. Luckily for the world, his faction became ascendant. He began cutting the strings of the jihadis and their Western puppets. And it was definitely in the Saudi national interest.

You see, Saudia Arabia has oil. And nothing else. They need oil at $80 a barrel just to balance the budget. Salman knows this. He knows he’s ruling what would be, without oil revenue, a one-camel town. For a long time it didn’t matter. The Saudis had bought off the Western governments and ensured they passed all manner of environmental regulations to prevent the West ever tapping it’s energy reserves.

Did you really think the Paris climate accords had anything to do with the environment?

Saudi Arabia has had one very strong foreign policy goal for decades: prevent the USA becoming energy independent. The moment the USA stops buying Saudi oil is the moment the whole house of cards Saud falls. Back to being a one-camel town. That’s why Hillary wanted to put Pennsylvanian coal miners out of work and why she opposed fracking, oil shale, and Arctic fields. She was paid to keep the USA dependent on Saudi oil.


“But why am I not twenty points ahead?”

With Trump coming in Salman saw the writing on the wall. Saudi Arabia faced a choice: continue with oil dependency and slowly sink into oblivion, or diversify the economy by buying up assets at the moment of their peak wealth. He chose the latter. The very first foreign state visit Trump did as president was to Saudi Arabia. Salman laid out his plan to de-jihadify the Middle East and Trump agreed to support him.

Everything going on in the Middle East now comes from that. SA, via the Gulf Cooperation Council, has elite teams of expensively-equipped commandos annihilating the jihadis. Iranian mullahs are in the cross hairs. So, what has been happening lately:

  • ISIS and Assad routed in Syria. Russia declared victory and left.
  • Iranian-backed Houthis annihilated in Yemen.
  • Hezbollah (the Iranian-run irregulars) routed in Lebanon.
  • Hezbollah drug cartel financiers in South America assassinated.

Between them, Trump and Salman have cut off ALL the money – both official and black. The Mullahs are broke and they spunked away their troops in Syria. Trump even suckered them into massing in the Golan Heights (with his Jerusalem embassy ruse) so that they’d be elsewhere when the GCC kicked off the Iranian protests against the Mullahs.

Have you wondered why Antifa haven’t done anything since Salman arrested the Talal faction? Why has the migrant crisis suddenly slowed down? Salman is a critical part of The Storm. The globalist cabal who almost took over the USA has had it’s funding sources cut off. The Democrat party has lost it’s small-donation base [9]. For a long time, the Democrats have relied on the following funding: (i) Saudi jihadis (ii) Hollywood pedophiles (iii) Globalist billionaires (iv) embezzlement of tax-payer funds [10].

The Storm is cutting off all that money.

the storm

So, let’s bring this round to Iran. Right now there is an attempt at regime change in Iran in which the Iranian people free themselves of the Mullah’s Islamist yoke. Up until 1979, Iran was a ‘secular’ Muslim country, in that it wasn’t a theocracy. The primary victims of the 1979 revolution were the Iranian people. For 40 years they’ve been run by a corrupt gang of criminals who’ve worked to alienate their country from the whole world. They’ve had enough, and the GCC and Trump are quietly helping them.

When the Mullahs are thrown out, expect considerable calm in the Middle East. Expect a significant downturn in the jihad. The two major sources of jihad – the Mullahs, and Talal’s faction – will be neutralised. Saudi Arabia and Iran will become, per Salman’s wishes, normal countries.

A Soaring Spirit

Spirits soaring yesterday, too

So how does this related to volume three of the Time Life history of the world? Well, history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme. There was a time when Persia was a big deal. If all you’ve watched is 300 and it’s sequel [11] you’d be forgiven for thinking the Persian Empire was on a par with Mordor for size, slaughter, and evil. They were the devils and Europe was at risk of being swamped by the brown horde.

Sounds familiar.

From reading A Soaring Spirit I see that 300 is not a historically accurate movie [12]. The brief history of the Persian Empire is this:

  • Cyrus The Great is a bad ass who conquers Media, Lydia and Babylonia to establish the empire. He is far from a brutal dictator (by the standards of the time). He shows considerable mercy in victory, allows subjugated lands to retain their social order, and rules primarily through adminstrative convenience and mutually-beneficial outcomes.
  • Cyrus dies and his son Cambyses takes power. He is a total cunt and runs the empire like the brutal Assyrians. He doesn’t last long. I suspect he’s Talal’s role model.
  • Darius I takes the throne and extends the empire right through to India. It’s a golden era and like Cyrus he runs it more like a Commonwealth. Persepolis becomes fantastically rich but the tide raises all boats in the Empire. Darius would be the Salman of his day. Mind you, he did have a go at Greece but they smashed him at Marathon.
  • Darius dies and Xerxes takes over, and he’s a total cunt. This is the lisping faggot from the 300 movie. He has a go at Greece but the Athenians and Spartans rout him in several key battles at Salamis and Platae. He returns to Persia to suck the dicks of his faggy mates, probably. Fifty years later assassinations and intrigue have put the empire on the brink of collapse.

So what is my learning point in all this?

Most people, most of the time, act more or less the same (in aggregate). Most just want to be left alone and will remain this way unless stirred up by expansionist leaders, or through the age old formula of Diversity + Proximity = War. The difference between the brutal Persian empire of Xerxes and the administrative empire of Darius wasn’t because the nature of Persian people suddenly changed. It was instead their leadership, and the tone of the times. The Persian people of 1980 were no more of a problem that the Persian people of 1978, but the Mullah’s seizure of power was.

It’s easy to take a Clash Of Civilisations view of how Europe and the Middle East constantly bump up against each other. It’s worth remembering that there have only been three great Muslim attacks on Europe in two thousand years, and all three were significantly due to having warlike scumbag leaders take power. If Trump and Salman are successful, we are about to enter a period of significantly reduced tensions. A period of soaring spirits.

Without the Mullahs or Jihadis to rouse the rabble, they won’t be roused. Without Leftist traitors in government, the West will turn away from “invade the world, invite the world”.

If you are reading this in early 2018, you probably think I’m crazy. If you are reading this in 2019 you think I’m either a total genius, or a total buffoon, depending upon how events unfolded. Let’s see which turns out to be the case. Either way, buy Daygame Infinite.

If you want to know my sources for the analysis of current affairs, I strongly recommend the following:

Dystopia USA – The easiest entry point to understanding The Storm and, so far as I know, the first guy to predict it in detail (at a time it seemed like a crazy conspiracy theory)
The Conservative Treehouse – Extreme detail and breaking news/analysis of The Storm (he calls it The Big Ugly) in how Trump is taking down the USA Deep State. This guy deserves a Pulitzer. True journalism. If you’re new, try Dystopia first because TCTH details will probably get you lost in the weeds.
Thomas Wictor – Amazing Twitter feed for perceptive and minute analysis of Middle Eastern politics and warfighting. I absolutely recommend his tweet storms, especially unrolled. Don’t be put off by his cranky humour and frequently irreverant replies. When he tweet storms, it’s deadly serious. Stunning perception and eye for incongrous details.
Stealth Jeff / Imperator Rex – Excellent tweet storms breaking down FBI/DOJ corruption and how The Storm is routing the black hats.

[1] Serbs and Armenians look pretty close to this too, which is probably why I like them so much.
[2] Which I found out in the wrestling / MMA world, not from daygame.
[3] I did warn you about this in my previous book review.
[4] Three, so far. Not expecting to ever increase that number although I’d quite like to.
[5] Except that several of them are paedophiles and visit Jeffrey Epstein’s lolita island.
[6] Obama was cherry-picked at an early age by the Chicago machine to be an empty suit run by Valerie Jarrett and sold to foreign governments hostile the the USA. Jarrett made most of Obama’s decisions for him.
[7] Another globalist empty-suit working with the Saudis.
[8] Think of the Middle East like the English summer weather: mostly Sunni but sometimes Shi’te. But now it’s Sunni side up.
[9] Hillary was able to rig the nomination against Bernie because she literally bought the DNC, such was their financial straits. Donna Brazille’s book explores this in details.
[10] For example the CFPB, a government-run protection racket to extort fines out of businesses and give the loot to Leftist activists. Needless to say, Trump is shutting it down and Elizabeth Warren is in big big trouble over it.
[11] Admittedly, it’s fucking awesome. I was initially meant to be cast in the role of Leonidas but the producer said that to keep it realistic, they’d then have to rename it ONE.
[12] No shit.


  1. Nice analysis and connecting of the dots. Will be interesting to see how close to the mark you get.

  2. No ass licking but you do appear to be an annoyingly smart guy. Have you ever had your IQ tested?
    Iranian girls for the most part are pretty, very self confident but a bit entitled/materialistic tbh.
    The men are quite charming and sharp minded no homo
    (Im half English half Persian but don’t look middle eastern (like roosh 😂 thank God)

  3. I liked this one, it has everything in it: current events, a hot girl, intrigue and behind the curtains of world politics. I was an exciting post, feels like a real James Bond movie written in a blog post.

  4. Krauser we all come here for the raw truth. We’ve all been waiting for you to talk about non-game topics for ages. It’s a good idea! I feel like I’m reading the rough and ready old school Krauser posts and that’s a good thing. You’ve always been on the bleeding edge why stop now? Keep it up and talk about anything and everything we’re interested in Krauser the man not just the PUA. Cheers for the best content throughout the years regardless.

  5. I’m very glad you are are moving towards politics, world history and current affairs in your writing. Your brain is wasted in writing about PUA. Have you thought about writing detective novels yourself? I was happy when Mike Cernovich and Roosh moved from game to wider topics but you actually have the IQ to do a proper job. Go for it Nick, you will wipe the floor

  6. Big fan of this sort of stuff, makes a nice change to your normal writing. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great stuff.

    Very welcome

  8. Nice post, misleading title though.
    Would welcome more current events posts.

  9. Excellent stuff, more please.

    As others have already pointed out, there seems to be a limit that when everything has been said about game people use red pill knowledge to focus on other matters.

  10. Great idea to expand what you talk about.

    If you ever go walking and like to listen to podcasts consider Dan Carlins Hardcore History its usually brutal and cinematic as is most history worth talking about.

    The modern view according to him is that Cambyses probably wasn’t that bad of a guy and that possibly him and almost certainly his brother Bardiya were taken out by Darius. Listen to his King of kings series for free if your interested in the topic and want a decent taster. [The Time Life series is already more detail than my tiny mind can handle. But thanks. K.]

  11. Very interesting… and thanks for including your sources.

    However, regarding your point:

    “ISIS and Assad routed in Syria. Russia declared victory and left.”

    I don’t believe Assad was routed – ISIS yes, Assad no…

    • Take Russian, Iranian and Lebanese support from Assad and see what much is left…Yeah, nothing.

      • Why would you dismiss their support? Attacks on Syrians have been nothing but false flags designed to frame Assad. Petrodollar is key to it all, look at the planned pipelines going through Syria to sell the EU more oil and then you’ll understand why Assad was painted as the “bad guy”, just like Gaddafi and Hussein before him. [ISIS being the bad guy doesn’t make Assad the good guy. K.]

    • Obviously the Russian, Iranian and Lebanese support for Assad is crucial – his regime would have fallen without their help. But the fact is he hasn’t been routed.He’s still in power. [Wait and see. One of Thomas Wictor’s claims is that Assad lost but GCC are going to ease him out of power peacefully. Also, Lebanon and Hezbollah are not the same thing. K.]

  12. Interesting article.
    I’m a Christian, have lived in the Middle East for a long time and have to disagree on a few points.

    The Shia have a much milder enforcement of Sharia law than Sunni. In Iran, women have way more rights than in any Sunni Islamic country. About half of college professors are women, veils only hide superficially etc.

    Shia have a much less aggressive stance on other religions. Ever since the mid-80’s, there hasn’t been a single high profile terrorist attack from a Shia entity on western interests or culture. Lockerbie (although Libya is/was secular), Marignane hostage-taking in ’94, Paris bombing of 1995, all Al-Qaeda/ISIS attacks are all perpetrated by Sunni groups/countries.

    Not to mention that countries like Lebanon and Syria (where Shia have a big influence) protect Christian minorities. If you watch a subtitled speech by Hassan Nasrallah, he is a calm, articulate and likes to refer to his “Christian brothers”.

    Sure, the absence of religion in politics would be great. But I prefer religious people who don’t try and conquer us.

    The West should feel less threatened by Iran than by countries with a long history of attacking Westerners. In practice, there is no such thing as a “Shia jihad” towards westerners.

    Not sure what the new Saudi prince’s intentions really are. He could very well be doing “taqia” which is the concealment of your intentions of jihad.

    Thanks for keeping your blog updated. Maybe you should find a way to sort the PUA and politics articles separately on your website? [I prefer comments like this than the “you’re stupid, because just because”. K.]

  13. Interesting. You’re getting there. This is an area I am very knowledgeable (family of diplomats blabla) about, so I will might sound condescending but only in the sense I am more knowledgeable. Also I would point that most of your geostrategic learnings have come from the alt right which has it’s own agenda. But they have taken you in the right direction. So you’ve now figured out two things, that few people understand:

    1. Iran is Persian before being muslim (at least in the long term ie not with current regime). There are four great Muslim countries (Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Saudi) but only one defines itself by its application of Islam (and at that the wahhabi version): Saudis

    2. The fight is indeed about money and thus oil when it comes to these countries

    Let’s start with 2.
    Who started to encourage fracking? Bush
    Why? 9/11
    Why? 3/4 of the terrorists were Saudi
    Conclusion: get oil dependency.
    How do the Saudis respond: open the pipes to sink the fracking industry.
    What happens: capitalism. Some go bust, they merge, they innovate, they can whistand 30$ per barrel.

    Now let’s go back to 1.
    Fracking is not enough, Saudis are still pissing the US about, so Obama decides to bring in the eternal enemy (read his The Atlantic end of mandate interview), let them fight among themselves! Iran vs Saudis. At this point 1. + 2. = big problems in SA. They can’t balance the deficit. They look into an IPO of Aramco. They think 2$ Trillion valuation. Market comes back and says $600B. Thus new prince emerges, holds family hostage, and gets some extra money.

    And we come to 3.
    Trump in principle agrees with this view but he wants to add his own layer and get loads of money for mid-terms and re-election so he recognises Jerusalem thus bringing the Israelis back into the fight. Saudis vs Iran vs Israel = they leave us alone and we focus on the future. [This was in spam folder. Don’t know why. K.]

  14. Formy is pretty clear there is a new leadership in SA taking things up another route. That doesn’t mean they’re any less muslims cunts, but more subtle. Jihad has failed and it’s about time to test and try new ways for it.

    By the way, there had been way more than three muslim attacks in Europe throughout History. It’s just only 2-3 of them succeeded; invading the Iberian Peninsula and the Balkans.

  15. Loved the post, always followed your political views.

    This is quite off topic but couldn’t think of any other post to write this on.

    I know you’reread about the cartel particularly the Mexican cartel.

    Was wondering what your thoughts on Pablo Escobar is, why do you think he was widely respected after his death since he was such a murderer. Yet if you openly supported Hitler you’d be incredibly shamed today. I think it was because he was a corruptive lefty and today’s society is mostly R selected, probably hence their interested in narcos series and reading about Pablo Escobar.

    Wondering your thoughts , do you think he was a smart guy, do you think he wasn’t such a bad person etc?

    Thanks! [My knowledge on Escobar comes from (i) Narcos show, (ii) Killing Pablo book, (iii) El Narco book (iv) The Cartel book, Don Winslow. So, more from around the topic than on the topic. He was obviously a murderous psychopathic cunt and it’s just a shame he only died once. He’s popular for the same reason Che, Mao and Stalin are popular. Because people are idiots and the Left loves murderous hypocrites. K.]

  16. Most of this is total bs. I think you should read more on the subject and not get fooled easily by the common media spreading lies and hidden agendas. you’re smarter than that! [You are calling me someone who is fooled easily, in your very first comment on this blog. and not presenting any logical or evidential case. Tread carefully. K.]

  17. It sounds plausible, I will give you that. Time will tell. There is a bit of anti-Iranian bias, and you probably overlook the effect the horrific 1980-1988 war with Iraq had on them.

    You probably know him already, but you should check David P. Goldman, a former investment banker that has been writing an influential column on geopolitics and demographics for a while now. I suspect he would like this and you will like his stuff. I am Spanish and for some reason he does not hold us dear, supporting the secessionist Catalonians, but he is interesting nonetheless.



  18. 1) Saudi isn’t the richest country in the world by a long shot (unless I misinterpreted what you meant). Their oil reserves are hugely overestimated, they probably only have between 30-50 years at the very most left at present rate of production. Makes sense why MBS is desperate to diversify into other areas. Saudi unlike a state like Qatar / Kuwait (which are only nominally states) has a large population, with a big social security net as the whole population wants a handout. Think of the whole population as being down the DSS every week. On top of this a lot of wealth has just been squandered in ridiculous waste. MBS is trying to do what they should have done decades ago by putting that oil revenue to productive use. Interestingly a state like Iran has done this, they have an advanced industrial and manufacturing sector. Iraq was the same, it was a very forward thinking ME country which had a broad successful economy, before Saddam made the fatal mistake of invading Kuwait.

    2) On Talal, the western media has no clue about what he really does as they don’t understand the ‘business landscape’ in the Middle East. He is a bag man for various members of the royal family. What isnt well understood is that a lot of the personal wealth members of the royal family have isn’t actually from Oil. Yes, they will get a VERY generous stipend but they usually have their hand in various enterprises namely corruption and embezzlement. All business in the KSA requires a bribe and as the royal family are in executive positions they have been collecting bribes since the formation of the KSA (the biggest coming from American corporations). Now they cant openly hold that money so they need a guy to hold onto it for them … thats your Arab bagman’s job. For a tidy commission he’ll sit on the money for you and dispense it where you wish. Therefore he is just what you might call a ‘trustee’ in the West lol. [This is why Trump is targeting the money and MBS is calling it an “anti-corruption drive”. Imagine when everyone realises how the Uniparty got so rich on their public salaries. K.]

  19. Interesting post. We all know the only reason the Saudi’ populace haven’t toppled their fictitious “government” is due to the propping up of the US just not to this detail thanks. Would be fascinating if you had any geopolitical insights into the horn of africa and what is/isn’t at play there.

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