4th Generation Warfare Handbook – Daygame Edition

March 21, 2017

I recently finished reading William S. Lind‘s 4th Generation Warfare Handbook. “That has little to do with daygame. Why aren’t you out doing sets?” you may ask, “RSD just put another rambling video with an hour of goobledegook and rehashed ideas to draw in the spivs and no-hopers, surely that’s a better use of your time.”

Well, not for me. I may happen to focus my blog on daygame but it’s only a small part of my life. My period of PUA Cognitive Capture has long since passed. [1] Evidently there is still some lingering cognitive capture because throughout Lind’s book I kept thinking this kinda relates to daygame. So, let the mindwank begin.


Artist impression of me thinking

The concept of fourth generation war naturally presupposes the existence of a prior three generations [2] and Lind describes those as follows [roughly paraphrased]:

  • First Gen – This began from the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, in which the modern nation states of Europe were created, until the American Civil War in 1861. Think of it like the orderly lines and columns of the Napoleonic Era in which armies meet on a pre-defined battlefield aiming to win a decisive battle.
  • Second Gen – This began with the French in World War 1 after trenches, barbed wire, artillery and fast firing guns made open orderly charges suicidal. Think now of the trench warfare of WW1 in which the artillery pounds a position for a week and then the infantry runs in to occupy the battered enemy lines. The goal is to kill enemy soldiers, destroy his equipment, and advance the line.
  • Third Gen – This developed concurrently but developed by the Germans and is best embodied in the Blitzkrieg. Defensively, it sought not to hold a line but to instead draw enemies in and cut them off. Offensively it sought to bypass (rather than destroy) enemy strongholds then roll them up from the rear. This is “maneuver warfare”.
  • Fourth Gen – This style existed before the Peace of Westphalia and has come back again now that the ordered nations are breaking down. Wars are no longer fought as one state army against another – they are fought by clans, gangs, tribes, and ideological fanatics. There is often no clear distinction between “military” and “civilian” participants. On the ground it resembles the hit and run of guerrilla warfare.

Lind suggests that the first two generations of war grew out of the orderliness of nation states. Having acquired a monopoly on war, states imposed their bureaucratic nature onto war itself. Thus a culture of orderliness was encouraged on the training ground (drills, salutes etc) and on the battlefield (field manuals, rigid chain of command, reliance on orders). The transition from first to second generation was driven by the increased mechanisation of war but the battlefield remained orderly and defined. The third generation sought to take advantage of disorder [3] by relying upon speed and tempo rather than firepower. This required a culture of looking outward at the scenario rather than looking inwards at orderly procedure. When 3rd gen met 2nd gen in the early days of WWII, the former won until it’s tactical and operational advantages were overwhelmed by strategic blunders [4].

So what on earth has this to do with daygame, you ask? Let’s ruminate…….

“She was so rude!”
“Don’t worry mate, harsh blowouts are part of the game”

The key drivers determining war’s passage through the four generations has been linked to the orderliness and coherence of nation states. The Westphalian states were mostly ethnically homogenous, increasingly capitalist, high testosterone, and thus notable for their high social trust and strong sense of shared identity within the nation and also a competitive rivalry with the out-groups of other nations. A man’s primary identification was with his nation and thus he was willing to fight for his country. For the most part he’d be fighting other men from similar countries (i.e. Britain fighting France is closer to fratricide than Britain fighting Sri Lanka) and thus the rules of war took on a relatively honourable tone with many shared values.

Then socialism, multiculturalism and feminism happened, in the West, and the colonial lid was lifted from the simmering conflicts in the second and third worlds. These undermined the pillars of order from which orderly war sprang. Nation states lost legitimacy from the ground up from trends such as diversity importing people who identified primarily with a different country and from the top down such as the surveillance state flourishing. Cultural Marxism destroyed the social fabric and now patriotism is a dirty word for many. Oh, and all the men became faggots.

Shoreditch Special Forces

The social collapse that led to Game as an adaptation to the sexual market place is the same as what led 4th Generation war as an adaptation to conflict. The improved technology that changed military strategy leaked into the civilian world to change sexual strategy [5]. Let’s do a rough mapping of the generations of war to dating.

First Generation Dating – This is the strategy of your grandfather’s era. A highly ordered society with restrained K-selected social mores included a very specific narrow area in which men and women would be introduced. These includes church groups, Saturday night dance halls, and a Mad Men-esque work environment in which women take bullshit secretarial jobs as office flowers as a way to meet the office men who have the real jobs. Just as 1st Gen war relies upon orderly line and column formations on a defined battlefied, 1st Gen dating relies upon orderly etiquette on a defined space.

Second Generation Dating – This is your dad’s strategy. The four sirens of the sexual apocalypse have hit (Contraception, No Fault Divorce, Workplace Equality, Welfare) like a breech-loading rifle fired from a trench but they apply to a generation raised the old way and thus haven’t yet wrought destruction upon the social order. There’s also no diversity, so social trust remains high. Think of it like a loosening of the ‘social corset’. Dating, as with much of social life, loses much of the defined etiquette which delineates acceptable behaviour but men and women haven’t changed much in what they want. Look at a 1960s or 1970s sitcom for a view how this dating works – beta provision still works and rather than put firepower on target as in 2nd Gen war, you are putting value on target through getting a good job, some social status, and following loosened rules of courtship.

Third Generation Dating – This is the old school player’s strategy that ran concurrently with your dad’s 2nd gen version. Just as the squareheads [6] relied on speed and tempo to take advantage of battlefield disorder in a world where the cheese eating surrender monkeys [7] clung to more effectively unloading firepower onto target, the old school players relied on setting up an “in” and then milking it opportunistically. Think of your medallion-wearing disco dancers, your rock star, your hippy cult leader, or your racing driver. While the previous generation acts like there is an ordered hierarchy, a static world, and rewards accrue to those who pile up value (e.g. increased promotion prospects at work), the players are slipping past that Maginot Line with a fluid strategy.

“Hey baby….”

So far, so mindwanky. What happens in the fourth generation?

Just as modern war is now notable in its lack of structure, lack of uniforms, and lack of trust, the fourth generation of dating is equally guerrilla and it’s players frequently operate on the same shoot and scoot tactics. Urban anonymity combined with modern technology such as smart phones, Whatsapp and Tinder allow the sexual war to be conducted on smaller and smaller levels. No longer do massed armies of males and females meet in a disco hall to mark each other’s dance cards – that level of logistical planning is unnecessary. Instead a girl need only log onto Tinder, alone in the comfort of her own room, to engage the enemy. A player need only walk into a shopping mall to set off his daygame IED on a passing column of girls.

In modern dating the battlefield is anywhere and no one is wearing a uniform. The fighters hit and run, often unseen by the passing population.

[1] – Don’t take that to mean I’m “beyond daygame”. It’s still a hobby of mine.
[2] – It doesn’t mean you, your kid, your dad and your granddad are all at war simultaneously, thus having all four generations of your family at war. Maybe in Shitholeistan countries that is true.
[3] – I’m sure someone in the comments is going to mention Anti-Fragility.
[4] – Such as Hitler fighting a two-front war, and making a foolish alliance with Japan that drew USA into the war.
[5] – I’m looking at you, cell phones, Tinder, and budget airlines.
[6]- Sorry, Germans
[7] – Oops, slip of the pen

If you thought that was ill-thought out rambling that probably misunderstood the point of its original inspiration you should see my books. They were written with the same slapdash approach in between sessions of Dark Souls.


  1. What’s “anti-fragility”? Love Bill’s short rant on 4th gen warfare; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA13akwRFBc

  2. Does anyone have success with Tinder though? I did an experiment with a top shelf guy here in Poland and his results were less than impressive. [Tinder is way overrated even for hot guys. All their stories fall apart when you see the girls. K.]

    • “Tinder is way overrated even for hot guys.”

      From an effort scale, no it’s not. Any male model or Chad now has 100s of hotties at his fingertips. Sure the hotter ones he might have to 2-date but Chad no longer has to hit the streets or work his social circle.

      I have done experiments with male model profiles and confirmed this. You can get 8s on Tinder and the occasional 9 to match and want to meet up as a hot guy. [A Tinder profile photo ‘8’ rarely is when she shows up for the date. K.]

      • ” [A Tinder profile photo ‘8’ rarely is when she shows up for the date. K.]”

        Collect some information from the field Pancake, ask to see the tinder profiles of girls you meet on the streets and in bars. Typically they are +1 (at least) in the photos.

        Remember, they’ve been constructing an image and finding ways to make themselves look more attractive since probably when you still thought girls were “icky”. They’re pros at it.

        And no, they have no qualms about putting up a photo 2 years and 10 lbs ago!

    • Depends where you are. In asia its not bad; i got a lot of hits in Singapore.

  3. In the fine tradition of 99% crap, 1% genius that comes out of Krauser’s head, we now have a blog entry representative of the 1%.

  4. Another reason for the transition from 2nd/3rd generation warfare to 4th is nukes.

    When two countries have nukes, neither of them will engage in a large scale frontal conflict because the result is one or both could be annihilated easily.

    So, can it be said that “No Fault Divorce” is the sexual marketplace equivalent of a nuke?

    Great analysis with the connection to players and Blitzkrieg, and guerilla war to daygame or tinder.

  5. If you want to see how not to do daygame, check out Liam McRrae’s latest pickup vid in NYC. Hilarious.

    • Did ypu mean this infiled? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYtktdchSxU

      PS. Just wondering. I know what’s Nick opinion about RSD and the Team, but never hear his take on TNL (still seems legit to me, with different game-style tough) [They are clowns. I suffered through ten minutes of that vid. Guy has zero game and awful faggy mindset. Just a tall, decent looking white guy scraping the barrel. That might impress noobs who think all there is to daygame is saying hello and then being a fag for ten minutes and hope the girl chooses you. At least Marshall looks and dresses well and can do the “stand there and look like Aragorn” filter system. K.]

      • Well.. I didn’t expect that answer.*)

        But what about their system? Don’t you think it is real deal and can give a fresh material to community?

        They seem(esp. Marshall) could breaking down and deconstructing some old PUA ideas into simplified form and digestible insight?

        *) also almost jump out of my chair when I read that “Aragorn” thing. Haha [If you can find any kind of system in what McCrae is doing in that infield, I’d love to hear about it. K.]

  6. Pingback: A Course In Relationships | The Sound and The Fury

  7. Take my six week social anxiety program to help you conquer your fears!….now where’s that line of charlie I need to snort :p

  8. I actually think liam might be acting retarded/dressing like a homeless guy to draw in the large number of clueless guys in this community. If he maximised his already decentish smv and demonstrated real game the no hopers wouldn’t be able to relate to him so no one on one’s, boot camps etc
    James marshall is actually decent. Great style and presence going on so much game isn’t really needed. [I think you’re giving them rather too much credit. They simply don’t understand what game is. In the case of Liam and James it doesn’t really matter because they get by on age and looks respectively. I’ve seen James’ girlfriend in Serbia, she’s pretty. He’s not a buffoon. K.]

    • Your theory is stupid. He’s had the same style for years. He thinks it’s hip and cool. He’s a skinny hipster.

      People don’t take bootcamps from daygamers that suck. They want to be taught by guys who have success. Like Krauser said, he’s had success just by way of putting himself out there, being tall, decent looking and from an Anglo country.

    • I’ve actually taught a number of TNL former students who were by their own admission still clueless as to what to do when approaching an attractive woman.

    • Marshall was picking up chicks way before he decided to make money from PUA.Leader of a band.The dude dresses Rock 101 now, same as Springsteen ffs..I do the same.

      MaCrae does have a book out on rapid escalation.He also claims band membership.I like Travel bum and Shae.Solo is too faggy.The message seems to be it’s manly to be faggy.

      Being Aussie in the US is pussy paradise it really is .Same for alpha Pommy lads.Met the happiest older Poms living there, blokes in their mid 40s.
      Vegas is the Stalingrad of game.

      • I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest that McRae has ever banged an 8 or above. I’m confident he’s banging lots of 6s and no doubt a fair few 7s. Not exactly dumpster diving but a bit disappointing for a coach. He’ll probably get a few numbers/Facebook adds from 8s and above, but I seriously doubt he’s ever fucked any of them.

        Met him in person, he’s a decent looking guy with youth and height working for him, so pretty much just playing looks-matched game wrapped up in a whole heap of new age faggotry.

  9. Now we’re getting on to the topic of “do goodlooking pua coaches have game”? I would agree and say no, they’re going up to looks matched and below girls and know they’ll have to do a limited number of approaches before they get the result. That breeds a certain mindset and confidence level but isn’t true game imo.

    The point I was making could also include yad as an example. Do guys that have had some decent experience and results think a guy like yad gets laid regularly with hotties? Offcourse they don’t but I guarantee there’s loads of newbies, no hopers (whatever you want to call them) out there that watch his videos with him chatting to two or more attractive girls and think “fuck, this fat sweaty gay gay is probably having threesomes with girls like that!!!
    Oh my god where do I sign up”.

    • I have to question your intelligence. The Yad example is the opposite of McCrae. Yad looks like shit but appears to have some game. McCrae looks ok but his game is shit.

      An incel will look to Yad but see no use in McRae.

  10. Mcrae looks ok.
    No, he’s uglied himself up by dressing, acting and grooming himself like a homeless fag and doesn’t look like he’s ever lifted a weight in his life.

    Yad is a sociable gay guy with cringe worthy game. A guy with “some” level of game would show a little more intent rather than relying on nice convo to nowhere.

    I’m guessing that boot camp you took with yad didn’t work out so well 😉 [Yad’s game is over-rated amongst the large ‘idiot daygamer’ demographic but is also under-rated amongst the smarter daygamers. I’d say his game is far superior to the Natural Lifestyles people, he’s just putting it on top of a lower SMV. K.]

    • I’ve actually seen Yad approach absolutely stunning women, have conversations and get numbers but that’s all I know. I have no idea what happens after. That in and of itself was pretty impressive given his lack of looks, wealth & traditional status.

  11. You’re such an idiot man. Yes, it’s all a conspiracy to scam incels. You sound like a real ladies man. Back to the incel dungeon with you.

  12. As luck would have it I saw yad today 😁😂

    I’m pretty much right about everything 😉

  13. Deepak has released a new video showcasing his “girlfriend” of two years. Apparently she is cool with his 2 for 1 fuck close ratio and being shown in a weird PUA video that basically shows she’s a slut. She fucked a dirty Indian hours after meeting him. Who does that? This isn’t like Jon Matrix or Marshall who have gfs and only do approaches. Deepak claims to actually fuck boat loads of women while having a gf and she is right there along side him helping push his greasy products. Wtf? The only explanation is that she’s being paid off by Deepak. [No shit he pays her. K.]

  14. We strongly should NOT hoping for Nick writing about game topics or discuss any other incompetent (day)gamer anymore…

    It’s finally a perfect time for him to just only sit and reflect about his past adventurous life then begin start to write with very extensively long about his spiritual-experimental-monumental journey, while at the same time accepting his old senility has to come.

    Enjoy the decline, Nick.

  15. Excellent article and observations. I keep proclaiming to my friends’ deaf ears “It has never been more affordable and easy to be an international Playboy”. Probably good that it’s too much of a mental leap for most to actually do.

    • True and yes, Nick has surpass that stage. He is in advancing 50’s now.. His daygame journey is almost finish.

  16. Saw that bald paki Deepak in Berlin. Was paying whores to be filmed. Stunk of fuckin curry and could barely string two sentences together with his pidgin English accent. Dirty little sambo!

  17. [EDITED. Lol, one fraud calling out another fraud for using the same fake video scams that fraud A taught fraud B. I’m not having his videos linked here. Remember them both on a podcast together calling me a cunt for an hour? Oh the irony. Anyone who needs me to tell them Deepak and Justin are dishonest buffoons really has no hope. K.]

    • I’m late to the show… 😐 Which video?

    • Thanks for replying! Man I remember that video… What a crazy daygame community nowadays- First the berba who is still spamming youtube to tom faking a kiss on the street. Now they make fake talent casting shows to lure hot girls into their social circle. Then telling on the interwebs that they have godlike game while looking like a broke black chimp. Thats how you trick the SMV?! And we grind the streets and get tooled even by “normal” sometimes “lower” smv girls. What a great time. 😀

  18. What is your problem with Yad?

    I’m pretty sure, every daygamer use the Yad stop, and some stuff from him.
    We are here to help each other, right? If you think Yad is not doing something well, tell for him, and not posting this hate stuff to the internet. If you think Yad can do better, than tell him how. Yeah, sure I think he should do more escalation, because I think, it looks for me that’s the main weaknesses on his approach. I’m pretty sure he has the day game mastery book, but if not, then send him a copy. Maybe. Anyway, I’m pretty sure, he made daygame when some of you guys just played on the sand.

  19. Wayne’s, yesterday:

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