Narrative Closure

April 22, 2017

This blog first achieved notoriety because I was writing about my inner most thoughts on my Player’s Journey in graphic and extensive detail. I’d frequently post up photos, infield videos, and date audios. I’d post more about failure than success because that was the reality. Evidently that style struck a chord with many and my readership grew. A friend recently told me “the reason you’re popular is your honesty”. I didn’t write like a huckster (PUA old guard) nor as a shameless attempt to create a fake cool guy personality to help me draw narcissistic supply from an audience of gullible fools to stop me topping myself (PUA new guard).

Round about 2015 I decided throwing this stuff up piecemeal for the blog was no longer satisfying for me. My blog posts are always one-and-done efforts where I get an idea, immediately write it, then post with only a cursory spelling and grammar check. Posts tended to max out around a thousands words and are dropped in either when something interesting happened or when I was in the mood to write. That got boring. I decided my adventures and ruminations deserved a longer form treatment.

Enter the memoir series (currently on sale are volumes One, Two and Four)

I wanted to create a narrative arc that made sense, stitching together my experiences and theoretical development so as to create something deeper and more meaningful. It would help me develop my writing skills and make sense of my time in the Game. It would reward readers with a far more polished story as I typically do multiple rewrites and hire professional editors for the books. Those of you who’ve read them seem to agree that the lessons sink in deeper in book form, and it gives space to tell a better story than what can be thrown up as a blogpost.

There’s a place for thrown up “just got laid” posts. They are still fun to read and can cheer you on to your own adventures. See Xant’s recent lay report here for an example.

Something unexpected happened over the course of writing the memoir series. I’ve long believed that humans make sense of the world and their place within it through narrative. There is the Hero’s Journey plot structure that all epic-feeling stories adopt from Star Wars through to Kung Fu Panda. We are also steeped in written and oral folklore, which is mostly conveyed through stories be they short form Aesop’s Fables or long form parables. We absorb legends, morality plays, novels, and campfire ghost stories.

Humans love stories and learn through them.

Jimmy recently told me that writing volume one of his Game memoir (1) made him realise that he always prized a gang of cool mates more than clacking the women. Something about organising your thoughts sufficiently to write them down (2) will also change the very meaning of how you think about the subject of that writing. We are telling and retelling stories in our own minds, inserting our experiences into a self-narrative. As you go through your life you’ll have an assumed narrative of who you are, where you’re going, and how far you’ve come. Here’s what is funny about writing: when you start organising it for publication, you reshape the narrative.

The act of writing about something significantly changes how you think about it. Daygame Mastery was a good example of that for me – I set out to put the London Daygame Model (3) on paper. Six months of rumination and writing meant that by the time I hit “publish” I’d completely transformed my own knowledge of the model. As I wrote, I’d realise there were gaps in my understanding and I had to ruminate further until I dug up the answer from my experience. In some ways the model changed in the course of writing it, for example ideas such as “respect the hustle” and r/K (4) were late additions when I was trying to organise the techniques around an implicit underlying philosophy.

The unexpected outcome of writing my memoir has been I’ve closed the book on my Player’s Journey both literally and figuratively. Each of the stages came into clearer focus, as did my motivations and failings. Volume One was the zero-to-hero stage that covered the first five stages of the Hero’s Journey, taking me from normal life into this strange world of pick up and the trials and tribulations that ensued. Volume Two represented being cognitively captured by the PUA world, outrageous levels of grandiosity, and the complete rebuilding of my personality. Volume Four was when I reached a maturity level, secure in my skills and lifestyle but starting to feel like the job was done and perhaps it’s time to move on. (5)

Writing the memoir, which ends in December 2014, made me feel like the journey was over. All the game I’ve done in the two years since has been about something else. It wasn’t a journey. There was no clear progress towards a deliberate goal. My life wasn’t changing.

It took writing the memoir to make sense of this, to order the experiences and uncover the themes. Up until the end of 2014 I felt like I was going somewhere, my eyes on a prize. I finished the year on a major upswing, a crowning achievement that felt like standing on top of the mountain. In 2015 I found myself using daygame to spike my own emotional state, distracting myself from the fact I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with myself now that the job was done. In 2016 it was more of the same but I had Donald Trump’s campaign to give me a goal for the year, a sense of progress.

So in 2017 my overwhelming feeling has been….. meh! Running around Europe trying to clack lots of hotties was great fun but I’ve done it seven years straight. Each year brings good memories and memorable stories. I could easily write a 600 page memoir about each of 2015 and 2016 – there were enough stories and points of interest (6) But now it just seems rather pointless.

Let’s say I bang another 25 girls this year (7). What will be different in my life? I’ll be a year older and move the notch count forwards but….. is that a wise use of my time? Banging your first 25 girls is a huge deal. Banging your 25th daygame girl is a huge deal. Banging your first euro jaunt eight is a huge deal. But after seven years of that, do any of the numbers matter anymore?

Not to me.

blonde slag who obviously wants it like the dirty whore she is

I dare say this will get me opening again

I don’t have a clear message as to how I intend to work my way through 2017. It’s been three months straight of diabolical weather and I’ve had a period of daygame revulsion that sometimes creeps up on me. That combination tends to sour my mood towards the player’s lifestyle. However, when the sun is shining and girls are ambling around in tight shorts, throwing off IOIs….. you can bet I’ll be on it. But when it’s cold, wet and miserable am I going to be out grinding to try to progress my annual notch count? Definitely not.

I’ve changed how I daygame to reflect this. I’ll be writing more about that.

1) Don’t hold your breath on it ever being finished
(2) If you can’t write your thoughts into paragraphs that readers can understand, then you don’t really understand it either. Anyone who starts blogging finds this out very quickly.
(3) Version 2. Don’t kid yourself that there’s a new version 3. Old wine new bottles. When my next textbook drops you’ll see the actual Version 3.
(4) Yes, both of those were introduced to LDM by me.
(5) Volume Three will fill the gap but I plan on doing the textbook first.
(6) Don’t worry, I don’t plan to actually write them. Four volumes is already testing a reader’s patience.
(7) Or pretend I do, in order to sell PUA products to gullible fools

If you can’t wait for the new London Daygame Model 3.0 then why not make do with the best infield instructional video of version 2.0, which is all anyone is doing anyway.


  1. C`mon don’t kid yourself, Nick. Tom have officially branding Daygame 3.0(at least from years ago). Don’t just become a reactionary grummpy oldman. Invent something else(and new).

  2. C’mon Nick.. I heard about Daygame 3.0 from Tom years ago.. Get over it! Unless what you mean is from your self-proclaimed “Krauser Daygame Model” version. [Calling WindowsXp “Windows 10” doesn’t make it so. Anyway, trashtalking is one of my hobbies. K.]

    • And you have?(DE REAL WINDOWS 10)!!! WOW!

      Hmm… Let me think for a moment.

      The only different you make in the last several years is you become self-absorbed writer, and more angry toward life.

      Your insight is more potent in circa. pre-2013 blog post. After that just repeat and recycle another old concept materials.

      Get over it! Seriously.

  3. what’s the plan? your new day game model will be on paper or a video product? I would prefer the book-paper edition. [A book in Mastery style format. K.]

  4. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

  5. I’ll buy it. How long does it take? Half a year? Your new book…

  6. I firmly believe that there is not place like EE for doing daygame for a number of reasons but how about exploring other parts of the world for a book/infield product? Winter locations like South America, The Caribbean, Japan, Korea and South East Asia come to my mind.

  7. >> Writing the memoir, which ends in December 2014, made me feel like the journey was over. All the game I’ve done in the two years since has been about something else.

    I literally just finished Adventure Sex yesterday. Interestingly, this post is very much like the last pages of that book… which was written about two years ago, I guess. For me this feel like you’ve been saying this, or something like it, for two years. It all makes sense.

    I’ll be real and say I’ve been following this blog since about 2010. Your path has been in front of me the whole time… from when the concept of sober, cold-approach in the day made me almost panic, to my first daygame sets about 3 years ago, to my first daygame lay last September, to my 8th daygame close last weekend (I’m seeing her again today).

    I have quoted you 100 times on my blog. Krauser this… Krauser that. I still do.

    I’ve seen the lack of regular tactical posts go, and I miss them. I’ll hate to see this blog go (if it does). And the idea of you moving on of course makes me think I will too, someday. Maybe…

    But not yet!

    The girls still surprise me, all the time. It seems hard to believe they won’t always be fresh — at least to themselves! Their naivete… that’s one thing the vampire can’t get anymore on his own, an internal sense of youth and wonder. Daygame is an external feed of that freshness, one new girl at time, even as I continue to become an increasingly weathered bloodsucker myself (I am a little older than you).

    I could make a metaphor about these girls being a kind of life-support system (perhaps also a testosterone supplement), but there is a trade going on between the player and the girl. Maybe especially when the player is older. Much older. It’s a rich exchange. An old model, “The Vampiric Exchange” of youth for wisdom.

    And K… you said at least twice in Adventure Sex that “if there was a better way to get girls in your life you’d do it.” I believe that.

    This is inspiring for me. Perhaps you’ll stop being “Krauser PUA,” but anyone that has put in the time to learn this skillset, and loves it, will always be able to pull fresh girl-energy into our lives. For all that brings, notches and for me… much, much more. [A while back I wrote a post about Game being the fountain of eternal youth. I was getting at something similar to your Vampiric Exchange. Glad to see daygame is producing lays for you. As we know, it can be pretty tough when you’re middle-aged! If you can spare the time, I’d appreciate an Adventure Sex review. If you blog it, I’ll link it. Don’t feel the need to kiss ass or anything, just write what you really think. K.]

  8. Nick, I don’t know you but I have to say you come across a top bloke. Sure, I might not agree with some of your politics and views etc, but as a daygamer I hold you with the upmost respect. I am a man in my forties just starting this journey and even if I don’t get much success , your writing and story is an inspiration. I’m not blowing smoke uo your backside son, I’m just telling how you and your story inspire me. I totally get where you are coming from regarding your daygame journey now and I sincerely hope you are around on the daygame scene for a few years yet. By god we need guys like you talking the talk and walking the walk. Either way Nick, I wish you good luck son and I hope it’s not the last we hear from you! [Thanks for the kind words. I’m not planning on winding up the blog any time soon. K.]

  9. what do you think of Tom latest book cold calling, worth purchasing? [I don’t follow Tom’s material at all. K.]

    • This is a complete lie.

      How does Nick know about Tom’s Daygame 3.0 concept if he never knew Tom’s material, and even correcting that there is not anything new in Tom’s material?

      In fact, Tom’s advancement give Nick an Idea on the next new materials(book), otherwise Nick would enjoy declining time of his era.

      My 2 cent. [Take your sperging elsewhere. K.]

  10. when will coming out your next daygame mastery?

  11. Tom isn’t your friend anymore? Why?

  12. Hey Nick, your blog/body of work has been a huge inspiration in my own personal journey from when I was back posting as ‘gannicuspua’ to now. Appreciate it and if I see you on the road at any point I owe you a couple of beers. Cheers, C [Thanks. Will do. Just so everyone is clear, this post isn’t announcing my retirement from daygame or blogging. K.]

  13. Hey Nick,
    Before the Juden cucks banned you on Twitter I followed your posts.

    Always meant to ask-
    What do you think Deepak Wayne did to have girls in his videos in Poland- were they actresses, prostitutes, local girls he bribed, or what? [He has a variety of scams he mixes together. With the hot girls he doesn’t hit on them and then mutes his job offer and/or explicit denial of interest. By making a generic compliment that you do hear, and moving the girl around on the promise of job offer, he can give the illusion it’s a pick up video. In Germany he hires whores. In Ukraine he’s hiring whores and inviting Khreschatyk St scammers to free meals and calling it a date. He also occasionally just picks up really ugly women for real. K.]

  14. ‘The reason your popular is your honesty.’

    I know you might not publish this Nick but you have done things like brag, exagerrate and tell girls about the rock band thing. And the ghost writing. Cmmon man your no angel. Nobody is.

    Anyway I have still enjoyed this blog for many years and i hope you don’t stop. Thanks for all the information for many years.

    Peace out,

    J [You don’t understand the first thing about the “ghost writing” or the band. I don’t tell lies. K.]

    • Well, it would be really helpful for your readers if you clarify the “ghost writing” process for your books then. After all, your contrast to the typical shady “looks don’t matter” PUA scammers is what drew them to you in the first place.

      Do you record your ideas and narrative on tape, pass it on to the ghost writer to churn out a first draft, which you modify and work from? Or do you pass a manuscript to him, discuss and let him fill the gaps? Do you review the work with the ghost writer chapter by chapter?

      These are questions I’m sure many of your readers would be interested to know. [Ok, I’ll bite. Understand that I have two types of readers – normal men who can think for themselves and will write something like you did in your second paragraph, and then total spastics who belong on YouTube comments who throw a barrage of stupid questions, don’t have the reading comprehension skills to understand the answer, and aren’t interested anyway because they are just looking for excuses to keep believing what they already believe. I enjoy talking to the former and wish the latter would just stick to Deepak, Sasha and that whole market who caters to them. The “ghost writing” thing is just another attempt by idiots to create a scandal out of nothing, just like that Czech gamma who kept accusing me of hiring porno actresses or hassling him for good product reviews, or that tool two days ago who is calling me a liar because I said I don’t follow Tom’s material but am dimly aware he’s touting an LDM 3.0…… So…….. this is the process, which is not a secret as I’ve explained it in YouTube videos, youtube comments, blog comment replies, inside the books themselves, and face-to-face with many daygamers I’ve hung out with…….. VOLUME ONE: I assembled blogposts from the period, sketched a three page narrative and thematic arc, wrote first chapter, then told the stories into a dictaphone chapter by chapter. I hired a ghost writer from California who specialises in Twlight-style filth to turn that into a book. She returned a 70k word draft. I then started from the beginning and rewrote every sentence and added new content to make it the 120k it is now. Then I hired an editor to pick up grammar and logic issues. VOLUME TWO: Same process but rather than use dictaphone, I told stories over about 24 one-hour skype chats to ghost writer. He returned a 110k draft that I rewrote every word up and expanded to 160k. I then hired two editors and had two test readers feedback before final rewrite. VOLUME THREE: same process as TWO but haven’t started rewriting the 70k draft. VOLUME FOUR: This was a bit different. I dictated entire book into audio recorder then had it transcribed. It was 200k words so hired ghost writer to chop it down to 100k then I rewrote it all up to 150k, and hired an editor. While I’m sure you can assess the relative weight of the ghost writer’s input and can infer it from the narrative voice of final books, the spastics won’t even try. They’ll just latch onto the word “ghost writer” and act as if it’s not my own work. The reason I sound a little sore is that it’s bad enough that half the industry is ripping off my material uncredited with their shitty me-too books, it’s worse when their spastic fanboys tell me my original material is copied off these rip-offs or that my own achievements are not my own. It took incredible amounts of work to write those memoirs and they’ll make fuck all money (which I knew in advance) so I have zero patience with the spastics who simply cannot appreciate just how much gold is being given to them and that I’m basically working for free on this project because I want to deliver something I think is useful, and while I’m tied up with that the clone army is making money cloning my instructional material. K.]

      • yeah Krauser, I agree this is a nice work from you. but to be honest I don’t really know what is your point with Deepak or sasha. They aren’t copied you… If you watch that shit vibe face off horrible clothing Cassidy with average shitty infields you can find your copies… I heard that he charge 2500 pounds per studens… And he do it from Torero’s back. That’s it. Sasha doing that inner game thing. Deepak different style too.

      • Thanks for the detailed response K. Makes sense now. I’m correct in assuming that you didn’t use any ghost writers for Daygame NItro and Mastery right? Cause I’ve heard that the vast majority of instructional ebooks sold online about fitness, PUA, online marketing etc don’t even have a word written by the “gurus” whose names are on the covers.

        Looking forward to your next daygame textbook. [I wrote all my other books from scratch, just me. I can’t really speak to how others write their material. I imagine the mainstream names don’t write much themselves. I suspect all the daygame people write their own material. It’s pretty obvious from narrative voice. You can tell if different writers involved from change in style. K.]

  15. hi Krauser!
    What do you think about sasha?
    he is probably more prankish than an actually pua [I used to dislike him based on his Youtube. I met him in Brazil in 2013 and changed my mind, finding him a nice person and quite liking him. That said, I think he gives absolutely terrible advice and his material is awful. Still, a genuinely nice guy. K.]

  16. @Mcs actually cassidy pua is a great example of a guy who’s game knowledge and execution in a verbal context (compared to tom etc) isn’t that high but he’s got v.good subcomms, body language and dresses seriously well. Plus he seems boringly normal. Goes to show if you do the basics at a high level you’ll most likely get hotter girls with way fewer approaches than The name pua’s.

  17. yeah Doordie. The guy isn’t that experienced. I saw some of his videos and it started like this on the video: my vibe isn’t good, the girl the weather, always something 😀 … and of course a smoke n mirror vid. And his vibe killing it 😀
    Nowadays everybody can be a coach, just hit the street for a month, be an intermediate, or most cases shouldn’t be that, just install a stupid wordpress, upload something faggot to youtube and that’s it. If you’re lucky you can find a sugar daddy, who tired from students, just want to jerking off at home all day long, and he can give the students for a commission to a craig type of guy. Pure business 😀

    I’m following only Krauser and Torero, because they are unqestionable better than me. That’s it.

    • Nick and Tom are different. Amaze how you can compare both on the same level.

      Tom respond to this problem exactly on his last podcast.

  18. You misunderstood. I think he’s very good.

    • Yes! Very good at shitposting.
      Calling other guy liar, while his point contradict itself. [I’m letting this clown comment for the entertainment it provides to my non-retarded readers. K.]

  19. How do you mean this compare thing between Krauser and Torrero?
    1, I read Street Hustle and Daygame Mastery
    Both of them are totally great. But I don’t really find any difference between the books. Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t feel too much difference… If somebody can tell, tell it. [That’s my point. SH is two years later, dumbed down, nothing new, and erases me from history despite me having spent 15+ hours helping him edit the thing. It’s like how Paul McCartney would feel watching a pub band play Beatles songs without them acknowledging the Beatles, then all the pub punters crow about how amazing the pub band’s songwriting is. I exaggerate for effect, obviously.The clowns are oblivious to all this but the actual daygame community is well aware of such shenanigans. I stress again, this is nothing to do with Tom’s skill level. It’s just his sharp business practices. K.]

  20. I suggest to any non-retarded readers to acknowledging this kind of “Grandiose delusions” from the One and Only DAYGAME INVENTOR of all time.

    Any other daygamer who disrespecting and/or threatening his position must and will be completely destroyed!

  21. Hi!
    I saw your daygame mastery, and I want to ask, where should I start my journey? I saw in the past you had beginner day game material.. now there is only intermediate. after that, advanced… If Toreros book is exactly at that level, where is his intermediate stuff? [It’s not so complex. Start with Daygame Mastery. K.]

  22. Looking back on it all what would you recommend after noting the high level of burnout/bitterness/ennui that happens to a lot of you guys who do the PUA thing?

    Is it worth it?? Is there a way to somehow zone in on one high quality girl, or a couple, without doing the cycle of work then burnout that so many of you seem to go through?

  23. First came with the blueprint. Then came torero’s girlfriend sequence and badass buddha. After that came your daygame mastery book. So it is not correct order to say you created it all to be fair. i respect both of you but history is history. I also respect the daygame of john matrix but not james marshall. [Daygame Nitro was released in May 2011, the same week Blueprint was filmed. Mastery was released February 2014. Badass Buddha was released Autumn 2014. Get your facts straight. K.]

    • Andy yosha had shown the blueprint in other events before that filming. i know because i was there as an intern for pua training at the time. A lot of it you put in your model and alot of girlfriend sequence is in the text book you wrote which i guess tom knew about because he seems to be an editor of mastery. I hope you can all make it up as you all seemed to learn from one another and it was great days. i even miss the old lss events sometimes lol. anyways good luck with the new book. [I wrote very clearly on my blog and in Mastery where I got my ideas. I’ve always given credit to Andy and Yad for trailblazing. I don’t see why you imply otherwise. If you were to pick any London style daygamer and accuse them of not giving sufficient credit to their sources of inspiration, I’m the LAST one to have a go at. Also, I make it very clear in Deplorable Cad where I took influences for my dating model. What you probably don’t know is that Tom and “Antony” co-wrote the model in Girlfriend Sequence and Antony decided he didn’t want his name on it. The model in Mastery is far more influenced by Mystery Method, Jimmy and Mick than it is Tom and Antony, though I did keep things Antony pioneered. K.]

  24. I’m not having a go at you, i’m just trying to be objective with the bit you said about you being paul mccartney and others ripping you off. If you’re accusing others of things you have to be accepting of long time readers bringing up things you have done too. Your hatred of Tom and other name daygamers oozes out of each post you write which is what turns people off because it comes across as jealous or whatever. I hope you will write more on long game as that’s where i’m at now as i’m back in a small town and all my leads are still in london. That was my favourite part of the textbook mastery. Peace. [I don’t hate Tom. I’m respectful of his notable talents and contemptuous of his obvious failings. He’s a complex character with much to like and much to dislike. K.]

  25. Nice push-pull lol! But that’s my point nick, you never look in the mirror, you never look at the aspects of your personality that are to be disliked also. If we were to do a poll of the pickup community and ask out of you and tom who is more liked, respected, generous, warm, human and so on then i think we all know what the answer would be. You are such a hard person to really click with because of what i said in the first sentence. reading bodis books was a shock for me. [Ok, now you’re being weird. First, I clearly am not trying to be liked. Second, to accuse me of never looking in the mirror is wilfully ignoring the entire content of my blog and the 430k words of published memoir. Third, you appear to be the only person in the world to have taken Bodi’s book at face value. Fourth, you appear unable to read people’s real personalities. K.]

  26. I rest my case

  27. On a side note have you ever thought about writing about non-game related topics? Perhaps on your politics? With your twitter account gone there is a gap – perhaps you could expend on topics related to present day Europe etc…? Fleshing out your twitter posts to longer blog posts? Is that something you could see yourself doing?

    I for one am interested to know how you came to hold the views you do. Was it pre or post game? Who/what influenced you? Maybe perhaps as a side project to keep you writing in the talented way that you do.

    (Full disclosure I haven’t read your memoirs yet and not sure if you have addressed these topics in them).

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