Violation of Expectation

April 26, 2017

I got shaken down by police recently. Let me tell the story and draw the inner game / daygame lesson from it.

Those euro jaunters among us are well aware that as you go further East you tend to find hotter and more feminine girls. This initially appears to be pussy paradise but spend enough time in these countries and enough time chasing the girls and you realise there are powerful forces that undermine your faith and bring the Pussy Paradise fantasy back to the real world, frustrations and all. One such problem is the extreme K-selection of the Former Soviet Union. It’s very easy to get interest and attention from the hot girls but most of them switch off when they realise you’re only offering casual sex. The best-looking and best-groomed girls are often lifestyle whores, treating their beauty as a full-time job and expecting a salary paid by the sugar daddy in return. It’s not 100% this way and you can occasionally unearth a genuine hottie who is up for free casual sex, but it’s nowhere near as common as you’d think after the end of your first three-day number farm when you appear to be sitting on a goldmine of hot leads.


Not worth the effort

Another problem is bureaucracy. The FSU is teeming with it. I recently came a cropper of the apartment registration system. It goes like this: For a UK passport holder to get a visa to Russia or Belarus you must get a letter of invitation (which costs a fee paid to a specialist agency) and also have valid travel insurance. After a few days in the country you must register your address with the police (and pay another fee). This is especially a ball ache if you use Airbnb because many hosts will not do the registration for you.

Fortunately, Russian police are not so strict. I registered at one place, allowed the registration to lapse over a week, then re-registered at a hotel on my last night. There were no problems at immigration’s exit control on my way out. I recently found out the Belarussian police are different.

I go to register and they tell my landlady they only accept travel insurance documents in Russian (unlike the embassy which is fine with English). This is a new rule and they find a rulebook in the bottom of a filing cabinet to prove it. So I must buy duplicate insurance from a small office in the next street. I get it for seven days and register thus. Days five, six and seven are public holidays. On day eight the police telephone my landlady saying we are both to be fined for the expiring registration and she knocks me out of bed so we can rush to the police station to see what’s up.

I buy new insurance for the remainder of my stay and pay another registration fee. That should be the end of it but the cops are determined to shake me down. The say I owe a 230 rouble penalty (about £115) and my landlady owes double that. A supervisor comes out and gives her a stern telling off while his two subordinates look a bit guilty at being involved in such a blatant shakedown.

Naturally I argue the toss, via Google Translate. The embassy accepted UK insurance and nowhere on the government websites in English does it say Russian documents needed. I show them the website that says after registration lapses I have five more business days to reregister. I also explain it was not possible to reregister before today because the police station was closed for holidays.

“Doesn’t matter. You should have stayed in a hotel on final day to reset registration clock” they say, in Russian.

At that point I’m happy to face them down and just be deported but the landlady is panicking about getting in bad with cops and whatever fate may befall her apartment business. I back down, because I’m not a bad sort really [1] I pay the penalty and chalk it to the game.


Artist impression

I’m sure you all have your violins out playing a symphony of sympathy for me. So, why is it relevant to daygame?

It’s because I was barely suppressing a furious rage at being shaken down for what was, ultimately, an inconsequential fee. I was typing into Google Translate “this is a robbery, they are acting in bad faith, finding a pretext for a shakedown” and my landlady wisely refused to show that to the cop sitting across the desk. I didn’t lose my head, but it was close. Why?

Anonymous Conservative has the answer with his rich explanation of the amygdala. This part of the brain is at the centre of everything when it comes to state control – which is the cornerstone of Game. The amygdala is the threat detection centre and it lights up (in the modern vernacular, is “triggered”) when it perceives threat. Wolves have a highly trained (and literally larger, when measured in autopsy) amygdala that is highly effective at perceiving long term threats and will thus trigger the wolf to proactively seek out and destroy the threat before it grows more dangerous. Rabbits have an atrophied and undeveloped amygdala that is oblivious to threats until they are right in front of the rabbit’s nose. They seek also to remove the threat but usually at the last moment and by running away from it.

This is why in the migrant crisis wolves want to sink the boats and rabbits hold up Refugees Welcome signs. The wolves can very easily see the looming threat of importing third world savages into Europe and want to nip it in the bud at the minimum loss of life. Rabbits are blind to it, completely conflict averse, and just figure it’s better to prostrate themselves at the feet of the savages and hope they are killed last.

Daygame will provide you with both wolf and rabbit stimuli, and the balance depends how you do the daygame. Grinding it out on the streets, hanging out bantering with high value players, and actively honing a skill set are all K-stimuli, meaning challenging behaviours that introduce you to adversity and thus develop your amygdala. Every time you mumble “first one is the worst one” before diving into your first set of the day, you might as well be saying to yourself “adversity incoming, time to train the amygdala with some pain”.

Unfortunately, rootlessly travelling around foreign countries, living off passive income, breaking friendships when they become inconvenient, and having an abundance of casual sex are all r-stimuli, meaning they are the removal of adversity and lead to amygdala deterioration. For salient examples, look at sportsmen who go off the rails when they reach the big time (e.g. James Toney, Adriano etc). Adversity strengthens them on the way up and then comfort weakens them once at the top.


Pre and Post Adversity  Toney

Anonymous Conservative has a whole typology of ways the amygdala can be triggered and thus overheat and take control away from our rational brains (like me in the police station). The most powerful is what he calls Violation Of Expectation. It’s the equivalent of having the rug pulled from under you, and the subject of the famous book Who Moved My Cheese? It’s pretty simple:

1. You overcome adversity and achieve abundance.
2. The abundance becomes comfortable and your new normal.
3. You amygdala switches off as there is no threat to face.
4. An event suddenly rips away the comfort and confronts you with adversity.
5. Your amygdala lights up very strongly and very quickly, accompanied by disorientation because the adversity was unexpected.
6. You’re triggered. Trigglypuffing ensues. [2]


Me, yesterday

I dare say that stage 6 is very unpleasant and can seem important all out of proportion, such as wanting to dig my heels in and get deported rather than pay a trivial fine. It is such situations that inspire sage quotes about wise men keeping their heads while everyone around is losing theirs.

So what’s the inner game takeway?

Don’t try to remove adversity from your life, no matter how tempting. And when comfort is suddenly ripped away from you, recognise the cause (and repeat to yourself “this is just a Violation of Expectation scenario”) and that your emotional reaction is likely way out of proportion to the size of the problem. [3]

You’ll probably also notice that the coolest men in the world are unruffled. Trainee players are always advised to be more chill and less reactive. This is because reactive behaviour is a sign of an atrophied amygdala and poor threat detection, and thus poor reproductive fitness [4]

[1] Despite Bodi’s two-volume attempt to convince you otherwise.
[2] AnonCon has convincingly argued this is the crux of the North Korean crisis and the increasingly insane behaviour of Kim Il Piggy.
[3] TL:DR is “don’t be a bitch”

[4] But isn’t it also interesting that it’s a sign of rabbitry,  and thus a sign to rabbit girls that you may be suited to them. Perhaps this is why grotty sluts actually like drama and seek it out – they are seeking out men with defective amygdalae because it’s a proxy sign of the rabbit breeding strategy.

If you are disappointed that this post explored some new ideas that are relevant to daygame rather than rehashing tired  bullshit in a bullet point list, you probably won’t like my books.


  1. Really nice post, your best in months IMO.
    PS: I had an experience of the same sort last year when I was exiting Belarus by bus. I got detained for a couple of hours by the border police for no reason beside that they wanted to better control my passport. My amygdala was fully triggered I guess, but I remained calm and they finally let me go without consequences. This episode was what made me not to have a great enthusiasm about going back to Belarus, I realize now.
    PPS: yep, Belarusian girls tend to be k. Best strategy IMO is being a “naughty k”.

  2. Tom had debunked exactly this kind of r/K selection myth in his talk on LDM 3.0 #NotTRIGGERED [If you say so, champ. K.]

  3. Beautiful women living off their beauty is nothing new.
    With increased economic austerity this future awaits also Europe and the number of Sugarbabes is already rising fast.
    Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are just further along. Those girls had to face soon the facts of life and can no longer afford to give it out for free like they used to when they were 15-17,

    But the good message is that many of them likely would have loved for you to be super-wealthy (and willing to spend some on them). Fucking a conventionally attractive man still beats banging a fat old creeper or game-less, but wealthy dweeb.

  4. if you type the words on youtube: daygame 3.0, you’ll see more and more people “teaching” something under these words…. maybe these words will be in the near future ridiculous

  5. Good article. I’ve recently been reading “Never Split the Difference” by Chriss Voss. He’s an ex FBI hostage negotiator and there are parts in the book where he explains how he used to manipulate the kidnappers amygdala to calm the situation and give them the illusion of control by asking open questions, labelling their emotions etc. Some of the parallels to game techniques are obvious.. He also writes the book in a somewhat hard boiled style which you may like. Cheers.

  6. Hmm interesting article.
    I’ve been dabbling in state control myself and it seems meditation (the best way to control state) actually seems to shrink the Amygdala.
    So I guess having a big Amygdala is actually bad for you.What’s better is if you let the Prefrontal Cortex (the more developed area of the brain) handle hard situations rather than the Amygdala.
    What happened during your benign outburst was that you actually let the hindbrain hijack the forebrain.

    • Wait.. I think Nick state the opposite; In order to have more control of reaction of outburst event, we can increase the anticipation from adversity, the more-ready anticipation state the better, hence larger(developed) amygdala, like they found in the wolves. Am I wrong?

      • I guess he means the same thing but with the wrong words. Having an excessively large Amygdala would make you stressed and anxious all the time.It would pretty much kill any vibe you had.
        Instead a developed PFC(forebrain) would ensure that you could anticipate adversity with accuracy and deal with it effectively as well.

  7. To be really honest, i don’t get it. I don’t get how K-selected game looks like.

    From what i understand, a K-selected species is one which favors increased paternity investment over number of offspring as evolutionary strategy – Consequences being lower mortality rates, lower number of offspring and also lower number of lifetime sexual partners.

    The more K-selected the SMP for a species is, the more emphasis on quality of males – viz. height, muscular mass, resource procuring capability, social status etc. Thus a highly self-confident handsome actor is valuable (Brad Pitt). But so is a shy billionare (Elon Musk). As is the politician (Bill Clinton). All of them are all offering a proposition – if you pair bond with me for life and let me in between your legs, you and your children get access to beauty(sexy sons theory)/wealth (resources)/power (social status).

    Isn’t game not playing that game ( You once wrote – “Game is a trojan horse that detects and exploits weaknesses in a woman’s No Filter”. In other words, it’s not playing by their rules, it’s a hack. Isn’t the whole point of game is to offer an alternative value proposition of win/win, no strings attached fucking for the sake of fucking, whoever you want to fuck?

    Should daygamers not do bad-boy daygame and instead go on six dates to nothing? Get a girlfriend and exit the game? Then what’s the point of learning it at all and grinding. Just be natural and stumble on a yes girl.

    I don’t get how game can be K-selected. The whole point of game was to avoid putting yourself into a position of scarcity by having sexual relationships with multiple women using effective behavioral strategies. The fact that emotional fulfillment is not going to happen is something players have to accept; It is the price that we pay. It’s all nice and giddy when we’re with a girl, but at the back of our minds, we always know it’s gonna end. It’s gonna end for sure. And if doesn’t come to our mind, we’re being gamed. Thus we sacrifice fulfillment for abundance.

    I don’t get what ‘K-selected’ game is. Sounds oxymoronic to me.

    If wolves are going to be our role models, maybe we should take a moment to remember what their average lifetime notch counts are – one ( [Correct, you don’t really get it. I might write about this in more detail. Being K and being a chode are two different things. Also, Brad Pitt getting himself cucked by that awful Jolie woman is pretty much all you need to know about his lack of confidence. K.]

    • R/k theory is indeed a theory, there are a lot of variables when comes to everyday’s life and seduction. That’s a headache I also had and came to the conclusion that if you are in game you better don’t think too much about this topic. [The purpose of models is to represent the meaningful elements of reality, pulling the signal out from the noise. They are not meant to literally be reality. The binary thinkers out there struggle with the difference. I already addressed this in Mastery, how the purpose is to find a way of understanding yourself and the world to become more effective at pulling women rather than to document reality itself. r/K is central to this and makes the world far clearer. Trying to trace it through to scientific debate in biology is sperging. K.]

    • What Shank says is in line with the first impression I got reading K’s post. Would also appreciate some more clarity, otherwise it just seems like an oxymoron to me

    • Compromising emotional fulfillment is like conscously hurting yourself. Game role is to support your emotional fulfillment by getting you from scarcity to abundance but it shouldn’t be treated religiously! It’s one-sided approach and as such cannot bring ultimate fulfillment. it’s like bell curve – it get’s you more freedom, hapiness etc but when you get attached to it those things slide down. any atachment is contradiction to freedom and thus happiness. so can be attachment to game. so getting in relationship from the position of abundance is very often a natural step forward in emotional development / hapiness pursuit – whatever you call it and what is (and of course there must be such thing) more important than the game.

      The goal is to be free. If you want do game -fine, If you don’t want also fine. In relationship you can in more stable environment develop feminine qualities which supplement masculine and make you mature, independent person. and this is ultimately attractive thing! if you dont need much for yourself then you can only give and then, even being in a relationship you can feel abundance by girls themselves hitting on you. but you have the space to choose if you want stay with your partner or change or get back to game, whatever. The only obvious caviat is that the parner will not limit you but understand relationship in the same enriching , expanding and liberating way.

  8. You are so right, beautiful women only are for sugar daddies. So right, they are not humans, they can´t fall in love…
    You´ve got inner game issues. Get a social circle with hot women and you will experience stuff you have never experienced. [You’re the same fag always praising Deepak, right? K.]

    • No, I’m the guy who has a social circle with hot women in salsa tournaments. Social circle game is way easier than Daygame, and there are guys as old as you dancing.

    • And just that you know, you might have better understanding of game than Deepak but you are stubborn as fuck, you don’t want to learn from anyone, every single person who has more success than you is in your world a cheater. If you could only improve your technical game, your success would increase dramatically.

      • do you want to give advice for Krauser??

        your ego is really big… this inner game issue will be really bad for you. [I don’t mind advice from men with credibility. I don’t take advice from autistic fantasists like MDDD. K.]

      • Inner game issue? I have read Krauser material and I know he is actually a good guy. I also know that people who read him are nice guys who just want to know the truth. And that’s why I can’t allow him to put women in such a pedestal. He can’t say hot women are for sugar daddies because that’s wrong.

        The problem with him and with most Puas is that you don’t have a social circle and don’t want to have one which includes men and women. That’s the only difference between naturals and puas, most Puas don’t even focus on that. Women are attracted mainly to preselection, which increases the more people you know.
        You guys obviously are saying shit like “hot women belong to sugar daddies” because you don’t have a social circle with naturals. If you would have you would realize that a 5 is as difficult as a 10 (after some minutes of talking if you are ugly) depending on her state of mind. I do have a social circle which you can see in my Facebook, and you should know those naturals with girlfriends wouldn’t be able to Daygame, they are just the guys with the best game of their social tribe. And that isn’t even most of the times the game you require for Daygame.
        And yes, I want to give him advice because I can. I’m not only an advanced dancer, Ive won also medals in taekwondo, I can lift 185kg in deadlift and Ive founded an online enterprise when I was 17 years old. All of this you can also see in my Facebook. I don’t hide and I don’t need to hide, I want you to know that your focus should be on having a normal life with an active social circle instead of criticizing women and focusing on a numbers game like Daygame. Yoga, dance classes, sports, etc etc. Easy.

        And yes, I’ve done same day lays from Daygame. That’s exactly why I realized this, and also because I’m a 22 years old student (which gives me access to know naturals of my age).

  9. There should be a mistake – 115 pounds should be at least 8k rub, not 230

  10. I fap.

  11. Daygame 2.0? 3.0? Almost like it’s designed to attract aspy programmers

  12. Hi Nick, I have genuine question.. (from the bottom of my heart, seriously)

    Is it that hard for you to accepting when the journey is over? is it so difficult to just letting go?

    What, when, and where is your Endgame from all this shit and after all those long monumental year? [It’s tough letting go because the highs are so high. It’s like a boxer giving up the ring. I’m not giving up daygame, but I’m giving up certain elements of it. K.]

    • Nick, time ago I was looking for that your video in which you talk about the concept of endgame, but couldn’t find it. Do you remember which one is it?

  13. MDDD, I’m sure youre as good as he looks like :

    • I´ve got evidence in my facebook profile. Evidence you will never be able to prove wrong. [update – link to profile removed at MDDD’s request a year later] [I absolutely recommend you click on this link to see his many prooves. It’s hilarious. K.]

      • Jesus, guy is pathetic. Always flexing. Looks like a retard that got beat up in high school for looking like a goof. Punchable face 10/10.

      • Well, I think my friends are right. I shouldn’t waste time trying to help you. Sure, Krauser you are right, hot women are for sugar daddies. They can’t fall in love with people of their social circle without money.
        Keep gaming 6s and 7s, that will certainly help your self steem so you can feel you are somebody.

        And you Roosh’s Hairy Goat Nutsac, you know where I live. Come whenever you want, I’m sure I’m stronger and have more fighting experience than you. But between all this people here I’m the only one who has the balls to show his real face and his real identity. Not like any of you, coward faggots. I was trying to help and instead of debating with arguments like adults you began with childish insults. As always, you have proven your level again.

      • you’re just posing with your sisters…

      • At first they are not my sisters, and second those are just 2 of hundreds of pics I have. Moreover, what else do you want? Search and you will find likes, comments and hearts from beautiful women. Should they post they had sex with me? Should we upload videos making out? Please… Have some intuition. Im living a fantasy, a peruvian guy stronger than most european people who gets laid: The impossible for Nick Krauser. And obviously Im autistic, sure Im the guy who doesnt have friends and who hides under a nickname because Im afraid of being criticized and rejected. Lol. I will stop wasting my time here, my dreamlife is more interesting than this post.
        You should try to do an entrerprise, like I already did when I was 17. So you can see being a sugar daddy doesnt get you laid, it only gives you female and male gold diggers. Hopefully one day your emotions stop hitting your ego so that you realize you can learn from someone and you can debate with arguments, you are not the best of the world. [I’m not joking when I say readers should click on his FB profile. I think my typical reader doesn’t quite appreciate the kind of knackers who comment on PUA blogs and youtube (admittedly Youtube is a lot worse). Sure, you might think “MDDD writes like an autist, blatantly misses my point, and just seems a bit weird” but clicking his profile link will show you just how far from reality his self-image is. He has a few dorky weightlifting photos and videos, a few LJBF pics with low quality women, and then a god-awful salsa video with garbage women and freaky men. His posts are mostly ignored by his 1k friends and he even appears to have gotten fired from a job in under two months. His profile looks exactly like you’d expect from a socially awkward loser who copes by gymcelling and salsa-celling. This may be a high value lifestyle compared to feeding donkeys back in his Peruvian village but it’s not living the dream my most of our conceptions. K.]

      • Haha, those women I have pics and videos with are salsa champions who have been hired as models. If you would have more than 1000 friends you would know not everyone will post a like, but you cant put yourself in my position because you lack empathy, like most puas. I quitted my job because my vacations were over and I should kept going to the university. My ego is based not only in salsa or being able to lift 185kgs on deadlift, but also in my taekwondo medals, the enterprise I founded and in the Book I wrote. But I think someone like you doesnt want to accept reality and tries to disturb it. You will never be able to stop people inviting me to parties. You will never be able to stop me getting laid. You will never be able to stop naturals to become my friends, like their girlfriends and their social circles. Your post and your comments will always remain as an envious desire on a pick up artist blog, nothing to do with reality.
        Keep writing your memories. The fact that you try to insult me as “autistic” just proves you are emotionally hurted and you try to project your insecurities in me, without arguments obviously. The difference is that I have never been told that Im autistic or shit like that. That´s why your words cant hurt me and therefore I dont react. If Im into pickup is because women contradict themselves and I wanted to see why puas could daygame. Good luck with your life, your women are surely better than mine. Like your strength, your medals, your dancing abilities and your age. Lol

      • Followed your FB link and saw some fat chicks. Krausers right, unfortunately, this industry is attracting some low quality commenters.

      • It’s so interesting that you call yourself seducers when all of you are being repellent and arrogant. That’s just intermediate level of game, which obviously can’t attract hot women.
        If I have pics with women who don’t have perfect body its because these women have done something important, or are very charismatic. A picture doesn’t mean anything but a connection.

        I would love to see where are the pictures with your women. Where is your perfect Facebook profile with 9s and 10s commenting all over it with your friends and followers. Lol, if only you could have a social circle you might be able to understand better social dynamics. But neither of you can do it, neither of you have a better profile than me, all of you are hiding and criticizing, and that’s a fact. I know you don’t have a social circle, neither of you get together with friends to chill the weekends. And if some of you do, it is only male friends, I can guarantee you that based on how you write and how you attack me, for nothing.

        My friends say I should stop talking to you. But I feel the need to prove you are unsocial and therefore unattractive for women, isolated from the world. Get a social circle and a normal life if you want to date hot women, stop isolating yourself. Every seducer who has a little bit of intelligence will agree with me, only emotional “adults” will disagree, without arguments.

      • Taekwondo medals???? That really does say it all

  14. First of all, I think than in every career/journey/discovery I find to have average of life-time span, before it’s become dully emerging pointless activities.. if you keep doing it for the sake of doing it.

    That lufe-time span is (give or take) about ~10 years(human age).

    In conclusion, we can still hoping Nick to continuing and doing in his field for another 1,2, or 3 year more. But after that, we shouldn’t expect any kind of groundbreaking material from Nick which he will provide.

    Let’s leave that to younger-gen of DayGamer(we talk about REGENERATION here). In their hand(young folkz), it will be happen the next kind a LEAP of change to this community, just like their predessesor did in their past time.

  15. Random question:

    Is it 100% impossible to witnessing Nick married* (again) in his 60’s – 70’s?

    *Terms & Conditions apply, for sure

  16. Very abstract thoughts.

  17. Fucking A – Nick’s description of this Peruvian guy are spot on.

    The very fact of the way his answers, his cringy lifting as some sign of reason for his bloated ego, also the Salsa lesson where the most awkward men have amassed. Some of the girls recoiled at some of the guys.

    His response and lack of awareness of himself just made it all worse.

    He is like a low-IQ talent-less performer at Birtian’s got Talent who gets rejected in seconds, booed off stage, but then reacts in defiant anger and finger-flipping, that he will show the world, show everyone how great he is. Walks off proud with his head erect…..

    In all cases regardless whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced Daygamer/Player – your comments make no sense unless you are a low-IQ, socially awkward, cringe-worthy poser. The very fact of getting laid would not even prove anything because that is dependent on the sexual microsystem, targets chosen, number of approaches etc.

    • My comment was that hot women are not just for sugar daddies, that hot women can fall in love with people who have less money than them. If you are so right explain why thinking like this is wrong and why even if that’s wrong, it would mean I have low Iq.

      You can’t.

      • Jesus h Christ! You are one ugly motherfucka! You also talk like an immigrant spick cabbage picker. Salsa, always flexing in photos etc….very fuckin sad indeed! Then you get your idiot mates to try and back you up here as well lol. What a Cockwomble! The simple facts are that Krauser is a proven, well respected PUA in the daygame scene and has been for years. You are not. Cunt.💩

      • Whatever your beef with the people on this forum, people are going to get annoyed when you start a flame war and write several times that Nick said hot women are just for sugar daddies and can never fall in love. He didn’t say that, and we have the article right in front of our eyes. Just chill out – your response is a perfect example of the pitfalls of emotional reactivity that the article was actually about. [Precisely! K.]

    • Hey Fellas, it’s Johnny Berba. I’ve been doing a lot of monologues in various parks around London lately looking homeless and ranting about my incurable phobias, insecurities, anxieties and porn addiction.

      I always mention that I do boxing so you think I’m tough, even though any pussy can sign up for boxing lessons. I always tell the ladies about my boxing too ;).

      My best youtube video to date shows me taking 15 consecutive blow-outs on the streets of London before finally getting a fake number from a grotty English whore to show my Maniacs the importance of persistence.

      If you like my content and respect my work and the man I’ve become through repetitive monologues to nowhere, sign up for my 6 weeks program and you’ll be guaranteed to not get laid and likeky suffer PTSD from being exposed to my life long trauma (Dad hit me and bumfucked me as a child). I’m running a special offer of £7,000 for a limited time only.

  18. holy shit.
    this berba guy looks firstly looks good temper,
    but there is no way he feeling this game good
    he i doing things so wrong for a quite big time ago…. and that’s just soo bad…. probably he knows that too. but he doing it anyway…


    these type of humans are so boring….they can’t see through on basics things…
    If Tom think it’s worth to sending his students for a cripple men for coaching, then he will do… If tom think it’s worth to hire some actresses, this type of guy will do it… actually he did in the past. If he think it’s worth to hire some gay guy, he does. [Being Tom’s main coach means something because Tom knows daygame and coaching, so the endorsement has value. That said, people should still judge Craig on the evidence because it’s easy to find. I haven’t met Craig but I’ve seen a couple of his videos and heard the “word on the street” on the Euro daygame grapevine. People whose opinions I respect have said he’s a good guy with decent skills. That is consistent with my read of him from afar. He’s also been very open in referencing his influences, including me. I have no problem with him at all. K.]

  20. Hey Krauser, I admire your work but your post, like all of your posts, stink of pessimism. MDDD is right, here is also my profile, watch we visited the same school so you dont deny evidence. And Im not hiding either bro! I also know he is cooler than you, hot women smell your pessimism and go away from you, get a social circle and listen to the people who know about this!
    [update – profile removed a year later at MDDD’s request] [Not a single hot girl on your visible profile, or any cool friends. You are not offering evidence. If all the “high value” photos are private, make them public or it doesn’t count as evidence. K.]

    • LOL. I don´t get hot women? Read comments and see likes. But listen, even if you saw me picking up a hot girl in front of your eyes you would put any excuse to deny it, because you transform reality into what you think it is. Sad for you, you will never learn because you know it all already! I´m out of here. [Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. K.]

  21. Honestly K. I saw your fb profile, and that is not good neither. You have only a couple pictures, and looks pretty agressive…Why?
    Maybe that’s your fake account. If you have a real one, can you show me? I’m curious, because maybe I can learn something, and maybe I can improve my FB profile. If you can, you can see my e-mail adress, and you can send, and I also appreciate.

    SBS: likes and comments doesn’t mean too much. I have several friends who are like hunters. They have 300-500 k likes on every single picture, because they have a really massive amount followers, because they worked on for a years. They simply share their stuff in meeting and liking groups. [MCS, honest question. Have you been tested for Aspergers? You seem fixated on pointless easily digested data points and totally oblivious to the rich detail of human understanding that comes from reading between the lines and using a theory of mind. For example, in this comment. You’d have seen my PUA FB profile which I barely use and have probably four photos on. Rather than infer “Nick doesn’t care about his PUA profile and probably just set it up one day and forgot about it” (which is pretty obvious) you instead concluded it’s a reasonably accurate portrayal of my life. And why would you have friends you have 300k likes on a picture? That’s seriously creepy. K.]

    • Nick! This low quality woman wants to tell you something, you are wrong! We dont want sugar daddies, we want to feel good with you always. You can go to MDDDs or SBSs profile and see me there, we are friends and we went to the same school. If I would be you I would be careful, SBS and MDDD are very strong and they know lots of people. If you want to pick up beautiful girls, you can meet us in Ibiza. In july MDDD,, SBS me and some other friends will be there. But with that negativity you project I see why you can´t get “hot women”, you have to change that!

      [update – Link to profile removed a year later at MDDD’s request] [You didn’t read a word I wrote did you? Why are you coming on here to write a script they gave you? Perhaps you should check out all the YouTube comments he posted where he defends an Indian fraudster called Deepak Wayne and attacks me for exposing the fraud. Your orbiter MDDD has been ankle-biting me for a few months now and I tolerate him here only because he offers an example to my readers of what not to be. K.]

    • No, I’m not tested for asperger, but checked, I don’t have that. This comment from you was really angry and agressive. And nothing wrong with my friends…Theyre cool guys, with cool pictures, they just attention whores… like you… you had in the past a really weird twitter account… that was really creepy… And you didn’t assume, english is not my first language, and I’m not a native speaker, so hard to express myself always correctly

      • Orbiter!! I can´t hold it, from now on you will be Krauser the clown. Good luck with your life, clown! [Devastating comeback. Have you been practising? K.]

      • Krauser, man, listen. You are a good guy, we like you, you are a hardworking english man, and that´s good. But if you keep saying shit like “The best-looking and best-groomed girls are often lifestyle whores, treating their beauty as a full-time job and expecting a salary paid by the sugar daddy in return”, you are going to get loots of enemies. Vaj just laughed at this sentence, and neither MDDD nor me kept reading your article after those words. He says you are right about Deepak, he is weird but he approaches like 30 women daily since years ago and his women are legit, but none of us really know it (I dont even know who he is but MDDD is always right). Vaj thinks she is fat, can you believe it? So she says she is not “that” hot lol. Nevermind, I hope we have helped you guys in some way. To fucking stop isolating yourself!!! MDDD was shy in school but people have always respected him, he fought for the education he has. You have to do the same, just daytimegame and have friends, enjoy life, the rest will come. We are really busy and we are sure you too, we hope this advice helps in your dating journey for you and for your readers. [Try-hard. K.]

  22. do you mean me and my friends are weirdo?

    than what’s that?

    faggot [I think the mask just slipped. K.]

    • yeah. The mask slipped from you.
      you did not look to the mirror a long time ago.

      I was a fan. but not anymore. [There’s your first problem – being a fan of any man is kryptonite for attracting women. That’s why I never ever refer to me readers as “fans”. If you come across a dating coach trying to create a guru-acolyte or star-fan relationship with you, run a mile. He’s a fraudster. K.]

      • this is not true
        you’re a fan-or follower of Trump.
        you refer your followers ” Krauser maniacs or something” in the past…

        so it’s not true, and nothing wrong with it.

        in my mind only a faggot start to insult somebody else…especially if the guy is his follower…
        and then calling his friends a creep while you’re 1000x times bigger shithole on that thing,
        that’s not nice

        after this saying something mask slipped thing, is really weak… [This is why I asked if you have Aspergers. You take everything literally and can’t tell when someone is being facetious. You also kick off extremely reactive at the slightest prod, and just launched into a tirade against Craig Cassidy earlier while choosing to play victim now. It’s really not how normal people act, language barrier or not. K.]

      • ohh, you’re really facetious… I can’t hold my laugh.
        okay,you’re a normal people, and also super smart too.

        go, and throw some shit to the twitter wall, and insult some dudes

  23. I apologize.
    They don’t have 500k. I mean 5 thousand or something like that.

    But even if they had… or face pictures agressive anyway.

  24. ohh, I understand everything yet.
    Krauser, you’ve got angry, and defending-attacking to me, because I asked, why do you have only 4 pictures on FB?
    after that, I said do you have a better account?
    Because you can critique really hardly average and above average profiles…
    I said I see, this is a not usable account (I said fake, but I mean not usable)

    and did you got angry. start to saying asperger, your friend are creepy and things like that…
    the thing is, it doesn’t matter if you use that face or not… you upload 4 picture, 1 of them agressive, and 2 of them are totally chode.
    I say it again, it doesn’t matter, if you use the profile or not… and do not mix here Cassidy… that s a different topic.
    Maybe you’re fruastrated… I don’t know… but you attacked me, while I asked a simple quiestion

    • do you have a better account with cool dudes and super hot women or do you have only that chode facebook?
      because you can critique really hardly above average facebooks. [Just go away, weirdo. K.]

  25. That girl is a 6 without makeup, and a high 6 bordering on a 7 with.

  26. Every time Nick post something, after long period of hiatus.. the comments start going viral, and the retards coming all in.

  27. It seems Justin has struck back against Deepak. I’ve viewed material from pretty much everyone in the community aside from Justin Wayne and people associated with him. All this bullshit makes me even more repulsed. I know a couple people who’ve learned from them and do decently, but goddamn.

  28. Why has this comments section turned into a lunatic asylum? Krauser you’re Batman. The very fact that you exist is attracting the loons to Gotham.

  29. Man, these “Krauser show your prooves” guys are a riot.

  30. If you don’t believe following something or somebody, why do you create content for them?

    In my mind this is how it works: somebody create content for a long period of time and then he get followers./fans. [It’s quite possible to read and learn from someone without being their fan. K.]

    • not really… if somebody enjoy your content, especially buy your memoires he is most likely a fan.

      If an average math teacher write a memoir, nobody is gonna buy it… because nobody like the guy 🙂

  31. Full of pakis, spicks and ugly Peruvian donkey fuckers with tiny penises here!….They flock here like flies to shit nick! Hilarious that the paki that is Deepak Wayne is now claiming Justin Wayne is a fraud 😂😂😂. Couldn’t make it up! Obviously Justin didn’t like his curry! Anyways always enjoy your blogs son👍👍👍….despite all the window lickers/knicker sniffers retarded comments 👞😫

  32. Being a fan of someone is the same as being jealous of some guy. You are telling a girl that he has higher social status. Am I right, Nick? [That sort of thing. Don’t willingly put yourself beneath another man. K.]

  33. Nick how much your annual income, from selling the products (book/video) alone?
    Is it very different from when you in corporate world back in the day?

  34. I’m checking this Asperger thing… If I have Aspergers, then what K.? Is that a problem?

  35. It’s quite hars calling somebody aspergers, and things like that, especially if you are not on the top…

    12:53 …it’s quite interesting… and the whole interaction feeling like… [This blog is not a public forum, it’s my house. He came onto my porch and started acting like a prick. What’s he expect? Same goes for anyone else including you. K.]

  36. Okay boss.
    I just want to tell you you looked like a full chode in the past, on that video but for now you look better, mate 🙂

  37. oh sorry, I’m disconnected..

    So you look much better on that Daygame Outlaw Daygame montage.

    Anyway, do you guys know what’s the funniest part of this pua industry?
    average pranksters, like angrypicnic + thatwasepic produces more infield footage than this whole industry 😀 including RSD and all of those clowns 😀

  38. I’m just reading Daygame Mastery at the moment.

    And I wonder what was your goal with this mythology thing. I mean do you want to write a book for yourself and a couple of your experienced friends who London based, or do you want to write a book to a couple thousand regular readers who want to game local girls?

    There is only 1 or 2 place, where you can find that mixed nationality. I think that’s London and New York… but there are 120 country with big cities as well.

    There is nothing wrong with the content, actually it’s really good, just the aim is strange.

    • Thanks for these wise words James. You sound like The True Pussy Slayer.

      I have a program to sell you and an excellent price.

      • Not really, Daygame Mastery is one of the best material what I’ve ever read.
        At the moment I’ve only read it halfway, but after that I can read a review about it…
        As I said, the weakest part of me from the book is the cold read / mithology thing.

        There is no reason why should somebody go to another country to fuck some girls…I just don’t get it. Again, except british guys, where the local girls are ugly

        But I get your point, Berba… Yeah, I’m not a pussy slayer, maybe I’m wrong. It’s a possible thing. So what do you think about the topics, and what I wrote above, Krauser?

  39. Hi Nick. Thanks for the great article. Something seems doesn’t add up though:
    “This is because reactive behaviour is a sign of an atrophied amygdala and poor threat detection, and thus poor reproductive fitnes’.

    From your explanations we can conclude that atrophied amygdala is a sign of abundance, therefore a sign of great reproductive fitness. There is something wrong in this conclusion. [Resource abundance, not PUA abundance. K.]

    • Hi Nick, thanks you for your answer.

      Still, I think resource abondance is a sign of reproductive fitness.

      If we start from the hypothesis that women are attracted by cues of reproductive fitness, if we then admit the hypothesis that atrophied amygdale is a sign of resources abundance, and finally if we assume resource abundance is a sign of reproductive fitness, then there is no reason women should not be attracted by signs of atrophied amygdala.

  40. Okay, I’m gonna talk for myself 😀

    I feel another inappropriate point in your stacking stage, when you teaching it.

    This is, when you say teasing + 3 things about the girl. I feel it it really incongruent and I feel its really hard to implement. And for totally no reason… I can understand its working for you, but I think there are much more easier way (I think every london daygamers way is easier than yours) ANd for no reason this complexity.

    two example:

    -you look dreamy, it looks like you meditated throughout the day. Or do you smoking just weed?

    -you look dreamy, it’s your (and now start thinking about 3 things about her) it’s your cotton coat, western shoes and crazy wide eyes.

    Which one is easier? If you standing in front of the girl, and you’re a bit anxious,..
    I tryed and the first one is 1000% easier than the second. If I standing in front of the girl, I have no time, clue / whatsoever thinking about 3 shit, and it was fully incongruent. If it working for you, that’s fine, but no reason for this complexity, especially if you’re an intermediate level. (I do daygame in the past, from another material)

  41. Pingback: Krauser Goes On The Warpath -

  42. OH SHIT MAN!!!
    Look! Even Nick got featured on AnonConservative blog: (while maybe he is in Russian Jail now, who knows?)

  43. oh dear the comments section really has gone down the Kazi. Idea: why not constructively discuss Game so we can all improve our results. Win/Win?

    good piece K..boils down to 2 points: 1) you got shaken down in former USSR, think it comes with the territory, back in England you get financially shaken down in more subtle ways e.g. property prices fuelled by debt/speculation/foreign dodgy money means you pa 25k+ for a shit hole in central London. pick your poison. You did the right thing by being logical and paying up and moving on.

    2) the point about girls being K selected is a huge issue in daygame (anywhere in the world). once you start offering girls casual sex and arguably daytime naturally does this with cold street approaches, the failure rate rockets. you’ll number close with genuine interest but as the attraction fizzles away and she considers whats actually on the table you get a flake. I don’t have a full solution to this issue but perhaps have a partial one. you pointed out that former FSU girls are usually K selected which id agree with. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are gold diggers, it usually means they want to get married and have a traditional family with children, with one wanting a sponsor/sugar daddy (you are right a certain subset do want this in EE / Russia). why not change the destination of jaunts to one in which girls are heavily R selected instead? The obvious contender is Scandinavia where a short no strings sexual relationship are the norm. I haven’t been there myself but have had some success with Swedes in London. The pickup movement and manosphere movements have keyed into EE and FSU as well as perhaps Latin America as they are cheap places to live etc and offer an attractive lifestyle angle, however for pure pickup where you want quick multiple lays there may be better places to forage (albeit at a greater cost).

  44. Post something already, K. How’s volume 3 anyway

  45. Zatara:

    Nick mentioned in deplorable cad that he went to Oslo for daygame – he didn’t recommend it.

    Also, I think the longer you “do” daygame, the more you start to focus on quality over quick bangs so that’s really where the FSU holds its appeal.

  46. Where are you Nik? Miss your writing brother.

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