Another Potemkin Club

January 19, 2017

[I’ve already told this story but I decided to rewrite it in the context of a similar fake club experience in Thailand]

It’s late spring 2016 and I’m a little bored after a week in Warsaw. My good friend El Commandante messages me on WhatsApp, “let’s do a trip Big Bro”. I’m not really in the mood for more travel but he talks enthusiastically about Odessa, Ukraine.

“I’ve heard it’s good, bro. There’s a big nightclub complex on the beach called Arcadia”

I’d quite liked Kiev so I wondered if the coastal old resort town of Odessa might be a hidden gem. I only knew one daygamer who’d ever been and he’d given an inconclusive report. There were short direct flights out of Warsaw airport so I allowed my arm to be twisted. It would be the first new city I’d explore that year.
Coming out of the ramshackle airport I find the shuttle bus station and it’s literally – I shit you not – a corrugated iron shed. There’s one bus every half hour and it’s a battered old mini-bus. That bus ride through the outskirts of Odessa made me appreciate just how poor and backward much of Ukraine is. No wonder the Russians look down on them.

Only Moldova is worse

Only Moldova is worse

That’s not to say they are bad people. I’ve met a lot of Ukrainians I like. But fucking hell, it was barely a step up from Africa. As soon as I dumped my bag at a swanky Old Town hotel it started to rain. That rain only stopped for brief intervals over the next five days. Fuck.

It was Friday so El Commandante and I took a walk around the main tourist street. It was deadsville. All the foot traffic was families on holiday or unattractive locals. I saw literally one set in two hours. Kiev this wasn’t.

“Let’s get a taxi to the club, bro” said my friend.

It was quite a hike to Arcadia but as we rolled in around midnight it was pretty clear that every attractive girl in town was there. Strolling down the central plaza we passed small mixed groups sitting on benches eating ice cream and gaggles of high-heeled girls stumbling towards the nightclubs at the far end. We tried some club whose name I forget. It was pleasant. The rain had stopped so dozens of people lounged around tables in the open air and what looked like a hen party danced to cheesy music. There were a few hot girls but it was somewhat underwhelming given Odessa’s reputation.

“Let’s try next door” I offered. We walked into Ibiza club.

Nighttime is same girls in better clothes

Nighttime is same girls in better clothes

“Fucking hell!” we both shouted. “This is pussy paradise!”

I have never – before or since – seen so many beautiful women in one place. The club had space for several hundred patrons and it was full. I quickly did a count of all the eights and stopped after five minutes when I reached 25. There were actually enough nines to make it worth counting. It’s no joke to say it was like the Victoria Secrets catwalk was a nightclub. Absolute stunners in abundance, all dolled up to the max.

“I don’t think I’ll ever leave this place” I said. And yet I’ve never been back. Why?

El Commandante and I started opening. The girls were friendly but we just couldn’t get any compliance. Laughs and chat were easy but trying to bounce them anywhere was impossible. They just stood in the same spot forever. After eight or nine sets I ran out of steam, sensing the futility. We posted up at a bar towards the beach which offered good sight lines of the outdoor dance floor and it’s surrounding areas. We watched.

“At least a third of these girls came in with their boyfriends” I noticed. The couples and groups were having great fun but completely insular, just sequestering themselves away from the crowd on pool chairs. All the other girls were in groups of three or more.

“Have you seen a single girl move from her spot?” I asked my Turkish friend. “It’s like they are mannequins in a shop window.”

Shortly after 1am the PUAs came in. There were five of them and each seemed aware of the other’s presence without actually being friends. We then watched as each of the five opened literally every girl in the nightclub who wasn’t with a boyfriend. Literally every girl had her turn with each PUA. There were also a few non-community guys trying to get laid. One Turk caught my eye because he looked like Dwayne Johnson. Big, jacked, handsome, and very well dressed he’d dance near girls and start trying to get their attention. After a few minutes he’d say a few words.

There was a quartet of foreign guys wearing t-shirts of the same surf shop who I assume live there as instructors. One was pretty cool, looking like James Franco in Pineapple Express and with a good outgoing vibe. He clearly led his gang, who deferred to him. I first picked them out when I saw them on the edge of the dance floor talking to two low-eights. My head also turned when a huge American guy ordered a drink next to me. Imagine Zach Galfianakas from The Hangover but jacked like He-Man and very good looking – pretty close to a male ten and with physical presence.

Add many points

Add many points

For the next five hours, until sun-up and closing time, I watched these men try to get laid. This is what I saw.

  • None of the five PUAs got anything. Nothing at all. They never once kissed a girl or even moved her from one part of the club to another. Zero compliance.
  • The Rock didn’t get a thing. He ended the night propped against the bar with a whiskey in his hand and a defeated look in his eyes, as if he couldn’t believe a man of his value could work so hard and get so little. The next night when I returned to Ibiza he’d bought a VIP table and bottle service, looking glassy eyed as an obvious hooker kept him company.
  • The surfers spent literally all night working the same two set and then around 4am the girls waved goodbye and went home alone. The surfers spent the next hour muttering darkly amongst themselves.
  • A drunk unattractive blonde – quite possibly the ugliest girl in the nightclub – threw herself at Zach so he made out with her and then took her home. She was four points below him.
  • El Commandante and myself got nothing either.
Insufficient value to get it for free

Insufficient value to get it for free

A couple of months later I received a message from my enthusiastic Danish friend who looks like Jason Statham. “I’m in Odessa. Arcadia is pussy paradise!” he enthused.

“Watch carefully and tell me if anyone pulls in that club” I replied.

Four hours later he messaged. “Nothing. Nobody is getting laid here.”

On my last day in rain-soaked Odessa the sun had poked through the clouds and I had a mid-afternoon date with a Ukrainian girl I’d met in Warsaw the week before who’d coincidentally been planning an Odessa trip to see family. We spent a few hours drinking coffee and walking around but it wasn’t going anywhere. I inquired into the dating culture there.

“I don’t like it” she said. “Warsaw is more real. In Odessa there are lots of girls who’s job is to be a girlfriend. They don’t work. They spend all day in the gym or the salon or clothes shopping. Then they go to the club and advertise. They all compete to date the man with the most expensive car.”

Female rivalry aside, this smacked of truth. Ibiza nightclub isn’t real. Girls don’t go there to dance, have fun, and maybe hook up. It’s a shop window for tarts to find sugar daddies. Such a shame because the quality is phenomenal.


  1. Sounds dope.

    And remarkably efficient and disciplined as far as the girls are concerned – like a live version of

    I cannot say that it is bad if you are a rich local and are looking for a sugarpussy, but of course anyone seeking real sex is wasting his time there.

    Some clubs have an even worse thing going on – they hire 5-10 hotties who are getting paid for just being in the club. It is theoretically possible to game them, but the chances are slim as well since the girls have no intention of being in the club for fun.

    Getting sex in clubs is an ever worse experience for men at least.

    • Not when you run the real game, you don’t need to look like White Movie STAR

  2. A side effect from running game and engaging with lots of women from all over the world is you observe anthropological curiosities such as this one which others aren’t able see. It can be quite a dark and lonely place as you become somewhat disconnected with normal ‘civilians’ who live in their own little bubbles of reality. You also see what a sick world this is in many respects.

    On the above comment there is a similar thing albeit in a softer form going on in nightclubs generally where they give free entry / drinks to girls (then filter them for looks at the door) in order to create a Potemkin club. This is part of the issue with bars and nightclubs, guys may assume that women are there for the same reasons that they are (to meet the opposite sex) but this often isn’t the case. Instead they are there for freebies, attention or just out of a lack of imagination (as today going to a bar/nightclub is a default option after 9pm – partly as everything else closes and there are no other forms of entertainment). Personally I like to spend my twilight hours drinking my cocoa & reading Krausers back posts from 2013.

  3. Lol Krauser you are so lame, I just posted on top of your other post, look at my stats:

    I have been there and Kiev ā€“ I stayed 16 days in Odessa and I put my dirty brown immigrant dick in 8 white women (no paying LOL)

    In Kiev I stayed 60 days and fucked 30 women, in Poland 90 days and 45 women – do you want more prooves?

    HERE IS MY CHALLENGE, FINAL TIME : I have m0re proove videos from Berlin, many white women under 180 lbs ā€“ come and watch them at my bedsit in outer Berlin and we will see who is master.

    • Please stop confusing peoples. My layclunts are real. Anyone with real game knows this. Not Krasers cause he fucks thai whores. 30 hot young white women (5 teenage virgins lol) in 60 days from daygame approaches is completely realistic. Just look at the comments on youtubes channel. All of the curries believe me and praise me for my work while mocking Krusters lol. Of course of the 30 HOT WHITE WOMEN most had to be same day lays otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

      With ULTIMATE seduction SDLs are commonplace. When you run the real game running your FAT cock into that virgin pussy is laughably easy.

      I can teach you DEEPAK game in my 60 weeks immersive program where I guarantee 37 lays or your money back. Just like Steve Jabba. Sign up know my friend for a discounted price just for you of $67,000. Thats only 5 lattes per day for 200 years.

  4. A pretty accurate description of Odessa. I would recommend nobody go there unless they are keen on 1000 uah whores that have been fucked by half of Istanbul.

    It’s the hardest city in Ukraine to get any non P4P action, as you say the locals chicks make a living in summer by scamming Westerners and fucking Turks for gifts.

    If you do go there, you need to concentrate solely on non Odessa girls.

    Likewise if you meet an Odessa girl elsewhere in Ukraine run a mile

  5. I don’t think it’s any surprise really.

    People can balk and complain about gold digging and sugar daddies. But the fact it, (I dare say it) every woman with some value will try to barter as much resources from a guy that she can. Might seem superficial, but it’s Biology. So it’s no surprise to me that the less attractive ones will say that “It isn’t about the money”. It’s more to preserve their ego than actual fact.

    I’m almost at a point now where male-female relationships is nothing more than biological prostitution. The hotter the girl is, the more apparent and obvious this seems to be.

  6. I think a lot of guys are coming around to the notion that our personal sexual strategies are going to change over time.

    There has been the beginnings of understanding the variety of female sexual strategies, although I think for the most part it’s been high contrast cartoonish alpha-fucks/beta bucks R and K menstrual cycle black and white shit.

    This post has some nuance, and points out what a lot of us already know, at an instinctive level. And what Onder pointed out. Women know what they have, and trade what they have for something of value.

    As men, what we have that is value will change according to our age and life circumstances.

    Knowing that different women trade different things, for different things, how can we men plan to get what we want?

    We’ll need changing strategies. I can’t help but conclude that to maximize access to hot women, a LOT of money is required, at the very least in the long term.

    I wonder if I, as a short and relatively unnatractive 50 year old guy who does not speak Russian would have any chance at all of eventually building up a harem of hotties using that club as a base, if I were multi-millionaire?

    If not that place, where should I go to do so?

    I’m not rich yet, but I’m going to have to be, if I want hotties.

    Sooner or later we all have to be rich as fuck, because what else will we have to offer the hottest?

  7. Hi, I am in Bangkok and I was last night at Mixx Club.
    The place it is full of 8 ans 9 hookers mostly Thay but also Colombians and American and Chinese and European tourists.
    I had fun, I think I found the only 25 YEARS OLD VERGIN in Thailand,from a good family, lawyer, very buddhist not even wanted a drink from me.
    I’ll be working on her next days !!!

  8. Odessa in the summer is where I’ve seen the most beautiful girls in the world, per square meter, not only in the clubs but also walking around in the center (all the beautiful girls from the rest of Ukraine go there a week or two in the summer, with their boyfriends usually).
    However, girls from Odessa are completely insane when it comes to men. It’s not only a sugar daddy strategy, it’s real weirdness. I think they like to hurt guys deeply, give them a good taste of pussy and disappear. I will never go back there…
    Anywhere else in Ukraine is better.

    I banged a few cute Odessa girls in Kyiv though. They adapted to a different environment, I guess.

  9. Well, its simple: when one walks into a Bentley showroom with intention to test-drive, he needs to look convincing. Same with those girls: they are class and they expect class, kind of Daniel Craig thing. That’s why they give a blank stare to pickup bros: not in that league.

  10. I rarely read such long articles that someone sends me on WhatsApp. But since that someone was a guy I look up to and article was about Odessa, I did. My opinion: it’s hard for foreign guys because they are an obvious target for milking and because they themselves go for these girls with the the shortest skirt. If they would not be blinded by the 10’s and spot some 8’s, it would be a different ending. That said, expensive/popular club’s in most parts of the world aren’t sources of real love or great sex with a hot stranger, that’s Hollywood. If guys were smart, they’d put in some effort and talk to the girl in the supermarket or coffee shop and arrange a nice dinner date for next day. But no, they really think they just walk into an eastern european nightclub with the most obvious “I am a western guy so you have to fuck me” face and think the prettiest girls will treat them like a God’s gift. Not really. The prettiest girls hardly ever do that – more often than not because they already have a boyfriend or because they are single because they don’t fuck any dude that comes along. But I agree with you that there is a lot of fake barbies who work for either the club, recruitment agencies or themselves. But I think the dude who wrote this hasn’t been to Kiev’s equally fake clubs as Odessa, in my opinion, is far more friendlier and beautiful place than the brick-dungeon Kive ever will be šŸ™‚

  11. Pingback: Odessa gave me my first daygame Same Day Lay (1/2) – Vic Vega PUA

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