Why Do Women Hate Game?

January 18, 2017

Jimmy Jambone recently put a post on his blog [1] about why women hate the very idea of Game. It’s an interesting post in his own rambling secretly-DHVing way and focuses mostly on the idea of control. Women don’t like the idea that men can reclaim some control over their dating lives by using Game.

As Heartiste once wrote, “the goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality”. It’s much the same as Rollo [2] writing that for the feminine imperative to succeed, the masculine imperative must be frustrated. One wag – I forget who – suggested the Western world is what happens when the feminine imperative runs amok and the Arab world is the converse, of the male imperative running amok.

Not for the first time, I think Jimmy is wrong [3]

Jimmy's bird gets angry

Jimmy’s bird gets angry

The deep-seated visceral fear women have of Game is that it makes them unsure of their ability to discern value. And make no mistake their hatred of Game is borne of fear. Allow me to explain.

In biology, we learn that animals throw out signals of their mate value. Because all is fair in love and war, animals have evolved to exaggerate their mate value by throwing out fake signals. An arms race developed where animals compete to develop sneakier fake signals while learning to see through the fake signals of others. It’s a war of deception.

Women have been faking signals for centuries, such as rouge on their cheeks, corsets, push up bras and high heels. In modern times they’ve gotten fake tits. What all these signals have in common is they are not part of the DNA package being passed on through mating. They are not part of the core SMV proposition [4]. We all know that sinking feeling of meeting a pretty girl in a nightclub, taking her home, and then seeing what she really looks like in the morning [5]. The girl successfully faked signals of her SMV to get her victory.

Women know full well men will also fake signals, whether it’s puffing out their chest and sucking in their stomachs, or fronting about a lifestyle they don’t really lead. For most of the time in the male-female arms race there is detente. It’s the same old tricks and each side knows the other’s capability. Game changes it all. It’s a Trump-esque upending of the established order.

Higher value

Higher value

Game, at it’s heart, is about emulating the signalling of high SMV men. Sure, do it enough and you’ll eventually become higher value. Nonetheless, for as long as you’re doing game, you are throwing off fake signals [6]. Girls are hard-wired to sniff out the difference between real and fake signalling (PUAs call that “congruence”) and to probe for key information in reaching such a determination (PUAs call that “shit testing”).

The fact it’s hard-wired is the problem. It means they are great at doing it against untrained men. However, it’s like one side of the arms race standing still while the other speeds off with higher technology. Game is that technology.

Girls fear Game because it shakes their confidence in their ability to weed out low value men. They fear getting knocked up by fakers.

[1] Yes, he actually has a blog. It surprised me too.
[2] Now that I’m booted off Twitter I couldn’t thank you personally for that Deep Conversion post a month ago referencing me. Thanks!
[3] It’s more accurate to say he doesn’t give sufficient weight to another aspect of the case, but that way of writing is less likely to trigger him.
[4] Not that I dislike fake tits or heels, mind.
[5] I’ve never been to bed with an ugly woman, but I’ve woken up with quite a few
[6] Feel free to discuss the issue of to what degree the signals themselves constitute value to the woman, such as how there isn’t much difference between “signalling” charisma and “real” charisma itself


  1. Some women hate game, because it makes guys better. Game and self-development are real training, real results, real improvements and wealth (ideally!).

    Ironic, as women use make-up, outfits and other tricks to make them appear falsely better than they actually are. Take off the make-up and red dress, we may find she may be sleeping on a mattress on the floor in her friend’s flat, with nothing going for her beside her looks. Surely she should want to land a great guy, who has game and a bit of wealth?

  2. Re the evolutionary war of deception, it is hilarious what has come up. Look at the spiral duck penis (and vagina), or the barbed dog/fox penis to prevent other males getting in there when they do win.

  3. I don’t think women know “game”…even though they are the masters of it just by intuition. See how they get so many “orbiters” to chase them by offering the vague promise of attention or sex.

    They hate the idea that some guy would be able to short-circuit their hard-wired sense of superiority by making them chase him. The old “hate the player not the game retort to “You’re a player aren’t you?” taps into that.
    As part of my game repertoire, I ask a girl: “According to evolutionary psychology do you know what the 3 characteristics of female/male attraction are?” They usually say: looks, humour, tall, rich….but when you explain to them: leader of men, protector of women and children—they sort of get it….and the third: “pre-selected by other women…” that gets their attention.
    Game in some ways appeals to their competitive instincts…they have to at least TRY to win or appear superior in a bid to demonstrate that they’ve submitted.

    • When it comes to mating, yes it’s about survival and replication but in genetic terms its about health indicators which can be detected though your looks. Sorry to say, but when you don’t get green light in terms of looks and don’t have at least “normal behavior” (general social skills + congruence), you can be as much “leader of men” or a “protector of the loved ones” as you want but nothing will happen. And much of these traits are communicated through looks (this is what Evolutionary Psychology says. Mystery’s S&R-theory just got it wrong that you could simply fake these genetic markers though acting-as-if. It’s not really about social skills). Otherwise guys would have skyrocket by using PUA methods, no matter how they look – but they don’t. It’s the other way around: People, especially women, often think it’s personality which attracts them to a mate, but studies found it’s not. In most cases it’s looks. More about the topic: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dating-and-mating/201701/attractiveness-is-more-and-less-important-you-think

      By the way, chimps or bonobos, our closes animals, don’t really have courtship phase like other mammals.

      • I completely agree with what Alexander B just said.

        Though there are other factors that make up the SMV, Looks are the number 1 and most important aspect especially for the normal guy, of which isn’t earning more than £70k a year and doesn’t have high status in society.

        The quality of the girl will depend on her options. In London, if you as a guy are a 7 in looks, you are probably going to hopefully get something of equal value,
        though if you travel to eastern europe, the number is possibly nudged up a bit, due to foreign status, money, etc.

        This is not concrete and there are always inefficiencies in the sexual market place.

        And having game, charisma, verbal wit, great behaviour and charm will help to close the deal, however it won’t work miracles on the girls quality that you will be pulling if you don’t meet a certain standard that applies to that specific girl in her own situation.

      • Western women aren’t a portrayal of women as a whole.

      • @ Jason Spartan. I think that’s a popular misconception and projection on our part as men. I’ve slept with and dated a number of 8’s and I don’t think they were into me because of the things you listed i.e, foreign status, looks, money etc.

        These girls just want a man who is at ease with himself (confident) and knows how to handle a high value woman without getting frustrated or impatient.

        I daygame in London and the local girls who give me the best reactions are the 8’s and 9’s. Sure I don’t get them every time but if I put the work in occasionally I can see it happening.

  4. I think feminine women like to chase. It’s a little game to them (women and children love silly games), and it’s fun for both parties. Modern woman, who is pampered beyond belief, is brought up believing she doesn’t have to chase. She gets lazy, and begins to think it’s beneath her to put forth any effort. You mean you don’t worship princess??? Game means she has to exert effort. She can’t just sit back and take. Women who understand back-and-forth love game. Users and gold diggers don’t. I always figured a woman who was unresponsive to game was a woman looking for a free ride. It’s not personal, just business, and she has no time for silly games.

    • Good comments, man.

      >> She gets lazy, and begins to think it’s beneath her to put forth any effort. You mean you don’t worship princess??? Game means she has to exert effort. She can’t just sit back and take.

      Jimmy’s article says something like that. Or maybe that unfeminine women don’t have to work… but then they won’t be chosen by high value men.

  5. So why do women only hate the idea of active verbal game, while like passive game like a pencil necked toothpick getting jacked and dressing well? The hypothetical dude “faked” his shit genetic DNA package by packing on more quality muscle on his slight ectomorphic frame than 97% of other males, probably through steroids, but as well all know girls don’t give a fuck and still get wet.

    • Because it’s not really about verbals. Attraction is about nonverbals and looks. And muscles are a real thing, it doesn’t matter if natural or through steroids. But in some studies they found that women can detect asymmetrical muscles. So even you’re jacked, when your muscles look unnatural (aka you are being “too much” in relation to your genetically given body frame, which can never happen when you train without roids), attraction goes down. Clothes isn’t fake either. You wear them or not. ^^

  6. I’m really sorry to go off topic but I’ve just watched a video of eren from the four week natural talk about daygame and I think I’m done with this community. How the fuck is he a coach teaching men how to pull women. Hasn’t got a fucking clue what he’s talking about. No wonder pickup is ridiculed.
    If you bring back those posts taking the piss out of charlatans eren should appear. [Who is this Eren character? K.]

  7. Krauser are you going to post your 2016 stats, is the average age of woman going up ?
    I am 44, daygaming only 1 year and have 700 approaches, 4 lays but they are all 27 to 35 years old. Fuck I hope I can get younger women, between 20 and 25, or am I too old. [I’m not planning a stats post. I got 21 lays. Right up until lay 14 I was averaging 21 years old then I blew the average by letting a few older birds slip in. I don’t know to what extent my better game is offsetting my advancing age, or if it’s simply not a big deal. K.]

  8. Who is this eren character?
    A kid who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Literally clueless [I had a quick skip through a couple of videos and he seemed okay, if a bit heavy on the marketing spiel, when being interviewed. Didn’t see a proper infield. Does anyone in London know him? Has he posted any good infields or proof of results? Looking at his face, style, body language and vocal style in his latest video he doesn’t strike me as a freak. Mind you, I didn’t watch much. K.]

    • Yes i’ve known him personally, his friend used to be my client,

      He was an arrogant prick that has a massive ego, and was a skinny little shit growing up

      but he made a great change in his appearance, including his hair, skin, and especially body, and dressing much better.

      his behaviour has improved tons, and he comes off as less insecure and more likable now as a character.

      that said, his game. you need to see it for yourself krauser.

      He does get laid though ******

  9. Game is fightback? I wonder what kind of guy is a bossy promiscuous 35+ career girl going to get? She won’t get a quality guy – he wouldn’t put up with her BS, or being guy no.57 she has slept with. When she finally wakes up from her women’s lib induced euphoria (probably when 96% of her looks and fertility has been washed down the toilet), she’ll have left it too late. She’ll end up a spinster, or married to a low-value fat guy, or a beta who’ll put up with her shit, and then they won’t be having sex, so she will divorce him at 45 as she’d rather be a mistress of a great guy than married to a beta

    In the 1950s, guys needed to make a great choice, and girls all wanted to land a great guy, a guy who must also be a good breadwinner. Since the 1980s, the women have had their own income, meaning no breadwinner required. And the welfare state supporting all single parent mums means she now only strictly needs the guy for his seed.

    Take away the welfare state, and women might not be so promiscuous and actually look to land a great guy for the long term.

    When we look at research on what is the best parenting format for children, it is still the regular mother & father, together. Single-parented children grow up with problems. Women’s lib has created a lot of broken single-parent families. Pat yourself on the back Germaine Greer! Maybe you should give all your money to support these single-parent families you ave helped form?

  10. Not a freak nick, that wasn’t my point. If you’ve got 10 free mins watch the latest vid where he’s talking about indirect game being best for daygame (eg asking for directions and then admitting you like her and used that as an excuse to talk. Then just inviting her out). He basically contradicts himself massively and says being direct is irresponsible and some other shit.
    An infield from start to finish you’re unlikely to find. Do I think he’s got laid from pickup with yes girls?
    Sure I do, he dresses okay and is young but imo doesn’t get daygame on any level.

    • Where are YOUR proove videos?

      • You don’t have the right informations and advices about the daygame. You need to stop woman, tell her about your imaginary friend Masha in Ukraine, ask her if she knows your name, when she forgets tease her (hehe), then tell her artistic vibes. After this real game the panties are wet. Take her home for bedroom escalations but be careful not to get drugged lol. Always happens to me for some reasons.


      • WeekPak Dayne,

        I agree, Krauser he write good but never offer any prooves and always chickens out when sarge time come.

        I just saw Kraussers latest post about Odessa, LOL I have been there and Kiev – I stayed 16 days in Odessa and I put my dirty brown immigrant dick in 32 white women (no paying LOL)

        HERE IS MY CHALLENGE, FINAL TIME : I have m0re proove videos from Berlin, many white women under 180 lbs – come and watch them at my bedsit in outer Berlin and we will see who is master.

  11. Spot on as always Krauser. Women want a natural who “just gets it”.

    • I’m not saying you’re wrong… but I hate that kind of advice. That was not the kind of comment that helped me figure this out. It’s right up there with “just be yourself.” The players journey, for most of us, is about figuring it out… not “be a natural” (which is someone that figured it out earlier than the rest of us).

      • You can become a natural at any age, if you define a natural as a guy with charisma, be it learned or not. I see it like this: she has a SMV value to others, me, and herself. And I have that too. I try to raise SMV thru health, money, looks, having a passion I’m pursuing (my mission) and game. Game is a value delivery mechanism that raises your SMV if you use it in a great way. Game can be anything that works at comunicating your Passive value and your “get it” level (call it frame and experience) at the same time. Good game protects your passive SMV value and great game does that at the same time its raising your SMV because you have more experience (and thus Higher “get it level”). Yours and hers personality is also a big factor. I remember reading about K screening for introversion on his daygame mastery book.

  12. Loll Krauser fuck off with your boring posts, where are your proove videos?

    Nobody cares about this. Put up infields that show you don’t just catch the 6’s

  13. Loll Krauser fuck off with your boring posts, where are your proove videos?

    Nobody cares about this. Put up infields that show you don’t just catch the 6’s

  14. It’s why women are always advising men to “Just be yourself!” They want the guys who are already cool/attractive to stay that way, and they want to be able to easily identify (& reject) the guys who aren’t.

    • Absolutely right. Same goes for women always demanding “honesty”, although they are clearly the ones playing games, lying and faking (even their body) as a weapon to gain more power.

  15. Interesting ideas. I thought women fear Game because it brings things back to the biological reality- there are inherent “triggers” (couldn’t think of a better word) that show the male/female “equality” idea baseless. If females have certain reactions based on particular male behaviors in order to procreate, then they aren’t in control of their destiny and have been fed a false narrative in the last 40 or so years. They can’t allow that to process. That was my take on it, but I’m interested in the discussion.

    • Some radical feminists might be against game advice because they don’t like flirting in general and see the whole mating process as part of “rape culture” and dominance of heterosexual males. But thatt’s a small minority. Most women I talk to weren’t against the idea of men getting better in dating as long as they don’t have to fear there are men running around trying to project fake traits. This is why congruence is so important. A more common known word for congruence is authenticity.

      It’s the same as you wouldn’t like to hang around with a girl who is doing X and saying Y just to lead you to some hidden goal and isn’t really interested in the content of the interaction itself. I bet you would percieve that as lying and manipulation in the negative sense of the word. You would feel treated as some object and couldn’t trust her because of that hidden agenda.

      So as long as the whole content goes this way because you are really interested in the topics you talk about and the questions you ask etc. most women wouldn’t be against flirting advice or “game” because it’s just you trying to communicate what you are authentically interested in.

  16. >> animals have evolved to exaggerate their mate value by throwing out fake signals
    >> Game, at it’s heart, is about emulating the signalling of high SMV men
    >> Sure, do it enough and you’ll eventually become higher value

    It’s that last bit. Something like that. That you do all this stuff, you work at getting what you want in life, and slowly you >>are<>by product<> In robotics there is something called “the Uncanny Valley” in respect to how humans perceive

    ^ That concept in Richard’s blog post is fascinating. I’ve never heard that “uncanny valley” mentioned anywhere else. It’s deeply explanatory.

    >> their movements are too jittery, their facial muscles don’t quite behave how they ought to, etc. Your brain, not quite knowing what to make out of this input of mixed signals, just gives up and issues a threat warning

    This is the fake signals K is pointing at.

    >> As such, you’re sending so many mixed signals that the only sensible response on their end is to put their guard up. It’s nothing personal, just a normal human response to one’s bizarre behaviour.

    That is right. That is what we get from “emulating.” As Krauser references above, it’s incongruent. And incongruence is creepy. But often a necessary stage on the way to actual mastery.

    We do emulate, it’s a path, but not the destination. As those mindsets and behaviors become >>habit,<< (via ridiculous repetition) become truly effortless and expected and graceful, as we become entitled, because we've truly earned it, we climb out of the uncanny valley and we have arrived. It's not fake, so it works. Finally.

    Viva daygame.

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