Make Daygame Great Again

November 10, 2016

Let’s start by saying I don’t mind if you’re a fag and voted for TheCunt. I don’t mind because you lost. You are still welcome at Chateau Krauser, which stands firm despite a recent shellacking from the snakes of Twitter. Whatever your political creed, all are welcome in the daygame journey [1]. I don’t engage in political dialogue on my blog anymore [2] but let’s consider the question on every right-thinking Euro Jaunter’s mind.

What does the Trumpslide mean for daygame?

Earned me £3k at the bookies

Earned me £3k at the bookies

1. No nuclear war with Russia
Russia is hated by the globalists because Putin has deftly maneuvered it into a position of relative independence. Therefore Hillary was itching for war, throwing all kinds of baseless accusations about Russian hacking and threatening retaliation. She also insisted on a No Fly Zone over Syria that would require shooting down Russian aircraft with American weapons and thus likely trigger WWIII. In contrast, Trump has expressed a desire to get along with Putin and support them in Syria against ISIS

VERDICT – The fine daygame city of Moscow will not be vaporised in nuclear war, Putin will not withdraw visas, and the world’s greatest pool of hot women continue to stride arrogantly down the street in high heels and short skirts.

2. Ukraine does not join NATO
The God Emperor Trump has expressed numerous doubts about the viability of NATO and has generally presented a fairly isolationist / non-interventionist foreign policy. In contrast, Hillary is fully behind the EU-Globalist eastern expansion into Russia and it was her boss George Soros who funded the coup in Kiev. The EU has expanded eastward and held more territory than either Napoleon or Hitler in their attacks upon Russia. Bringing Ukraine into NATO (and eventually EU) would quickly lead to US military bases on the Russian border, the currently-forming EU Army in bases there and…… well, this won’t happen because Russia cannot under any circumstance allow Ukraine to join NATO. Putin would likely quickly invade Ukraine again and many military strategists predict Russia could take Kiev in a fortnight.

VERDICT – The fine daygame city of Kiev will not be occupied by Russian troops nor the battleground in a war with NATO. Another of the world’s greatest pools of hot women will continue to stride arrogantly down the streets in even higher heels and shorter skirts [3]

3. Reversed Muslim Migration to Europe
With Hillary in the Oval Office the US would continue to meddle in European affairs on the side of the EU-Globalist nexus. Our Western flank would be continually under threat by a hostile power. Hillary has frequently declared she wishes to emulate arch-Cunt traitor Angela Merkel and would thus give her support in importing millions more in-bred subhuman Muslim invaders [4] While hordes of Muslim rapists is likely a boon for Deepak Wayne’s business it’s rather a problem for us fully-human daygamers. The streets would very quickly devolve into marauding gangs of rapist immigrants in all the Old Town squares and train stations [5] that are the rightful property of marauding gangs of plowing daygamers. A Trump victory means our Western flank is secured and with Putin having already secured the Eastern flank, the globalists are encircled and less likely to repel the various nationalist uprisings in Europe.

VERDICT – The fine daygame cities of Central Europe will have considerably improved vibe and girls more open to street stops.

4. No support for future Balkan wars
The first Clinton White House saw Bill bomb Christian Serbia in order to protect the Muslim terrorists of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Since then Serbia has been on the EU’s diplomatic shit list and they are now forcing that beautiful country to heel with crazy demands on homo/tranny participation in government and Gay Pride parades. Trump has no history of violence against Serbia and seems rather pro-Christian.

VERDICT – No likely flashpoints with Serbia and thus the fine daygame city of Belgrade will remain a popular destination for daygamers who want to piss me off by burning it down.

The election was the right kind of near miss

The election was the right kind of near miss

I am not sufficiently au-fair with Philippines and SEA politics so I can’t tell whether fellow shitlord Duterte will respect Trump [6] and re-kindle the hundred-year-old US-Philippines alliance or if Obama losing it to China is permanent. If it’s the former, fat losers who can’t get laid in Europe with white girls will still have an escape vector from which to write pathetic e-books on getting laid abroad.

[1] Yes, even the total faggots on the Left.
[2] Though with Twitter gone, I am looking for a new platform for the next 8 years of Trump-inspired triumphalism.
[3] Likely pestered by less dirty Turkish sex tourists than currently
[4] How many millions before Germans lynch her is something I’m not qualified to estimate.
[5] I haven’t asked girls if this feels any different to an RSD daygame bootcamp
[6] As opposed to quite literally telling fag-traitor Obama to “fuck off” earlier this year

If you thought this post shoved political opinions in your face without you asking, you should see my Twitter. Actually, you can’t because the spaghetti-armed low-T fags banned me for Nuclear-grade Shitlordism. Given that I absolutely had to celebrate the Trump victory, it’s basically them forcing me to do so on the blog and therefore they are to blame. You fag.


  1. You do know that both republicans and democrats are two wings of the same bird, right? Trump, Hillary, Obama, Bush, JFK, all have the same agenda. There are no “hero” presidents like JFK who faked his own death. Voting has always been a fraud since freemasons started this extension of a country (United Nations owns all of europe and the americas). Do your research. This is not conspiracies. This is fact. Its a dog and pony show. “Puppets in Chief” always do as their handlers behind the curtains instruct them to. The world is a stage. Sheeple will stay alseep though, still believing the earth is a spinning ball, when its flat, still believing satellites and CGI planets are real, when their fake, still believing “planes” were used in 9/11 when they used composite imaging CGI planes. Sheeple will enjoy their life of lies. [You’re a moron. K.]

  2. I was hoping we would get a trumpslide post. Hooray for twitter banning you.

  3. your epic shitposting on twitter is sorely missed. come to gab. cernovich et. al. are already there

  4. Yet again Twitter’s loss is daygame’s gain, bravo !

  5. Non-faggy option:

  6. Fantastic! Definitely look for a platform to keep sharing political thought, and keep the two channels (game and politics) apart.

    British subversive red-pill humour at its best. Greetings from Germany.

  7. I’d like to see you start a second political blog. A bit like the Cervantes thing you tried some years back… Although I appreciate a replacement social media platform might work better for shitlording. Plus having two blogs might hurt your brand a little if it’s not done properly. Just the two-pence of a long time lurker!

  8. You had the best twitter hands down. so sad to see it go. please keep up the fight. transition to facebook perhaps?

  9. You’re such a Heartiste wannabe.

  10. Philippines ebook by this Matt Forney is really a joke.

  11. Get on Gab (free speech and more characters per post to boot!):

  12. that girls forearms look scary.

  13. Kruaser, you dirty fucker!! I’m from Serbia, and while I hate you for fucking half of Belgrade and a bit of brotherly Zagreb, your blog has literally transformed my sexual life! I’ve been reading it for months. The reason I’ve decided to write a comment here is because you’re spot on with your analysis of the Clinton administration’s bombardment of Serbia and the EU constantly blackmailing Serbian authorities into promoting gay/transgender culture (among other things). Please announce your rest periods from Euro jaunts so that the rest of us beginners/intermediates can grab a piece of the pie! PS how could one forget that 5-0 annihilation of MAN UTD in 1996 at St James’ Park, fuckin’ 20 years ago… Asprilla, Hislop, Ginola and Shearer – quite popular in Serbia back in the 90s 😀

  14. Not surprise you like the racist guy Trump. It’s good for you that you can continue to get rejected in Moscow by the 6s [Heh heh. Build the wall! K.]

  15. Isn’t it very likely that restored relations with America will allow visa-free access to Russia and therefore increased competition from Americans? [Normal chodes are hardly competition. And lots of my readers are American. K.]

  16. Damn, that made me laugh 😀
    Never looked at it in that way.

  17. That girl in the picture is hot. She has dude’s hands. Im conflicted.

  18. Interesting peice. But why such disdain for people who go to the Philippines to get laid. It’s litteraly one of the best countries in the world for getting laid I’d you are a normal looking white dude ( esp if you got a bit of cash). There is absolutely zero dispute about this.

    Ohhhh wait I forgot, daytime isn’t about sex. It’s about ego validation, slaying past regrets and selling books.

    • Its about the girl actually fancying you, otherwise its somewhere on the prostitution spectrum. If you think that is irrelevant or want to argue that everyone is a prostitute in some way… you’ve probably had to many paid encounters.

  19. Ha ha! I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to experience both Kiev and Moscow next year without the threat of being thrown into a gulag as a prisoner of war

    • Cassidy, we all know that threesome in the van down by the river with Torero was with another dude.

      Make Great Britain Straight Again!

  20. I’m really not convinced that isn’t a tranny in the picture.

  21. You are awesome and 100% correct. Being that I married an incredibly beautiful Ukrainian girl, your point is well taken. If i had married a hillary I would be dead and not posting. See. Seth Rich. Thank you for your insight. Hot girls should fill our immigration needs.

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