Daygame Mediocrity #5 – The Rock Star Lifestyle

October 13, 2016

Oooh, we’re gettin’ ready        Ow!!!
Here we go      hahaha!!!!!
I’m ready     Oooh!!!

My vibe, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!

My vibe, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!

Whats up guys! Welcome to another episode of rockstar life with me Nick “The Solution” Krauser. I just woke up at 2pm because of next door’s dog barking at the garbage collector truck, stoppnig my plan to sleep till three. As I lay in my bed I thought what would Axl Rose do?

Getting ready to rock
Getting ready to roll
I’m gonna turn up the heat
I’m gonna fire up the coal [1]

Rock-starring isn’t all cocaine-fuelled hotel-trashing parties with groupies you know [2]. Sometimes you have to put on your y-fronts, make some Weetabix, and sit on a chair watching Killroy. Tomorrow I plan to stay in bed until 3pm. YES MUTHAFUCKAS!!!! 3PM!!! I heard Gene Simmons would regularly rise after FOUR O’CLOCK the madman! That’s my goal.

Target LOCK!

Target LOCK!

I’m listening to AC/DC.

I’m a HEATSEEKER!!!!! BURNING UP THE TOWN! H-E-A-T-S-E-E-K-E-R!!!!   My state is so high and I DON’T NEED NO ONE TO HOSE ME DOWN

Right. Where was I? Right, the Weetabix is finished and I’m going to hit the TOWN. Right action means taking action that is RIGHT not WRONG. Because then it’s WRONG ACTION and you know who takes WRONG ACTION????

Chodes. That’s who.

Anyway, guys. I hope you found that lesson useful. Email me for ROCK STAR LIFESTYLE coaching so you too can live my life. Not my actual life – that would be weird. In fact, why would you want exactly my life? What’s fucking wrong with you, anyway? Are you the Talented Mr Shipley?

You gotta keep that woman firing
You gotta keep that serpent clean
You gotta make her sound the siren
You gotta hear that lady scream [3]

[1] – But not “burn the coal”, if you take my meaning.
[2] – which is just as well because I don’t seem to get invited to such parties right now. I need to increase my self-belief and freedom-of-intent to get those piling up.
[3] – Ironically after three hours of RIGHT ACTION in Covent Garden I made two little Portuguese tourists scream, and not in the good way.


  1. where are the IOI’s Krauser?you number close is shit. cannot beat the waynes system, we have answers you do not!. I lift dead weight (my brain) everyday. off for a deepak curry now [Watch Deepak’s latest video with fat English girl. He’s just offering her a job. There’s a jump cut at exactly 1:21 where he edits out the job interview offer. It’s not an idate or a bounceback, it’s a job interview. Your hero is a piece of shit liar and he’s stealing your money. K.]

  2. I dunno what this post is about. Or whats going on. I just like the article on women need to suck cock to keep a man. Other than that, this post is like, cocaine lol

  3. Word, cat. I like to ROCK OUT WITH MY COCK OUT, which experienced seductresses will recognize as an IOI, then they do most of the escalation for me, to which I respond with my patented fourth-dimensional CONSENT routine.

  4. So I figure you were holding her hand very lightly so she could have pulled away at any time after the initial handshake but she didn’t.

    Is that something you always do, wait for the girl to move her hand away first? I mean it’s common sense now I think about it but lol.

  5. Nick, could you elaborate more on dog mojo and how to use it effectively? I’ve tried to replicate this feature of the Krauser Toolkit and failed miserably. Your dog mojo is like a horny pitbull wheras mine is like a timid chihuahua.

    Is there a particular food you eat before a daygame session to really optimise your dog mojo? I know you mention pizza in the video but I’ve been trying Pedigree tinned dog food to really get mine dialed in. I also get my wing to take me to a park and play ball before we hit the streets, which helps a lot.

  6. She said she look for job at 08:13. Why not give her job and make DIRTY OLD BALD MINORITY SMASH WHITE PUSSY HARD video after cut job offer from video??? What’s wrong with you Nick? She making things easier.

  7. Droll hilarity. Gifted spoof. Well done.

  8. Respect the hustle… Just don’t call it ‘game’.

  9. If you haven’t seen the Rockstar life already…

  10. Nick,
    That was one of the best infields I have ever seen of you. Too bad she was leaving town.

    The long hand shake lasted for a million years!

  11. You can’t criticise my Infields now Krauser. Every body can see what is your game from these videos. You don’t even catch 6s. Lol [Keep on faking, retard. K.]

    • Where is my fake. You had no proofs now all you have is these videos of rejected by 6s. You know you lost this battle with me [Let’s have some long rambling comments next time. Way more fun. K.]

      • Deepak was recently exposed again on Sluthate by a German guy that worked for him.

      • Lol. You London guys are in the trash.

        You got stuck in 2010 with your stories. This days you need to show the people your evidences.

        I think what makes you so scared is my results coming from a minority that you can’t get.

        Maybe the movie 40 year old virgin is your life story 🙂

      • Hey Deepak, serious question….do you keep up your 1 new girl every 2 days for the whole year?

  12. Insufficient use of the word ‘because’ here. There are several points at which this word could have been inserted, and to devastating effect. And if you’d given your name as ‘Because,’ you’d have got yourself an SDL for sure. I suggest that you check out the latest video posted by an eminent PUA at the cutting edge of the business. I won’t give you his name, but let’s just say it’s frequently associated with bull.

  13. I’m disappointed that Deepak Wayne hasn’t uploaded an analytical breakdown of Nick’s set yet. I suppose when you’re out spamming half the population of Krakow all week there’s little time for such things.

    Come on buddy, with your top level game and superior social calibration you should be able to blow Nick out of the water and reveal all of his technical mistakes… oh wait.

  14. I only check this blog now that Krauser and the London guys talk shit about me. I never cared about this guy until he started the war. There is no useful informations here just make up stories

    • please shut your paki mouth deepak you are a fake its blatantly obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells. really sick of your curry infested comments. go back to your “wayne” family and continue to suck each others uncalibrated cocks

      • Candidate for the funniest comment ever.

        Would have been even better if last sentence was:

        “go back to your “wayne” family and continue to suck each others uncalibrated , vindaloo smelling cocks”

    • Why do you make everything plural? Informations, evidences, proofs, advices, times, Deepaks…..

      Hey Deepak, did you fuck 4 new hot virgins this week running the ULTIMATE SEDUCTION model, where you open the girl talking about your friend ‘Masha’ from Ukraine? That’s the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen.

  15. This Deepak Wayne guy couldn’t get laid in a whore house!

  16. If I can get laid with my big dick sucking lips (DSLs) and gay lisp, certainly Deepak can get laid with his curry breath, crooked teeth and rancid accent.

  17. Krauser, when you Google my name the first thing that comes up is an article by you exposing me as a fraud. This is unacceptable as it will cost my PUA business dearly and potentially cause me financial ruin.

    You must remove it by 15:30 today or you can expect a flaming bag of dog shit on your parents doorstep.

  18. This google thing make me laugh :))))) This is the funniest thing today for me 😀

    Deepak, you need to know, google nowadays know everything about the people. Google know what did you ate when did you piss, and what colour was that,.. And google also know the truth.

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