What is really stopping a beginner getting laid?

June 24, 2016

Imagine you walk into a nightclub and you’re the tallest, coolest, best-dressed, best-looking man there. Before you’ve even ordered your drink, girls have checked you out and thrown out shy smiles. You pay the bar tender, turn around and post up while gazing over the dance floor. Within moments a couple of girls are sitting on the bar stools near you to order their drinks, even though the entire length of the bar is free. It’s almost as if they are waiting for you to say something. A pair of girls on the dancefloor reposition from the centre to the outer extremity nearest your perch – one of them with her back to you, her gyrating hips drawing attention to her ass.

You sip your drink and look like James Bond for half an hour. Soon, the most enterprising girl dispenses with the charade and just comes up and says hello, finding a bullshit excuse to compliment something you’re wearing. Every time you stop talking she finds a way to continue the conversation. Finally, you suggest going somewhere else and she eagerly agrees. You take her home and fuck her after the most perfunctory LMR*

From reading this, you’re instinctively shaking your head. “This isn’t game. This is just letting girls choose you. Lucky for some!” But why do we know it’s not game **

Tight game, mate. You should post about it on RVF

Tight game, mate. You should post about it on RVF

It’s because this scenario completely bypasses the two biggest problems every normal man will face when doing game: Approach Anxiety and Attraction. These are the two killers that stop normal men banging pretty girls ***

Approach anxiety exposes you to the risk of rejection, and that carries a cost. In the worst case the girl will attempt to publicly humiliate and shame you for having the audacity to talk to her. That’s extremely rare in daygame (especially among non-native-English speaking girls) but you will get the occasional hand-waving eye-rolling “go away little man” blowout. It’s a far bigger problem in nightgame where girls are more keen to protect their social status by publicly rejecting men “below her class” and there are more people watching who may snigger or at least notice it (and you’re still in the club with them for several more hours).

Nasty blowouts are pretty rare but even kind blowouts can rattle the beginner because he’s simply not calloused against rejection. The reason this hurts is Assessment Anxiety. Like I explain in detail in Daygame Mastery****, AA is really caused by low self-esteem. Beginners know they are not very attractive to women but don’t like getting their noses rubbed in the fact. Taking your first steps on the cold approach journey means stepping out of your rejection-free comfort zone and exposing yourself to the unpleasant truth – you just ain’t all that.

Which brings us on to the next fact – most men are not attractive to most women. Does this sound harsh to you? Surely you find most young women reasonably fuckable and you wouldn’t instantly dismiss them, so why are girls so fast to dismiss men? Well, just think about this – how many women over forty did you check out today? How many fat girls did you check out? I’ll bet it was none ***** The truth is that most women are not attractive to most men either. We have exactly the same cognitive bias that women have…. namely we only really notice the members of the opposite sex that are near or above our attraction threshold. Everyone else is almost invisible.

This is a big problem in daygame. If you are unattractive to most women, then most of your cold approaches will end in rejection. This is doubly ****** true if you are aiming for a solid YHT quotient.

So we are getting at the crux of what makes game tough – you must conquer AA and you must make yourself attractive enough to draw the girl’s interest. These are very difficult to do and will involve considerable mental anguish and expended self-discipline as you climb the mountain. It will always be tempting to avoid it entirely and go back to scraping the barrel.

This is why there’s a world of difference between choosers and the chosen.

* If you then post on a PUA forum about your killer game, it’s almost certain you’re a white man in South East Asia.
** It’s “getting laid” which is still a good thing, but calling it “game” is like calling rap “music”
*** The opening scenario bypasses them because it’s using the “2-3 points below my SMV” trick. As soon as you aim that low, game is utterly unnecessary. You just smile, escalate, extract.

**** Everything is in Mastery. Just read the damn thing.
***** Unless you’re Jimmy Jambone
****** Well, quintuplly true really

If you liked this combination of words and pictures flying over your head, you should see my book.


  1. Haha.. The woman in the pic reminds me of my first ugly “game” lay.

  2. “…namely we only really notice the members of the opposite sex that are near or above our attraction threshold. Everyone else is almost invisible.”

    Ha! This is so true. I’ve often thought that we can’t even imagine the pain of the truly ugly woman. An ugly man can overcome a lot of mating problems with other qualities, but a truly ugly woman has been dealt a hell of a bad hand.

    • although its balanced out actually as men have a need to reproduce whereas women can go without for long periods and not miss it too much. That’s why in a nightclub you get circles of thirsty guys trying to get as close as possible to average girls grinding away on the dance floor. demand and supply is different. therefore a average girl can get laid whenever she wants, whereas an average guy cant.

      • I think you’re right that (some) girls, can, go without sex and not notice it like guys will.

        I think the supply/demand thing is just simple scarcity of “womb time.” Girls know if they let you hang around, you will put a baby in them. And girls get offers… constantly. So their default must be “no,” or they’d be pregos their whole lives.

        I think girls love sex and are horny… but their biology hasn’t caught up w/ birth control, and “no” will always be the default fence the player must find a way to get over. Even if she says no 100% of the time… she’ll still get cock, but only from the best players (which is another of her, rather successful, strategies).

  3. Seriously this is phenomenal writing. The freshness of depth and uniqueness on a topic which has been beaten to death is remarkable.

    And it reads like a dream. I’m very jealous Krauser [Thanks. K.]

    • I think you need to go to a library mate. no offense to krauser but reading him isn’t exactly keats. [This is exhibit A on the point about commentors that I raised in the mail to you. K.]

  4. “Surely you find most young women reasonably fuckable and you wouldn’t instantly dismiss them, so why are girls so fast to dismiss men? Well, just think about this – how many women over forty did you check out today?”

    this is true, but another way to look at it is, how many of the girls you would fuck would you commit to? the equivalent test of “would she let him inside her” is “would he give up his freedom to be in an LTR with her”.

  5. It’s true about the cognitive bias. Practically all height-weight proportionate 18-25 year old girls are highly arousing to me. Meanwhile women over 35 evoke zero sexual desire.

    SEA fascinates me. I used to be partial to white girls, but at the end of the day a little brown HB6-7 who lives to please you beats a white HB3-4 who thinks she deserves Chad. [Nothing wrong with playing White Man God in Asia. It’s just passing it off as “game” that I take issue with. K.]

  6. This post looks at success with women as binary, either she is into you and proceeds to bang you or she isn’t and doesn’t. My issue is I’m cleaning up in the initial interaction on the street (or shop etc.), there is genuine interest there and willingness to meet up, but my flake rate is enormous. Its shameful. I’m 34 and approaching girls between 18-23, 8+/10 and usually good girl(ish) so they are all YHT. I don’t know whether I’m operating out of my ping range (also I’m in London), or whether my game has some sort of hole in it, as they are going off radar the next day. [I can give you my thoughts, but you mightn’t want them public. K]

    • You’re old and probably not that attractive in a western country. Pretty self-explanatory. [Fair guess, but from what I’ve heard of Zatara it’s actually more complex. K.]

  7. Amen to that. Thanks for the words of wisdom, as usual… I’ve started daygaming about seven or eight months ago and can relate fully to what you’re saying here. So far, I’ve bedded 7 girls from street approaches – most of them younger and hotter than myself – but it’s been no picnic and luck has accompanied me to a certain extent… 7 out of over 700 approaches, that is. I’m literally the only guy doing daygame in my hometown (by now I should have seen other daygamers out there), which has a population of around 700k. Planning to move to Buenos Aires, the national capital (hosting a population of several millions), so I can enjoy absolute anonymity to further refine my game. I do tend to approach girls I’ve previously approached, though it’s rare (happened three or four times).
    By the way, Mastery is THE best game related product I’ve purchased so far – I highly recommend it to everyone who takes daygame seriously – but in all honesty I feel I could extract far more value from it by moving to a cosmopolitan city. Not that I give two fucks about standing out or freaking the poor girls. In fact, most of the women really appreciate what I do and some guys congratulate and cheer me, from time to time. The upside of doing daygame in a small/medium town in this part of the World is that one has the whole place for oneself. The downside is the “lonely and cheerless grind” that daygame can sometimes be.

  8. Coming back from Moldova with Tom has made it clear to me that London isn’t the place for me anymore.
    I got nothing but strong ioi’s from village girls who were some of the most hottest girls i’ve ever seen and looked like they belonged on a catwalk. A similar girl would give me nothing in London. This is due to access and freedom of choice. A girl of a similar calibre would have her pick of guys like me and higher to choose from and would be able to barter a higher price.

    There’s a reason why European girls (given the opportunity) come to London and why Men from London go abroad. Both of us can raise our buying price. So it’s fair play. It’s no coincidence that a female 6 from Europe (whose generally hotter than most girls in the UK) can get male 9’s and 10’s in the US and the UK. It’s the reason why SJW’s and feminists are balking due to leaving the EU. No more free sex from alpha immigrants.

    The solution really is simple. Leave the country and go elsewhere.

    • ok, but did you manage to get laid in Moldova and if so was it with a 9/10+ model quality set? getting an ioi is one thing and getting laid is another, as an ioi is an indicator of interest and not an indicator they want to have sex with you. point being some places you might get more iois but your chances of getting laid may go down, as you look new and shiny or interesting in some way but the girls are not interested in having a casual sexual relationship with you {this may happen in places which are conservative, or places you look curious in some way].

      • No, I wasn’t there long enough. Getting laid in a 4 day trip is a huge ask for any level daygamer. Your best option is to get them on Facebook and follow the ‘Long Game’ model.
        The best I did was an I-date and K-Close.

        Also to add. The girls there generally hook up amongst their small social groups and tend to get married young due to there literally being nothing to do. A small handful are genuine sluts, with the intention to come over to Europe. We met a few who had sponsors (Sugar Daddies). I’m hesitant to say that you need to flip lots of stones for a lay, but due to the ease of number closing, it’s partly that but should also focus on building lots of comfort whilst avoiding getting put in the friend/provider zone. [To get laid in 4 days you have to be either (i) a bit lucky, or (ii) have atrocious standards. K.]

  9. I’m also really struggling to motivate myself to daygame in London…..

  10. London is extremely tough.

    I’m starting to realise there are too many things against the average/decent daygamer here. Competition and poor choice in women are the biggest obstacles in this city. Not including the huge numbers of guys now actively gaming/spam approaching central we add to the mix guys who tick almost all boxes eg very good aesthetics(naturally goodlooking but with an emphasis on gym culture and fashion), lively social circle, good jobs/connections etc.

    It’s just too much to contend with because on the flip side women are not of a high quality here because A.They are either heavily into their career and thus overstressed/not looking after themselves which affects physical appearance massively plus they aren’t too feminine in temperament.

    B. You get a load of italians/Spaniards who have a ferrel way about them and all stick together. English girls as has been mentioned many times before are physically dissapointing with an attitude to match but they still want the best. Lol and they get it.
    So for a daygamer london is about finding the tourist but most daygamers know that by now…

  11. Will add that the most successful daygamers don’t apply their trade in london and haven’t for some time. I live in central and saw Richard of street attraction in Leicester Square trying desperately to hook a very very average girl. When the best (and I do rate him massively) are starting to look a little desperate you know it’s time to have a little think..

    • I’m getting far nastier blowouts now than I was exactly one year ago. I don’t know if it’s an over-saturation of chodes or perhaps I have some inner game issues now that I didn’t then, but it’s definitely noticeable. There are a lot of snarky western chicks giving the eyeroll or passing comment before walking off, that I wasn’t noticing before. I wonder if the Roosh V meet fiasco hasn’t poisoned a lot of women against daygamers. [It’s quite possible that you’re in the r/K wilderness. You have too much sexual threat to get the “awwwwww, that’s sweet” blowouts but not enough vibe to trigger eye mesmer. This makes girls feel uncomfortable and some respond to that with negativity. K.]

      • And by western I mean ‘from the Anglosphere’.

      • That’s one of my sticking points at the moment. Tom noticed this in my approaches and said I should focus on having more fun in the interaction. It’s likely you’re following the model perfectly and you’re not adding a lot of r-selection to it. The solution is to turn it down a notch and be a bit more easy going and fun. It’s hard I know. It’s something i’m working on at the moment.
        That’s not to say our strategy doesn’t work. It definitely does. I’ve managed to bag a few Essex sluts with shit game yet only succeeded due to my strong sexual intent. Just that many girls will not like it.

      • @Peachy Carnehan —

        “Roosh V meet fiasco”

        Do tell what happened…

    • I don’t think it’s desperation doordie, I’ve been daygaming with him and he genuinely likes a wide variety of Women. From Blacks to brainless Eseex types.

  12. Btw think zatara is either not white (which I don’t think matters in london) or physically at a disadvantage (which I think does).

    Will just add that I’ve noticed(and it’s becoming way more frequent) Asian guys with attractive eastern European women.

    • When you say Asian, do you mean Indians, Pakistanis, etc or Chinese? I’ve seen Indian/Pakistanis with Russian/Polish girls in cities like London & Manchester quite often.

      • I’m a third generation Indian living in London. I’m not at any disadvantage aesthetically.

        With race I think its an important variable in attraction, anyone who says different is either selling something or delusional. Its not just the perception of what a persons personality and background will be like, but race obviously determined the specifics of your aesthetics, so for instance an Afro Caribbean guy will have a wider nose for instance, some may like or dislike such a characteristic).

        From my experience Polish girls actually like Indian guys more than an equivalent white guy. I think it could be because they are most diametrically opposite in looks, very fair, usually blonde, frequently blue eyed therefore there is a chance to pick up a very different set of DNA/you have novelty value? There aren’t so many Russian girls coming to London from what I’ve seen recently because of Visa issues / falling Rouble (the only ones I’ve seen recently are a couple of WAGS of the Russian oligarch class in Mayfair). English girls like Indian guys less than the equivalent white guy.

        There might also be another reason for why you see lots of SE Asian guys with Polish girls (and actually vice versa as well). Simply that they live in the same areas such as Harrow in London for instance, where you have an overlap of migrants waves both living and working and going out in a certain area. Note, Indians in Harrow are now established, with homes, businesses, careers and so on and therefore may offer attractive (provider) characteristics which lifts their SMV.

  13. Deepak critique a little bit the LDM..

    Anyway, I think the guy have game, and it looks really, really good.

    • lolz at the software engineer analogy. Turd World types like Indians lie and scam so much they don’t can’t tell the difference between truth and fiction. Don’t blame it on prejudice if your countrymen act dishonestly.

    • Hiow does the guy have game, he can barely speak english , stutters a lot, and his facial expressions seem very awkward. [None of the daygamers I know and trust vouch for him. That doesn’t mean he’s fake, but it means he’s in the “wait for real evidence” queue for me. My gut feels is he’s not getting laid much. K.]

      • There are so many ‘IT professionals’ in the PUA space that I’m sure if they all put their heads together and set up a internet business it could lead to great success. Post IPO fame and money could then lead to ultimate pussy paradise. I am henceforth coining this as ‘tech game’ and intend to release a product some time in the distant future.

      • he does put a lot of infield up often going all the way to a lay. unless these are fake, its far more than most of the training companies do (RSD is particularly bad in not showing any footage of the picking up drunk American slut game which they specialise in [gamma comment I know but also true ;)]). the London daygame guys all know each other or know of people through others but its somewhat difficult to verify someone’s credibility in a different country like germany. his infields are so messy and convoluted Im not sure they are fake although sure there is some selection bias at work [think you put a post up a while ago called ‘conjurers, fakers ….’ (sic)].

      • Hey K, what’s your take on this infield of a short, average looking Japanese guy in the Balkans SDLing a curvy local? Legit? He’s a student of Eddie from street attraction and he’s definitely not using good looking guy game. Heavy sexualization on instadate. [I didn’t see it live but (i) I met him a week later and everything in his manner was consistent with it having really happened (ii) he had good vibe and approached a lot, so getting a lucky Yes Girl was possible (iii) I’ve never once had a reason to question the integrity of Eddie or Richard in the year I’ve known them. So, I’d assume it’s real. K.]

  14. Goddammit, the above part of this post was me two weeks ago. I was on my own at a bar and two girls pointed to me and curled their finger in (come hither) so that I would come over. I then walked over and one of the girls asked me to take a picture of the two of them, saying that I was “really hot” so it would be “cool”. I am a beginner. Shy as hell. My Game is shit. Lots of up and down experiences with women. For some reason the “really hot” did not register in my brain. I just said “sure” and took a few pictures, briefly joking about their silly poses, which made them giggle a little bit. Afterwards one of them said “I really hope we didn’t waste your time!” smiling and whatnot. I didn’t say anything. I just kinda shrugged my shoulders, which caused them to smile and giggle some more. Then I turned around and . . . walked out of the bar.

    Something needs to change, fast.

  15. Street attraction guys materials is one of the worst outthere. [You’re welcome to your opinion. The point is, I’ve hung out and gamed with them and I don’t think they are fake. K.]

  16. I know street attraction guys are legit and not fake. I know you hung with them.
    But another thing that they have a material. And somebody pay money to see Street attraction material, not getting better. When a guy will see his material, he become much worse than before, because They have a really really bad material.

    Street attraction guys are skilled… okay.. you hung with them… But probably you didn’t see street attraction material….

  17. shit materials is much more dangerous than when somebody have shit infields..

    (sorry for dupe) please delete my last post. [Don’t just call them shit. If there are specific reasons why you think their material isn’t good, then state them. I don’t mind a discussion of the relative merits here. K.]

  18. just bought the daygame mastery book it’s in the mail. what should i expect from it? any thoughts would help thankyou

  19. K. I’ve known about you a long time. Since back in the Real Assanova days (later became Real Made Men). Remember when he said you looked like J Statham? Lol. I loved Omari.

    Listen, I see you removed my comment. I respect that. I don’t want you to think that I was just fucking with you because I’m some kind of prick. Point is, I believe in the comment I just wrote. I would like a response. If you would “fancy” doing so. (or whatever you Brits say).

    Just email me if you want. I would like your thoughts on what I said. Because I’ve been on a long journey just like you have. I’ve learned a good deal myself. I’m not trying to troll you.

    [You wrote, quote “you think getting laid is something that requires a skillset” and hypothetical guy (i.e. you) “needs 2-3 approaches to get laid”. No man does, not even when scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. It was a troll comment trying to position yourself as a big shot. No thanks. K.]

    • Thanks for the reply.

      Was it tough for me when I first started out? Yes.

      The reality is that women like romantic feelings and they like getting fucked. If they like it, then why should it be difficult to give it to them? We’ve been fucking since the beginning of time. What is so profound about it?

      I don’t know why you are giving me shit about my opinion. I know you think I am trolling, but I’m just here to chat about the topic of getting laid.

      Whenever I help my friends and random dudes I meet, I tell them that if they need more than 5 or 6 approaches to get laid then they are doing something massively wrong. [Nope. Either you’re massively lying or massively underperforming on quality. Give it a rest, your attempt to big-baller troll is too obvious. K.]

      • If u don’t want to admit to your followers that I’m right, then I understand. You could lose a lot of book sales. Once guys realize they don’t need to read a 400 page book teaching them how to put their dick in a cunt.

        One day when you wake the fuck up, you’ll realize that you and your pua buddies aren’t all that great with women. Right now you don’t realize because you have all these idiots treating you like you are some kind of professional.

        “Oh krauser, let me buy your book, oh krauser teach me how to fuck 1 girl out of every 35 girls I talk to, and shove your dick up my ass and take all my money while you’re at it.”

        If you were sincere, I wouldn’t mind helping you a bit.( You can say what you want, but I know you secretly hate the amount of girls you need to beg to fuck you before getting laid).

        Point is, guys like you are fucked. You will never reach the level I’m alluding to. But to be honest, you don’t deserve to. And I don’t think you want to. You would rather make money off of these idiots.

        Forgive me for ever considering you a sincere ladies man that actually wanted to learn.

        Oh wait, you already know everything…you’re a pickup artist…when I watch your videos you look more like a walking salesman than you do a ladies man. But to these idiots, you’re like a god. Listen, I don’t blame you for liking the attention. But don’t you get tired of working your ass off just to put your dick in a cunt?

        Toodles. [Note to readers: Men who can fuck hot women after only a few approaches do not talk like this. K.]

  20. You’re right Nick, “shit” word is not really nice from me, And youre right, I need to explain why I’m think that..
    And thats not personally.. just for the product…Theyre looking helpful guys, with good infields.. but…
    I’m already saw street attraction material with my buddy, because he bought that. so lets see:
    Firstly I think the guys didn’t have some teaching experience.. Pickup is a skill but teaching guys requires another skill. I think they need to take a lesson how can they do it.
    Some tips are awful and some tips are not that bad, but there is nothing new. There is just oldschool things, what you can expect a free pua forum. Yeah, for free., He talking about eye contact and posture.
    Another thing, that he explain the complete! outer game probably 20 minutes. So not really detailed. A beginner require way more information how to do it. The product is not enough for anybody. Nor the beginners nor the intermediates.
    He show a lot of infield in the product, and he want explain things what hes doing, but he not explain that a good way. The results is really poor. A beginner need much more, and the intermediates don’t need anything from that.

  21. Dave194
    Listen! I’ve already heard things from guys, who say the same things like you.
    Okay, but any of them never ever showed an infield, when I ask from them.
    Dave, you need understand 1 thing. This community has a lot of faker. And when somebody say something, we need convinction to that things is legit… Because when those things is not definitely 100% legit, this is very dangerous to the students.

    • Hey thanks for the reply.

      I’ve known about K since he first started out. I visit his blog on occasion just to see what he’s up to because I figured him to be sincere. A bit of a pretentious wannabee, but sincere nontheless. I was wrong about his sincerity.

      Your comment does seem sincere however. Do I have “infields”? No. Do I charge people for advice? No. I am not interested in these things.

      If someone wants advice, I like to give it. Because I love the topic of pussy. And I believe every woman who wants to get fucked, deserves to get fucked.

      The first basic concept I give advice about is accepting that women WANT to get fucked. When guys realize women WANT romance and WANT to get fucked, a lot of problems guys have seem to dissapear.

      I was trying to explain this concept before Krauser deleted my comment and became hellbent on convincing himself that I am trolling his blog.

      • “[Note to readers: Men who can fuck hot women after only a few approaches do not talk like this. K.]”

        That’s fascinating K. I though you said it’s impossible to get laid with a sexy woman within less than 5 approaches. If it’s impossible, then how do you know how guys like me talk?

        Cheerio [You’re such a reactive faggot. K.]

      • / dave … its unlikely that anyone is going to get 1 lay from 5 approaches [on average] unless you have obvious special characteristics (extreme good looks, fame, power etc.)* as you will find that out of girls between 18-25 who are 7/10+ many are just unavailable to any new man who approaches them. 1) They are in a relationship and don’t want to meet a new guy (other women may well be married or have a boyfriend but are still open to other guys) 2) They have a policy of not meeting men on the street for whatever reason (can run counter to social rules they subscribe to) 3) They are busy, don’t feel sociable, or are in a bad mood. I estimate this removes 70% of high SMV girls straight away dependent on where you are (I’m judging from London so perhaps moodiness runs a bit higher here :)).

        Now you are working with the other 30%. They are available but some may just not be into your archetype (she is a city lawyer and you look like a hipster etc.). Remove another 10% for this factor. Now you have a chance with the remaining 20%. Lets say you are successful in getting laid with 1/4 of these girls which is pretty good odds taking into account women’s capricious nature. You are then sleeping with 5% or one in twenty girls. This ignores the fact that you may yourself dismiss girls after a date or two if they are insufferable.

        *when I’ve met high SMV women, (proper) models, actresses etc. they often like to regale how they were approached by a celeb in a bar and how they turned them down. I don’t know if these stories are true or if they just make them up but the idea of telling you is to show you just how high their SMV is even compared to a man of extreme high SMV. This gives you an idea of how a women’s mind works. They want to get a man of much higher SMV than themselves, so that 7/10 23 year old you approach on the street actually wants a 9/10 man! The 9/10 girl wants a 11/10 (ie a man with special characteristics).

  22. Look, if you are a paki like Zatara then of course it’s going to be harder for you to game hot white birds simply because you are not caucasian . That being said I’ve seen quite a few chinky looking guys with hot white EE birds in London so anythings possible. I’m off now for some curry and chips…

    • I’m North Indian, very different from a Pakistani. The fact that most English don’t know the difference between the two explains why you get a Rotherham in the UK and the English stand around scratching their heads wondering how it could have happened. They don’t get why some brown people in Bradford drive taxis (and abuse little girls) while other brown people are doctors, hedge fund mgrs. and run big businesses. Its just ignorance about the world around them. Ironic, as if you read about the English colonialists they were experts in understanding the minutiae of different races and cultures which was partly the reason for their Imperial success.

      You display the same cultural lack of awareness in lumping all “hot white birds” together. In my experience, some European races have a preference for Indian men (ceteris paribus I’m comparing a fairly good looking indian man, with a fairly good looking European man). I know, as I have been with various European girls and they have told me this. The girls of those particular races have also told European friends of mine the same thing. I think a lot of English guy like to think that “white” girls don’t like ethnic guys but its just not true. Its just gamma “white” guys attempting to give themselves an edge in their own mind to help them feel more confident approaching girls of their own skin colour. Saying all of this an Indian guy is at a disadvantage with an English girl. My own theory is that its to do with modern English ignorance about different races and confusion about culture. However, since not many English PUAs get laid with English girls anyway for a variety of other reasons this probably isn’t too much of a loss.


      ps.you don’t seem to understand different racial groupings. You are using words like Caucasian incorrectly (its actually a very wide grouping … wiki it and look at all the different races within it). The Aryan race is a subset of Caucasians, and N Indians are one of the most pure Aryan races in the world (the Hindu caste system was designed to keep the Aryan race pure .. its why those at the top of the caste system are fair and the bottom are dark (Dravidians). In fact the word Aryan is actually derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘Noble’ (Arya). The people who studied this best were German Anthropologists during the Nazi era but a lot of this material has been supressed post war and in the new cultural landscape we live in. Here’s a curiosity for you … have you ever wondered why the Swastika looks just like one of the main Hindu (Aryan) symbols? Here this may help you …


  23. Hi Krauser. I have been following your writings for some time now and many articles are extraordinarily accurate. So many times, while walking the streets of Toronto, I would notice a Celibacy Club meeting and become reminded of your blog right away.

    Thanks for (again, insanely accurately) mentioning the ‘attraction’ factor when approaching women. This many men don’t want to understand. I believe it is a matter of ego.
    Just like how women become exhibiting more and more ‘crazy cat lady’ symptoms as they age and stay single, many men do the male version of this. I have interacted with an vast amounts of males who were seeking self-improvement at the time but still did not acknowledge their potbelly or terrible fashion choices. What’s worse is that a lot of them were not welcoming opinions and still acted entitled.

    Every time I get ready to go out and daygame, some people would put me down by mocking my large time investment into daygame. However, when I ask them what are the women they turn their heads after when they’re outside, often times I get ‘the one with the high heels’, ‘the one in the tight jeans’, ‘the one that obviously squats’ and so forth. Bang on, people. You have finally realized that if you are after the Top 3% women, you have to be a Top 3% man. Luckily, by virtue of nature and how the world works, you can swap a smooth and tight skin and high heels for social calibration, interpersonal effectiveness and good old common sense and not inhibiting your natural instincts.

    Thanks again for the wake-up call, I hope more men realize that in a hyper-competitive big cities (1M+ population), the average Joe won’t cut it.


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