Full-r / Full-K

June 21, 2016

Every girl has her place on the r/K spectrum, meaning the degree to which she’s amenable to fast casual sex. There are a number of factors which will determine her placement at the time of your approach:

  • Family background, particularly her relationship with her father and the stability of her parents’ marriage. Generally speaking, the stereotypes are true: divorce or abandonment leads to daddy issues, which leads to more r.
  • Hormonal make-up. High testosterone means a higher sex drive and a more casual attitude towards sex. The tells for this are longer legs and mannish squarer features, which means more r.
  • Monthly cycle. A girl’s propensity for fast sex with dangerous cads peaks during the ovulation phase, which is 15-17 days following the beginning of her period. At this stage she feels more sexual, more available, and will subconsciously put herself in situations where sex can happen fast. So, more r.
  • Current options. If she hasn’t had sex in over a month she is far more likely to be up for it and every additional month makes it more r.
  • Attitudes on life. Generally speaking a girl who has an adventurous or rebellious attitude on life will also be more r for sex. This means girls who hitch-hike, couchsurf, attend festivals, have visible tattoos, or dress in subcultural fashion are all more likely to be r.

There are other criteria but these are the big ones. So how do you figure out where the girl is on the spectrum? In the beginning, you observe Sherlock Holmes style. Once you’re talking to her you just ask – either directly or through probing. She’ll give away snippets of information and you’ll file them. Here’s an example from an Italian girl I met in Poland.

I’m walking along a shopping street mid-afternoon with Tomas when my spider-sense immediately triggers big-time. A twenty-year old just sauntered past me with a swish of the hips in her walk and wandering eyes. She hadn’t IOI’d me but she had the dreamy look. Her hair was dyed reddish chesnut and she gave off an aura of fertility. I felt like a farmer sizing up an acre of prime land. So I opened. That was the Sherlock Holmes part.

Like this, but drop a point

Like this, but drop a point

For the first twenty seconds she didn’t quite understand I was hitting on her but when the penny dropped her eyes sparkled and her face softened. In itself that means attraction rather than an r/K clue but it was still a good sign. The first key verbal information came a couple of minutes in:

“I’m Italian and I’m here on Erasmus”

Score one for the adventurous girl who travels criteria. Also add in that none of her family or long-time friends could be watching her behaviour. After a few minutes she says, “Look, I don’t really like standing around. I was walking this way, why don’t you join me.” Now she’s showing me she has a bit of goal-directed action with men that suggests a comfort with them. She’s also clearly amenable to the idea of being picked up without excessive coyness. More r.

The really big moment came two minutes into the walk, as we walked past a few outdoor cafes. I say “tell me a secret about you”

“I’m bisexual.”

Ding dong. Not only is she pro-actively broaching the topic of sex but she’s overtly signalling me that she’s sexually adventurous. This was a massive sign and I immediately decided – Go Full R. What does that mean?

It means make all your pick-up decisions based on fast exciting adventure sex rather than the well-rounded Most Interesting Man In The World. So don’t bother DHVing about teaching your nephews judo, or enjoying the challenge of a high-status financial career. Don’t bother saying you visit the town regularly and are thus a multi-date possibility for a slow-moving girl. Don’t go into detail on how you appreciate the writing style of Alexandre Dumas and how he constructed his novels. Fuck all that.


Fuck all that, yesterday

Instead you show that you are an experienced bad boy cad with a treasure trove of wild stories. Spike her and fill the conversation with innuendo and nuance. And then back off and show how calm and routine it is to pick up girls and fuck them. This is all in a days work because you’ve done it many times before. We sat in a patio bar and ordered a beer each. As she sat opposite me I sexualised the questions game quickly, asking what sexual thing she thought about but had never done (“I’d like to arrange an orgy”). I told her I liked her wide hips and it’s fun to press down on them when I’m fucking a girl. She was talking it all. Then it was time for my centrepiece DHV – doing coke and ecstasy with a porn star I’d picked up in Prague.

When I finished that story I saw her face change. It was clear as day, she suddenly had the “I’m going to fuck this guy” look of resolution. She’d made the decision.

“I have to meet a friend right now but we should meet tonight” she said. “No, we must meet tonight” she added, and took my number. After that it was freewheeling the car downhill. The whatsapp was just logistics and she came directly to my apartment.

It would’ve been easy to fuck this set up at any time in the first hour. If I’d mis-placed her as being K, my game would’ve given off the signals of third-date-sex and she’d be thinking “he’s not the type of guy I like to fuck” or “he’s not really the adventure guy”. That would’ve greatly increased the chances that she didn’t even return a text, never mind have sex. It’s not enough that a girl fancies you – she has to also place you within the category of men she could have sex with.

Rewind the tape and think how differently this could’ve gone if she’d showed me a different side. Let’s say she had well-cared-for straight hair in her natural colour, elegant mainstream fashion, and a brand name handbag. I’d have immediately scored her towards the K side. Then what if she’d said she was Italian and moved here with her parents because her dad is a diplomat at the Italian embassy? That says stable family and here by necessity rather than adventurous spirit. More K.

What if her secret had been “I like Justin Bieber’s music but can’t tell my friends or they’d laugh”. More K.

What if she’d never really thought about a sexual fantasy (that she’s willing to admit to a stranger) but now she thinks about it maybe she’d like to have sex on a beach in the caribbean. More K.

You can bet if she’d showed me all that K, it would’ve been the nephews judo DHV that came out in the bar. And it probably would’ve been a cafe, not a bar anyway. I’d have assumed a 2nd or 3rd date lay was the fastest possible unless something significant came up to suggest faster.

A generic middle-of-the-road some r / some K game strategy is the best option for an intermediate because it shows both sides to you and invites the girl to find something she likes in there. However, it’s sub-optimal as it also gives her reasons to reject you as unsuitable. Blindly going into every set either full-r or full-K is going to increase the volatility of your results because you’ll fail more but when you get lucky enough to match your level of r/K with hers it’ll juice the set nicely. The optimal strategy is to begin with an r/K mix and immediately probe where she sits on the spectrum so you can then tailor your proposition to her needs.

Two weeks after SDLing the Italian, she’d decline a booty call because she was on her period. That means, by inference, she was almost certainly in the ovulation phase when I initially stopped her. That’s good luck and confirms my pre-open Spider Sense tingle.

If you thought this post introduced new ideas, you should see my book. There’s still a few ideas in there un-ripped off. And a ton of other ideas I took from other people too.


  1. I take it there will be a lot more on this in your upcoming books?
    Cheers [I’m trialing my new material on the blog to help organise my thoughts. Once I’m happy with it I’ll start re-writing it in polished structured form for the next textbook. K.]

  2. Great breakdown. The most recent SDL’s I’ve had with girls I had just met were all from girls living on their own, new to the city, adventurous and when they realized they were being gamed…wanted to be fucked and swept away in the moment.

  3. Bloody hell, that Tomas looks like he could be your twin brother.

  4. If you only want quick and filthy lays you could just go Full R all the time and if you wanted a girlfriend just go Full K, it would act as a filter and you’d only have to learn one style. [True but you’d be leaving a lot of potential on the table. K.]

  5. Your Adams-style book prompts at the end of the articles are cracking me up. [I can’t always think of good ones. So sad! K.]

    • No fear. It’s kind of like those old horror/sci-fi movies. The good ones are really good, and the bad ones are hilarious and entertaining almost because of their badness.

      Forgot to mention before: I’ve never had anyone tell me she was bi except as an open DTF message. Gold standard of “don’t screw it up and I’m yours” indicators, in my history.

  6. Great post.

    The girls that come through the pipeline are eerily similar. They fit a profile. A natural progression of game will lead to targeted game. Like personalised medicine. You need to understand a specific disease to cure it. Chemotherapy isn’t that good. Because we don’t understand what the cancer is most of the time. So in analogy, the more we know about the inner working of girls the better our game will become, and the less crying I will do about not banging a super K selected girl.

    The biggest predictor of whether my game WORKS period, is if shes a girl that came from another country and is a bit stranded. She has almost no friends, and the friends she has are not as good. Not as exciting. An already boring life of a girl turned even more boring. The language barriers don’t help for her to make friends. And finding a guy, for a girl in a new city is very difficult. They don’t approach, feminism doesn’t cover that. Worst case scenario is she is a masters student. Masters students are the loneliest people on the planet. They start off with not many students on their course, maybe even as low as 20, and they then are split up to specialise even further. Definition of doomed. It’s what they don’t tell you before you start. I guess this comes under, the current options thing.

    And the bisexual thing is a gift from god.

    I wish I had a centrepiece porn star fuck DHV…

  7. What was the name of the pornstar you had sex with?

  8. You’ve made previous statements about “good girls” saying they could be laid just as fast as “sluts.” Does this mean when they are on an R-selected path? OR Is it when you properly do heavily K-selected game with masterful and precise use of R-selection/seduction? [To lay a good girl fast she has to be at the extreme r side of her normal bandwith. K.]

  9. The R/K distinction is extremely important as I learned last week…
    I misread the whole vibe of this girl I was on a first date with, I thought she was on the K side… big mistake. Although I managed to kiss her, I didn´t go out with her again.
    Then a “natural” acquantence told me he invited this girl for a bite and then to the motel and she agreed. She told him about a guy (me) with whom she went out with that was very naive and unexperienced with woman. Lesson learned.

  10. Thanks for the mention! And I still hate you for that story – I was still pondering her hotness while you already were in the set. She was good type of crazy.

    As for laying “good girls” fast – some good girls are “indeed bad girls that haven’t been caught”. Other need a heavy push to the r side – recent divorce, long and boring marriage, big move to another city, new job/new life, big travel (like Erasmus). And the ovulation window surely helps but it’s not a requirement (my recent “fast” next day lay was with a girl -thankfully – one day after her period).

  11. Like the r/K approach you laid out to wards calibration. Relevant to every man in the game and connects a few dots I’ve been struggling with myself. Good one to include in the upcoming book.

  12. Great post – this is something I’ve struggled with since I started to become more r and sexual – i found I was losing some girls I could’ve got with had I played it a bit more K. I guess it is just experience and calibration but like everything you can’t read girls 100%. It’s interesting you use both options, both r and K. Unlike some other guys *ahem* who are full r and fully sexual intent and intense from the get go, I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that ‘I couldn’t have gotten that lay if I was over the top sexual at the outset’. Not talking about wining and dining provider but perhaps 2-3 dates, more conversation to get her juices flowing. Think Jimmy wrote about this somewhere but he seems to have disappeared again.

  13. yes yes all wonderful stuff Krauser, but on the Dumas, have you read The Fencing Master? Was thinking about getting this on Amazon. Ps if you note I have taken my handle from my favourite novel of all time CoMC, its the pirates nickname for Edmond (‘driftwood’). The frogs always go on about V Hugo, but I prefer Dumas … an absolute genius.

  14. Fantastic post. Such clarity of thought. Possibly the best “yesterday” caption ever.

  15. This is a very good post. It explains why I’ve gotten blown out when I didn’t know why. I realise it was I was too R when she was too K. Damn. And sometimes, why, yeah. no, very good good good.

  16. High testosterone means a higher sex drive and a more casual attitude towards sex. The tells for this are longer legs and mannish squarer features, which means more r.

    Don’t forget forearm hair. Even short feminine-looking girls with extra forearm hair seem particularly horny.

  17. Great post, I missed them. Specially the “The optimal strategy is to begin with an r/K mix and immediately probe where she sits on the spectrum so you can then tailor your proposition to her needs”. Lean Startup applied to Game. Any chance you’re voting NO tomorrow? KD

  18. I’ve just had a eureka moment reading this. I was on a date recently with girl who was telling me she likes to have threesomes, going on spontaneous adventures, meeting new people. Basically everything she told me was full on R. I did not change my strategy. Surprise surprise, I never heard from her again after that date. [Talk about learning the hard way…. K.]

  19. Excellent blogpost!

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  21. Tried to find out what r/K means, came over it in your book Daygame Infinite, but I am not able to find an explanation of the term.
    Am I the only one who´s outside ?

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  23. I’m still early in my learnings, and this is something of an epiphany. I was on my 6th first date from daygame with a girl that I initially read as K, being a cheerful lawyer. Within 30 minutes of the date, she said she’s been to BDSM clubs. Two hours into the date and I find out she’s a dom and in an open relationship. Somehow, I managed to mess this up and never saw her after the hug at the end of the first date. I actually said something along the lines of “I still feel like I don’t know you” as part of a cheap, shitty K-selected routine. That’s just one of many mistakes made. As I’m reading the dating section in Daygame Infinite, I’m finding gaping holes in my dating approach, but at least I have a framework from which to build.

    Nick, any chance that you would do a video product on dating, akin to Daygame Overkill? The transcripts in Infinite are invaluable, but video/audio would really bring them to life. [Thanks for the feedback. I’ve got no plans to do a dating video product. K.]

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