1. sorry to hear that Nicholas. Does that mean i have carte blanche to upload my copy to the the pirate bay then? do tell! [No, not really. K.]

  2. aww why is that?
    know any links we can get one?

  3. Good job – cut him off

    Torero has a brilliant mind. But then there is the issue of character

    Torero seems to be an weasel R and you are a K

    It explains how Torero can be a liberal – all beliefs which have no basis in fact. And sound ridiculous coming from an otherwise very rational and fact-based guy who studied with Richard Dawkins of all people

    Only being a liberal allows Torero to maintain his personal weasel R traits where he runs and hides and uses other people’s material without attribution

    So… You can fuck 300+ broads and still not really be a man [300?? K.]

  4. Lol first he fell out with Tom for not mentioning him in his book, now he’s jealous that he wasn’t mentioned in a video.

    What an alpha male. [You are one step from being banned, faggot. Tom asked me to remove the book and I agreed. K.]

  5. “You were walking along like an angry cat”

    That line got me my first SDL

    “You were walking along like a sleepy cat”

    That line got me my first toilet bang.

    Of course I’m now glad to see the back of it, the less people with this skillset the better for me.

  6. Anywaym I’m tell a girl a week ago, You look really dreamy, youre do probably some meditation tonight…. (in my first language)
    The girl getting anger šŸ˜€

    Later I tell this story my sister, she laugh at me, and the line, she think this was a good line šŸ˜€

  7. I stopped buying his products a while back because I caught a couple contradictions in his stories in products and videos.

    His podcasts started becoming ever increasingly negative I thought.

    His tips and techniques now seem exaggerated like a theory junkie online who hasn’t actually done for himself what he is advising other guys to do.

    It feels like his online presence on Facebook is mearly now to make himself cooler then he actually is.

    Look at his pattern over the years. Seems like he can’t keep friends.

    I’ve read your blogs and books and you always have been consistently, you. That is a good thing.

    • Can you explain that a bit more? [Just so we’re clear: Now that we have no connection, readers may analyse / criticize / question Tom’s record here like they would any other PUA. He has no special privileges. But remember that if you’re doing so with any PUA you must actually make a case. Outright insults and hating are not tolerated. If in doubt, check recent post comments for the kind of things I allowed. K.]

  8. Tom is brilliant. Krauser is brilliant.

    I may be wrong, but any objective person can probably see it’s most likely Krauser getting upset over a little thing. I mean the book episode was lame.

    Meh. Doesn’t bother me. I love em both!

    • I’ve been in a postion when a friend is eroding away at your boundaries slowly but surely. It can be a total boiled frog situation and you don’t even notice it until it is too late.

  9. Sorry to hear about this. The section on r-selected fashion was alone worth the purchase.

  10. It’s instructive that most of the commenters here think a lack of integrity and lying in a friendship is a “little thing”

    Says a lot about you, as does gloating over pirating other people’s work.

    If you’d ever produced anything of value instead of leeching off other people, you might actually get it.

    And, fuck off before talking about “negative vibe” that I’m bringing.

    • As always, Steve Jabba wants to enlighten us through his negative vibe. Like how many times does he jump in here to say something positive?
      What as a surprise that in spite of having some of the best pickup skills out there, he amounted to absolutely nothing both in the pu community and the business world.
      He’s probably still depressed or something. If I was him, I would be too.

  11. [redacted] ,I’ve said it before and I say again [When you say it again, please make sure there’s an argument supporting it. K.]

  12. Wow… Literally finished it today. Good product. Maybe redraft it, rerelease.

    I’m a fan of Tom’s… But I am tempted to think of the fake kiss close. And you were pretty decent to him during that scandal.

  13. What a shame; it’s a really good book. I agree with Steve Jabba – to produce value and have it taken for granted in a cavalier fashion is an absolute gut punch. For those of you who haven’t read it, there is a decent beginners section at the end of Nicks Daygame Nitro, at least in the First Edition.

  14. I would have to guess that Tom and K are not affiliated anymore because Tom does not want to be associated with all the real talk going on over at Krauser’s twitter. I’m pretty sure Krauser’s twitter has lost him a few friends [Not any friends I wanted to keep. K.]. Tom being the business man knows that being affiliated with any extreme views will equal less profits. I’m guessing K on the other hand is somehow independently wealthy and can do whatever the hell he wants. He isn’t bound to the slavery of money.

    K, now that Tom is no longer affiliated with you – can we talk about his fake infields? In your opinion is Tom the real deal or is he a fake. In my opinion he comes off as a very good marketer and salesmen but if he himself is actually getting YHT remains to be proven. [Not a fake, but not what you are invited to think. Talk about anything as much as you like, so long as there’s a supporting argument and not mere slander. I stress this applies to all PUAs, not just Tom. K.]

  15. Nicky boy, just a quickie. I know you have said more than once in the past that mr torero isn’t fake so in your opinion is mr torero as good as he portrays or is a lot of it just self promotion on his part? [I don’t wish to give my opinion. Readers are free to offer their’s. K.]

  16. Again this twitter question…
    I think every normal white people hate gipsies, migrants etc. When some white people like gypsies, this isn’t normal, its stupid.
    Sometimes i read your twitter Nick, and I think a human can make a happier life, when not focusing too much negative thoughts (like gypsies migrants etc) [Keep that stuff to twitter. K.]

  17. I took coaching for 5 days from Nick last month.
    I am an average looking guy from NYC around 5’7. To begin with, I paid a lot of money for coaching, almost equal to the cost my entire engineering degree in a developing country. But I am absolutely satisfied with what I learnt during the coaching. Well worth the price.

    I did cold approaches on street for 5-6 hours everyday for almost 5 days. Nick watched me, recorded me and gave me feedback and I improved everyday with his feedback, His feedback on vibe, the technical work in stopping and what do you exactly do in the set was really valuable. During my first week in this foreign country, I got a good chunk of phone numbers from really cute girls and these girls were responding well on text. Since I was there just for a week i could schedule tons of dates. I did blew up a date by failing a shit test but this could have very well ended with me getting laid.

    Vibe and inner game is something which you can read about in the books but learning it by hanging out with Nick is 10 times better than reading it from books. I also watched Nick doing his approaches and his game is mind blowing. Its like mozart playing Piano. He idated a catwalk model, a 17 year old really cute girl and got tons of other numbers,
    Apart from everything which I learnt, one of the biggest benefits of personal coaching is gaining the reference experience. Once you see Nick doing it, you realize the kind of girls you can be with when you are good at it and it keeps you going.

  18. I still think Jabba has the most sound advice on Getting lays & daygame by not taking it too serious and having other things you can do. Nick’s insights on Daygame is visionary even though I don’t agree with his political views. At the end of day it’s just getting laid we’re not saving the world

  19. People should stop interpreting this through the “I’m with Team Krauser”/ “I’m with Team Torero”-filter. The goal is to get laid, not to become a fanboy.
    I’m pretty sure it’s mostly a business decision. Tom wants people buying his new book, not an old book for which he has to share profits. Nick agreed, because he has other products as well. [There is no scandal to this decision. He asked me if I’d agree to stop selling the book and I said ok. K.]

  20. Shame you guys couldn’t work it out.
    Remember watching a few videos when you guys were on holiday together and you always seemed pretty tight. Enjoyed listening to both your viewpoints as you understand game on a much deeper level.
    But I’m guessing sometimes lines are crossed and there’s no way back.

  21. Doesn’t anybody find it strange that less then a year ago, K himself was all on the Tom train. Even going as far as posting a post about how we should ignore is fake infield and he was the real deal.

    And today he can’t even give his opinion on the matter. strange for such a out spoken guy

    power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely [More like poor reading comprehension corrupts absolutely. Try re-reading that post. K.]

  22. To me it looks like Torero is quite an eloquent, polite, gentleman type of guy. Though he is completely lacking a masculine, r-selected vibe.

    So girls respond very well to him on a street stop as he is no sexual threat to them. This is very good for infield daygame videos but not that good for his notch count.

    He might convert 7s, but i cannot imagine hes actually fucking 8+ badass bitches on a regular basis.

  23. shame the book is gone, its a good book and im glad i got a copy, but all the info is already in mastery, and nitro anyway pretty much, its just nice to have this as a little bonus.

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