How To Gutter Game

April 27, 2016

Saturday night in Prague and I’m out with a student*. I explain to him the key rules of late-evening gutter game:

  1. Scan for vulnerability
  2. Inquire logistics
  3. Jump on any eye sparkle

The whole point of gutter game is you’re trying to get laid right away via an idate. It’s a different flavour than the usual find-hotties-take-number school of daytime dating. It’s more of a street hustle. So whereas normal daygame should be aiming for YHT and then letting the texting/dating lead to lays, your gutter game is all about opportunism. Replace those 3 YHT letters with DTF. Night time makes things more sexual, even in normal non-depraved towns.

Scanning for vulnerability

Scanning for vulnerability

While standing near Palladium Mall I spotted a solo mousey girl walking towards the trams and something triggered the spider-sense in her manner, look and fashion. Just a seven but she looked vulnerable so I rushed over and introduced myself. There was a ton of sparkle so I inquired logistics:

“Obviously I’m interrupting you. My teachers did say I’m a bad influence. What are you doing?”
“I have to catch a tram” she replies, confirming my conclusion as I’d noticed her looking that direction a few times. “It comes in two minutes”
“Get the next tram. I’m more interesting.”
“No, I can’t. I’m going to my friend’s house and we’ll get ready to go out tonight”

The set died there and then. I took a number and suggested we meet later but I knew it was a lost cause. So I hit the reset button and scanned again. Luckily within five minutes I spotted vulnerability at the other side of the square – a blonde girl dressed in black who appeared to be headed home. I gave chase and opened. The eye sparkle was there and upon inquiring her logistics she said she was getting the tram home to work on her thesis. Eagle-eyed readers will note that’s an easily-broken appointment.

“I have a better idea” I say while softly and enthusiastically holding both her shoulders. “Let’s get a quick drink right now. I know a good bar on the next street”

Off we walked.**

Phase One of gutter game is finding those lost girls who are feeling a bit horny and have nothing better to do. You want to jump on any chance for an idate with a vaguely interested girl. Phase Two is the next filter – are they DTF or just window shopping? The rule here is to heat them up and start verbal/physical escalation. ***  Time-wasters will happily absorb your attention but will block escalation. The trick is to pace it correctly so that you are doing enough attraction and comfort to earn the right to escalate. In a gutter game set you can go much faster than usual. I’d say you can filter them within about one drink., maybe two Usually, I use the questions game on this schedule:

Drink One

“Tell me a secret about yourself. Something you can only tell me because I’ll never meet your friends, family or colleagues”
“What frightens you?”
“Which part of your body do you think is most sexy?”
“Who is the sexiest man in the world. Fiction or real, living or dead. Note I said sexy, not perfect husband.”

After half on hour we should be near the end of the first small beer and I’ll have touched her fingers, perhaps her hair, and she’ll be responding postively to these questions. I’ll have sprinkled my own answers with DHVs and there’ll be plenty of comfort too. What I’m looking for are three things:

  1. Is she accepting the escalation?
  2. Do I feel a love bubble has formed?
  3. Is there a lack of obstacles to moving forwards? (e.g. she hasn’t mentioned a boyfriend, nor a pressing need to break off the idate)

If the answer to these is “No”, I’ll consider taking a number and bailing. You can usually tell when a girl is just there for the ride and not sufficiently horny to keep working. If the answer is “Yes” we move on to…..


Drink Two

I don’t usually change venues on a gutter game idate. Things move too fast and I don’t want to lose momentum. We’ll start on the second drink and now I’ll usually ask these questions:

“What do you like about me?”
“What colour is your underwear?”
“What is the sexual thing you’ve never done – and maybe never will do – but you think about it?”

I’ll usually also grab her bar stool and physically pull it closer to me, so we are suddenly very close together. This usually gives a pleased deer-in-the-headlights look and she knows exactly what’s going on. Assuming things are heating up nicely I’ll make my move, usually while she’s struggling to think of a question:

“You’ve got five seconds to think of a question, or I’ll kiss you”

If she takes longer than five, I go for it. If she throws out a quick question I just calmly continue the game as if I’d never made the move. She got the message. A few minutes later as I see my beer is half-finished, I’ll say: “Before I reach the end of this beer, I’m going to kiss you”

Then when it’s time to go for it I’ll lock eyes and say “come closer”. She should be reticent but smiling and sparkling. Then I’ll crook my finger to call her in and say “closer”. When she’s reasonably close I lean in and kiss. That brings us to the next critical test: Does she jump into the kiss? If a girl is tentatively kissing, you’ll need more time – maybe that night, maybe on a day two. However if your luck holds she’ll kiss you with some combination of:

  • Hunger
  • Pushing up into you
  • Tongue down your throat
  • Gasping or moaning
  • Hands roving over your upper arms and shoulders

These are DTF signals and you move to Phase Three – extraction. The key to an SDL extraction is momentum. A teeny-tiny window of extreme opportunity has opened and you need to recognise this and act decisively. Kiss her a bit, finish the drinks (I sometimes finish her’s too if she’s stalling) then do your extraction line:

“Come on, let’s go walk somewhere else”

"Have you seen Beatbox Dog?"

“Have you seen Beatbox Dog?”

She may wobble but she’ll probably follow. If she asks where, say to your place to watch YouTube. If she doesn’t, just walk anyway. Even if she refuses your apartment, walk her there and bamboozle her forebrain with soft non-sexual nonsense – I often talk about how cute pandas are and the videos of them on slides. If she comes in, great. If not…… push her up against the wall right next to your door and make out. Grab her hair, bite her neck, push your dick against her. You are looking for a sign that her hindbrain has taken control and will allow her to be taken in. Signs include:

  • Her crotch pressing against yours
  • Hands clawing at you, like you’re having sex already

Then try again. She won’t always come in but this is your best shot to getting it done.

* It’s rare, but it has been known to happen

** In this specific case, we got right to the end of the guide and she wouldn’t come in. Bah!
*** Actual escalation advice is explained in detail in both Daygame Mastery and Black Book


  1. bloody hell krauser this sounds like a series of complex military manoeuvres …

  2. Nick,

    Very nice post, training in its purest form.

    Thanks! Raz

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Great post, I especially liked the street hustle part.

  4. “What is the sexual thing you’ve never done – and maybe never will do – but you think about it?”

    I’ve field tested this after I heard it on your podcast. Gold! For the readers who don’t know what I mean


  5. I have done precisely that on a SDL few months ago but as soon as we went back to her hostel (whole room full of bunkbeds to herself, the burn!) and after some strategic LMR she tells me how she isn’t “feeling like having sex” or how she finds it funny boys in her home country and London are the “same”. Bizarrely we were snogging all evening. Am I simply not attractive enough for her to hit it dear krauser? Or was she simply not on the cock carousal? [Sometimes you do everything right and the girl still says no. K.]

  6. The thing I’ve been thinking about recently is are we as good as we think we are.
    I believe game in its purest form should be about seducing girls out of your league who are content with their life at present.
    That means no emotional upset from a recent breakup, no loneliness eg a tourist or girl that’s just arrived and is feeling a bit low. The things I’ve mentioned sway things in our favour massively.
    I’m talking about going up to a hot girl who wasn’t even thinking about guys cause her life is so full but something about you made her excited/intrigued. Then seducing her. [I’m not in this to make life hard for myself. I have a certain type of woman I want and certain exclusions on how I get her – e.g. I can’t lie and I can’t pay for it – but apart from that I’m just fine with the easiest route. K.]

  7. Point I’m making is gutter game is kind of dirty/fun but it’s not something to rely on imo.
    Plus I should have added drunk girls to those examples above.

  8. Have you considered this (Gutter/momentum/fast lay game) as another video/book product?
    Would be a runner imo
    You talk good specifics and eliminate time wasters unlike the RSD spam approaching Las Vegas drunk girls. [I’ll write a new book eventually but I have to wait until I’m sure it’s not just Mastery or Overkill in a different skin. K.]

  9. Very instructive post. Honestly, I’ve never idated, but I’m building up a series of good spots near where I run day game and I bet the SDL/gutter close is just a matter of time. There’s this one bar… I know that bar is going to get me laid.

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