1. The anus is an “out” port. The mouth is an “in” port. And there are all the anal reconstructive surgeries becoming common among women. Pinky finger in anus is small enough to not damage. D1ck is too big. Even the index finger is too large.

    I vote “No” on anal.

  2. I’m almost beginning to think we’re aiming for the wrong target when it comes to “anal virginity”; we should be shooting for and congratulating popping the cherry, not getting giddy about coming in second place with an “anal virginity”.

  3. I’m surprised you’ve never heard about using a proper lube or applying a natural lubricant? Anus and sphinster don’t produce lubricant by themselves. Would save you time and make it more pleasurable to her to lubricate your penis and her anus before penetration. Also, it is advised to wash your penis thorougly after anal penetration before continuing other activities. [No way I’m raw dogging a girl in the ass. The condom lube is enough. K]

  4. Great podcast! as someone else said I like that you give advice for the bedroom. That trying to please a girl is beta was a eye opener for me ( even though it makes much sense now).

    I tried your method yesterday and with success! A girl that I took the virginity of a couple of months ago.
    Thanks! [Another victory for Team R-Selection. K.]

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