From which dark pit did the Black Book emerge?

September 3, 2015

Back in December 2014 I got a call from a production company working for the BBC. They were making a reality TV show about a young man trying a bunch of different activities to make him more masculine. Picking up girls would be part of it and one episode entirely about daygame. Did I want to be his daygame coach?

No thank you. Why would I want to be on TV? I’m not a woman, nor a faggot.

Not sure if woman or faggot. But definitely TV.

Not sure if woman or faggot. But definitely TV.

They kept on at me and finally we agreed terms. They’d pay for me to come down to London, put me up in a hotel for the weekend, book a room, set up the cameras and lighting. My job was to get six students of the right demographic, do a presentation, then take their guy infield for a few hours. Seemed easy enough. Knowing that I was dealing with a TV production company, I thought it almost certain they’d be:

  1. incompetent clowns
  2. self-important SJWs
  3. dishonest

So I got their producer on Skype and recorded her promising I could bring my own cameraman and release my own footage in the event I thought their edit was a hatchet job. I asked if she minded if I release the seminar footage recorded by my own cameraman myself. “So long as it’s after we broadcast, no problem, but we can’t give you the footage from our camera.” Win-win. They get their show and I get a product.

Those of you who’ve read Aesop’s fable about the frog and the scorpion will guess what happened next. Being clowns-SJW-dishonest they just couldn’t helping fucking with the whole thing. First of all they demanded the seminar be shot on Friday – when everyone has work or uni. Then all the students had to be aged 18-25 and new to daygame. I explained how my readers are older and most people don’t hear about me until they’ve already been doing sets.

Then they required everyone agree to be interviewed on TV. I explained how the community is mostly anonymous so they agreed this wasn’t important…. and then went back on it immediately, contacting my students and bullying them to agree.

Having explicitly agreed I had full control of the seminar and content (“we just want to be flies on the wall, seeing the event like it normally is”) they soon started acting like it was their seminar, telling me what I was and wasn’t allowed to do. I soon corrected them on that, sending this email:

I’m happy to do the date bit after you leave, but it has to be a reasonable time. Remember I’m coming down from Newcastle to do a special one-off seminar for you that I had to organise in a hurry, with narrow specifications on the attendees, on a difficult day, and I’m not getting paid beyond minimum expenses. So, I’m insistent that I get to do it my way, within reason. Remember I’m not on your payroll and I answer only to myself.

Finally it got to the point that I was ready to bin them. Two days before the event I was finally sent my train ticket. Just before boarding the train the day before I was given my hotel reservation, and by the evening before they still hadn’t told me the venue. There’s a reason these people are interning in media production companies for peanuts rather than earning mad stacks in the finance industry, after all.

Head producer, artist impression

Head producer, artist impression

Back in December they told me their “researchers” liked my material and blog. I sent the producer a free login to Daygame Overkill in January. It seems those crack researchers didn’t discover my twitter until the night before the event. I got a pompous faggot (“head producer” or something) call me late on while I was in the pub with Bojangles and Ramy.

Faggot: Am I speaking to Nick Krauser?
Me: Yes
Faggot: I am to understand we are supposed to be filming with you tomorrow.
Me: Yes
Faggot: Well, we are cancelling you.
Me: Ok
Faggot: [expectant pause while I don’t ask why] We read your Twitter.
Me: Ok
Faggot: [longer pause while I don’t complain or explain] We don’t want to be associated with people like you.
Me: Ok
Faggot: [longer pause again] Yes. So. We’re cancelling you.
Me: Ok
Faggot: And we are going to cancel your hotel too [it was about 9pm on a cold February evening]
Me: Good luck

So I had a mad scramble to find a venue on less than a day’s notice, inform all the students, and set up my cameraman. The hotel told the BBC to piss off because I’d already checked in. I advised all the students not to tell the BBC the event was still going head because you know how SJWs are with bomb threats. These people were trying to make me homeless on the evening in a very cold winter’s night after inviting me down to their town. Hardly honourable people.

Late morning on the Friday we all met up outside the venue, ordered some beers, and went up to the pub function room for the seminar on Intermediate Daygame. And thus the Black Book was filmed. Dicking around with the production company clowns was a pain, but I’d written the seminar and prepared the slides assuming I was going to do a proper presentation.

Black Book is a 223-minute seminar advising guys who are already comfortable with beginner daygame on how to make the jump to intermediate.


  1. Props on knowing exactly who you were dealing with.

  2. What is the name of the production company? [I’ll keep it to myself. K.]

  3. Interesting post. Glad you got out of it OK. Those guys are scum. I guess you learnt never again to entertain such an offer in the future, unless perhaps they pay you big bucks upfront!

  4. that’s exactly how you handle those ungrateful people!

  5. “I have found those who work for TV broadcasting companies to be the most disagreeable people that I have ever encountered. I far preferred the criminals whom I encountered in my work as a prison doctor, who were more honest and upright than TV people.

    In my experience, TV people are as lying, insincere, obsequious, unscrupulous, fickle, exploitative, shallow, cynical, untrustworthy, treacherous, dishonest, mercenary, low, and untruthful a group of people as is to be found on the face of this Earth. They make the average Western politician seem like a moral giant. By comparison with them, Mr. Madoff was a model of probity and Iago was Othello’s best friend. I am prepared to admit that there may be—even are—exceptions, as there are exceptions good or bad in every human group, but there is something about the evil little screen that would sully a saint and sanctify a monster.”
    Theodore Dalrymple

  6. Proud of you, mate. That telephone conversation with the faggot has made my morning.

    You stoically used the obstacle as an advantage to create a new product. Marcus Aurelius would be proud.

    Simple and elegent.

  7. Are you aware of Gavin McInnes, Nick?

    He’d have you on the show for sure, he recently did an interview with Roosh.

  8. I remember you and Bojangles telling me about it when I arrived to help out . A bunch of fuckwits, the lot of them. It’s not just these guy, but the entire digital media industry as well. A bunch of clowns acting as though they know their shit and only being where their are due to either whoring their way up the ladder, or because they know an idiot who knows and idiot who knows an idiot to help them get in.

    Was a successful event though in the end regardless.

  9. That media guy was scared, masquerading as moral superiority. Most whites live in fear nowadays. I read some of your twitter stuff, anyone who believes the racist gas chamber story is a liberal, it’s a big part of their narrative.

  10. I had this brain fry with hot 19yo Slovak christian model. Massive tension, magical atmosphere, dancing close…meet to makeout -2 minutes. (But I sort of knew her.) Goes red, smiling joyfully/nervously, steps away, goes away, blurts “I’ll be at the bla bla”…I make a mistake of letting her go feeling like Bond. Next day, I thank her and she thanks me for magical moment over Facebook. Then my date requests (3 times over prolonged period) are met with 100% radio silence.

    Recently at the party with 20yo Czech, I went for kiss twice in a row quickly after she opened me, literally, she opened the door, we danced close, even discussed her friends and she said she was there alone…lovely vibe but again, too aggresive from me. I was “dominant” while her signal was “I need fake comfort to feel good about this”. I went for the kiss twice in a row and she excused herself for the bathroom. Then probably slept with guy who talked to her for 20 minutes, who had “understanding”. (poorly pretended bur gpod enough)

    When I succeeded in similar scenarios, I had more of naive, blue pill, “I’m a bit nervous too but still go for it” vibe. Enjoying the moment, but less ego, more respect. Almost waiting for the point we both wanted the kiss. Awareness doesn’t end with IOI’s.

  11. I like your tweets. Interesting you like Churchill. Love to hear your thoughts on if he had sided with Hitler in the 1930s we would not be in this cultural Marxism mess ? [We butchered the wrong pig in WWII. K.]

  12. Krauser, you’re by far the most honest, one of the best, my favorite, and the most disagreeable PUA (you can surely appreciate that label) I’ve come across.
    Now, I would describe my political stance as being extreme far left, yet many of my friends describe me as neo-conservative. I think this is due to my willingness to criticize relious and cultural values, as well as not sugarcoat controversial issues such as gun control, police brutality in the U.S. and the current immagrant crisis [I am absolutely sympathetic towards those seeking peace for their families, but I refuse the charge of being racist for stating the fact that Germany and Sweden take in kore refugees than any other Western European country]. Nor will I humour those who claim Israel is as bad as the media claims it is (and I think a Jewish state is both evil and corrosive to civilization..
    My question is, how do you feel about the views f such people as Sam Harris? [I’ve only heard his name, never read him. I don’t really care what any given person thinks. I’m interested in ideas and social currents. K.]

  13. If you want to read something very disturbing about the future of TV in the UK, read Channel 4’s (Major Broadcaster) diversity charter:

    Click to access Channel%204%20360%20Diversity%20Charter%20-%20FINALxx.pdf

    The pictures should say it all…

  14. Just mindboggling the mass brainwashing going on. To paraphrase a heartiste commenter; “project silent genocide is on”

  15. Yes the TV people were utter cunts on that Thursday night, passive aggressive, indecisive and displaying high levels of faggottry. The event went well at the end of the day just like the Overkill one and the students enjoyed the material and the sets we got them doing.

  16. Saw your comment on ideas and social currents. Libertarian from the Wild, Wild West Coast here.

    What are your thoughts on…
    American cities raising the minimum wage (Los Angeles will have it at $15 by 2021)? [Stupid. Why not raise it to $250p/h then we can all buy Ferraris?]
    Government-sponsored healthcare? [Stupid. Spending other people’s money on other people. Guaranteed to be wealth-destroying.]
    The Western world’s reliance on oil? [Stupid. It’s the only reason Arabs aren’t all living in mud huts.]
    The importance of a national work ethic and middle-class values as reflected by Germany’s recent success? [And they have the best racial gifts. K.]

    • “And they have the best racial gifts.”

      Not necessarily, Nick.

      What about, “no man is an island onto himself”?

      The guy above asked some crucial questions. I’m no history buff, so this is all fueled by what makes sense. Euclidean geometry would not be possible without the Arabic numeral system. Everything is borrowed. The Bubonic Plague forced survivors to group together and create expansive lexicons fast enough to allow for a division of labor. We have a name for the descendents of these post-Plague leaders. Nobility. Everything is borrowed. Then came cities with AUSTERE banking, a Jewish invention (why did anyone ever listen to Marx?) and best displayed by Rome. Everything is borrowed.

      Everything is borrowed. What did Sir Issac Newton say about standing on the shoulder of giants? He allegedly died a deranged virgin, which does prove that white men definitely do win in the delayed gratification department.

      Regarding Germany’s specific success, Martin Luther asked for a preference toward individual responsibility and innovation rather than divine intervention. Note that all economically struggling Southern European countries still harbor religious factions several hundred years old. When the Eurozone became a thing, they just weren’t prepared for all of those easily accessible funds. France hasn’t been much of anything since Napoleon, and their desperate obsession with socialism makes me ask again, why did anyone listen to Marx?

      As for the role of Africans over the last 500 years, we’ve all learned it’s best to just leave anyone not producing anything to themselves. We could train the few descendents of slaves all to be engineers, researchers and doctors, but that would be a net loss both chronologically and emotionally for the white mainstream. “Here, have a ball, have a piano.” But yes, blacks, or anyone else for that matter, aren’t owed anything but a prison cell to rot in if they slip through the cracks.

      Anyone wise enough to understand this comment should use Mother’s Day to acknowledge the importance of coming out of the right womb. She could’ve chosen a loser to be your father, to your own detriment. [Blacks have a much lower IQ, so good luck training more than the top 10% of them for brainwork. Marxism is a virus to which the white mind is uniquely susceptible due to our high degree of social trust. K.]

      • The son of the man who created Stormfront distanced himself from his father but won’t disown his upbringing. Anyone with a brain knows the cultural Marxists (mostly prestigious banker families, their pseudo-intellectual henchmen and rich white elite who remain indebted to the families) waging a war on white society can’t possibly win by the rules, that would be very time-consuming and expensive…

        “Marxism is a virus to which the white mind is uniquely susceptible due to our high degree of social trust.”

        Did the great Nick Krauser just present himself as a victim? Leave that to the niggers. You’re fucking up, mate! Just admit it, Europe and America would be slow and boring if

        1) Negroes were removed, or even worse if…
        2) Negroes behaved AND excelled (once again, very expensive but affordable to a select few mentioned earlier)

        They give white nationalists like you an enemy and give SWPL types a distraction. They give you a chance to react. Enjoy the emotion.

        God forbid they learn how to count though, how would they entertain you without their athleticism, musical prowess, sexual energy and propensity for stupidity?

        But I’m curious too, what books are you reading these days, Mr. Wise Guy?

      • except ‘Arabic numerals’ weren’t really Arabic .. the middle east merely acted as a conduit of information between India & the West …

        if you want to do a crude back of an envelope test on this … how many arabs have you heard of that were ever made great mathematicians? … and how many indians have you met who were pretty good at maths (answer: apart from every fucking indian kid in your class being good at maths … you have Ramanujan, Pillai (Warings problem), Satyendra Bose (worked with einstein on QM problems) and so on and so forth … )

        You see when the Islamic marauders finished destroying anything that the prophet didn’t sanction in their path they had just about enough sense to pick up a few bits and pieces along the way …

    • Thanks for the reply, Nick.

      Any man who opts for entertainment as a career does so knowing he is at the mercy of the gatekeepers for the media conglomerates. These gatekeepers can maintain their agenda without me. I refuse to make myself expendable.

      If you choose to settle down, how will you explain to your children why you don’t watch TV? I’m assuming you stopped watching TV regularly once you understood the ability of ad-fueled media to influence making the general populace empty our pockets.

      Also, what non-fiction books are you reading right now?

  17. Mr. Krauser, if Marxism is a virus which is especially aimed at social trust, then why is it that anti-Marxism also comes predominantly from white minds?

    Is lead/follow dancing ever important to you in day game? I occasionally invite women I meet when I’m out and about during the day to meet me at a dance venue.

    BBC–Bunch of Blinkin’ Communists [Marxism is a Jewish invention. Anti-Marxism is like the immune system fighting back. K.]

  18. Krauser, I got your book Day Game Mastery specifically because I wanted to see you present your frameworks/thoughts regarding DHVing or generally high-status communication. In a recent podcast interview you briefly mentioned about how girls like hearing about how what we do relates to how it makes us feel, e.g. “I do kickboxing” becomes “I love the way my shin smacks the bag and the dull thud sound that comes from it”.

    Can you please go into more depth about this? I feel like you covered much ground in Daygame Mastery, but missed the opportunity to describe how to communicate with girls that naturally signals the right things without it being perceived as bragging.

  19. Check out the Tumblr page Third Reich Confessions. It was initially set up as a political page but has been inundated with anonymous girls writing in their dark thoughts about wanting to get dominated by SS men and Uncle Adolf and the like. The Night Porter, 9.5 Weeks & 50 Shades were all written by women. The female mind really is a dark chasm which you seem to be able to tap into.

  20. [That’s some seriously pompous mind-wanking. Socrates? Hahaha. K.]

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