1. I just spent 4 months in Kiev. It’s a place that takes time. My first 2-3 weeks there I was asking myself wtf, but slowly but surely I built up a nice harem. I was always adding / subtracting after that. One of the best cities I’ve been to if you can invest the time. Quality is amazing.

    Now that I’m back in pussy hell seeing this video made me a bit nostalgic.

  2. “The sun comes up and the sun goes down
    The girls on the street keep walkin’ around
    I just goes out and it’s already quiet in town
    Game gets tedious dunnit?

    “My feet are sore but I don’t care
    So I sit on a bench and I’m not goin’ nowhere
    I could pop home to wash my hair
    But that’s just wasted effort

    “My state has crashed
    Gettin’ lower and lower
    Haven’t been laid for a month or more
    But I’ve read on blogs and it’s true I’m sure
    That too much game will weaken you

    “I open a girl and she’s listening
    I try to speak but I’m mumblin’ again
    I talk too fast and I failed again
    Just one thing after another

    “My regular wing, he must be sick
    I messaged him today but not WhatsApp tick
    He’s gone dark actin’ like a dick
    There’s something cockeyed somewhere

    “There’s a dirty t-shirt on my kitchen floor
    It’s been there for a month or more
    And tidying my flat seems like such a chore
    There ain’t a darn thing in there”

    And so on haha. Genius. Really enjoyed this podcast, especially the second half.

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