1. Krauser,

    What are a few cities that have a decent amount of large tit blondes who are chill personality wise?

    Dont want fat English birds with cuntish attitudes or b cup lanky stick women like the Ukraine has.

  2. Really liked this episode. Been curious about the overlap/difference in night/day game. It’s also been an interesting turn of events that the verifiability of peoples day game skills[video] calls into question: who is legit in night game?

    Having read your book, I know you did some night game in the beginning but now that you’re growing less enthusiastic about day game, have you thought about doing night game again for a bit?

  3. Recently discovered your podcast and find all the little tweaks from intermediate to advanced very helpful. I love daygame, but living in Canada in a midsized city, nightgame here is a lot easier to lays (In other words, the work to lay ratio is a lot smaller for nightgame). I don’t know about London and Europe, but is there a reason you don’t really focus on nightgame? For you, would you say getting numbers and then dates is more consistent for you? Whereas in nightgame, it can be quicker, if you pull a girl that night. [I’m 40 and I fuck 20 year olds. That’s really unlikely for me from nightgame, which is more geared towards young-handsome-extravert. K.]

  4. Nick
    How many years did you do BJJ? What rank are you in BJJ? Have you done other martial arts besides bjj? [Got injured a month before my blue belt grading and never went back. Switched to muay thai and had 5 fights (3-2) and one boxing match (draw). K.]

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