The Supply Problem Scarcity Reversal Girl

June 16, 2014

Men have so many wrong ideas about women. That’s natural, because we’re in a different sexual role and we all fall prey to projection. One common wrong-headed idea is to see a really hot girl and think:

She must have so many options!

Women are all about the quality of options, not the number. We can see a girl post an attention-whoring selfie on Facebook to draw 100 likes and fill her chodestream. Wow, so many options! No, that’s projection. If a man drew 100 likes from girls he’d naturally assume 90 of them want to fuck him (and he’d be right) and he’d then start mining the seam of all the pretty ones. The girl’s problem is that those likes are low quality attention. It validates her but doesn’t solve her pressing sexual needs.

She wants high quality male attention and that’s a scarce resource. She can’t draw it with a selfie.

How dare she!

How dare she!

All girls have an Attraction Threshold below which the men are insignificant and might as well be furniture. Above that threshold are the “hot” and “interesting” men. The specifics of this depend on the girl. Some like jacked young douchebags. Some like mature men with gravitas. Some are all about the money and handbags. Each girl has her particular preferences and only certain men meet them and rise above the threshold.

Once you’re above her threshold you are now a scarce resource. She won’t just blow you off, ignore your texts and so on (except as a tactic in the mating dance). Some girls have an exceedingly high (or exceedingly narrow) attraction threshold and those girls seem difficult until you figure it out. The process is actually very simple:

  1. Girl has unusually specific requirements in her man. For example if she’s a tall, intelligent fashion model with family money she’ll be very specific because so many pillars of her innate hypergamy can’t be easily found in one man.
  2. All day every day, the men she meets don’t come close to her attraction threshold. She never meets the man who makes her ears perk up. On the rare cases it happens, something happens on the date to burst the bubble and disappoint her.
  3. After years without sex she gives up on men. Her sex drive goes into hibernation and she focuses all her attention on other pursuits.
  4. She’s dismissive of the men who hit on her. She has a learned helplessness – “I’ll waste my time and emotional investment getting to know this man and inevitably be disappointed. So why bother. Just screen them out. I’ll never find a man. Better not to look. It’ll just depress me.”
  5. You come along. She’s perked up and tries to No-Filter you to oblivion. She seems to difficult. What a bitch.
  6. You persevere. You’re a trained player and this is a puzzle you might be able to solve. Finally, against her better judgement, frustration and hope put her on a Day 2 with you.
  7. After an initially frosty and defeatist beginning, she starts to warm to you. She’s enjoying this. She doesn’t really know what to do. She’s never been on a date so long without something going wrong.
  8. And then – ping! – something happens and her defeatism falls away. She realises you are not fucking up. “This man might actually be what I’ve been dreaming about all these barren years”
  9. “Fuck! He is! Finally, a man I can fuck!”

And then it’s in the bag. You are the scarcest of resources. All of that pent-up horniness bubbles up and the volcano explodes. The girl will now chase you. You are the only one who can deliver her. And just like that – often there’s a very particular easy-to-see moment on the date – she flips 180 from being a dismissive, difficult princess to her being a total chode.

 * EDIT – I probably didn’t make it clear enough but I’m talking about a particular sub-category of girl here (the “supply problem” girl) who has very little sex because of her excessively restrictive standards. I’ve laid a bunch of them who haven’t had sex in as much as four years before meeting me and all had tiny lay counts. These girls loved sex, they just struggled to find someone who could switch them on. So I’m describing the process I noticed when dating them. If you meet a girl who hasn’t had sex in over six months but who clearly isn’t frigid, she might be one of these. During the questions game, asking “when did you last have sex” is an easy way to probe.


  1. Hi Krauser,

    Good text, thank you for it.


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  2. Another useful inspiring post. That’s two in a row. Maybe the K man is in love.

  3. Thanks Nick. Big help.This really ties in with the SMV video you did with Tom regarding Universal Darwinism and scarce resources. Cheers.

  4. Well done Krauser.

    The more a man builds his lifestyle as well, the more attractive and put together women he attracts into his life naturally.

    If you’re a High Value Male who is constantly attending fun events and exciting activities, you can be guaranteed that the hottest women will NOT be ignoring your texts.

    The key is to build the lifestyle for YOURSELF, thus giving you true satisfaction and the women are the by-product of your success.

    I’ve yet to meet ultra-successful men with game who were at a lack of female options, mainly due to them being the men that girls wanted to be around and being the man that other men wanted to emulate.

    I was recently at a buddy’s mansion party where I banged a solid 8. When her and her friend decided to go, she merely called an orbiter to come pick them up at 5am in the morning and a 45 minute drive at that. She told me and I quote: “He wishes he could fuck me, but it’ll never happen. It’s like he’a puppy dog always liking my photos and stuff”. I laughed out loud and waved at him when he pulled up to the house.

    • The worst thing I heard was once in a club where I’ve been making out with a girl. When I asked her who that dude was who carried her and her girlfriends’ handbags, she said: “Nevermind him, he is just our handbag-holder!” Meanwhile the guy was staring at us at least with a glint of anger. Beta-Orbiters, Handbag-holders and Facebook-likers are of the same sexless tribe.

    • You’re a bit of a plonker aren’t you?

    • Interesting points Christian. But here’s the thing. are you building this lifestyle because of the girls or are you building it because you genuinely want to be living that lifestyle?

      If it’s for the girls then it’s pretty needy and supplicating behaviour as you’re building your life around the women and not for your own personal gratification.

      Nick and Tom calls this ‘Snake Seduction’.

      I used to do what you do but eventually gave up because it attracted the wrong types of women. When the jig was up and my ‘real’ self emerged, they would lose interest and walk away.

      It’s far better to live your life with congruency, to know who you are and what you stand for and attract women that way. Otherwise you would be wasting a lot of opportunities in meeting the types of girls who are truly into you ‘for you’ and not for the rolex watches and taylor made suits.

      Not trying to have a dig at you mate, but just an observation based on my own personal experiences.

      • As I’ve said extensively in multiple articles on my blog and ROK, building one’s lifestyle should solely be based on what the man desires. Some like simple, some like extravagent. There is not right or wrong, it’s based on what makes the man happy. The by product of a ‘good’ lifestyle is yes, women are drawn to men with great lifestyles, however, I’ll be frank: what it requires emotionally, psychologically and physically in terms of going from rags to riches most men who do it SOLELY for women won’t be able to, so it weeds them out anyway.

        No offense taken.

        Lastly, being broke sucks. Taking women out of the equation completely, who desires a brokeass lifestyle?

      • Thanks for clarifying the term “snake seduction.” I first encountered it when I asked Tom Torero how to escalate the women I met at salsa dances and his only response was that it is “snake seduction”, implying that it is an morally unworthy practice. But here’s the thing: I’ve benefited from dance and would go anyway even if I never got laid from it. The benefits are not unlike those of yoga (but from a different “angle,” so I continue to do both).

  5. Very interesting post, thank you. Makes me wonder how atypical I am, that all the images on the Russian Selfies page leave me cold, like some horror movie about chimeras (Splice, The Fly); ditto for clubs and parties, full of subhuman nothing people doing nothing things.

  6. Thanks for this inspiring post and the last one Nick, has lifted my spirits after a hard couple of weeks in pick up land. Hoping to one day make it to the level you describe here.

    Its sad though to think about women’s perspective like this. Both sexes have their own problems, and being able to see that is part of the key to being a successful player.

  7. Re read your comment Christian. You sound like a little boy who has only just discovered shagging women.

    It’s a bit sad to “wave” and laugh at those less fortunate than yourself. It smacks of insecurity and weakness.

    Normally I wouldn’t bother to say anything. Maybe it’s because I read the elliot Rodgers manifesto yesterday, on some level I felt sorry for the poor kid.

    Have a think what you’re doing and saying next time.

    • CMQ is that way – it’s nothing “plonker-ish”. He himself has lived in his car for a while basically being homeless.

      Also it’s a bit different in the US as the sccio-economic factors are extremely different from LA, London, Liverpool, Berlin or Warsaw. It becomes even more so if you know both sides of the story. Focusing exclusively on the positive is just something that many people do – in a way it’s part of the history of American motivational gurus. But often behind that veneer lies a far deeper person anyway.

      • Absolute garbage. [Let’s keep the comments constructive. K.]

      • Can’t argue with that. I like both your stuff on the net – it’s just diametrically different.

      • I’d agree that american bloggers and writers are generally more sensationalist and put more fluff into their writing. Always personal stories about garbage man Josh or girl next door Cindy. When I read Steve McQueen’s posts some are really good but all of them are like a big colourful commercial on his lifestyle. Sometimes I have to laugh when I read something like “When I was by my pool in my tailored suit, watching the sunset changing the colour perception of my shiny helicopter on the grass, drinking vodka from golden bottle while three party girls were licking my balls, I realized that…”But in a way, how is his reaction that different from when Krauser talks about sexless chodes? There was even a guy filmed on this blog as an example of disgusting feminine chode. In a way we all feel some degree of disgust when faced with blue pill people, don’t we? I certainly do, and they are often dangerous competitors in a way, although not all of them are killers like Rodgers, they still fight against you behind your back constantly, positioning themselves aggresively as great k-selected fathers. Lot of them are blind voluntarily and won’t change.
        Otherwise I’d agree with Onder on lifestyle game although I feel Nick Krauser and Tom Torero should still be a slightly more finessed with their style, R selected or not, and improve thier physiques. I don’t really like the approach of purposepul anti-K selected game, or “anti-provider” game either. I like Steve Jabba’s “metrosexual but rugged” approach in fashion and gym. The point is some elements of SMV building that could be used in provider game align perfectly with R-selected game and there is no need to avoid those. [Jabba is metrosexual? Great! I’ll remember that next time he’s flexing his arms at me and telling me he draws more IOIs than Brad Pitt. Heh!

        I think CMQ is simply doing the game that works in the environment he plays in. LA/Vegas are completely different to Belgrade/Sarajevo. I write in Mastery that there is no “one game”, it’s more like a jungle where different predators use different strategies to get different prey. I have my set of strengths/weaknesses/location/preferences and figured out a method to make it work. CMQs are different, hence his game is different. I’m not qualified to judge whether it’s optimal or not, because I’ve never tried that environment and I doubt I’d be very effective there. Check out CMQ’s blog – he’s doing a great job in creating new value and sharing it. That’s a good thing.

        As for the relentless self-DHVing, I think that’s part and parcel of that type of game and it’s also likely an American cultural thing too. You can’t separate that mindset from the game being played. I think Euro guys bristle at it (“plonker” etc) but US guys seem to like it. Two countries separated by the same language, as Churchill said! K.]

      • Lmfao- Jabba’s comment oozes with masculinity.

    • I agree with Steve,

      I also had empathy for Elliot, mostly because I was like that prior to discovering the community, minus wanting to kill everyone who I felt gave me a hard time.

      Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by family and peers who taught me good values, the value of hard work and taking personal responsibility for one’s life and aiding me along my journey of improving my inner game.

      A lot of guys don’t have that privilege.

      And I also don’t recommend any form of ‘lifestyle upgrade’ beyond simply doing it to improve your core values and living a life of congruency.

      It doesn’t help with the idea that most guys who come into it feeling as though they’re not enough are encouraged to be something they’re not by changing their ‘lifestyle’ in order to accommodate a materialistic niche of women. To me, that’s a recipe for disaster and does little at improving a person’s self-esteem. You’re essentially living a lie.

      It doesn’t surprise me that guys who follow that advice end up chasing their own tails, unsatisfied with the results and looking for their next ego boost.

      Its a shame because all it takes is a simple shift in mindset.

      The high quality girls are out there, and it doesn’t take an extravagant lifestyle in order to get them.

    • Mr. Jabba is it? Don’t hate. It’s unbecoming.

      My story is known if you take the time to read any of my articles and my comment wasn’t bragging, it’s simply stating facts that backed up Krauser’s story, regarding orbiters.

      I left a comment backing your friend up and then you attack me by calling me a name. Methinks that you’re the one with the problem, not to mention it’s quite immature of you. You know, you being a ‘top pua’ for almost a decade and all, however I had never heard of you.

      No one waved at the less fortunate and as the gent commented below, there’s an entire story behind me. I know the feeling of being broke and of being on top. The whole point of my blog is to motivate others to elevate their life.

      Do your research before you attack someone next time.


  8. Never mind all that. Why sneer at others less fortunate?

    Its weak and childish.

    I don’t believe is the behaviour of an actualised man.

    Bored of this now. Off to check out some Hungarian beauties.

    • So that’s your problem: “She told me and I quote: “He wishes he could fuck me, but it’ll never happen. It’s like he’a puppy dog always liking my photos and stuff”. I laughed out loud and waved at him when he pulled up to the house” ???

      I think her words made him laugh and not really the poor guy’s state of mind, whom she was using. I laughed too when hearing the girl call that guy a mere handbag-holder. That did not stop me from making out with her in front of him.

      CMQ recently offered a guy free help in LA on the RVF forum. A guy who after 3000 approaches and years with no lays was already getting pretty desperate. Most of the guys here are not real psychopaths – maybe assholes from time to time. And K is right – CMQ has a specific game approach is tailor-made for him and the LA- & Las Vegas club scene – probably even more night-game venues.

      • Just reading her response alone should give you an idea of the types of girls CMQ meets.

        I personally wouldn’t talk to a girl like that again if she spoke like that about another human being. Either that or give her multiple hard sessions of anal and send her on her merry way. Depends on my mood.

      • Awesome that CMQ offered to help guy in LA on RVF forum – and That’s right – ya don’t sneer at less fortunate – instead pull the next one up – from the father of the Poetry Slam here in CHicago:

      • That’s what he said:
        “If the OP is legit, than fly yourself to Los Angeles and put yourself up for 1 week and I’ll get you laid and she won’t be an escort.

        You’d learn more about game in a weekend or 7 days with me then you can imagine, plus it’s probably only take me an hour or two of seeing your ‘approaches’ to point out your specific issues and most importantly show you how to fix them.

        OP the offer stands until Monday.

        And don’t forget this is a FREE offer, which I don’t really do.

        As GManifesto would say: The rest is up to you.

        & later

        OP has PM’d me and I emailed him back that I will be in contact after the weekend. Once Friday hits I’m in a state of partying until Monday.

        With the free help of Gio and myself (and all of the cats who have posted on this thread) no one can accuse the RVF forum of not offering help to those who want it.”

        Btw – Gio is usually charging 1000$/hour for Skype counseling sessions and he had also free consultations with the guy. Many initially thought him to be a troll, but he checks out as some have met him in real life. So much for looking down upon the less fortunate….

  9. How do I escalate my morning dog walking meetings with a girl from inane chat about the dog to the bedroom?

  10. A lot of hate for CMQ disguised as critique and advice.
    Means he must be doing something right!

    • I find this unfortunate as all big names in this comment section provide great advice.

      But if McQueen and Jabba fight under your articles you are next level – Homo Lupus Amans Newcastlensis.

  11. I’d be interested to know, are the guys calling for Krauser to put on muscle from North America?

    The reason I ask is because in the UK all my friends who do the best with women just have “ok” bodies. They stay fit through sport but they don’t sculpt their body in the gym.

    The guys I see out who do have sculpted bodies do very well with a certain type of woman. But it seems to improve their appeal with that type only, rather than improving their appeal to all women.

    Thoughts? [I’ve literally never seen a jacked guy in the FSU with a girl above a 7. The real hotties are usually with men who have pretty good sporty physiques, a bit of fashion, a flash of alpha, and a reasonable job. I’ve observed a lot of couples walking around. The US-Ideal GLL type body doesn’t seem to work here. I’m willing to believe it works in Anglo because the girls are selecting for different things there. K.]

    • Well, in FSU most sociable ambitious young men at college lift. That doesn’t mean they are all ripped, but maybe 20 percent of those are. These guys generally have good fashion as well, and promising careers. They often fall into beta frame after some time with that one beautiful girl. It improves your appeal universally but the percentage differs, for sportfuck archetype it’s key, for others nice bonus. I think if you aren’t fat, so you are maybe under 15 percent bodyfat and lift regularly 2-3x/week that’s enough to pass that treshold of good looking enough for almost any situation. I think this is more about not having disordered lifestyle – lack of sleep, pale skin, hunched posture etc. But yeah, I’d say the archetype of Czech man who is desired for relationships generally is at least lean with a bit of muscle. At the same time it’s those other qualities that make or break the deal. Boyfriend needs to have drive in career, nice fashion, decent body, some basic game, active lifestyle…although not many people know about game formally and that’s why guys often date girls for long time and both parties are happy with it. The men are slightly higher value yet don’t see it and subscribe for that “illusion” of unconditional love and the girls are mature and SMV avare enough to fullfill it. Also, some girls genuinely won’t cheat and believe in one true love, at least consciously. But one girl, hot 24o Slovak, just broke up with my close friend, 24yo future surgeon who is good looking, jacked, has great fashion and quite masculine. Yet I observed the relationship and it was boring, he was relying on external markers and was too nice. So she actually told him she wants to be happy and instantly moved to another guy’s place days after breakup – this after maybe 2 years of relationship, she probably banged the new guy before already. And this girl, if you knew her…she was the type who does puddings for everybody else, super friendly, also future doctor, very intelligent, not a party girl, you’d expect her to have a baby with him few years later, she is even a co-author of medical textbook already and an axcellent painter with public exhibitions…yet…she was bored because he didn’t use game, rationalised it and left him despite his quite ridicułous K-selected SMV and good looks.

  12. You’ve been posting some fucking excellent stuff lately. [Thanks boss. It’s nice to be appreciated by someone who knows what he’s seeing! K.]

  13. Interesting post…lol, pretty sure what you’re talking about is way above my game level for now though. I’ll be hitting those screens like a freight truck.

    Hahaha btw Krauser, today I had an instant-date with a Saudi woman. Imagine that! Lol, I saw the headscarf then remembered your advice in Daygame Mastery and your post about that Muslim girl, so I just went for it. No idea if it will pan into something – still, the adventure was worth it. I have a strong DNA tug for the Muslim look.

  14. Krauser, I have your book and think you are legit. However if an attractive girl (who is also receptive to cold-approach from charming foreign strangers) states that she “[hasn’t] had sex in as much as four years” I think the smart money is on her being full of shit. I would need concrete evidence (such as a hymen) to even consider her claim. Talk is cheap, after all. I also noticed in your book that other somewhat dubious statements from women were apparently taken at face value. I assume you are aware of this and choose to suppress suspicion for game reasons. I’m writing this not to bash you (it’s clear you are experienced with women), but rather for the benefit of those less experienced who are reading along. Gentlemen, don’t forget that girls run game on us too.

    source: banged dozens, 25 yrs old, seen too much [I know which birds are telling the truth and which are full of shit. Where did you pull your girls? If you’re talking Anglosphere I’ll believe it. FSU is very different. K.]

  15. Sam, I hardly ever ‘pull’ from Salsa and I partly agree with what you quote from Tom about ‘snake seduction’ & I recall Krauser saying much the same thing (i.e. if you like dance all well and fine but if you do it just to get laid then there’s a problem there somewhere). I also agree with you that I’d do it even if I didn’t get laid but on the other hand I wouldn’t do it if I had to dance with men so I’ll stop self analyzing right there. I myself avoid actively approaching in a salsa scene for the purpose of pickup because it’s a fairly small community much like a workplace so the pool would quickly become poisoned in a way. All I’d say is that it beats standing around all night with a beer in your hand in some pub or club – you make a lot of women friends who you socialize with & pool to choose a girlfriend if that’s what you want. I’ll say it again what I’ve said before: If you’re honest with yourself, most of you/us really don’t want to be a player racking up 20-40 notches a year – you want a girlfriend. You may go through stages of wanting to rack up your dozens but those stages will either come and go or just end and you’ll move on to wanting something different.

    As for the barbs going back and forth about the ecosystem we choose to operate in – that’s simply a choice. If you move to the ecosystem of mansions, Ferrari’s, polo tournaments and the like and you like it there and the people then cool – stay there. If you prefer the professional crowd that’s ok, and if you prefer the hipster crowd then have at it (I think hipster culture is ridiculous but I’ve been to their parties and scene and they have good parties). One of the reasons I come on this forum is help, advice, insight which I get in spades here (including from commenters) and from Tom, CH, Rollo and the like. It’s no use to get too riled up about the sometimes derisive attitudes towards ‘chodes’ or ‘betas’ – it’s my opinion we all feel that way because we hate that most which we see inside ourselves. It reminds me of something this Navy Seal guy wrote when he was in Lebanon getting shot at in the 80’s and hated this one coward team member of his who hid himself the best – he said that later he came to recognize that he hated this guy because he saw this guys cowardice deep inside himself too, it’s just that he hid it and managed it better

  16. This article has lifted my spirits tremendously.
    I never realized very attractive women can have this “problem” as my previous idea was that these girls are getting dicks left right and center.
    I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I enjoy women with low N-counts more, especially beautiful ones.
    At the moment these girls are out of my reach and I have quite a way to go but I’m 100% convinced I will succeed and that I can do this. If this ugly little Brit can, I can too!
    I love reading your stuff Krauser definitely one of the best constructive and positive blogs out there! I should buy your book

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