Street stop infield: Subtle r-selection in action

June 19, 2014

Good daygame is not about bells and whistles, salsa spins and silly pranks. That’s just feeding the YouTube clowns who watch a fuckwit / charlatan and don’t even know what they are seeing. Good daygame is not about standing still and making inane chit chat either, unless you’re top 5% in looks and happy getting girls below you in SMV.

If you want girls younger-hotter-tighter you have to lead the chat, demonstrate value, move her through the stages and do it all without appearing to be performing. It’s tough.

My recent efforts have been to subtley embed the lessons of lover/provider (or r/K selection) into the mechanics of an infield stop. I’m making a discreet and well-calibrated sexual proposition to the girl in the hope she’s step out for some adventure sex. Everything about me has to project the same signal: Adventure Sex Guy. So I need to align:

  • fashion
  • body language
  • vibe
  • verbal content
  • decision making

Thus I have a bad boy style with rings, chains and biker boots. I stand confident and cocky while my eyes shine and my mouth smirks. I’m sexually intense and unapologetic in expressing it. I turn the conversation sexual with innuendo, teasing and leading. And I make decisions that lead to fast sex not dating (hopefully!).

I haven’t recorded much in Belgrade because it takes me out of the moment. I think the few legit daygamers have already put enough good infields up on YouTube already. But here’s one from a couple of days ago. I’ve added captions to explain some of what I’m doing.

The main things to take from this audio are:

  • The r-selection gets tested when she mentions her boyfriend. Watch how I deal with it.
  • Try to spot all the subtle fractionation in matched pairs of push/pull, sexually on/off, talking/listening, stupid/smart etc.

Haven’t fucked her yet. Still swapping texts to see if I can take her at the flood.

To learn this style of daygame, check out my books Daygame Nitro (intermediate) and Daygame Mastery (advanced)


  1. Thanks you for this infield. I was recently in Budapest, Hungary and I was almost overwhelmed by the quality AND quantity of hot girls. The World Cup might have had an impact, too.

    Do you have any experience with Hungary. You seem to be going to Belgrade a lot, so I suspect that there are even more hot girls. [I’ve never been. It’s a city I’d like to try. K.]

  2. It’s quite clear that past certain learning point of the model the R-selection is a must. Even if you want to turn her into a girlfriend. Once you present yourself strongly K the girlfriend is the best you can hope for, weeks or months later. I need to change my fashion and up the leadership. All other elements are already present but because of K fashion and poor leadership I dont seal the deal nearly as much as the amount of interest I get would signal.

    • I’m at this point as well. I get solid interest from girls initially, but the only ones I close quickly are “Yes” girls. It goes into a waiting-game/boyfriend loop for others. The flip side is that the harder you push R-selection, the more girls you will filter out. It all depends what you want, fast sex with a lot of girls or dating multiple women with some fast sex here and there. Erring on the side of R-selection seems to be the way to go, even if you’re looking for a girlfriend. [It’s high level, but that’s how the notches rack up. K.]

      • I get the same problem as well.

        I tend to find girls with bfs are always fishing to place you in the K-Selection box and looking for an opportunity to ‘upgrade’.

        It’s usually their default response and initial choice. The skill I guess is being able to avoid the hoops of being placed in the provider/bf box, which come thick and fast with girls in relationships. They simply don’t want to screw up what they currently have and would prefer to swing from one branch to another.

  3. I liked how you illustrated the r-selected (sexual guy) positioning by using the “let’s sneak off….” “he doesn’t need to know..” etc.

  4. First thanks for the clip and the commentary which find very helpful.

    I liked the ‘assume the sale’ handling of the boyfriend mention. It lasted about 2 seconds but a lot can happen in 2 seconds and it packed a big punch so to speak.

  5. Thanks for the clip!
    You said “I think the few legit daygamers have already put enough good infields up on YouTube already.”
    Would you mind sharing exactly who those guys are please? There are so many available and I’m not experienced enough to tell who is real and who is fake.


  6. Krauser, you tweeted this a while back:

    “Some players fuck habitual sluts. Some players fuck normal girls on their occasional indiscretion. It’s not the same game.”

    This went right over my head. Anyone care to explain?

    • Fucking a girl of high quality is worth far more and (and an indicator of your own value) than fucking a girl who would fuck anyone. [That’s part of it, but not what I meant. I mean it’s a completely different game. Sluts are incredibly easy to fuck if they like you. That game is all attraction and logistics. “Normal” girls don’t have the same experience of their side of the seduction process and far more barriers to sex, such as “I’m not that kind of girl”, but they also put less weight on the attraction part. Sluts are already r-selecting as their default, whereas normal girls have to be moved onto that path from their default K. Also, sluts are always ready for quick sex whereas normal girls have a smaller window of opportunity. K.]

  7. Good stuff – listened to it while watching England massacred again on the green. Your R-selection / secret society infield certainly brings in the point.

  8. Nick,

    If you do get the lay with this, could you post the LR. I know you haven’t been posting LRs this year but I think you’ve got your readers invested in this one. I know I am. Plus I’m curious how you would play this out in the dating phase. Would you aim for a 1 date lay? Multiple dates? Long game? That she has a boyfriend makes this a fascinating one. I’m guessing she has some dissatisfaction with her bf. I can guess already what that might be (as can you lol). But as much as it depresses me on one level, the pathologies associated with female hypergamy fascinate me. If you end up laying this woman, I’d love to know exactly what she found in you that she wasn’t getting from her boyfriend. [I’m using my 2014 lays in a new project. They won’t appear on the blog. K.]

  9. It’s the subtle ones, the socially calibrated ones. Watch: James Marshall, Tom Torrero, Jon Matrix

    And avoid the clown, dancing monkey ones: SashaPUA, Johnny Berba, Simple Pickup

    The trouble with Steve Jabba is that he plays Good Looking Guy Game. Yad is all smoke and mirrors, LJBF game. I like Paul Janka and Willy Beck but they also use their looks a lot.

    I’m building a website at the moment about the best daygamers out there so I will post a link when I’m done. [Agree with above, so interested to see the site. Jabba’s game is a lot more than it seems, but looks do play a big role. I haven’t really watched Marshall so can’t comment on him. K.]

    • Good comment. Matrix, Krauser, Torero and I would thrown in another Brit by the name of Michael Valmont. Not London Daygame style per say but normal and smooth.

      For Canadians you have Willy Beck and Honest Signalz. But Willy Beck is what I call an “aggressive Day gamer”. He gets very physical very fast. This is a different style entirely because it involves physically screening for DTF girls. Honest Signalz is what you would see if Hank Moody ran day game. You have to have great wit but if you do and you do it low key it can be super cool. He’s good.

      For Americans, well we have a lot of clowns (“the day game carnival”). But Chris from GLL offers various models for day game. Nervous guy beginner style, normal chit chat intermediate style and then super aggressive physical day game. There I would say that he has posted the most impressive day game videos out there. His mid-afternoon sdl’s in under 20 minutes are intense. But if he were 5’8″ would he be able to pull that off? No. And I don’t know if that type of game would work on EE and FSU girls. (Even British girls for that matter.)

      Other than him you have Justin Wayne. I used to not like him but I’ve been watching his videos lately. His style is sound. I don’t like the indirect open (“Jamba Juice” opener) but he does run normal conversation game with some spikes thrown in. He also has a relatively normal way of escalating kino quick; his hand caress, then side hug, then full hug. He’s much smoother than Beck who basically molests the girls right off the back (“its a German thing” lol). He’s not as super smooth as the better Brits but he gets laid.

      Lastly, there’s Jabba. I love his style better than any other. But he can get away with it because of his looks and his height. Again, if he were short and Asian or Indian, he would not be able to run that style. If you’re over 6′ with a good build and handsome facial features then Jabba’s style could work. IMO, if James Bond were to run day game it would look like Steve Jabba’s in-fields.

      I’ve been watching one day game video per day for the last year to try to better internalize this stuff. No more than one though lest I be glued to my computer and never approach. After doing this you can see who has true masculine presence and charisma and who doesn’t. And if I can see this as a man, can you imagine what women can see?

    • Oh, let me complete the run down by saying that James Marshal is at the same level as Krauser and the better Brits. He’s low energy and smooth. If you’re over 30, he’s a good guy to model, even if he is sedate. But he’s young protege, Liam Mcrae, is damn good for his age. The kid is 23 tops but he’s poised, controlled and confident. No dancing monkey stuff (well sometimes he gets too physical but he does that to push boundaries). If you’re under 30 or even under 25 and you can approach with that type of poise, you will get laid. How many young guys are that cool?

      • I would argue against McrRae – some of his ideas are raw, or absurd. He jumps to conclusions too quickly and sells magic pill. He is not bad, but Krauser, Torero, Jabba are much better. James Marshall looks like Aragorn and runs kind of Jon Matrix style game. It works, but he is so good looking…but intelectually I’d say James Marshall is the only one out of That company who is worth it. Has some good videos on 21convention channel.
        But personally I’d keep the “inner learning circle” to Krauser, Jabba, Torero. Better to align the tactics and strategy using fewer sources than be all over the place testing innefectively etc…also, they cover the entire field basically, unless you want to specialize in entirely different style of game.

      • I’m not taling about McRae’s ideas about game. Just his presence in-field. That’s all that matters. He’s poised and charming and most importantly normal, which is perhaps the most crucial element of day game. No dancing monkey or salsa spins, etc. (like that Asian kid that Krauser linked to in his Twitter feed lately)

        Agree about Marshal; looks like a younger Vigo Mortgensen. But his poise can be copied by anyone willing to practice. He’s the most philosophical of the PUAs and arguably the most interesting. He definitely has “inner zen game” going on. He’s a pretty boy who grew up to be interesting.

        As for different styles, well you have to know what’s out there and then chose what fits you best. If you are more introverted or low energy then Krauser or Marshal or Matrix are guys to model. BUT, if you are more outgoing, then being like Marshal or Krauser will not work well for you. If you’re a naturally funny guy who has natural wit, then copy Honest Signalz. Start with observational openers and then just run free-flow game mixing in humor with interest with sexual spikes with more comfort with more sexual humor, etc. That Russell Brand stuff does work if its you.

        If you’re big, built and handsome, go Jabba. If you’re normal but physically undistinguishable, then Torero’s English-Gentleman-with-some-wit-thrown-in is perhaps the BEST all purpose day game style I’ve seen. (Its becoming my default, although I like to play every now and then.)

        But IMO, you have to experiment. No one-size-fits-all when it comes to game; day or night.

  10. I just used this…interesting response. The exchange was a Ping-Pong with girl i’m gaming…

    I sent some photos of up coming world cup matches which we had been joking about betting on and an upcoming game.

    Me: Salsa. Pizza. Game.

    Her: cool. love pizza

    Me: Join me, we’ll find a place

    her: Can’t. need to join my bf’s friends.

    Me: send photo of pizza slice….then text: “I’m joining this”

    her: Sends smiley icon

    Me: Find a reason to sneak away. I might let you have a bite.

    Her: Can’t. can’t go so many places at once.

    She was responding within 30 seconds to my texts.

    I didn’t respond after this.

    I found that the r-selected injection makes clear my intent. I may be that she’s truly committed. She’s helped me out in the past set up and clean up after an event I managed. Curious read on this. She politely brushed it off. But I thought this was one way to inject the r-selection so if she did come out it was clear why. She seems to blame not coming on logistics…not anything else.

  11. @walawala I would have stopped here:

    “Me: Salsa. Pizza. Game.

    Her: cool. love pizza

    Me: Join me, we’ll find a place

    her: Can’t. need to join my bf’s friends.”

    I have never talked a girl into going back on a “no” to an invitation. Attempting to do so looks desperate. The other day I had this text exchange with a girl:

    me: Dress up and I’m taking you to a Japanese dive tomorrow
    her: Is it a restaurant?
    me: You’re only allowed sake and Kirin
    her: [angry face emoji]

    She hadn’t even said no, but she hadn’t pounced on the invitation with a yes either. I knew that pushing it would get a no and an embarrassing one at that. I didn’t write anything back.

    Two days later, she re-initiated:

    her: What are you doing tomorrow
    me: [xxx] intil 2:30 why
    her: because you usually do fun interesting things
    her: [another text, nervously changing the subject because I hadn’t taken the bait to invite her out again]
    me: are you afraid of heights
    her: Yes moderately
    me: Let’s go to [cliff jumping spot] after [xxx]
    her: Ok

    • @Hawaii Thanks. You’re right but I punted on this. It was interesting because she came out later that night to a club I was at without bf, dressed hot and we chatted, danced and hung out before I left. She was so keen to hug and say goodbye. That “I love pizza” was an IOI, perhaps bait, perhaps testing to see whether I would ask out…maybe she just loves pizza. But girls never say anything without a purpose.

      I used Krauser’s idea to up the ante with this girl and open there door for escalation next time I see her.

  12. Love this. Easy to learn from just listening to what you say and how she responds.

  13. This audio was worth a million books or posts. And I love your posts.

  14. Michael Lamont is a good looking bloke no wonder he shags women waste of time getting coaching from a good looking bloke

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