I bang my first 30 year old Sri Lankan student

November 9, 2013

The player lifestyle is an emotional rollercoaster that throws up all kinds of unusual experiences. The typical chode has a love-life something like this, with some adjustment depending on how high his value is:

  • Grind away with job, fashion, hobbies and gym until some girl chooses you
  • Date girl in her frame until she gives up the sex and secures monogamous commitment from you
  • Change Facebook status to “in a relationship”. Go to Adele concerts together, shopping malls, birthday parties and bore your co-workers with stories that begin with “we” and end with a damp squib of anti-climax.
  • Get dumped. Come off the rails a while. Message some fatties on OkCupid. Stare with terror into the abyss of a long dry spell.
  • Repeat once a year until married.

Perhaps I exaggerate but the chodes I know all have drearily predictable lives. Once you board the emotional rollercoaster that is Game it’s like a tiger raised in capitivity being released into the wild.

Beginners bootcamp, Covent Garden

Beginners bootcamp, Covent Garden

The buffers are gone, the safe societally-sanctioned routine is gone and now you are confronted with the many opportunities and threats of the wildnerness. It’s exciting times. It’s a rollercoaster because you are now putting yourself into position to experience the extremes of success and failure. This is not a flat straight motorway with a car on cruise control. You are constantly forcing yourself into (relatively) high stakes situations where the difference between roaring success and shattering failure is razor thin. Just ask any player who has pulled off an SDL with a young hottie. Hence the old saying “emotional control is the foundation of Game.”

One such unusual experience is sex with girls you don’t like. In ChodeWorld it’s weird to have sex with a girl whose personality grates on him because he (i) believes the Disney romance myth and (ii) is chosen by girls partly on his agreeability to them. Players, however, have relentless notch-count hyena to feed and also far more stringent standards on who they like. It’s just that we’ll still fuck her anyway. Making a habit of enduring unpleasant women’s jibber-jabber just to get into their pants is a soul-destroying foolish errand but once in a while the grotty shamefullness of it is fun. So it was with this girl.

It begins normally enough at 10pm on Regent Street as I’m walking to the bus stop after a drink with friends. The streets have emptied out and from about twenty metres away I see a girl with exactly the silhouette I want – tall, leggy, wide hips, breasts, long hair. As I see the whites of her eyes I see she’s from the sub-continent and walks nice. So I open. My assumption story is dead-on that she’s a student from Sri Lanka. She’s surprised by my accuracy and she’s a fairly smart girl so the banter is good (at first). She’s loving it but a bit guarded and challenging. I take the number and she’s keen in the texts. It goes downhill from there.

Perm the hair a bit

Perm the hair a bit

Every new fact I find out about her is either a red flag or an irritation. Over the course of a short Day 2 (one drink on a Friday night) and a longer Day 3 in a blues bar I discover the following:

  • Her university course is a do-gooder socialist PC money pit.
  • She’s sexually experienced and “knows what she wants”
  • She frequently spouts femthink to belittle and dismiss masculinity (in the abstract – she gets off on my masculinity in the specific)
  • She has a large tattoo on her lower back
  • She thinks she knows alot about politics, geography, history and psychology and yet every single assertion is gibberish.

I figure she’s quite a slut so I shouldn’t have to endure much before I get my notch and smoothly disappear from her life. The Day 3 is just a technical challenge of my ability to run the model and move things along against her resistance while suppressing my desire to dress her down and next her. I can deal with her obstructionism by the usual push-pull and dominance. I can deal with her femthink by holding my frame and not engaging. She’s so set on keeping her frame that it’s tough to break her down. She’s desperately clinging on to the “I’m a girl. I’m the value. I’m choosing” script but I won’t budge an inch and she grudgingly plays along, plotting and scheming ways to snatch back some frame.

It’s quite a chore. I probably shouldn’t bother but I want the Sri Lanka flag.

Day 4 is back at my house but she’s getting off on stringing things out and denying the sex. I get her rather generous breasts out but not much more. She’s gagging for it but the script matters more to her. Day 5 is in my house again and I’m decided that I’ll next her if she doesn’t put out. She doesn’t put out. Next!

She’s chasing hard by text. I give one-word answers, take hours to respond, don’t take her bait to invite her out. I’m just sick of it. I cannot face the idea of rebuilding momentum just to spend another four hours on my sofa of her saying “no”. She seems to get the message. She invites herself over one final time and then I fuck her within the hour. She makes a face-saving show of banter and reluctance but her eyes and mouth are a dead giveaway that she’s come to fuck. It’s actually a great lay. High energy, very physical, noisy. I put her into a taxi and delete her number.

Girls really ought to learn that how they act before the lay determines if they get called back. This one was just so precious, so inane, so poor at banter that I shut myself down and by Day 4 getting interest and affection from me was like blood from a stone. She’s not a bad person, just a case of drinking every bottle of PC/feminist Kool Aid and wrecking her ability to inspire care and affection from a man. Poor girl.

+1. New flag.

Learning points

  • Masculine girls are extremely annoying
  • Obstructionism is not a strong frame. It’s just obstructionism. Don’t be in awe of it.
  • Don’t feel guilty about pumping and dumping a girl who has failed to earn your affections.


  1. Great post. Her sense of entitlement oozed through in that video blabbing away while you look like you’re thinking of when to pick up your dry-cleaning.

    I can see this as someone who will keep calling you or contacting you to rationalize her decision that she “selected” you instead of the other way around.

    I like your breakdown of this. I see this character all the time. But in the cases where I ignore them, they start to chase even harder.

  2. “It’s quite a chore. I probably shouldn’t bother but I want the Sri Lanka flag.”

    hilarious shit

    • You’re telling me, homie. I’m Sri Lankan. Well done, Krauser. I’m looking for the Samoan flag, if I can hold in my gag reflex. Lol.

  3. Krauser, on a different note: how self-disciplined are you on safe sex? The trend these days seem to be towards relaxed attitude compared to say, 10 years back. Many friends lately go unprotected if the lay does not look like a risk, meaning just an ordinary next door student/sales assistant, etc… Are you and your community taking the same view? [I never give a girl control of my virility. K.]

  4. Will your book be sold only in digital format? With services like Lulu (which Roosh uses for instance) it’s quite easy to sell physical versions of your product without any hassle or extra costs.

    I quite enjoy surrounding myself with cool tomes, and I am willing to pay more for the analog option. Probably many other readers feel the same.

  5. K says: “Obstructionism is not a strong frame. It’s just obstructionism. Don’t be in awe of it.”

    Interesting distinction. I see this a lot. You’ve said before that being disagreeable is not evidence of high value in a girl on its own. Anyone can be disagreeable. I see this with both men and women, including Internet trolls.

    People disagree with you, yet have no facts, just their opinion.

    Another comment –

    We are talking about virility above. Again I see in bedroom video how literally laid back you are – making her come to you.

    I’m curious: you’ve said before that your mother was the dominant force in the house, your father agreeable to her. Can you talk about where your Dominance with women comes from: your first model of a woman (your mother) was Dominant herself.

    Usually, this does not create Dominant men. The current younger generation of men is not Dominant because of so many Dominant feminist-minded, single mother homes.

    Was this a conscious decision on your part to become more sexually dominant towards women. Did it develop from the natural contempt you’ve developed for women after realizing their true second-class status to men? Or have you always been like this?


  6. You’re really heavy on hating the office life these days eh? Not that I’m disagreeing.

    “Once you board the emotional rollercoaster that is Game it’s like a tiger raised in capitivity being released into the wild.”

    Great quote.

  7. I’m learning quite a lot from your recent posts Nick. But I still have some confusion with the terms derailment, shit test, rub and obstruction. They are apparently slightly different for you. How do you actually spot them in a real interaction? Is it just a gut feeling or you can tell explicitly?

  8. Ditto your Twitter on “dont worry so much about making a social contribution” and the popular meme of ” what are you doing to make the world a better place”

    Spoken like a true Sigma

    9 times out of 10 ” giving value” and “making the world a better place” means in today’s world:

    1.Giving away hard earned value to people who may or may not deserve it, often value-suckers and value moochers.

    2. Signing on to the latest lefty liberal cause as to what constitutes ” making the world a better place” which usually involves bleeding dry or attacking white male producers – the true engines of the world in many respects

    3. Not being able to ” socially contribute” to your own freely chosen beneficiaries through ” free association” – other high value men who you actually respect and can give you something worthwhile in return

    4. Hypocritical ass-kissing where you are saying the right things in public to the right kinds of elites in order to get a pat on the back and invited to the right cocktail parties

    Taleb Twitter: I trust those hungry for dollars a thousand times more than those hungry for honors and rank.
    [Addition to the Bed of Procrustes]
    4:11pm – 8 Nov 13

  9. First few paragraphs less one up from the chic pic. Solid intro for a book or chapter.

    Regarding the girl, sounds like a heavy case of entitled Disney princess. I’ve noted this complex with modern semi to moderately (or sometimes just plain fugly) attractive girls with strict helicopter parents (particularly hovering fathers) or highly conservative cultures where sexual expression is taboo. India, Sri Lanka, turkey, any Arab nation. These countries are experiencing varying degrees of rising bourgeois (expanding middle class), and with that comes liberal arts higher education, empowerment through grassroots, and false confidence with these nouveau rich beliefs that since they had more opps than their parents did, that they deserve the world, and are agents for change in everything they see wrong with it (which is everything non-vegan-woman per feminism 2.0). Amidst all this, these girls are combating their inner need for sexual attention against the shame associated with sexual expression, which boils out to a narcissistic medium of attention whoring and not putting out. Bravo and tapping and dropping her like a bad habit, because once you get these girls in the sack and keep them around, the nag factor and entitlement magnifies exponentially to bat shit crazy levels. They think you are their Prince Charming because they let you in, and they want their happily ever after, right now.

  10. Nick
    By ◾”Obstructionism” do you mean the girl acting miss strong and dominant, Independent, I don’t sleep with any guy, I know what I want, don’ and argue me down mouthy kind of attitude? that frankly gets contradicted.

  11. Sri Lankan girls are hot and horney all the time!

  12. This Sri Lankan sounds like the archetype for my typical USA HB3 to HB6.5, which is why while in-country I refuse to date them. Standard NAWALT disclaimers apply.

    The end run for us on this side of the Pond is to work on inner game and increase our TMIMITW rating.

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