Riga Stories

September 10, 2013

My oh my isn’t Riga a misunderstood place. Roosh had some bad experiences here with stories of getting tooled by predatory two-sets who lure marks to clip joints. I certainly saw some of that going on but that’s an exclusively nightgame phenomenon. At no point did any such tarts try it on with us. I’ve heard others wax lyrical about how easy it is here…. until you read between the lines and see how much flaking went on. My thoughts?

Riga gets a 7/10 for daygame. It’s too small, not enough foot traffic and the girls not hot enough to justify their flake rates. And yet it’s easy to collect numbers and once you do date the path to sex is fairly fast. I dated four local girls this week. I fucked two, got friend-zoned by one and then the fourth girl is coming out for a second date tonight so let’s see what happens.


Probably the highlight of the week was on Sunday when a top Russian target took the train from St Petersburg to see me. I’d met this girl in Trafalgar Square during summer for an idate and a day two but she’d refused the kiss. This is entirely normal behaviour for a Russian girl – lots of nothing and then suddenly 0-100mph in seconds. So the facebook Long Game began and then she comes to me in Riga. I kiss closed her after an hour and almost fucked her after four but she’s holding out to boyfriend me. Nonetheless it was a lovely day in the sun and reaffirmed my faith in feminine women (after having fucked a grotty drama queen the night before that left me feeling disgusted with myself).

I’ve got some leads to work. Two international catwalk models on Facebook, a couple of other dark beauties plus a few so-so girls. I won’t know until I shake the Long Game tree and see what falls out.


  1. Great video and story. Your successes are legendary. I’d like to hear more about the Friendzone incident and any learnings, seems out of character or an off-day.

  2. “once you do date the path to sex is fairly fast”
    Oh, I always thought EE is known for generally slow meet-to-lay times, girls needing several dates. Are the Baltics an exception? [In my experience, yes. K.]

  3. Cool stories man, although I think I prefer your earlier stuff Keep it up.

  4. I have a simple question for you. What do you tell a woman when she asks if you want to have a serious relationship with her just before sex. Thx

    • You don’t want to encourage any logical frames of mind from her in the delicate final escalation stages. You need to defuse that sucker without even missing a beat – I won’t stop my escalation (hands running over her, kissing etc) and in my own time say that “relationships are important for me, with the right girl”… then slowly move to smelling and light biting her neck “you smell so good…” and now we are back in physical sensations and emotions world, where you need to be until you blow that nut all over her pretty face.

      Then feel free to go all logical on her by calling for her taxi.

      You owe me a drink x.

  5. Great video – these foreign poosey jaunts are far trickier than most of the keyboard jockeys believe.

    If you go by yourself (as I usually do for scheduling reasons) and spend a week or more, just managing your day to day state and feelings of loneliness/alienation can be very difficult, especially in the shithole FSU holes I frequent.

    I have come to the opinion (which I’m sure Nick shares) that foreign hunting trips of a week or more should be done with a fellow player(s) of similar level who you really enjoy hanging out with as buddies, the emphasis being on having a good time with your mate(s) with number farming and banging the locals as quickly as possible being an important but second priority.

    Roosh style solo travel for weeks on end just to lay girls just doesn’t do it for me.

  6. Nick, I’m also 38. I recently had a cute 21 yr old in comfort. I asked her; “What do you think about me?”

    “Well you are good looking” first words out of her mouth. She then went into ” you’re assertive the way you act, you seem like you know what you want in life ” etc

    I also don’t consider myself top 5% looks wise. But then I do get something along lines of “you’re handsome” etc new girls at least once a week.

    Do you have a rule of thumb to gauge this – how can a Man tell if you are in that 5 or 10% category for looks?

    • If you are asking, you’re not.

      • Or you can google “handsome men” and if your picture is there, you belong to the club:-) Set a porn filter though.

      • @Prefix – Fascinating so whenever you ask a question about anything in the world, don’t bother asking the question

        I’m fascinated how you learn new things without asking questions

        Ondrej – I do Google because I get told I look like a certain movie star. Lately its a certain Broadway actor. im amused by it – but I’m wondering whether my looks are a blind spot that I should be more aware of and adjust my game

    • Dumb question – as long as you are maxing out your looks in order to reduce that difficulty level as much as possible, whether you **are** good looking or not doesn’t matter shit. It only matters that you **know** absolutely with 100% rock solid confidence that you are a handsome motherfu**er. That’s an inner game issue you need to sort out.

      In any case if you read Nick’s post carefully as well as trawl the CH archives and extensive experience in the field, you will know that a woman’s subjective evaluation of your “handsomeness” is a complex blend that folds in your physical appearance with healthy dollops of your masculinity, assertiveness, body language etc. These non visual elements account for a very large part in what the girl perceives as your handsomeness, something that is difficult for a man to comprehend as we use a ~95% visual input within that blend when evaluating a woman’s “beauty” AKA reproductive value.

      Hence Nick’s girl calling him “really handsome”.

      If he approached her as a post divorce chode, I wager that she would have described him post crappy approach as ugly.

      Same guy, different results.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Looks obviously matter as K said himself and it is objective to a sizeable degree. A handsome guy is objectively handsome not in eye of beholder. I m talking about a rule of thumb to gauge this in field

        The non visual elements if value have nothing to do with objective looks.

        You are conflating and confusing this subject because you do not understand it well enough

      • you’re being kind of a Shit head. if you’re in field a loy and you’re only being told you’re handsome once a week or so you’re not 5% and you may not even be 10%. the most attractive men I know get told they’re hot or just straight up cat called on a near daily basis. your mileage may vary though as I’m on the west coast of the USA

      • @ andro – I’m also correct. At first I thought you might be a Real Tough Guy with all the vulgarity

        But then I saw your wicked cool WordPress Volleyball Icon. I realized you must be more than just an Internet Tough Guy

        You – andro ocean – are probably also an Ace Volleyball Player

        Do you “spike it ” for the pussy big guy? Is that the winning combination on the West Coast

        I am with the East Coast White Guys – tell me your secrets

      • Luckywhitemale is a troll. It was a dumb question yesterday and is still a dumb question.

        I answered it so Nick wouldn’t have to waste his time answering such an asinine query.

        Every blog post, 1 or more newbs ask a dumb game 101 question as if Nick is being paid here to be your personal google.

        Respect the host and the effort he makes on our behalf folks.

      • Alex – You still don’t know what you’re talking about, and have yet to refute me on facts

        I didn’t know you are Nick Krauser’s personal PR agent fielding questions – are you trying to perform fellatio on him as well. He doesn’t look gay to me [Can you both stop squabbling like women? K.]

  7. I really like this new “vlog” format of you just telling stories to the camera. You can pack a lot of good stuff in a short video and it’s very entertaining to watch. Congrats on the easy lay!

  8. Two questions if I may..
    1. Are you teaching again ?
    2. What is your criteria in choosing the right apartment for daygaming in your trips?

  9. That face rings a bell. Think I saw you at Fenchurch Street station coming off a c2c train a few months ago. At the time I wondered whether it was you but seeing this video has nudged the probability up in my mind.

  10. Being a good looking guy who’s always been given compliments by female friends and strangers, I can honestly say that it’s partly true.

    Yes being good looking helps, I can’t deny that. However having said that, all it ever does is make the initial approach easier. Girls will ping you more and give you more invitations, but beyond that, you still have to run bread and butter game and to display an attractive personality.

    The biggest problem with good looking guys is that if they lack confidence in themselves, it seems even more weird to girls since it’s assumed that good looking people will naturally be more confident.

    Good looks is simply a part of your overall passive value. The more of it you have, the less you have to technically run ‘attraction’ material in the daygame model. You can more or less move straight into the comfort and rapport building phase.

    In short, there’s simply no way to avoid game. You still have to learn and master it.

    If it weren’t the case, there wouldn’t be so many good looking guys who joined the community to get help. Me being one of them…

    The biggest issue with people who come into learn game isn’t really the techniques themselves but rather the ability to resolve their confidence with women, which is simply resolved using models and strategies to make the process easier.

    The cool thing is, you realize that we’re all on a level playing field regardless of whether you’re good looking or not.

    As a side note, I read a tweet a really hot girl made recently about how she seems to have a massive attraction to bald, ugly men who look like they’ve come out of a scrap and are ‘built like a machine’.

    That basically proved a lot of things, that attraction has nothing to do with looks and more to do with masculinity and dominance, or in my words – Whether you look like the type of guy who’ll be able to fuck them good and proper.

    That’s really all it boils down to. [Except I know good looking guys with only threadbare game who find it very easy to get laid. Good looking guys have it easy, if they then still manage to fuck it up….It takes anti-game for a GLG to not get laid. K.]

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