Lean In

September 7, 2013

I’ve been writing my book of late, trying to pull all my little ideas out of my mind and get them onto paper. There’s two principles I’ve been following. Everything I write must have a monkey-see-monkey-do application, and it must be what I actually do myself. So it’s been an education. You don’t really know something until you can teach it and many ideas that seem fully-formed in your mind simply aren’t once you try and write them down. Writing definitely refines my Game.

So I recently finished the section on Attention. How to use body language to manage the attention you give to a girl so as to make her chase and keep the tension on the fishing line in the sweet spot as you reel her in. Seeing as I’m with Tom on holiday right now we’ve been talking about stuff, trying stuff out and he needs to churn out vlogs for his website.

So he roped me in and here’s some of that chapter.


  1. OT but you tweeted

    “If you’re born good looking you should use that. Make yourself the sport fuck archetype. Open. Escalate. Don’t fuck up. It’s not hard.”

    and I wanted to ask, what’s a sport fuck archetype? What does “making yourself” consist of here? [It’s only possible if you have top 5% good genetics. See boytoystory, he’s a great example of it. It’s completely out of reach for most men but if you’re born with that raw material its the best way to get alot of casual sex. K.]

    • This guy http://www.boytoystory.com/ ? After a cursory glance, it seems like a pretty standard “pack on muscles, whiten your teeth, delete facebook, dress well, travel, be interesting, nofap, laid back attitude” kind of advice. Stuff that’s good for everyone, except shunning facebook maybe.

  2. What about in a night club, the loud music forces you to lean in to hear her speak to for her to hear you speak.

  3. Interesting – at 9:35, you say “All I’m looking for is the Amber light that she’s not rejecting the kino”

    It sounds like you don’t even need her reciprocating the touching. As long as she’s not rejecting, you will keep escalating

    If I read you right it seems you are not big on kino early on. You’ve said elsewhere on the blog too much kino can look like supplicating to the girl. Instead you prefer to have her “cross that rubicon” herself in her mind. It seems like you kino in the comfort stage but you are counting on your value, your verbal, and sexual tension to build up her desire to be touched

    Other PUA’s are much more focused on kino. I’ve recently cut back on it. I’ve found that its very hard to do a lot of kino while having it not look forced and try hard

  4. This is worth a second look:

  5. “it’s just about some woman talking about rubbish”


    great video reminder to lean back and position my body so i can calibrate how much of my energy i give her.

  6. I’ve heard Tom is working on another book too. Is this like Daygame vs. Nitro round 2, now fair, with similar date publication? Only good things could come out of this competition/cooperation for us:-)

  7. God awful sound guys, but some good points. [I always say “we aren’t making Avatar here”. K.]

    When lecturing, I use a similar approach to the occasional lean in – when I am making a point I walk forward, closer to the audience. Literally get in their face. Then, when the point is made, I step back again, giving them room to digest the point I just made

  8. I express gratitude for your insights but can´t help not to point out some incongurence in your reasoning about masculinity.

    1. You subscribe a success ideal other males have created ( Pua ( nerds ) , Roissy ( of wich we have no proof that the gets laid at all. And judging about how much time he spends on theorizations he obviously is not a player ). Isn´t that a follower mentality?

    2. Every objection you dismiss by : You don´t agree with me-you are a chode/chump/etc
    Feminist-style rethoric , substute rapist/misogynist with chode. Sounds like playground sandbox level.

    3.You engage it this typical PUA mental masturbation. There are no 20 subcatogeries of men ( gamma , alpha , sigma and other shit ). Only two : Men and pussies.
    You know that PUA where effeminate men
    ,pussies. Just dig up the Mystery pic of how he carries the his child while his chick blows smoke in his face. Yet to subscribe to his lingo (alpha males beta male chode etc ).::while at the same time speaking about masculinity ?

    4. I´ve read that you spend up to 8 hours on the street sarging for puss ( a while ago ;tough ). Is this masculine?

    6. You know that cock count fucks women up for future relationship and marriage, right ? You know that our western society turned from a intact patriarchy into a socialist femcentric fuckfest ( actually the west already tied out. Depopulation is too brutal ), right? Yet you engage in it , heck even fuck pure foreign women whose countries are still intact spreading this western hookup shit.
    What says it about your principles as a man?

    Eager to hear what you have to say. [I say you don’t get laid and are full of anger and rationalisations because of it. Classic gamma. K.]

  9. See if you can include some stuff about relationship game, soul collection and all. I know you don’t want to be responsible for irresponsible behaviour, so maybe modify it so it can only be done for good.

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