I bang my first 21 year old Serbian exchange student

September 11, 2013

Daygaming solo in a foreign country is tough. It’s easy to watch travelogues or read field reports where holidays sound like one long party with dozens of fine young fillies tittering and tottering around until a few are bagged and notched. Not so. As I write this I have five mosquito bites on my head and hands, all from last night when even wrapped up under my monster-proof duvet the little buzzing bastards still got at me. It itches like buggery. I’m still tired and worn out, the last effects of a hangover in my system and my stomach churns from unfamiliar food. There are many highlights to travelling but it grinds you down eventually. And then there’s the actual women……

at some point you have to pick one and say hello

at some point you have to pick one and say hello

Knocking over a new local girl within a week (assuming acceptable quality) is not easy. You have to number farm, rush the text game, rush the dates and there’s usually strong LMR to reflect the haste with which you’re trying to poke the poor girl. But that’s all assuming you’re actually opening. After all the anticipation and excitement of the trip there’s that moment when you drop your bags at the apartment on day one and shit has become real. You have to go out there and open. It’s a brave new world. Unsurprisingly, at times I let my avoidance weasel a little run out for a few hours. I just soak in the atmosphere, watch the girls and read a book in a cafe. I know I’m not going to pussy out forever and sometimes it’s helpful to build a little weasel momentum. Let some hot girls walk by unmolested. Let yourself feel bad for wussing out. Before long you’ll be ready to break the seal, and in this case it got me laid.

It begins with my very first set of the holiday is as I’m dragging my feet back to the apartment after a roasting hot afternoon reading in the patio cafes. I just haven’t got my gameface on, haven’t broken the seal. So I’m at a pedestrian crossing waiting for the green man when a cute slim young girl ambles past in tight short shorts. Great body, great legs, long hair. Ok, let’s get off the mark…… It’s a very strong hook. Easy number but she’s just about to leave Belgrade for a week. Light text ensues. It’s pretty obvious she’s into me but logistics put it onto the backburner and over the course of the next five days she slips from my mind. Finally she pings me the “I’m back”. Great. We arrange an evening drink at Hotel Moskova and I suggest Tom sits at a nearby table to talk the student through my date game live.

It’s just so on from the beginning. I rarely get Yes Girls but I’m gradually encountering more.

You still haven't opened?

You still haven’t opened?

She’s dolled up in the Serb girl summer uniform of Converse, tight denium shorts and a tight vest. A lovely slim figure with curves just right to hang onto. Her hair is long and thick. Lovely. She’s really trying hard with conversation, laughing at all my jokes, leaning in…. my only concern is to move it along at the correct speed rather than getting lured into over-escalating. After two drinks I suggest a walk to the park outside my apartment.

She comes to my door but won’t come in. I don’t push and we end up sitting on a park bench. The escalation is smooth and we’re soon making out. What follows is a two hour battle against LMR. I know her hindbrain wants it but the forebrain has it’s rule so despite her straddling me and grinding away I just can’t get her hands in my trousers. By midnight I have to put her on the bus.

The next evening she has a birthday party. While sitting in my boxer shorts in the apartment I hear the doorbell ring. Hmmm…. not expecting visitors. It’s her in a cocktail dress with hair that probably took a salon two hours to fix. Her heart is thumping but not from the one-storey walk up my staircase. She blurts out that her friends are waiting downstairs but she wanted to say hi before going to the party. She kisses me and frollicks away.

Hmmmm… what does that mean?

I guess it’s just a super strong hook. FSU girls often feel guilty for not putting out as early as they think we expect so this was her way of checking she hasn’t blown it. The next night she agrees to a late meeting. This time I walk her directly to my apartment and we sip wine, watch youtube and I progressively get her undressed until she’s naked on my bed with my dick in her mouth and my fingers up her chuff.

And still she won’t allow the sex. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

But a slightly harder face

But a slightly harder face

I’m not put off though because I know we are aboard The Inevitable Express bound for New Notch City. All I need to do with this girl is run down the clock. She wants to fuck, she’s proceeding in the right direction, but she’s got her little milestones that must be checked off first. Sometimes girls require chronological time, sometimes a set number of dates, and othertimes certain reveals in your character. This girl was about the dates. She doesn’t fuck before third date.

Fortunately I fuck a different new girl that night. The blue balls dissipate.

As expected on my last night she agrees to another date but it might as well be a booty call. I collect her, walk to my apartment and within twenty minutes we’re fucking. No LMR this time. It’s a funny old world.


  1. Amen brother – see my comment in the previous post regarding foreign trips and their difficulties. I have three 8+s in an FSU city that you know I’ve talked to you about, wanting me to come over NOW.

    I did all the hard work in my previous trip, yet I know that apart from the 1000 euro expenses for just a week, the moment i knock over the first one and bust my nut, I’ll be lying there looking at the peeling wall paper thinking, “what the fuck am I doing here? Did I just travel 3000km to bust a nut!?”

    You have to do these trips with a fellow player or bring along laptop work and go the digital nomad route.

  2. When you say you rarely get Yes girls but you are lately encountering more Yes girls

    Would you say this is luck of the draw for you – or that your Game is getting even better so you are inspiring more Yes Girls off the bat.

  3. Krauser, sorry i you had already answer theses questions in your blog but i did not find it.
    How many approaches have you make in your life ? After how many approaches did you get your first lay ?Today what is your lay per approaches ratio ?
    I ask you this because i am on this journey and right now I need some motivation.

  4. I’ve been reading for some time and enjoy your style. What does FSU stand for?

  5. Krauser, could you tell me what sort of youtube videos you watch in such a situation?
    I love your blog by the way, it has helped me much more than you could imagine. Best regards

  6. Dude- for a “PUA” you have a lot of firsts on your +1 list.

    If you’re going to other countries to bang- cool. Most guys don’t have the means to do so.

    So how about just listing “field reports”. You nailed another foreign chick. Yeah for you.

    Been there done that. Quit tooting your own horn and help guys do what you do. [You are free to not read my blog. K.]

  7. Well done. I am curious. Has your conversion rate improved? (I think you said in the vid, you approached 20 girls and got two lays) And if so, by how much? Assuming you’ve been keeping track of these things….. [I only put up these stats for people who don’t know what to expect. I never track any numbers myself except the final lay. K.]

  8. That a boy. Krauser, the methodical pussy slayer. Your blog/stories are money.

  9. Fair play Krauser. One problem – considering British girls aren’t of the same quality and to my eyes are harder to date than EE girls, how am I supposed to apply what you’ve used over there or with those women, on a domestic UK girl?

  10. That gal has got one hot body. Well done, Krauser.

  11. Hey Nick

    Good stuff. I was curious, roughly how does it cost you to do a trip like this to Serbia because you seem to manage to travel very reasonably, get an apartment etc.

  12. gawddamn that video is very inspiring. i already have a gum cam, but i need something for the bedroom. any suggestions? also how to conceal it!

  13. Inspiring as always

  14. “Sometimes girls require chronological time, sometimes a set number of dates, and othertimes certain reveals in your character. This girl was about the dates. She doesn’t fuck before third date.”

    good insight, great story man.

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