Prague Stories #1

July 20, 2013

I recently came back from a three-day jaunt to Prague. It was a pretty good holiday but no outstanding sets or good luck with Yes Girls. Nonetheless some stories stick in the mind. Towards the end of the third day I’d finally hit a good vibe and rattled off a string of good sets with solid work. While headed up to my hostel I see a hot girl walking past. I open…..

Sigma, yesterday

Sigma, yesterday

There’s strong eye contact, she’s loving it and the whole vibe is subdued. Then a couple of minutes in she gives me the “I’ve got a boyfriend”. That’s where it becomes interesting.

Me: Hmmmmm. Is it serious?

Her: I guess. I’ve been living with him over a year.

Me: So….. what’s the chances of you being able to slip out of the window one night to come and have a drink with me?

Her: [actually thinks about it for five seconds]. No, I can’t. But maybe we can have coffee before you go?

Me: Ok. Give me your number.

Her: [while putting her number in]. You know it’s really cool how direct you are. It’s boring in a long relationship, guys don’t tell you you’re pretty.

Me: I’ll bet the sex gets boring too.

Her: Yes.

So this girl has a foot outside the relationship or she’d have never entertained me. I fire out a text the next morning.

Me: My last day so I must find goulash… nom nom nom 🙂

Her: 🙂 you should, its the best. blah blah blah [very long text about restaurant advice]

Me: Thanks hon 😉 I’m going to the airport at 7pm. Wanna squeeze in a quick coffee?

Her: Wish I could 😦 we’re blah blah blah [long apologetic excuse]… Really do wish I could though. Are you often in Prague?

Me: I expect to be back later this year 😉 I’ll add you to Facebook when I’m back in London

Her: 🙂 Do that. There’s a picture of my butt 🙂 I hope to see you when you get back, then. I’m sorry about today, would love to go for a coffee but I really can’t leave the house today.. I was hoping to get to England later this summer but finishing my work is taking much longer that I thought… Next year for sure, though.

Me: [back in England two days later] I couldn’t find a butt….

Her: 🙂 I guess only friends can see it, try it now [accepts add]

I then immediately take the conversation over to Facebook.

That escalated quickly...

That escalated quickly…

A long dirty sex chat follows until Bhodi is knocking on my door to go outside and I have to bring it to a close.

We'll call this a boyfriend-destroyer

We’ll call this a boyfriend-destroyer

So this is the kind of bad luck I’ve been having. A hot bird who is absolutely gagging for it, would be a proper dirty whore in bed…. and logistics render it all impossible. On the plus side I’m getting more dirty photos for my collection. My long wait for a proper Yes Girl continues. Sometimes the luck is against me.


  1. Call me crazy, but she’s ready to fuck boyfriend be damned. She just needs to be isolated.

  2. Interesting. I have had this same situation several times more with girls online.

    It now occurs to me reading this that when we talking about guys unplugging from the Matrix, isn’t it the same really for girls?

    She’s plugged into something she thinks she’s obligated to continue. Then meets random guy. Hindbrain gets thinking “Wow, maybe I’m NOT trapped afterall”. etc etc etc.

    It’s fascinating also to read this from a different angle. Girls always seek what they can’t get from their current partner.

    If she’s sexually satisfied she wants beta orbiters to give her the attention alpha dude who bangs her all night can’t because he’s too busy or because he won’t tolerate her mood swings and manipulative crap.

    If she’s sexually dissatisfied, she seeks out fantasy dude.

    It reaffirms for me women want it all and want to put their guys into a passive position so that they can have it all without worrying guy will stray.

    • walawala, i like your thinking. but also, in almost *any* LTR the sex gets boring. that’s the thing. and when a man knows that girls are also super horny and love new adventures, you can entice her with it. i love this angle of persuasion.

      • This worries me. I now understand very well that nearly all women are looking to upgrade at all times, even if they won’t be honest with themselves about it. I’ve questioned for a while now is if an LTR is even worth it in this day and age, and if so, what you’d have to do to keep it.

      • I’m more curious as to strategies for dislodging or breaking that fore-brain/hind-brain conflict she is having…

      • dan, i know what you mean. i think one of the greatest challenges of red pill is realizing the flaws that women have, but loving them anyway.

        for the deep philosophical questions, i like to turn to roissy, the original roissy that is. he believed in the beauty of falling in love (an LTR), but he also believed in instilling “dread” into your girl (your LTR), to keep her working hard to please you.

        check it out:

        “Women respond viscerally in their vagina area to unpredictability, mixed signals, danger, and drama in spite of their best efforts to convince themselves otherwise. Managing your relationship in such a way that she is left with a constant, gnawing feeling of impending doom will do more for your cause than all the Valentine’s Day cards and expertly performed tongue love in the world. Like it or not, the threat of a looming breakup, whether the facts justify it or not, will spin her into a paranoid estrogen-fueled tizzy, and she’ll spend every waking second thinking about you, thinking about the relationship, thinking about how to fix it. Her love for you will blossom under these conditions. Result: she works harder to please you.

        The key for the man is to adopt a posture of blase emotional distance alternated with loving tenderness. Too much of either and she’ll run off.”

  3. “hmm is it serious” and “i bet the sex gets boring too” — brilliant.

  4. “Nice young Englishman”. Training and a good diet clearly pay-off. Not sure she thinks you’re 37, I bet she’d guess 30.

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  6. HAHA… What a blessing the game is…

  7. She needs to be invited for a london sight seeing tour ASAP. You know the drill…

    Good street look Nick – you look 5 years younger. Would take some length off the jeans though, by the end of a good day of daygaming, the ends must have picked all the czech shit up off the streets!

    • Fortunately Nick probably daygamed in areas around Wenceclas square or Na Příkopě. Žižkov or Karlín are more dangerous for your sole.

  8. The pic is priceless. Look at that body language.

    In the Text chat, she spontaneously offers a pic of her butt, without K even asking:

    This is “Spontaneous flashing” – Tomassi at Rational Male did a post on this. A girl will only do this in in 3:1 SMV Ratios or higher. The Man, in her perception, is at least 3 points higher in social status than her

    And Krauser is getting this right out of the gate. Think about this for a second. Talk about gravitas and having pull.

    These verbatim transcripts are pure gold, because its almost too good to be true. But it’s not fiction, in my opinion, it’s what is actually possible.

  9. Pub crawls are money in Prague. Been there twice. Before I left Spain I made sure to spend a week in Prague. It’s such a fun city.

  10. Hey K, how much do you spend on accommodation on your eurotrips? Do you make reservations months in advance to save money or you take care of it after you arrive? Any tips?

  11. That you portray the full spectrum of daygame appreciated – the highs and the lows and the persistence it takes (not to mention the patience involved with long game) to have it work out the way you want it to…..just like in every other worthwhile endeavor.

  12. BTW, a Segway in Prague? You can’t escape this American nonsense!

  13. Nick do you hit the weights and cardio a lot? Plus why isn’t the bf doing his damn job [Never did weights. All wrestling / boxing based calisthenics and workouts. No cardio except daygame. K.]

  14. Kraus, I think I remember reading your work was in Ibanking/finance?

    How do you have the ability to work for a year or take a year off etc? I read posts like this, or more specifically ones where you have taken long periods of time off and I wonder.

    I understand you have savings to live off of but aren’t long periods of unemployment highly detrimental to finance employment, moreso than other fields?

    I say this as a youngin about to enter uni who is genuinely interested in finance, but also is attracted to the high ROI given only a four year investment at uni, and the fact that I’d be in good shape very quickly saving at least a third total and living minimalistically. However, the soul-sucking hours worry me. Since I’m working towards maximizing money, sex, and free time, I don’t care about the prospect of insane hours for a few years — since time is money I’d be essentially earning my freedom at an accelerated rate to everyone else working 40hrs/week, which is attractive to me regardless of difficulty.

    However, If I do chose to work in finance, I eventuallly want to be able to go in the direction it seems you’ve gone — staying healthy to stave off the years, saving a large enough cushion to travel and enjoy life without falling prey to the cycle of fear and greed. The last thing I want to be is a pudgy 60 year old decamillionaire who has been a workaholic slave in a gilded cage his entire life, having to pay women to act out the fantastic notion they might be genuinely attracted to me.

    So how have you done it? Maybe you could post about finance or shoot me an email?

  15. K, you seem to have fairly strong harems in Lithuania, Russia and Serbia. How often do you visit somewhere that you have a few girls you want to keep in rotation like the two Lithuanian girls? How do you space it out so you’re giving them enough attention not to lose them but also building a rotation in new cities? [I try to visit each place 3 or 4 times a year, import each girl once or twice, and then Skype / Facebook in the interim. It’s not easy to keep them when is so irregular. K.]

  16. K, we dress the same. But where did u get that red segway shirt?

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  18. You’ll have to control yourself, I’ll tell you a story (from the female perspective):

    It’s freezing in my apartment, I’m shivering. You look like you’re coming over to warm me up.

    You take hold of me, I’m anticipating your warm embrace.

    All of a sudden, you pull your dick out. I’m confused. You knock me to my knees.

    I give you the evils. What the fuck? What’s got into you?.

    Then all of a sudden, you prematurely dribble some stinky cum all over my face.

    You collapse on the floor, sighing of relief. “We are spent”…

    I’m in total shock, and I realised it’s all in my fucking hair, too.

    My adrenaline is pumping with anger, I’m livid.

    THE END.

  19. you actually could have smashed if you would of just lead her into it bring her into your world and her obviously lame boyfriend wouldn’t have been an issue

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