The ultimate expression of gamma anti-game

July 19, 2013

Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction. I’ve been casting about of late trying to find some theoretical expression or model by which I can really bring out the distinctions between gammas and beta/deltas. They are not the same. Betas tend to be bumbling, clueless and follow rules so reflexively that it never occurs to them to want more than their measley lot in life. Gammas think they are special, by virtue of their higher intelligence and outsider status. They think the rules don’t apply to them and will happily break social conventions (sneakily), always looking to weasel a little “in” to the palace of pussy. So classic gamma tricks:

  • Learn a foreign language and do “language exchange” meetings to try to get in with girls
  • Tantric massage to cheaply feel women’s bodies and try to weasel into intimacy
  • Adopting feminist-friendly clothes and speech to gain admission into the Wimmin’s Club

They are sneaky fuckers. Sneaky, twisted, dastardly fuckers. In contrast betas are fairly salt-of-the-earth stand up guys. Nonetheless gammas are so clueless of intra-sexual relations and so lacking in self-awareness that they don’t realise how creepy they are. Why do I know this?….. because I’ve long had many gamma traits that I’ve had to learn to root out and replace. Allow me to introduce Captain Gamma….. as to be expected he was unearthed residing in Asia. This guy really does exist and I got the low-down on him through three degrees of separation. No backstory…. just revel in his squalid loathesome Bottom-world existence. I’ll add a few comments as I go. I tried to restrain myself in the interests of good taste but the thing with Gammas is they effortlessly rile me…. they have such punchable faces. So indulge me in some uncharacteristic hating, please. Every single thing I quote below was formerly available in public domain on his blog. Names removed to protect the girl.


My dear, confused, darling, and forever L, [Already setting the frame of her as confused rather than leaving him for good reasons]

Note her coldness and his rage

Note her coldness and his rage

There are fewer than five days left before I leave, at which point this blog will be repurposed — put back to the original use, the use we always intended for it. The Broadcastaways project never had a chance to grow and develop, but it was one of the many plans we had over the years [we we we…. constant loan-sharking to make her feel a debt to him]. This story, now – about your sudden, unexplained, unexplainable, incomprehensible, unfathomable [gammas never miss a chance to show their intelligence and education, but never in an attractive manner] – withdrawal from me, and from the life we were crafting together, will end the eve of my departure. I regret – I do – that I am not yet well enough, repaired enough, to bring the narrative to an end any sooner than that [this is 100% twat-speak, horrendous choice of words]. How could I be? You were – you are – my everything; and not only am I still trying very hard to come to terms with the fact that you recklessly [=lover attraction] traded our rock-solid foundation [=provider chode] and deep understanding of each other for a boy – a boy – that you barely knew, and were smitten with because of some superficial similarities and raging physical attraction [i.e. genuine attraction, not negotiated tolerance]; I am trying very hard to make sense of how you could turn on a dime, how a woman who was so loved, so treasured, could whirl around like a dervish, and not care one bit, not one bit, about what your withdrawal and your sudden absence is doing to the man who was your best friend and unshakable ally [= “you owe me”. This whole paragraph is a not-so-subtle guilt trip to blame her for all his feelings whereas the obvious reality is she got sick of him and traded up to a man who actually made her happy].

This is one of our many photos together, taken on the back lawn. As in the dozens of photos of us – to say nothing of the scores of beautiful portraits I have taken of you [pedestalising female-centrism] – we are a clear-eyed, clear-sighted couple, a team — a real team [which is the problem, a woman needs a leader]. Not a summer fling, not an explosion of sexual passion (although we were always that, and much more). We were a partnership — a field-tested, proven, come-hell-or-highwater partnership.

a motif, yesterday

a motif, yesterday

This photo is of the same spot on the lawn, taken yesterday. You will notice a bare strip — a track, which leads to the edge of the property on one side, and the small hill on the other. It was not there on the 26th of June, the night you said farewell in a short, one-sided, and all-too-civil exchange, where you sat on my sofa – the place we last made love – and in clipped answers and replied served me cold words that I was then left to weave into a narrative, explanation, and apology. [women grow very cold when attraction dies, especially as she never had any respect for this provider chump]

The bare strip is actually part of a track, which runs end-to-end in the back yard, and makes an oval. It is in the center of which I have taken some of your most beautiful photos. [Note his poetic attempts to weave a motif into the narrative, desperately trying to impress upon her what he no doubt considers his superior wit, elegance and rakeish charm]

The track exists because, beginning on Thursday 25 June, the day after you caused my world to crumble, I have done nothing but pace [that’s an industrial-strength over-investment. Never make a girl your world. Of course he’s playing the relationship equity game so he figures the more he sacrifices the more guilty she’ll feel so he can manipulate her into intimacy]. Barefoot, for hours every day, and sometimes into the darkness, I pace, and pace, in an anticlockwise circle, trying to work out how you could do this, how you could not spare me one night of your company, and one morning more, to let my love for you guide my compassion and my reason to a place of understanding, a place of bitter but wise acceptance [he’s full of blame and rage against her. Taking responsibility for their own actions is not a Gamma trait. They are too smart, too special. It’s the whole world that is stupid.]. Circles, circles, circles, in the sun when there is sun, in the showers when there is rain; in the first light of dawn, and at the last light of a receding day. I have burned a track into the grass, walking, pacing, thinking, forever thinking. Trying to understand, or at least, trying to cope. Trying – the gods know, trying so hard – to trick myself into believing It is all for the best, trying to find enough goodness and wisdom to let go of the pain, the rage, the humiliation, the frustration, and the crippling sadness to inhale deeply, and say She is happy, therefore, you too must be happy.

I have created a circle, and in the center of it – where once you stood – is a frightful vacuity. Three years, and thrown-away for a man of five days, without explanation, or a chance to understand everything from your point of view. [Other dude probably had Game. Nice one fella]

My day of pacing will begin shortly. It is all I can do. It is all there is left for me to do [Really? Is there nothing in this sad castrati’s life but walking. What about friends? Xbox? work? or god forbid…. approaching another girl?]. The thoughts most of the time, frankly, are mingled also, always, with sadness for you — sadness for you, my L. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. I love you, and could never deny you the chance to have what your heart wants. [She doesn’t need your sadness, chump. She left you for a better man. One who isn’t a toxic rage-filled frame-controlling weirdo who traps her with guilt-tripping then wears down her soul over the years]

I have never been such a monster, and could never be. I refused two full-time jobs in Asia, because I wanted to make sure that you would finish your last semester with flying-colors [Femcentrism, overinvestment and now he’s bitterly trying to make her feel guilty about it], and that as the stress began to accumulate for you I would be there, as I have always been. Always. And I always would be, will be — if you need me [The frame is all wrong. He’s still available to her and projecting that. The correct frame is “good riddance/next!”].

And you know, too, because I have told you, that I had pushed all Asia-plans to the very end of August, so that I could give you the option – if you wanted it – of having the entire Autumn to make what you like of your final months in school. If other people, new relationships, new opportunities presented themselves, I was prepared to give you the space to enjoy them, experiment with them, and pursue them — for all they might be worth to you [This is a blatant lie, imho. He’s an omnipresent orbiter who will be constantly stifling her]. And you know, too, because we have talk about it, that my overarching goal – the one reason I stayed here in the US – was to get you to graduation, after which I was prepared to swallow the big bitter pill that might have been your announcement that you wanted to strike-out and accept the world on your own, and on your own terms. Such is my love for you — which up to this point has been complete unselfish, and you-focused. [you-focused but utterly selfish. It was only by feigning sacrifice that the guilt-based rapport lasted so long]

But I pace with worry, too, because you have given heart, soul, body, and everything to a boy, too unseasoned to know what a treasure he has; a boy too untested by the exigencies of life to know how to support and encourage a woman [unlike Captain Clueless here who clearly knows so much about women], and – whatever his charms and virtues, and I do not doubt that they are many; a boy who – at his age – will surely at some point want to explore his options, and see if there is yet somewhere in the world a better version of you awaiting him. These are not the words of spite, or anger. These are facts [conveyed spitefully and angrily]. And for that reason I cannot but be sad for your aggregate loss, a loss that is growing and become larger every day we are apart, and every day you revel in your rapture with him. Saddest of all, is that you cannot even see that this is unquestionably and undeniably the case. [Very lame attempt to flip the script when he’s obviously burning with loss while she is happily free]

I love you, L — for all the right reasons. I would have let you have your summer of passion and fun, and I would have girded myself for the possibility that your summer with the boy became an autumn and winter and spring with him. I would have smiled from the sidelines, knowing that he was better, and right, and that your preparedness for him – including your meeting in [redacted], which I encouraged you to attend at all costs – was made possible in some part by my support, my care, and above all my love for you. You never would have had to choose between the fresh, new, spirited, frenzied love of the young, and the sure, solid, proven, unselfish love of the man who created a life and world with you. The latter man – imperfect though he is – is wise enough to want your comprehensive happiness, even when he knows that your joys could require his sorrow; your sighs, his tears; your pleasure, his misery.

i love you L, whether you want me to or not — for sure, you no longer care [agreed]. And I fear for you, whether you recognize or not that my fears for you are well-founded. And as the days continue, and the track in the grass becomes deeper, flatter, more sun-scorched, the chance that we can give our history – our wonderful, beautiful accumulated history – a fitting burial, or, appropriate place on some shelf, withers to nothing. And that, in months to come, will surely be the saddest and most regrettable part of this tragedy. [His life is the tragedy]

I go, now, to pace, seeking peace where I cannot have answers, though you have taken from me even the hope of peace. [If she ever had the power to take that away from him, then he’s too weak to deserve a decent girl]

I love you.

Initally I wasn’t going to post this but I heard through the grapevine that he is currently insinuating that he’s committed suicide and gone into hiding in Asia to provoke her into chasing after him. What a loathsome despicable man. He deserves the scorn heaped upon him.

This is the end of the line for men who take the Gamma path. Obsession and oneitis to the rare women they encounter and constant malignant frame controlling. What a poor poor girl to spend three years in his world. In the unlikely event either party is reading, here is my advice:

Chode: Forget her. Learn game. I’m sure you’re in the depths of despair now but it’ll pass. You have the intelligence to fix yourself.

Her: Forget him. Enjoy your freedom.

Which brings me back to the Krauser/Bhodi golden rule of how to fix a damaged relationship: Dump her and get a new girl


  1. Diagnosis: Verbal diarrhea. A terminal case.

    The alpha response to breakup: gay

    • I think “gay” unnecessarily projects negativity and possibly even hints at resentment. My response would be, “meh,” or, better yet, nothing at all.

  2. Disgusting. I think even uneducated Betas have some of those thoughts, fortunately they are socially intelligent enough – and afraid of how would society judge them – to keep those deep in their heads, or cry during the night so nobody sees them.

  3. Holy shit…when i was 25…I wrote this same crap. Tonight…5 days after breaking up…i reframed the break up to be her sabotaging a perfectly good relationship using the “smash that frame” stuff here and number closed a 25 year old at a party tonight….Thanks K.

  4. Makes me want to punch a puppy. [and you’re not the one who has to spread her legs for him…. imagine how she felt. K.]

  5. I think this is taking the alpha/beta thing too far. It’s too jargon-y and apparently we just make meanings up now.

    • All words, definitions and meanings are made up. I don’t like most of the manosphere jargon either but the important part is whether you have something insightful or interesting about the world to say with those “made up” words, not the words themselves.

  6. Just looks like literature and hollywood inspired delusions to me, leading to an emotional mind boxed man, with a lack of social education.

  7. Damn K, guys like this ought to just kill themselves and make the world a better place. In the words of T. Martin, he’s one creepy ass cracker.

  8. After reading this I’m very confused. I always considered myself a gamma (a guy who is just invisible to woman, triggers zero attraction and is excluded from the pecking order). If I would read this without Krauser’s comments I would have labeled this guy a very sneaky and creepy delta, even omega. The stuff this guy writes is just unbelievable. Is it manipulation? Does he himself believe it? Does he really think this crap will get her back? I don’t understand. He plainly and openly adores this woman. Is that a gamma trait? Gammas are by definition invisible.

    • So as I understand this VoxDay/Alpha Game Plan hierarchy:
      Omega’s are the invisible introverts (getting energy from within, not other people), lone wolf ‘in the woods’ (outside of society lit. of fig.) w/o social skills & game. Simply invisible, cuz outside of it all, psychologically I guess. Might actually be a little red pill, but somehow to damaged to change (which is delta).
      Gamma’s are more packish (however only ‘tolerated’ by other gammas), the bottom within society. Which they loath, fancying themselves to be near or on top, because of their intelligence, which brought them there in the 1st place (not used wisely). Creepy, cuz tryin’ to creep in, both women, and the matrix of society. Actually extroverted, but introspective in a unproductive way – making them not particularly on the ball. (Hardcore) blue pill.

      There’s a clue in that the lowercase letters for gamma and lambda (the gays) are each others upside down. Gamma’s might in a way better be gay. Both are also kinda in and out of society at the same time.

  9. I cringe when I read it. I see a lot of how I used to be in that blog post. That being said, while I like the concept of get up, move on, find a different girl, there’s often a good reason for oneitis other than the fact that she’s hot. Abundance mentality is difficult if you can’t often find the girls you like.

  10. Here’s a rough model I have been thinking about recently… I’m throwing it on here since I don’t have a blog and hope it is useful for people:

    Gamma is to sigma as beta is to alpha.

    Alpha is the social leader, beta is the follower. PUA style self help for betas is (to a large extent) gradually adapting more alpha traits.

    Sigma is the outsider, gamma is the almost-outsider. E.g. imagine a workplace where the boss is a dickhead. Archetypal sigma behaviour would be confrontation with the boss, telling the boss to fuck off and leaving with his head high, maybe even a fight. The gamma admires this but doesn’t have the strength to pull it off. Instead the gamma will be passive aggressive, bitter, trying to convince beta co-workers what a dick the boss is and then get depressed that the betas grudgingly prefer the boss to him.

    There are good traits in the gamma but they are submerged sigma traits still ‘in potentia’. Gamma lacks the courage, the oomph of the sigma. Biggest problem for gammas is seeing oneself honestly in the mirror without rationalisations and accepting this lack of strength. It is very humiliating and painful.

    But in a pickup context I am guessing gammas should generally aim for becoming sigma rather than trying to ‘fit in’.

    As always thanks for this blog Krauser it’s consistently been useful for me in my own journey, however much I disagree with some of your politics.

    • Let me correct that for you: Sigma is to Gamma as Alpha is to Omega.

      • Because Gammas and Omegas both suffer from delusions of grandeur.

      • But I otherwise found your comment very insightful and helpful, thank you for posting it. I see Betas as “the better Delta”; Alpha, Sigma, Gamma, Omega are all their own unique extremes.

    • Good comment Don J

      I believe Vox has the progression as:

      Gamma transforms to Sigma

      Beta transforms to Alpha

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      One reason I follow Krauser is because he is on the Sigma path, which is what I believe I’m on. I’d say many guys reading have more Gamma issues to resolve than Beta issues. The root cause is probably Weak Fathers/ or Absent Father Figures (divorce) early on. The Feminist / 1960s movement started it. Interesting to see Krausers honesty about his own Gamma traits

      The Gamma vein is a rich one to explore, more to explore for Manosphere. And it is fairly recent development.

      • In the West, I think many Gamma issues come from Christianity AS IT IS TAUGHT today. The Bible itself is fairly strong and masculine, but combine it with the emasculate teachings of the churches, and you have the ultimate in gamma.

      • I didn’t know Vox’s blog had the same progression. Interesting.

      • Vox had another term for the Sigma: ‘high omega’. Both are clearly outside of the hierarchy, the sigma is however able to manipulate it.

        Gamma neither wants to change (delta), be outside of the hierarchy (omega), or be a lieutenant to an alpha (beta).

  11. I think a key difference between gammas and deltas is that gammas think submission and avoiding conflict are virtues. Deltas submit occasionally and avoid conflict often, but they understand that it’s unmanly and the price is a lower position in the hierarchy. Gammas think it should grant them a higher place, and their reflex is to shame those who think otherwise (“a boy–a boy–that you barely knew, and were smitten with because of some superficial similarities and raging physical attraction”). Gammas look up the sociosexual hierarchy and genuinely believe they’re looking down (“I have never been such a monster, and never could be”).

    They mistake their own cowardice for courage. Look how this guy casts his circle-walking as heroic.

    It’s a very feminine style of thought. Consider the false sacrifice (“She is happy, therefore, you too must be happy”) and false sympathy (“sadness for you, my L.”). Reminds me of my grandmother with the martyr complex (may she RIP).

    I, like you, “had many gamma traits that I’ve had to learn to root out and replace.” His writing is perfused with pathetic like poutine with mayonnaise, and I can’t read it without contempt. But I can still remember when I thought just like he does, though I’m far enough removed from it to not feel the shame of it any more. Thinking back to when I was like this guy, I had a little epiphany. The reason I became a gamma as a child is because I was in a position where I had to submit daily, and could not find any way out of it. In that learned helplessness, I resolved the cognitive dissonance by turning submission into a virtue. I constructed a whole belief system around my superiority as someone who wouldn’t fight back. I think the reason this guy “effortlessly riles” you is because your hindbrain senses this about him. It’s one thing to be a loser, but to be arrogant about one’s loserdom is nauseating.

    In retrospect, I think the single most important step in my turning away from gamma was to recognize that I was avoiding conflict and to make a decision to start fighting for dominance, even when I knew I would lose. If any gammas are reading this, please consider it. The moment you stop avoiding conflict and internalize that submission is shameful, you get an immediate promotion to delta.

    Thank you very much for this post, which made me think hard about this and clarify for myself the stuff I’ve written above. [Good comment. K.]

    • Johnny, your comments are great. Would you consider being the writer for the “Gamma” section of AlphaGamePlan? Vox was looking for writers to address each part of the hierarchy, Delta, Omega, Gamma. His Omega writer made excellent progress and then stopped writing. I have Athol Kay pegged as solidly Delta well on his way to Voxian Beta. I was often puzzled why Vox labelled me instantly as a Gamma, but now reading yours and others comments, I’m starting to understand. The nature of the Gamma delusion is the way you described. I think it stems from a combination of a) what we are all taught in school and by church and society b) being very literal minded and trusting. Add the two: instant Gamma. The next step from Gamma is “bitter”… because admitting you are a social idiot is hard, and that you misplaced your trust, also hard. Learning how to trust properly fixes the bitter, but most Gammas never get there.

      • It’s funny you ask, Tiger, because I was thinking about sending Vox an email asking whether he’d consider taking on a new co-writer for the blog, now that the original crew abandoned him. Have you heard that he would be amenable to that? To keep the quality up, I’d only want to write a post every week or two. Also, maybe it would make more sense to label myself where I am now (delta) than where I came from (omega in childhood, gamma in early adulthood).

        Regarding gamma, It wasn’t until Vox wrote his series of posts about John Scalzi on his main blog (not alphagameplan) that I realized how gamma is fundamentally different from alpha/beta/delta, and not just lower on the hierarchy.

    • Ok, please explain something about avoiding conflict. In grade school, I loved conflict and competition. Wrestling and running every chance I got. By grade 3 I had several girlfriends who had taken off their clothes for me. Being a kid, I didn’t know where to take it from there, so we just put them back on. Then the school and parents stepped in. I was up against forces much bigger than me, that I couldn’t defeat. For a long time I resisted. Eventually I gave up. I was reintroduced to the school system in grade 5, fully Gamma. I recently finished a 5 year conflict with the government. Took it all the way to the Supreme Court. Lost. I struggled at every step of the way. Felt overwhelmed most days, couldn’t do anything productive. I now see that the WAY I went about the conflict was Gamma… and of course I lost. I could even see the loathing and disrespect on the female judges face. I had any number of lawyers tell me I had all the facts on my side, I shouldn’t receive any penalties. Remember Don Quixote of La Mancha? Classic Gamma. Or was he? Don’t Sigmas and Betas do quirky things? Are most Hollywood writers Gamma?

      How do you view this as advice for Gammas: stop biting off more than you can chew, avoid conflict the way Delta’s do, focus on building up strength through MMA and the calisthenics program “Convict Conditioning”. An old-timey piece of strong man wisdom is: never go outside yourself. They always lifted within what they knew they could lift. That prevented injuries, but they still were able to grow stronger by continually pushing themselves. Sun Tzu also said, if you know yourself, you will win at least 50% of the time. Know your enemy as well, you win 100%. Since we almost always know a fair bit about our enemies, perfect self knowledge means a 75% win rate on average.

      PS: You have to keep fat off for 7 years for it to stay off. That is how long the empty fat cells dump cortisol stress hormones into your bloodstream begging for more food to refill them again. Hope adipotide comes onto the market soon.

      • Right, so the question about avoiding conflict: any ideas how to learn which conflicts are too big? As with strong man training, pushing the envelope is good; walking tight-rope over a canyon filled with spikes is not, if it is your first day walking tight-rope.

      • I’m just figuring it out myself, so this is my tentative program.

        – High-intensity strength training is mandatory. Heavier weights cause more metabolic changes. (To avoid injuries, I lift/drop verrrrrry slowly.)
        – Raise testosterone. Lots of info on the web about this. TRT if test is too low. DHEA supplements seem to help me a lot.
        – Some martial art that involves real sparring. Get used to competition with men and fighting to win while accepting defeat with equanimity. (Just starting this now.)
        – Other hobbies that are body-oriented and get me out of my head.
        – Speaking up when someone does wrong by me or tries to dominate me. Monitoring self for signs of conflict avoidance or passive aggression, and forcing myself to grab my balls and be actively aggressive instead.
        – Low-carb paleo eating.
        – Yad-stopping girls on the street.

        Which conflicts are too big? For self-training purposes, anything lasting longer than a day is too big. For actually living life, your confidence grows as you take on bigger challenges and succeed, but only if those challenges represent what you actually want to accomplish in life.

      • I’m following the same program more or less Johnny, interesting.

    • A lot of the “Elite” males in America/UK are really Gammas.

      Politically correct whiner White Knights who constantly vote Liberal/ Democrat who also are High IQ and good earners. Culturally, their mothers were shrill naggers who “wore the pants” and their fathers were “Yes Dear” types.

      The “Elite” social class in any society WILL set the tone for who a “Man” ought to behave like, also for a “Woman”. This is another part of the problem.

      The old WASP upper class in America that is now gone – the ideal of a “Man” was not Gamma. It was certainly what we’d recognize today as either pure Alpha, or Beta. That was what the “men you aspired to be” looked like and acted like.

      Gamma in a Man is a new development in human history since the 1960s/ 70s. It simply was unheard of previously.

    • Couldn’t find the reply button for your post below. But, if you want to write for Vox, I suggest writing a sample column, and write him a note volunteering to be the writer for Gamma’s. Congratulations on graduating to Delta. Even though I’ve been intellectually red pill for 3 years, apparently my write-print is still Gamma. Scarcity mentality kicks in hard if you are part of a small religious group that teaches not to marry outside the group. And no sex before marriage.

    • ” In that learned helplessness, I resolved the cognitive dissonance by turning submission into a virtue. I constructed a whole belief system around my superiority as someone who wouldn’t fight back.”

      Nietzsche argues that all of the values of Christianity follow that same logic in “The Genealogy of Morals”.

  12. Gilgamesh: In Vox’s hierarchy, delta is above gamma. You’re probably a delta. Deltas are ordinary, unexceptional guys. Gammas aren’t invisible; they’re downright repulsive, a step below invisible, because they are so ostentatious about their wussyness. [Insert here pics of John Scalzi in sexy women’s clothes, making some incomprehensible point about the objectification of women.]

  13. Lizzie needs to learn how to get a restraining/cease-and-desist order. Methinks she’s going to need one very soon!

    • I wonder though….every chick I’ve ever known seems to thrive on drama.

      This is drama of the extreme.

      Would his plan work?

      Every love song, every movie has the “hero” hitting rock bottom and getting the girl—apart from Blue Valentine.

      Would she see this and think “Ahhhhh, he loves me…..”

      Since learning game, I’ve had several girls write or say the equivalent of this to me to guilt me into some action.

      A number of girls have claimed I’m too “dominant”. But…when I walked away and ignored them EVERY single one has come back in some way….usually wanting to get back together.

      In a few cases, I’m now friends with them.

      But at the time it was a huge dramatic, crying, screaming “PLEASE COME BACK…YOU”RE AN ASSHOLE …rinse and repeat….”

      Strangest situation, I one dumped a girl for giving me drama.

      A period of 4 months went by with no contact. She called and was crying hysterically about “Wanting things to be back to normal”. I said “No”.

      Two years go by. I get a Facebook message “ping” “Hey, 2 friends of mine are going to be in town and wanted to know some good clubs, do you know any?”

      So, if girls thrive on drama and love it when you show you can walk away. Would this dramatic exit spark anything?

      Or would it spark a response from a low-self-esteem girl?

      But what kind of girl would be with this guy anyway?

  14. I once had a breakup that caused me to want to be dead.
    Then I got my balls back and started banging young chicks again.
    I’m as happy as I ever was.
    The great thing about chicks, is that they make new ones every day. Go get a new one.

  15. There is just no way in fuck this guy even lifts.

  16. What’s revolting is seeing so much of my former self in that nauseating prose.

  17. “I go, now, to pace, seeking peace where I cannot have answers, though you have taken from me even the hope of peace. [If she ever had the power to take that away from him, then he’s too weak to deserve a decent girl]”

    Remarkable insight, it’s a shame guys like you don’t have blogs about giving dating advice to females, of course that’s not your interest at all and I don’t blame you. Some women who are serious about getting things right could benefit though.

  18. In true honesty, I’ve played this card to a small degree like other chodes because I felt I lacked abundance in my life and other shit like unemployment wasnt helping either. I feel sorry for him.

    Anyway, game wont help this guy, he needs to get laid by three hookers and to limit his writing to 3 sentences instead of a thesis. As for the girl, they love the drama and she is probably listened to her girlfriends and the orbiters have been invited back into her life who are only to happy to take her out on a date.

    • I think “thesis” is a good word for why he’s saying so much. This guy obviously has advanced writing ability. My guess is he has a PhD in English or Philosophy, ie, some area that uses words and a lot of them to order and control the human experience.

      So he’s been traumatized by this girl, right? Knocked off his feet and rocked to his blue pill core. How’s he going to get back control of the ‘narrative’ of his life? My guess is his defensive reaction is to fall back onto his best strength, the thing he trusts the most and has served him best in life – his English or Philosophy honed skills.

      Maybe he’s always a blowhard douche. Or maybe he’s normally a decent guy, if on the pretentious side, whose pedestalized loving girlfriend turned out to be a lying cheating cold-hearted bitch.

      His main problem is his premises have been fundamentally wrong. If he went red pill, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned into something like Roissy.

  19. I think if you had posted the article without the picture readers would have begun to build a mental image of this guys appearance. Although it is academic now that guy looks exactly like the mental image my mind would have formed. His words and appearance belong to each other and it is toe curling to behold.

  20. I feel bad for him. He’s hurt. The most important and best part of his life has been shattered and he doesn’t understand why. His mind is racing. Reading was painful because I’ve been in his shoes. Same frame of mind. Same chaotic clashing emotions. Same frantic verbal thrashing about, minus the overwrought florid prose. Same inability to let her go. Same desperate bids for her attention. Same mix of self-righteousness, accusation, begging, and self-recrimination.

    Yeah, his post is pathetic and cringe-worthy, but man, cut the brother some slack – he’s heart-broken. This just happened to him. He’s not in control of himself. He believed she loved him and it sounds like she dumped him with a cold break-up he didn’t see coming. From his perspective, one day they were in a committed long-term relationship that he’s poured himself into, and literally the next day, she’s callously indifferent to him and hooking up with some random new guy.

    What he needs is to detox his 3+ years of investment and feelings for ‘L’. Then he needs the red pill. It takes a cruel blow to the gut to shatter romantic illusions and make us vomit the blue pill, and he got that blow from ‘L’. He’s primed for the red pill now. K, you’d be doing him a favor if you could somehow pass onto him a gateway introduction to the red pill. The kind of post that, for a lot of us, opened our eyes for the first time.

    • Game isn’t for everyone. There’s always gotta be someone in the role he’s playing. You can’t save them all. Especially when they don’t want to be saved. He is me at 18. TWELVE years later after finding game and being 5 years into it I am cured of the social disease. Yes I had a weak “yes, dear” father. He makes me cringe constantly.

      So my point is that some will be cured, some won’t. The cure is not easy and it is definitely NOT painless. This guy is so weak psychologically that if it were to happen it would have to take a long time. I’ve messed some guys up by introducing them to game when they weren’t ready and I’ve learned that none of them thought anything was wrong with their current methods. The best way to find game is to discover it for oneself.

      • I can’t go into his head to know how ready he is for the red pill. I only know he’s experienced the kind of trauma that broke the illusion for a lot of us. He’s digging his hole deeper, which we know won’t win her back and likely will make her treat him worse. That will, in turn, break down the illusion even more. He may still believe in his methods at this point, but he’s aware something went very wrong. There is evidence in the post of critical questioning. But the questioning can only take him so far while his premises are wrong.

        I don’t think he’s ready for game methods yet. I think he is ready for the red pill point of view.

  21. It would be pretty interesting if the guy read Torero’s Daygame and watched some free infields. 25 dollar investment and the book is good for mental transition. He couldn’t jump straight in.

  22. Had to comment on this one, what a pathetic, chestless man that cat is, he’s the sort who will go out to a bar, whine to his ersatz friends about what a bum deal it was, then not even bother trying to find someone new.

    Pacing around in circles over a female, WTH is wrong with him. He has anti charisma, she did him a favor dumping him now maybe, just maybe, he can catch an introspective clue and realize one should NEVER put off you life to appease a female..EVER…not once. Her response to turning down those job offers will always be “that was your choice”..and he chose poorly.

    At some point, men should realize women will trade up if given half a chance, women will look out for themselves, men are merely ghosts passing through their lives in moments. If she likes what you offer or how you look they will try to settle down, if not, or you out live your usefulness they will dump you and move on.

    That is just how it is, the good thing is there are plenty of women in the world, if interest align even for a moment, then they will hop in, if not, they move, that is how things work.

  23. Krauser he removed his blog , but is / was he based out of Olympia Washington? if so i may know the interloper personally. [I know all the names involved, bio, and have loads more of his now-deleted posts. But I won’t share them. K.]

  24. First, let me say I appreciate the article and comments written by everyone here…that being said, if you don’t know “Captain Gamma”, you don’t know the whole story. I have known him for over ten years and consider him to be one of the (if not the) smartest people I’ve ever met. I can’t stand by and watch people skewer him unfairly while just seeing one side of him.

    Among the things I disagree with above (from bottom to top):

    1) Padre35; “pathetic”, “chestless”, “anti-charisma” are far from the truth. He is very charismatic. In fact, I think if you actually knew him and listened to him, you would agree.

    2) Walawala: “But what kind of girl would be with this guy anyway?” Actually, lots…and pretty hot ones too. I have seen it.

    3) Alkibiades: “Damn K, guys like this ought to just kill themselves and make the world a better place.” Is that what people are about here? Telling someone who just had his heart ripped out that he should just finish the job? Isn’t this site about constructive dialogue? Am I wrong?

    4) RobertExMachina: “Diagnosis: Verbal diarrhea. A terminal case.” So someone coming to grips with a break-up is problematic for you? Does being an “alpha” male mean you have to go through one girl after another without remorse or feeling?

    Next, K…as I alluded to above, what is your site about? Aren’t you about teaching and giving advice for guys to help better themselves? If so, your delivery (not your content) needs work. What’s with the anger toward and your words? I’ve seen some good stuff here in the last few hours I’ve been reading some of the articles…but I don’t see the need for bashing brothers.

    Finally, Eric, I think your analysis was pretty good…this gentleman is indeed a PhD…a great, loyal friend who is very successful with women. In this case, he just put his heart out and got it handed back to him in tatters. I agree, “cut the brother some slack”.

    Comments welcome, but let’s try to cool it with the hating…

    • Brian,

      How familiar is your friend with the diverse spectrum of the Manosphere (PUA/Game, MGTOW, MRA, Positive Masculinity, traditional complementary gender roles, Dark Enlightenment, etc)? Where is his head as far as changing his perspective from blue pill to red pill?

      I believe if your friend channels his intelligence, verbal ability, and passion into advocacy of the red pill, he has the potential to become a value-adding asset as a distinct voice in the Manosphere.

      I don’t want to call the red pill a movement because it’s diverse and individualist, not a collective campaign, but in the aggregate, the red pill is growing into a counter-cultural renaissance for American men and our Western brethren. I think your friend, if he constructively uses his fall-out with “Lizzie” as a departure point, could advance the red pill cause.

      As far as the disparaging reaction, you gotta admit the top photo of him with his ex makes him look like a douche begging to be punched.

      I’m interested in reading his take now that he’s had a little more time to digest what she did to him, and I hope he swallows the red pill.

      • Eric,

        Like Brian, I too have known this “Gamma Captain” for around 10 years. Where is it written in blood that anyone needs to “change his perspective from blue pill to red”?

        Just because you subscribe to a certain opinion or belief, doesn’t give you the right to continually slam on someone that doesn’t share your opinions, or fit into a “category” that you see as fit. In your own post above, you refrain from calling the red pill a movement.

        In response to this comment: “As far as the disparaging reaction, you gotta admit the top photo of him with his ex makes him look like a douche begging to be punched.”, I really want to ask if you are truly so shallow-minded that you can completely judge an individual merely by seeing a single photo? Maybe you have a little hatred for him in that he had what you can’t get?

      • SVH,

        You misunderstand. I identify and empathize with him. He and I are alike. Changing his perspective and waking up to ugly truths would benefit him.

  25. Brian, the reason why I said that is he basically went all in on a women who had options other them what he was bringing at the time..and he did not realize how women think.

    Fair enough, not the first fool to be played be his “ true love..”, HOWEVER, his reaction to her decisions is the reason for saying “chestless” “anti charisma” etc. She’s gone, no need to pace the floor, no need for the sturm unt drang, she walked out the door after playing him.

    Look at this way, it never occured to him that after she left college, she had vistas, he’d still be doing the same thing. Such a lack of objectivity means he’s pacing the ground, she’s hooking up with some dude. The sooner men understand this is how younger women think the less pacing the ground over it.

    I’d suggest he approach other women, actually talk to them and be real, and use that as mirror to see himself as others see him, such honest introspection is rare in a Gamma as their nature is to be people pleaser’s instead of deciding what they want out of the relationship.

    Or even if a Gamma wants a relationship at all, which they don’t know, all they know is white knight/chivalry blah blah crap, and there he is..whining and pacing meanwhile she’s getting busy with some male strippers soon to be posted on facebook.

    I’d bet you that cat is passive aggressive as a bottom, which he should recognize..but probably won’t., he got played, he was a pussy, the real crime is allowing that to is hard on the stupid…don’t be stupid.

  26. Just looked at the blog link and it says “14 June 1970 – 17 July 2013”. Is he trying to give out the impression he’s topped himself? (that would be the ultimate dick-move).

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