Estrogen Slug

July 22, 2013

It has given me great pride over the years to introduce a few new terms into the manosphere lexicology. Nothing earth-shattering and some, like Avoidance Weasel, are not even my own. But I’m claiming this one.

Last winter while in Thailand I noticed a trend in nightclubs wherein a group of six or seven slim university girls would be huddled / dancing around a high table and seated amongst them would be a fat smooth-skinned male student with manbag, ill-fitting shirt and glasses. He’d be buying the big bottle of liquor the girls are making merry from. And he wouldn’t get even a kiss for his troubles. Back in England I see more troubling examples. Mostly chubby Asian dorks being led around by the slim pretty girls who’ve LJBF’d them.

Just look at this guy. Lost, dazed, confused. Shuffling around indecisively like a lost panda bear. His pants recently shitted.

Then I noticed there’s black, white and wop equivalents. Like a herbus maximus. So let’s consider the defining features:

  • Smooth blemish free skin that’s never been soiled by stubble nor moustache
  • Chubbiness that doesn’t quite reach obesity but enough for the cheek fat to Japanicize the eyes
  • Ill-fitting, cheap plain clothes often with white trainers and a backpack (sometimes worn backwards, across the chest)
only semi-reversible

only semi-reversible

Just imagine a male baby drenched in estrogen since suckling, perhaps with weekly dialysis to remove pesky testosterone build-up. He’s not a herb. Herb’s have castrated themselves with lifestyle choices. Estrogen slugs literally have a hormone imbalance. They are the polar opposite of narrow-hipped hairy-armed manjaws, the yin to their yang. But never ever seen together. This is what the modern Cartman-esque lifestyle of junk food, video games and porn can do to you.


  1. Any chance you’d be up for teaching a 1-1 session in London? 2-4 hrs max. [No. K.]

  2. Regarding the Asian comments, this became a global sensation. Estrogen slug, try-hard beta, smiling too much, surrounded by babes who refer to him as “uncle”—the Asian equivalent of saying “he’s my friend”….

  3. That’s going in my lexicon. Love it.

    Always figured these chaps would benefit from HRT

  4. I know and apply Daygame, including working on myself in areas like fitness, fashion, career, I like Ayn Rand..that said, former beta still shows his face, especially in very tough times, as when I can’t pass the exam etc. I have a tendency to give up if the losing streak continues for too long without any “checkpoint of success.” Either I have not fully swallowed the red pill or I were too ambitious in the first place and didn’t realize what suffering I am choosing. Maybe I am too much of a cliffhanger to finish huge long-term projects. The truth is when I chose this path I was still beta, not very motivated internally. Now I see the value in learning real, valuable skill, but my results are worse than before.

  5. There’s a tonne of asian dudes that are like this. Some asian dudes are alpha as fuck and looking back in history have had some real bad asses but the race must have more estrogen than all others combined. Explains the massive amount of gays and ladyboys. Also explains why their women are the most feminine around. [I lived in Japan and saw first-hand the decline of their men from warrior spirit to anime loser. Watching 1970s chanbarra movies really makes you see how badass Japs can be. The current crop of men are a disgrace to their genetic heritage. K.]

  6. Readers should check out the “Interviews” tab above, if not already. Good collection in one place.

    As to this post, agree – but these guys are so far gone, there is no hope. “Shaming” only works on people who have the awareness or ability to do something about it. Otherwise, its like you are kicking a dead horse

    Systems Theory: The human body is a System. Like any system, it operates on a “feedforward cycle.’

    When you a far enough gone into one extreme – such as Estrogen Dominance – it literally becomes impossible to turn it around.

    “point of no return.”

  7. At Krasuer-So when exactly did you harden/toughen up at a rough est. Was there something that got you at a gut level that let you know what you will and won’st stand for

    • You basically get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in harsh environments were you’ll have to grow or die……. Daygames a good start!

  8. Keep posting stuff like this so that I will never become it.

  9. Hey krauser.super posts most of them are helpful,,.most of the posts you have given only the middle of the conversation. Most of us are scared or clueless about conversation opening and continuing. My request is to post the complete conversation from opening till the click!!

  10. I have done a couple bootcamps and well over a hundred approaches some years ago. However I want to get back into daygame. Seeing Jay’s comment I was wondering instead of coaching would you be ok if I tag along to some sessions in London. [Why on earth would I want some cheap value-taker hanging around me? K.]

    • Well you did offer couple years back when we met a couple times, but I guess you only hang with instructors now [Re-read your previous comment and focus on the tone and direction value is travelling. Perhaps I was harsh, but you’ve had a few years, a few bootcamps, obviously know where the internet resources are and you’ve still only done <200 approaches. You should be paying instructors for their time, going solo, or finding equally inexperienced wings. Trying to tag along is cheap. While I haven't met you, people with that profile are almost always creepy annoying cunts. Hence my response. K.]

      • ROFL!

        TK if you had respected Nick’s worth enough to trade a couple of emails and back and forths with him as I have and a number of other regulars here have, you would quickly have realised he runs the SIGMA schtick pretty hard.

        You don’t ask a SIGMA to hang out. As with a cat, you ignore the sigma while accumulating enough value over time for him to seek you out. Then the value exchange can occur from a position of mutual respect.

        While I don’t believe in SIGMA as a classification and regard them as an introspective and highly independent subtype of alpha, it helps to understand their psychology.

        There’s little to be gained from daygaming with a pro you admire and much to be lost as the pressure to perform will invariably affect your state and mojo.

        Get yourself a secret gum cam from china for audio and analysing her micro tells and a wingman with another secret camera to tape your body language during approaches. Then at the end of a day of approaches, analyse analyse analyse – comparing them to the best daygame approaches uploaded by Yad, Tom, Jon and Krauser. Make an action list of sticking points and deal with the first one in your next daygame session. Rinse and repeat.

      • Thanks for the input. ( I cant seem to be able to reply to Alex’s comment) Motivation is clearly a problem with me. I did buy a gum cam some years back but after using it a couple times its collecting dust.

        Going solo and doing it with wings have fizzled out so I guess it is back to instructors, much like using a personal trainer or coach in the gym, this has become clear.

        Alex, I dont think I am trying to impress anyone with my skills. Just had a vague sense of missed opportunity sitting in coffee shops and walking around recently.

  11. “There’s little to be gained from daygaming with a pro you admire and much to be lost as the pressure to perform will invariably affect your state and mojo.”

    Before the bootcamp pedellers chime in, I should add that I am referring to meeting up with a pro daygamer you admire with the aim of impressing him with your nascent ability. A waste of time for everyone and potentially damaging to your inner game.

    Bootcamps of course have their place and value, although I myself will never take one.

    • Alex,Speaking from experience you can step up somewhat with someone who’s really good,or the pressure and as you say need to impress cancels you out.

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