I bang my first 30 year old Romanian princess

March 29, 2013

That’s a figurative use of princess, by the way.

Imagine a leggy former model who has recently ended her relationship with a super-rich bachelor. Over the past five or so years she’s only ever travelled by limousine or private jet. She can’t remember the last time she looked at a price tag or paid cash, prefering to just sign for her luxuries in the high fashion boutiques. On her wrist is a diamond-encrusted Swiss timepiece costing more than many sports cars. More diamonds around her neck. Her dress costs more than the median average salary of her countrymen. But she walked away from it all, feeling trapped (but keeping the wardrobe, of course). Always on the boyfriend’s schedule, her life planned six months in advance. Always careful not to let slip private information about their lives lest a nosey maid or maitre d’ sell it to a scammer. Always a paparazzi trying to get some photos. She tired of the unreality of it all. She’s changed her number to stop her lovesick boyfriend pestering her.

Add five years to the brunette

Add five years to the brunette

Her holiday in London is almost over. It’s a breath of fresh air to walk around free and anonymous. She’s had a Starbucks and eavesdropped on the proles lamenting their mundane concerns. Now she’s eating a sandwich in the basement cafe in Top Shop. She checks her watch and decides to browse more high street fashion. As she begins to walk further into the shop, displaying a sultry long-legged strut, a man taps her arm.

“Hi. I have to tell you something. You have a lovely walk. Like an angry cat.”

She blushes, eyes wide open. “Um…. thank you.”

“You look Serbian” he guesses. “It’s the black hair, long legs, and crazy eyes.”

She giggles. “No. I’m Romanian”

He seems crestfallen. “Oh no. My mum warned me about Romanian girls. She said three things. They are all sexy”. He checks her out from head to toe. “Good at cooking. And sex maniacs.”

Yes chaps, it really was that romantic.

Her eyes spazz out immediately, the crackle of DNA-matching fizzing across the air. I know this girl really fancies me. After finding out her crappy logistics I take a number and suggest meeting later the same evening. Surprisingly she tells me the hotel she’s staying at (five star, Kensington) and suggest I call her in a few hours. I do. Perhaps over-emboldened from my recent run of SDLs I think its on for another but….. no. We have a few drinks in her hotel lobby and just kiss. The emotional connection is good. I have no trouble showing the right mix of confidence and vulnerability. Bhodi has his little theory about these types of girls – greyhounds, I think the term is. Girls who have:

  • Beautiful proportions mixing long legs, good height but also real curves
  • Intelligence and a well-rounded education
  • Social and physical grace
  • Always an 8 or better
Many vampire jokes were told

Many vampire jokes were told

He opines that such high quality girls are extremely difficult for the average player to catch but counter-intuitively easier for men like me. As Sherlock Holmes said “Mediocrity cannot recognise anything higher than itself. Talent recognises genius.” These girls just smell the quality on me and want it. My Euro-harem is stocked with them and they all look from the same mould. It goes well and I think I might get the lay but she controls herself and eventually runs off to her room. Bugger. As I take the night bus home alone we fall into a text exchange:

Me: You had difficulty controlling yourself there 😛

Her: Yes. I succeeds 😉

Me: Does that make you a lucky or unlucky girl? Anyway, it was a lovely evening. Sweet dreams.

Her: I’ve never slept with a stranger. I don’t know how I would feel next day. You were very disappointed I think.

Me: You didn’t disappoint me. It’s just bad luck we don’t have time

Her: Yes. But you can visit Romania perhaps

Me: That’s too much too soon, girl. I know some good English pubs.

Her: Nice 🙂 We can talk tomorrow

Me: Between now and then, get some sleep. I expect interesting conversation.

Her: Between now and then I shall masturbate 🙂

Me: Send me a text when you’re done

Her: (half an hour later) I’m done!

Me: I approve. Good girl 🙂

Next evening she comes around to my part of town on a promise of coffee and Italian food. She texts to ask if its a high class place that requires heels. I say wear heels because you’re a feminine woman who likes to look nice. As soon as she shows up in the pub all the heads are turning. She has that imperious air of a woman used to commanding attention and being waited on. One hell of a strut. As she sits down she tells me to order her a glass of wine. “The bar is over there” I reply, not moving. After a pout she orders, fending off two different chodes who can’t help but open her.

I walk her to Pizza Express. Classy. We split the bill. She tells me that’s never happened before. I drink her wine too.

Back at my house we are soon in bed but I’m on the receiving end of hardcore LMR. It turns out she’s on the rag too so I settle for a blowjob in the morning before packing her off in a taxi and a few hours later she’s jetting back to Transylvania. I’m mildly put out that I didn’t close her. She’s a tough nut, having had only two partners in the past ten years, but I did have her in bed overnight so…. meh! Chalk it to the game.

We Skype for a couple of days. It’s snowing outside my window and the weather forecast is for zero degrees the coming week. Spain and Greece at +20C…. my mind turns. I fancy some hot weather and duty-free whiskey. A bit more on Skype and we agree to meet for a couple of nights in the Med. I book a double room. There’s a different wrinkle added to game when you actually travel to close a girl… the frame is very different. There’s alot riding on it. Different pitfalls to avoid.

Her hometown, yesterday

Her hometown, yesterday

Down in the Med we check in and then explore the town. Some local cuisine and I hit the beer a bit harder than planned. She’s keeping a slow pace. I hit a rich vein of form and I swear this girl has never been gamed before. Every spike hits. Every joke. Every push-pull. She’s eating out of my hand. There’s a multi-millionaire a short private jet ride away pining for her, a guy who showered her with the best life can buy – Ferraris, Canne’s Film Festival VIP rooms, holiday homes in the tropics… and here she is drinking cheap lager in a dive bar with me, cooing and laughing when I call her a gypsy giraffe. Personal charismatic value > Money.

Game works. Never forget that.

Back at the hotel I fuck her senseless. What a cracking figure! Gazelle-like in the smooth long limbs and an expertly installed set of falsies. There’s literally not a single thing I’d change on her body. The sex is rough. I have her telling me she’s my bitch. After, I read her a Little Miss book (you can probably guess which one) which hits beautifully, making her jump me again. While I’m slamming her over the writing desk she gasps “You are hurting my ovaries!”

Lying stretched out in bed with her, both of us glistening with post-fuck sweat:

Me: Put one hand on my cock, and the other on my balls.

Her: Why? Does that turn you on?

Me: No. You’re Romanian and I don’t want to get up to lock my wallet in the safe.


Just stop for a moment to think…. how thoroughly I broke her frame. She’s a chaste girl, a monogamist who spent her twenties with only two men. People defer to her constantly. And I douchebag-gamed her into putting out on the third date. Big time. Inevitably there’s blow back.

It begins as I’m trying to sleep. She sobs, tells me it was never in her plan to have sex. She can’t sleep all night. In the morning she gives me shit all the way to lunch. She’s angry, she tells me. I remain unapologetic and unreactive, letting the hamster run itself into exhaustion. It’s a major shit test, trying to reassert her princess frame that I should dance to her tune. I flat out tell her she’s only angry because I fucked her on my timetable not hers. Gradually she softens. Then its business as usual.

The strongest reality always wins.

What your choice of video game says about your SMP rank

March 27, 2013

I’m in a frivilous mood so here’s an idea I’m throwing out only half-seriously, one that came to me while trying to decide which game to play once I’ve finished the new Rage DLC (scorchers). The male domination hierarchy drives not just how women respond to you sexually but also your self-image, other men’s reactions, and the type of entertainment you’ll pursue. Our identities are expressed through our consumption choices, our fashion choices, and how we spend our time. So let’s apply that to video games.

Alpha: Command & Conquer, Rome Total War, Evil Genius

Bang! Smash! Kill!

Bang! Smash! Kill!

The alpha male sits atop the male hierarchy giving orders to his lackeys then sitting back to smoke a cigar while he watches the world be remade in his image. He’s intensely competitive and loves to exercise his will upon a hostile world. He seeks decisive victory. Thus what better games than those where he commands armies, ripping thousands of little computer people from their little computer homes and sending them to certain death as they scythe through enemy lands looting and pillaging.

Sigma: Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, Dark Souls

Hunt and kill

Hunt and kill

The sigma walks alone on the fringes of society, heedless of its demands and determined to make his own way. The world is a playground and his mission to perfect his own skills for his own sake, to extract from it the little he needs to get by. He wishes for no affiliations, no crusade to join. So what better games than an open world sandbox with animals to hunt, pirates to assassinate, factions to play off against each other and the whole thing played at your own pace, free to pick and choose your own action? Who is a more symbolic archetype of the sigma mindset than the international assassin?

Beta: Gears of War, Call of Duty (single player), Battlefield

Yes, there's a woman in there. Sassy.

Yes, there’s a woman in there. Sassy.

Beta males are followers. They are looking for a cause higher than their own, to be pointed in a direction then sent off to surmount the obstacles and prove their worth. Thus we have long-winded save-the-world campaigns where you slot into a fire-team and play “follow the NPC”. There’s so much gushing about defending your homeland, team spirit and yes…. duty. I’ve replaced COD multiplayer (a lone-wolf twitch-fest) with Battlefield because the later better expresses the coordinated teamwork and class-based role-following that appeals to the beta drone.

Gamma: Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid

Low testosterone environment

Low testosterone environment

The gamma male is tortured by the cognitive dissonance between his self-perceived superiority (springing from his high intelligence) and his actual lowly SMP rank (springing from his feminisation). This conflict expresses itself in snark, excessive complication, and an appreciation for labyrinthian story-based RPGs that reward obsessive play. If the boring long-winded too-smart-by-half snarky lefty anti-capitalist message of MGS isn’t proof enough, just look at a photo of its creator Hideo Kojima. A high-acheiving gamma if ever there was one. Gammas want to play games that remind them how clever they are. They want to be the reluctant hero who saves the world he holds in contempt. They want the final cut-scene that vindicates them for being right all along. And they really like feminised bland characters.

Omega: World of Warcraft, Skyrim

No toilets to get your head flushed down

No toilets to get your head flushed down

The thing omegas have far more than everyone else is time. With no social life to distract them the omega is free to over-invest in endless grinding RPGs, building a virtual self that can rank higher than his real-world incarnation. Online, no-one knows you’re a dog. The omega can access social communication through MMORPGs but with buffers that avoid the real world rejection he is used to. In Skyrim he can lose himself completely in a fully-featured virtual world where he is always the hero. This is the true escapism.

An overreach?

BTW, I’d love to know how the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres are mapped by SMP rank. I don’t read much but I’d guess Asimov is for gammas, Herbert for betas, Star Trek for manginas and Doctor Who for omegas. However, I don’t know the scene well enough to judge.

Setting the frame in Skype sex chat

March 24, 2013

An integral part of maintaing a Euro-harem is facebook and skype. Such a wonderful technology for building rapport, attraction and keeping yourself entertained over long distances. As a favour to my dear readers I’ll go into detail on how to set up a good sex chat. Remember that birds don’t think like us and get turned on by different things. Keep this in mind at all times. How do you want her to feel, how do you want to move things along…. Girls get turned on by the psychological interplay and environmental scenario of sex. You want to be getting that right before moving on to the in-out part of the sex. Here’s a chat from last night where I had Serb A masturbating. Read and learn.

Vegas 01

1. I want to pull her in with something that has immediate buy-in while also covertly emphasising that I’m making this up as I go along and thus its showing my spontaneous creativity. She has no doubts this is a personalised experience so that ups the attraction and rapport.

2. Details, details, details! You are feeding her imagination, in this case the archetypal road trip. I had in mind the road scene from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Picture it in your own mind and then paint a picture with a few brush strokes. Make those details masculine and cool.

3. Don’t forget her other senses. Men are visual but women want to know the touch and smell.

4. It’s playful. Don’t take yourself seriously. Give her little images that bind her to you specifically, imagining how you are not just a random male.

5. Drop in your own habits that she knows you have. Girls know I care about good whiskey and Cuban cigars. It all builds that little world to suck her in and feel right there, next to you.

6. Tell her what she’s doing. What she’s doing in the story sets the frame for how she will act, which part of her character will come out. How would this story go differently if I’d said “You have your head buried in a book, something long-winded from Tolstoy”? Not necessarily worse but all the details need to be consistent with where you plan on taking this. I want it to be a wild adventurous story. If I’d wanted to paint her as timid and nerdy I’d have used the Tolstoy line.

7. Bring her in as a co-creator on the non-essential elements, make her work a little and feel some influence.

Vegas 02

8. Future projections always have an element of farce from her. She’s a silly little girl who would soon send the world spiralling into chaos without your firm hand to keep things in order. Put her in the clumsy box.

9. This is telling her which character to play and how to feel. The energy is high, flirty, adventurous. Much different to her pulling out a flask of cold tea (which would subconsciously lead to a relaxed, not hot, vibe).

10. This time I’m playing up her agency, letting her be predator. It suits her temperament and switches things up from the usual where I dominate everything. This story is about her being wild and horny, chasing me, impressing herself upon me because she wants the sex. A nice frame.

11. More colour to feed her imagination, more fleshing out of the uninhibited bad girl character I’m setting her up as. While typing I considered having her flash her tits at the drivers but it felt wrong so I toned it down.

12. Tell her how to feel. You tell her to be hot, excited, sexy, hungry, desperate or whatever. Not bored. Never bored. You are building the emotional linkage now for how you want her to generally feel around you in future.

13. I’m reluctant. I have a mission that she’s distracting me from. Ease her into that qualifying frame where you have the value and she’s trying to persuade you to have sex. Notice I’ve built up to it, after scene setting. It feels natural within the story.

Vegas 03

14. Playfully reassert the frame that she’s a force of chaos.

15. She needs a reward for this sexually exciting behviour. She wants you to be turned on at the thought of fucking her. And girls get a spike from hearing about hard dicks.

16. Don’t lose track of the little environmental details that make the story feel real. I get more inconsequential buy-in from her.

17. More of her as sexual predator, escalating.

Vegas 04

18. She’s winning me over now. I’m finally throwing away my cigar and turning my mind to fucking her. She gets the thrill of validation.

19. Continuing on the theme of her being the wild uninhibited ball of steamy sexual energy. I want her to know she can be like this with me in real life. It’s all a set-up for future actual sex. Giving her permission to bring out this side of her.

20. Reward and qualification. Tell the girl what you like about her, what turns you on. You’ll get more of it in future.

Vegas 05

21. Detail, detail, detail. Put yourself into the story and communicate with your senses. Pick out a smell, a touch, a quirky detail and make it come alive. Girls put themselves deep into the story so feed that.

22. At several points in the story I hammer home her obsession with my dick. Girls are obsessed with dick, that’s just life. Play on it, position her as obsessed with your dick. Frame her as worshipping the cock, her biggest source of happiness.

23. You’ll get this alot. Accept it, enjoy it. Girls want to work for you.

24. Ah, the danger element of public sex. I like to throw in unforeseen plot elements. A few weeks earlier we were having sex in an underground hidden WWII-era Luftwaffe airfield. Mid-way through she clumsily kicked over a helmet and the resulting clang woke up the Nazi zombies. Plot twists!

25. A roughness-dominance spike that flows seamlessly from the narrative.

26. Still letting her be the predator.

Vegas 06

27. We are a long way into this story and I still haven’t fucked her. As the storyteller, I’m making her wait, building up her anticipation, letting her get wetter and wetter. This is frame control – the sex proceeds on my timetable. She’s naked before me.

28. Hammering the frame of wildness. Telling her how desperate she is for my dick inside her.

29. I’m taking control. She’s turned me on enough to earn a fuck so now she’s going to get one. She’s no longer the predator, I’m driving this figuratively as well as literally.

30. Decisive manly action. I’m in charge now so the little details reflect that. She’s going into the docile “waiting to be fucked” mode. Which she wants. No girl can remain predator with me.

Daygame infield video analysis: An intermediate guy

March 14, 2013

I’m aware that six lay reports in a row could make my blog a little one-dimensional. Let’s have some theory….. The community grinds ever onwards and as new guys come through the ranks they tend to set up little coaching businesses, usually a bit earlier than they should. I’ve been guilty of that myself. I keep my eyes peeled, curious to see what these new guys bring to the table. Here’s an infield I saw for the first time last night. I’ll put in a commentary.

Overall I give it 5/10. Servicable. Approach 100 girls like this and you’ll get ten decent numbers, if you’re as good-looking as this guy. It does enough to convert girls who quite like the look of you, are available, and open to the idea of a street stop. It’s how to get a Yes Girl without fucking up too badly. However if the girl is unconvinced or a bit difficult (a Maybe Girl) then the inauthenticity, lack of higher level social creativity, and general lack of electricity will turn her off.

0:05 – Graphics tip you off that these are intermediate guys who are getting some success but still captured by cheesy community values.

0:11 – Look at her clothes and mood relative to everyone else in the shop. She’s showing lots of skin and immediately sparkles. This girl is likely DTF so you should sexualise early and see how she takes it.

0:12 – It already sounds fake and boilerplate but to give him credit he’s gotten his intent out early. The opener is a chance to inject some humour, creativity and make it specific to the girl. So only rely on canned openers if your mind has gone blank.

0:18 – The interview begins, putting the onus on her to do the work before she’s really figured out who she’s dealing with. I prefer to spend more time assumption-stacking so I can take it out of the boring daily chit-chat and put some electricity into it. Vibing is meant to be fun. The fact she accepts the invasive early questioning is another clue she’s DTF.

0:21 – Item one on the cheesy PUA shopping list of phrases. It’s too much of a leap from the flow of conversation. However despite this being a mediocre set so far she’s still laughing and responding well. Mostly that’s expressing pleasant surprise that a man is chatting her up rather than attraction to this particular man but its still a positive emotion so he can work with it.

0:25 – Cheesy PUA shopping list spike #2

0:31 – Cheesy PUA shopping list spike #3. We’ve now confirmed that this set is a fake showy chit-chat with no authenticity or sexual tension. It’s too light, it’s not grounded. He’s going to have to dial that down or end up with a flaky number (he does, a bit).

0:37 – I like his solid unreactive body language and although he’s dressed a bit cheesy-PUA at least he has a look that will polarise girls. I suspect this set is surviving entirely on the body language and balls of opening direct rather than the lame shit he’s spouting.

0:52 – I dislike how clumsy the “tell me about yourself” is, but I also like that its finally introduced authenticity and not trying to be too smooth

0:56 – Qualification, which she rebuts with a question about him. This set isn’t a car crash because he’s got enough fundamentals and she’s the right girl in the right mood. It’s still going well.

0:59 – Rapport laughter from him. There really needs to be some drive-by sexualisation now. The girl seems generally DTF and she’s testing to see if he’ll be the guy who offers her the dick she hasn’t had for a while.

1:24 – This is a great time to get her investing and opening up but he keeps interrupting. Control the urge to talk. My rule is never interrupt her when she’s speaking unless you are deliberately breaking rapport. Whoever is talking is qualifying.

1:34 – DLV about not commiting to surfing and then awkward laugh. When you talk about yourself you should be giving little glimpses of your life as the Most Interesting Man In The World. Don’t overegg it, just glimpses. Control the urge to politely self-deprecate.

1:43 – DLVing again by positioning her above. Now there’s a chance that he’s got a cheeky grin and eyes that say “I’m only saying this because I’m so confident I can patronise you”, so this could be either way. The video isn’t sharp enough to know which.

1:46 – She’s snatching the frame to direct the conversation

2:03 – After running with it, he snatches the frame back with an investment question. Good move. His body language is very relaxed now as he’s realised she’s there for the taking and her momentum is completely killed.

2:12 – Too agreeable. This is where the London School would be giving non-commital nods and say “ok”

2:23 – “That’s awesome”. He’s found a DTF girl who just likes the look of him and now he’s in danger of wrecking it by seeming too impressed with her and too happy just-to-be-there.

2:42 – She’s biting on the qualification

2:54 – She’s rapport-seeking, which is a great sign. Rather than accept and mirror it I’d suggest vacuuming, being an uncommited listener, and saving the approval for the date. This girl is actively trying to get herself laid.

2:58 – He’s totally unreactive to all the people milling around so the love bubble never pops. That’s good work.

3:09 – He’s got attraction, rapport and investment so this is a good time to go for the number. I think this girl has idate and SDL written all over her so I’d have stretched it out another couple of minutes then bounced. But maybe he’s the one with a time constraint, in which case I’d set up a Same Day De-Lay by meeting her later that afternoon.

3:36 – This is an IOI and also a warning that his material is too fake. Throughout this set we are seeing a mixture of good work and bad missteps. It goes to show that if a girl is right for you, you don’t need to be perfect. Anytime he drops the ball, she picks it up and hands it back to him.

3:40 – Cheesy PUA shopping list spike #3

3:52 – Destroying the earlier authenticity and she responds with nervous laughter. You don’t need that overgaming attraction shit when you’ve already moved into authentic communication. It telegraphs a lack of belief that you already have the girl.

So to recap


  • Solid polarising look that distinguishes him from all the schlubs and shows he’s taken care of his image (and is therefore invested in himself).
  • Direct open and doesn’t undermine himself by neutralising that intent and becoming the gay-best-friend later in set.
  • Relaxed non-reactive body language and eye contact. Imposes frame that it’s completely normal to chat to her in a supermarket.
  • Moves the interaction along through vibing, investment and rapport before picking the right time to take the number.


  • Very fake. Almost everything he says is a mini-routine from an internet forum. There’s no flow.
  • Much too agreeable. Where’s the sexual tension?
  • It’s a missed opportunity. This girl was DTF and could’ve been bounced. By failing to see this there’s a good chance she’s disappointed in him and will flake in favour of a man who will give her the dick.
  • Mentally subtract his look and body language and instead focus on what he said. Was there a single ounce of creativity or interesting conversation there? No. He hasn’t displayed high level social skills or given a window into his world either overtly nor covertly.

Videos like this are good for the intermediate guys to compare themselves against. You can see which bits are getting you your results but also see what needs to be eliminated or built upon to get to the next level. This guy is doing quite well and seems to have the right attitude. We’ll likely hear more from him in a year or so.

I bang my first 28 year old Japanese tourist

March 13, 2013

Have you heard the term “gutter game”?

Well if you haven’t allow me to educate you. While I was mid-way through my daygame apprenticeship my blog had started to pick up steam (I was still putting up alot of infields then, before it became mainstream) and I was attracting attention from other London daygamers. This is a small world, after all. So one day I get an email from “Antony”, a locally based daygamer who’s at my level and going the same route as me. After the obligatory I-like-your-blog stuff he attaches a private youtube link to two of his infields. I’m expecting him to be some useless duffer but no – he’s really good. And….. different. Him and his buddy Tom Torero want to meet up with me.

Bear in mind this is pre-daygame.com Tom Torero. All I knew was his lay reports on the LSS forum and the occasional long-distance street sighting.

So we meet, have a drink, and do some sets. It’s great. I’ve met a pair of guys around my level doing the same thing I do. Even now there’s precious few guys in London who can competently daygame and are fun to hang out with. We spend the next six months meeting up every now and then, doing sets, knocking our heads together to figure out theoretical points. The glory days of London street game, when my RSG gang is also active.

Why the long preamble you no doubt wonder. Antony has kinda dropped out of the community but Tom is a big name now, deservedly so (and yes, that’s me referenced on pages 368 and 372 of his book). Tom was really hitting it hard back in 2011 racking up the sets and lays. He’d really figured out how to do Same Day Lays and I wanted to know his secret. This was back when I’d only had a handful whereas he was well into double figures on them. Surprisingly he said it wasn’t so hard, it was all about the timing and then spotting the signals. He’d coined the term Gutter Game.

Open the one on the left

Open the one on the left

Gutter Game: Late evening street game, technically similar to normal daygame but with a heavy emphasis on target selection, logistic probing, momentum and ……. balls of steel.

He can explain it better than me but here’s my take on it:

  • As the sun begins to set the vibe on the street changes. All the worker drones have gone home, the shops are closing, the street begins to empty out. The sexual vibe creeps upwards. You can feel it in your bones.
  • You must make a firm resolution that you are looking for sex. Not numbers, not facebooks. You want to make sweet love. There’s alot of sex out on the street and you want yours.
  • This is not the time for two-sets, tall leggy eights, fashionable girls. You are looking for vulnerable isolated girls, especially tourists. Forget quality, types, observational openers etc. Look for girls who seemed bored, lost and horny. Most will be sixes and sevens. Fine. You aren’t marrying them.
  • When you open you are looking for the eye sparkle, that crackle of electricity that lets you know its on. This whole shebang has to be done and dusted in a few hours so if the girl’s vibe is flat and can’t be spiked you’ll need to take a number and move on to the next one.

So you go in and open, eye-fuck, throw out some light sexualisation and see what happens. If you’re getting long deep eye contact and feeling the its-on-DTF vibe then you start the ball rolling and then its all about momentum and accelerated comfort. Get her in a pub (not a cafe), ask some simple logistical questions (where does she live, what is she doing tonight, when does she leave town, when does she need to be home) and put your balls on the line.

Generally speaking I’d say you want to spend about ten minutes on the street and one hour in the pub running comfort and flirting before you pull the trigger on the kiss close. Once you have the kiss physical comfort becomes extremely important. Stroke her head, kiss her forehead, play with interlocking fingers. Tell her its so fast, its crazy. Tell her the best thing about London is it’s so anonymous that you can do crazy things and nobody is watching, that its best to take a chance in life and follow your emotion rather than being all serious and regret letting life slip by. Blah blah blah. And then when you’ve kissed a bit (but not over-escalated) suggest “the next place” and hop in a cab. This is real balls-on-the-line stuff. It never feels certain. You’re always stepping off the cliff.

But fuck me, you’d be so surprised how many of them step into that taxi, put their head on your shoulder, and allow themselves to be whisked away to the sex location. Even now when it happens I surprise myself. As Bhodi says, once you get them through your door the odds of sex rise exponentially. So anyway if you get a gutter game SDL and want to send me royalities – don’t. Buy Tom’s book. It’s his concept. So on with this particular lay report……

Add a red hat and drop a point

Add a red hat and drop a point

I’m having a fucking terrible day. There’s something weird about 2013 where most of my sets are weak and yet I’m getting laid at an astonishingly high open-to-lay ratio. Perhaps I’m coming in so strong that the girls are either in or out within the first ten seconds. Fuck knows. So today I do ten sets. Five straight-out harsh blowouts. Ouch. I get an idate with a wop and another long set with another wop. Both have long-term wop boyfriends. Now that London has been invaded by cute slim Italians and Spanish (always with boyfriends) I’m thinking of developing a long-term boyfriend-destroyer wop game. We shall see. But whatever, it’s pushing 9pm, I’ve been out four hours and although my mood is good my vibe is off.

It’s gutter game time. There’s sex out there, I want mine.

Walking past John Lewis on Oxford Street I see a slim Japanese girl dressed like an indie kid with a big woolly red hat and long soft hair. I open and bang! its on. Not please-fuck-me-on but I can see the subtle signals, the easy-going vibe, the questions to fill my silences. This girl is on a ten-day trip to London visiting a friend, leaving tomorrow. That friend is working so my Jap has to occupy the days with wandering. Sweet. I promise an offering to the Gods Of Pickup in thanks.

I probably owe them something

I probably owe them something

Then I follow the model outlined above. Ten minutes on the street. Light kino-testing on her painted fingernails. Bounce to the Argyll Arms to get alcohol in her and start laying on the man-vibe. She obediently follows me to Bradleys Spanish Bar (seductive close location) for more drinks and I kiss close. Easy. This girl’s hindbrain has already decided to fuck but its not until I bundle her into the taxi that the forebrain gets the memo. It really is easy. Not the slightest quiver or LMR. She doesn’t give me any green lights or help with the escalation – all of it has to be the time-old combination of balls + calibration. I chat to the taxi driver (his wife went to school close to my parent’s house) and get an easy lay. No LMR at all. Not in the slightest. I think that’s a Japanese thing, they have a guilt-free sex culture even though the girls have low-Ns.

I fuck the shit out of her, her eyes opening so wide she looks almost European. During my mid-fuck debrief she tells me I’m the fifth guy to fuck her and first foreigner (and first non-BF). It’s her first nanpa. She even tells me “I don’t know how this happened”. She’s never had it rough so I oblige her with a rousting. Her first facefucking, first vibrator, first anal, first cum-swallowing.

I’ll admit it. I like being the bad guy.

Several times during the evening I keep thinking that almost all of my recent lays follow the same pattern, especially the SDLs……….

Shit day —> Lots of blowouts —> One set of glory —> Get laid

Never give up, guys. When you’re gutter gaming, there’s always a horny tourist around the next corner.