I bang my first 30 year old Romanian princess

March 29, 2013

That’s a figurative use of princess, by the way.

Imagine a leggy former model who has recently ended her relationship with a super-rich bachelor. Over the past five or so years she’s only ever travelled by limousine or private jet. She can’t remember the last time she looked at a price tag or paid cash, prefering to just sign for her luxuries in the high fashion boutiques. On her wrist is a diamond-encrusted Swiss timepiece costing more than many sports cars. More diamonds around her neck. Her dress costs more than the median average salary of her countrymen. But she walked away from it all, feeling trapped (but keeping the wardrobe, of course). Always on the boyfriend’s schedule, her life planned six months in advance. Always careful not to let slip private information about their lives lest a nosey maid or maitre d’ sell it to a scammer. Always a paparazzi trying to get some photos. She tired of the unreality of it all. She’s changed her number to stop her lovesick boyfriend pestering her.

Add five years to the brunette

Add five years to the brunette

Her holiday in London is almost over. It’s a breath of fresh air to walk around free and anonymous. She’s had a Starbucks and eavesdropped on the proles lamenting their mundane concerns. Now she’s eating a sandwich in the basement cafe in Top Shop. She checks her watch and decides to browse more high street fashion. As she begins to walk further into the shop, displaying a sultry long-legged strut, a man taps her arm.

“Hi. I have to tell you something. You have a lovely walk. Like an angry cat.”

She blushes, eyes wide open. “Um…. thank you.”

“You look Serbian” he guesses. “It’s the black hair, long legs, and crazy eyes.”

She giggles. “No. I’m Romanian”

He seems crestfallen. “Oh no. My mum warned me about Romanian girls. She said three things. They are all sexy”. He checks her out from head to toe. “Good at cooking. And sex maniacs.”

Yes chaps, it really was that romantic.

Her eyes spazz out immediately, the crackle of DNA-matching fizzing across the air. I know this girl really fancies me. After finding out her crappy logistics I take a number and suggest meeting later the same evening. Surprisingly she tells me the hotel she’s staying at (five star, Kensington) and suggest I call her in a few hours. I do. Perhaps over-emboldened from my recent run of SDLs I think its on for another but….. no. We have a few drinks in her hotel lobby and just kiss. The emotional connection is good. I have no trouble showing the right mix of confidence and vulnerability. Bhodi has his little theory about these types of girls – greyhounds, I think the term is. Girls who have:

  • Beautiful proportions mixing long legs, good height but also real curves
  • Intelligence and a well-rounded education
  • Social and physical grace
  • Always an 8 or better
Many vampire jokes were told

Many vampire jokes were told

He opines that such high quality girls are extremely difficult for the average player to catch but counter-intuitively easier for men like me. As Sherlock Holmes said “Mediocrity cannot recognise anything higher than itself. Talent recognises genius.” These girls just smell the quality on me and want it. My Euro-harem is stocked with them and they all look from the same mould. It goes well and I think I might get the lay but she controls herself and eventually runs off to her room. Bugger. As I take the night bus home alone we fall into a text exchange:

Me: You had difficulty controlling yourself there 😛

Her: Yes. I succeeds 😉

Me: Does that make you a lucky or unlucky girl? Anyway, it was a lovely evening. Sweet dreams.

Her: I’ve never slept with a stranger. I don’t know how I would feel next day. You were very disappointed I think.

Me: You didn’t disappoint me. It’s just bad luck we don’t have time

Her: Yes. But you can visit Romania perhaps

Me: That’s too much too soon, girl. I know some good English pubs.

Her: Nice 🙂 We can talk tomorrow

Me: Between now and then, get some sleep. I expect interesting conversation.

Her: Between now and then I shall masturbate 🙂

Me: Send me a text when you’re done

Her: (half an hour later) I’m done!

Me: I approve. Good girl 🙂

Next evening she comes around to my part of town on a promise of coffee and Italian food. She texts to ask if its a high class place that requires heels. I say wear heels because you’re a feminine woman who likes to look nice. As soon as she shows up in the pub all the heads are turning. She has that imperious air of a woman used to commanding attention and being waited on. One hell of a strut. As she sits down she tells me to order her a glass of wine. “The bar is over there” I reply, not moving. After a pout she orders, fending off two different chodes who can’t help but open her.

I walk her to Pizza Express. Classy. We split the bill. She tells me that’s never happened before. I drink her wine too.

Back at my house we are soon in bed but I’m on the receiving end of hardcore LMR. It turns out she’s on the rag too so I settle for a blowjob in the morning before packing her off in a taxi and a few hours later she’s jetting back to Transylvania. I’m mildly put out that I didn’t close her. She’s a tough nut, having had only two partners in the past ten years, but I did have her in bed overnight so…. meh! Chalk it to the game.

We Skype for a couple of days. It’s snowing outside my window and the weather forecast is for zero degrees the coming week. Spain and Greece at +20C…. my mind turns. I fancy some hot weather and duty-free whiskey. A bit more on Skype and we agree to meet for a couple of nights in the Med. I book a double room. There’s a different wrinkle added to game when you actually travel to close a girl… the frame is very different. There’s alot riding on it. Different pitfalls to avoid.

Her hometown, yesterday

Her hometown, yesterday

Down in the Med we check in and then explore the town. Some local cuisine and I hit the beer a bit harder than planned. She’s keeping a slow pace. I hit a rich vein of form and I swear this girl has never been gamed before. Every spike hits. Every joke. Every push-pull. She’s eating out of my hand. There’s a multi-millionaire a short private jet ride away pining for her, a guy who showered her with the best life can buy – Ferraris, Canne’s Film Festival VIP rooms, holiday homes in the tropics… and here she is drinking cheap lager in a dive bar with me, cooing and laughing when I call her a gypsy giraffe. Personal charismatic value > Money.

Game works. Never forget that.

Back at the hotel I fuck her senseless. What a cracking figure! Gazelle-like in the smooth long limbs and an expertly installed set of falsies. There’s literally not a single thing I’d change on her body. The sex is rough. I have her telling me she’s my bitch. After, I read her a Little Miss book (you can probably guess which one) which hits beautifully, making her jump me again. While I’m slamming her over the writing desk she gasps “You are hurting my ovaries!”

Lying stretched out in bed with her, both of us glistening with post-fuck sweat:

Me: Put one hand on my cock, and the other on my balls.

Her: Why? Does that turn you on?

Me: No. You’re Romanian and I don’t want to get up to lock my wallet in the safe.


Just stop for a moment to think…. how thoroughly I broke her frame. She’s a chaste girl, a monogamist who spent her twenties with only two men. People defer to her constantly. And I douchebag-gamed her into putting out on the third date. Big time. Inevitably there’s blow back.

It begins as I’m trying to sleep. She sobs, tells me it was never in her plan to have sex. She can’t sleep all night. In the morning she gives me shit all the way to lunch. She’s angry, she tells me. I remain unapologetic and unreactive, letting the hamster run itself into exhaustion. It’s a major shit test, trying to reassert her princess frame that I should dance to her tune. I flat out tell her she’s only angry because I fucked her on my timetable not hers. Gradually she softens. Then its business as usual.

The strongest reality always wins.


  1. Perhaps my favourite story of yours ever Krauser. Incredible.

  2. That’s remarkable. Every line is dripping with high value…this is one for the books.

  3. Great post. But I have a question. Didn’t this all smack of “over-gaming”? and after the blow job and the set up of the visit you needed to build “comfort”?

    • I can’t speak for Krauser walawala. But In my experience, you must always keep spiking and teasing girls throughout. It keeps the Man/Woman frame set and avoids the conversation ever edging off into to the ‘friend’ territory.

      Even after sleeping with them, i do it. Granted, maybe not as much, but i always try to maintain that aloofness and the attitude of (I like you, but i refuse to take you seriously).

      It works very well for me.

      • Right. Maybe there’s something in this post I’m missing. The fact she gets what sounds like buyer’s remorse–i’d like to hear more about dealing with that…. [Buyer’s remorse was due to me banging her on my timeline, which was far faster than her preferred timeline. Her identity was always going to try to reassert itself against my frame. I had created a pressure buildup that has to come out somewhere, like an exhaust. K.]

  4. Dude, you are breaking women exactly the way your mother broke you when you were young by narcissistically imposing your frame upon theirs. At the same time deep down you want/seek a Madonna, finding some approximation and seeing that Madonna as nothing more than a whore the moment the initial excitement of penetration wears off. You aren’t making this world (and yourself) any better by repeating same old pattern over and over again.

  5. When are you going to fuck some English girls? or does your game and charisma not work on them? I mean they are not all fat and orrible 🙂 Just curious?

  6. Respect my friend. You are becoming a master.

  7. Living up north we have practically zero tourism, so i have to heavily rely on local girls. I can assure you its rare to find genuinely hot english girls. Some days i can walk around and not even see enough to count on one hand. K goes for ‘foriegn’ girls because they are hot, feminine and logistically spot on.

  8. Love to see the success for ya but more importantly the instructional value here is immense. Immense – it’s been inserted into an ongoing manual for myself. The combination of play by play and then commentary/analysis here is unparalleled.
    You’d do us a service though if you ‘d include this: Tell us about the unsuccessful efforts in the days/day leading up to your meeting with that lady (or others). Tell us about how exactly you went down in flames on those and then succeeded with glory. It’s very important to hear all of that to put this in perspective so some of us don’t run out tonight, give it a few whacks at 6’s and 7’s and then say ‘man I’m just not at that guys level, and never will be’. [There’s no magic. I open girls and a bunch of them don’t like me or aren’t available so they excuse themselves and I let them go. Usually they have bright smiles and are respectful. I never get eye-rolls of the how-dare-a-guy-like-you-talk-to-a-girl-like me, perhaps because of my pre-screening. You have to flip the stones. If my current level of success seems unattainable to a noob, just click on the 2009 archives when I couldn’t get laid. K.]

    To fully explain the defeats would be as instructional as the successes. For example, once in a video you gave a breakdown minute by minute and you mentioned about some moment “not good: approval seeking’

    as for A.S. comment: if you aren’t learning from this and it’s not making your world better I’m not sure why you tune in then ?

  9. Nice field report as per usual 🙂

    I’ve recently had a shift in mindset; one where i see no girl as higher than me in scale and have now avoided giving girls numbers in quality. Because of this, the quality of girls i’m meeting has now gone up.

    A funny thing happened to me recently where I met a tall and leggy Lithuanian girl wearing a furry coat and exiting Westfield in Stratford on her way to the train station. This was after a string of blow outs and not feeling on form on that particular day and decided to do just one more approach.

    Turned out she was a model in Kaunas and traveled around the world to do photo shoots. Met up for our first date and turned out, she knew the guys over at daygame.com after the subject came up about what i do for living and telling her that i’m working on setting up my own consultancy company in personal development.

    She hates being approach and gets opened a lot in Oxford street due to her model good looks. So i asked her why she stopped for me, to which she replied she thought i was very attractive looking.

    So it’s very true. Your alpha demeanor makes a massive difference. I imagine the guys approaching her in Oxford street were all beta scavengers focusing on approaching without focusing on their value.

    It’s all to do with value and your inner game.

  10. this is sick! inspiring. personal charismatic value greater than money… ive never been entirely sure what charisma is actually but why are you doing so well in 2013? its it just years of experience all clicking together now

  11. Good job Krauser. Very good job buddy.
    She got sick of her royaloty high life that it bored her. So you brought her down to earth. Stellar game man.

    “After, I read her a Little Miss book (you can probably guess which one) which hits beautifully, making her jump me again”
    –> you have any other suggestions to sub this? I can’t copy, or hope to copy this technique (nor do I want to, that’s disrespectful in my view). [Search Amazon for Roger Hargreaves Little Miss. It’s low hanging fruit. K.]

    • @Phoenix…I gave a girl the Little Miss Curious book as per Krauser’s previous post on this. It was all she talked about for weeks. Cost was about US$8

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  13. Krauser nice one, put her back into person and shut off Princess bratty mode. Romanian girls are pretty interesting Out of interest on 1st date did you manage to turn the convo sexual.

    Less about Pick Up More about you general day to day life ,how did you end up in London to begin with from Newcastle, did you go straight from uni wherever that was into living in the city or did you have to work your way to move there and then investment banking just build it up from there once you’d moved to London?

    Thanks K

  14. 30 is old but she has the mileage of a younger broad (which affects the mentality.)

    • Most people in the age range of 25-30 enjoy rich possibilities for a full life, but the condition of frailty distinguished by “bodily failure” and greater dependence becomes increasingly after that

  15. Krauser very few writers inspire confidence like you do. Reading your posts before going on a date gets me in the right mindset. Cheers.

  16. Amy man who brags about his sexual activity is insecure and also likely to be lying or exaggerating. You’re not even half as cool as you think mate. Grow up and learn how to be a decent human being.

  17. This writing style actually reminds me a lot of Robert Ebert’s. Very well written and explained.

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  20. Sex on first date is not an option for me yet men come back for more anyway. Since I am woman and aware of those “games” I can say girls like to play “innoncent angels” so we dont share bed experiences openly in first date. I bet and guarantee she had many times sex before you in that way – girl with fantasy of sex with stranges – thrilling. Especially when she did it on first date with you but she wont openly tell you about other times – dont feel too special. Well known to us girls text “I’ll regret tomorrow” means Ive gone through that before and did regret it after my desire was fulfilled however by this I also want to make you feel that in some ways Im good girl aka wifey material but ITS NOT lol. Being relationship counsellor, I get my office full of guys like you that want to finally settle with woman but then trust issue, jealousy and need to control her get in the way because “she probably is playing or cheating with me ( as I like to do LoL) Goodluck.

  21. Opened my first greyhound this week and quoting this post in my blog… fucking great post, man.

  22. This guy is a liar. Every bit of this is made up lies. [My success increases the pain of your failure, doesn’t it? Triggered! K.]

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