What your choice of video game says about your SMP rank

March 27, 2013

I’m in a frivilous mood so here’s an idea I’m throwing out only half-seriously, one that came to me while trying to decide which game to play once I’ve finished the new Rage DLC (scorchers). The male domination hierarchy drives not just how women respond to you sexually but also your self-image, other men’s reactions, and the type of entertainment you’ll pursue. Our identities are expressed through our consumption choices, our fashion choices, and how we spend our time. So let’s apply that to video games.

Alpha: Command & Conquer, Rome Total War, Evil Genius

Bang! Smash! Kill!

Bang! Smash! Kill!

The alpha male sits atop the male hierarchy giving orders to his lackeys then sitting back to smoke a cigar while he watches the world be remade in his image. He’s intensely competitive and loves to exercise his will upon a hostile world. He seeks decisive victory. Thus what better games than those where he commands armies, ripping thousands of little computer people from their little computer homes and sending them to certain death as they scythe through enemy lands looting and pillaging.

Sigma: Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, Dark Souls

Hunt and kill

Hunt and kill

The sigma walks alone on the fringes of society, heedless of its demands and determined to make his own way. The world is a playground and his mission to perfect his own skills for his own sake, to extract from it the little he needs to get by. He wishes for no affiliations, no crusade to join. So what better games than an open world sandbox with animals to hunt, pirates to assassinate, factions to play off against each other and the whole thing played at your own pace, free to pick and choose your own action? Who is a more symbolic archetype of the sigma mindset than the international assassin?

Beta: Gears of War, Call of Duty (single player), Battlefield

Yes, there's a woman in there. Sassy.

Yes, there’s a woman in there. Sassy.

Beta males are followers. They are looking for a cause higher than their own, to be pointed in a direction then sent off to surmount the obstacles and prove their worth. Thus we have long-winded save-the-world campaigns where you slot into a fire-team and play “follow the NPC”. There’s so much gushing about defending your homeland, team spirit and yes…. duty. I’ve replaced COD multiplayer (a lone-wolf twitch-fest) with Battlefield because the later better expresses the coordinated teamwork and class-based role-following that appeals to the beta drone.

Gamma: Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid

Low testosterone environment

Low testosterone environment

The gamma male is tortured by the cognitive dissonance between his self-perceived superiority (springing from his high intelligence) and his actual lowly SMP rank (springing from his feminisation). This conflict expresses itself in snark, excessive complication, and an appreciation for labyrinthian story-based RPGs that reward obsessive play. If the boring long-winded too-smart-by-half snarky lefty anti-capitalist message of MGS isn’t proof enough, just look at a photo of its creator Hideo Kojima. A high-acheiving gamma if ever there was one. Gammas want to play games that remind them how clever they are. They want to be the reluctant hero who saves the world he holds in contempt. They want the final cut-scene that vindicates them for being right all along. And they really like feminised bland characters.

Omega: World of Warcraft, Skyrim

No toilets to get your head flushed down

No toilets to get your head flushed down

The thing omegas have far more than everyone else is time. With no social life to distract them the omega is free to over-invest in endless grinding RPGs, building a virtual self that can rank higher than his real-world incarnation. Online, no-one knows you’re a dog. The omega can access social communication through MMORPGs but with buffers that avoid the real world rejection he is used to. In Skyrim he can lose himself completely in a fully-featured virtual world where he is always the hero. This is the true escapism.

An overreach?

BTW, I’d love to know how the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres are mapped by SMP rank. I don’t read much but I’d guess Asimov is for gammas, Herbert for betas, Star Trek for manginas and Doctor Who for omegas. However, I don’t know the scene well enough to judge.


  1. lol, yeah, this post was a significant overreach. Personally I’d rather blow shit up in Battlefield 3. That game has nothing to do with following orders, it’s about blowing people the hell up with a tank, getting shot up by a helicopter, then jumping out just in time and gunning people down with an assault rifle before getting run over by a Humvee. Rinse and repeat. Honestly, playing that game puts me in a competitive mood that has, at times, translated pretty well to going out at night and picking up girls. You could probably say the same thing about CoD, it’s not about following orders to most of its players, it’s about killing 400 people and blowing things up.

    But maybe I’m an omega male for over analyzing this.

    • Two points. If you’re omega/gamma/beta(or whatever new buzzword is out these days) for analysing this, then what is the author who did the post in the first place?

      Second, to me the most alpha thing is not giving a fuck. I play all games, from super marior to hardcore RTS. I grew up on C&C and AoE, but I’d never value them higher than, say, a fun round in CS whenever I’m in the mood for it(or Portal 2 and it’s endless fun with the maps).

      Worrying about what your game tells about you, however, is very beta. And that’s more a direct jab to the author. [Worrying? Lack of social acuity = gamma. K.]

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  3. What about sports games?

  4. just had a thought. your game is quintessential alpha i reckon that suits ur personality and coherent with ur lifestyle of martial arts. u r fit and kicking. on the other hand Tom and Yad are gay gaming quintessential gay behaviours. looking at them its clear they have no inclination to box or get into fitness. i think and i just think that no matter how and what u do as long as you approach with clear sexual intention of closing u can develop solid harem. gay game or alpha game the statement seems to stand.


  5. I’ll sign up for this. Not a huge a gamer, but sometimes a little FPS hits the spot

    Played (over the years)
    Far Cry (original), Left4Dead (zombie rampage, single player), Unreal Tournament, Rage, Postal2, Doom, Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    Not too worried about being classified, but I’ll take Sigma if you’re offering. My game preferences seem to align with your theory. A little plot is okay, but let’s not over do it. mmmm guns.

    It might be interesting having minions if the control of them was quick and efficient, and the minions’ availability matched mine. When they can bring sufficient AI and speech recognition to auto-minions, that could work. Not interested in playing the armchair leader, I want to be fully part of the play.

    Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon)
    Neal Asher
    Iain M Banks (Consider Phlebas)

    not a fantasy fan,
    not a magic fan,
    not a fan of mixed sex army where women are as good as men, tough as men and fuck like men

  6. Here’s an even more accurate ranking:
    Playing computer games when you could be working out/learning Russian/learning salsa/making money/gaming chicks: Beta/Gamma/Omega.
    Never playing computer games: Alpha/Sigma

    • Well said. I can’t see how PS3 games can ever be seen as alpha-like behaviour. Neither is watching tv, films. Thats not to say that someone can’t display alpha-like behaviour in other aspects of life and STILL have the odd game on the PS3, its just theres no intrinsic alphaness to playing “pretend” in this fashion. [It’s not intrinsically alpha, it’s just the entertainment that draws them. Video games are now so ubiquitous that they are like books, music or movies. The stereotype of loner nerd no longer fits. I think its silly to pretend the mythical alpha doesn’t have hobbies or entertainment pursuits. K.]

  7. I’m curious where you think games like gta and simcity fall under.

  8. But in all seriousness, I feel like there is something to the psychological profiling of gamers through their games of choice. For example, if you like anything from Japan your probably a loser – with the some notable exceptions like Shadow of the Colossus. I would also add that Call of Duty is so ubiquitous that it defies that kind of categorization. Im sure a lot of alpha types play its simply because it represents a guaranteed and low commitment multiplayer community. Though if were talking very general trends over time youd probably be right.

  9. interesting nick, I used to play the ‘alpha’ type games a lot when i was young but was nowhere near an alpha. Would Sports games fall under Beta?

  10. Lol gay, alphas have social lives that get in the way of paying enough attention to video games to even remember the names of half of these games, let alone actually play them. Yet you know them all. [I guess alphas are too busy fucking to watch movies too, or drink whiskey, or any other thing people enjoy. K.]

  11. While I can see how this subject may be of interest and have some validity for guys who play video games, I never have played them, and I wonder how many men (who want to be men, in the traditional sense, not boys), are the same way. I’ve never followed sports either (except boxing, years ago). I’ve been working out (weights etc.) since age 15, and doing martial arts, boxing, etc. — doing, being, progressing, achieving, etc., not watching and following.
    I don’t watch TV (99% of it) or porn either. Of course these choices don’t make me superior, they just give me different rewards than you get from other choices (such as being a spectator).

    Guys spend so much time watching sports and TV talk shows about sports, and reading about sports, etc. — a huge amount of time — which could be spent far more profitably doing other stuff (like living directly, participating, with risks and rewards).
    I used to work in bars and see guys watching a game on TV and responding so passionately.
    It looked obvious that their lives were missing the excitement of risk and the fulfillment of manifesting their masculinity in some substantial form.
    Either that or their lives restrict them too much from expressing anger, lust, etc., with too much penalty for doing so. But staying in that situation (tolerating it) is a choice one makes, paying either this price or that one.
    Watching people settle for living vicariously is sad.

    I bet there are many men out there who live impressively successful, masculine lives who also play video games. They are not using video games as a weak substitute for something important which is missing in their lives. I bet these men are in a small minority of all the guys who play video games. Maybe it helps them unwind, forget their problems for awhile, whatever.
    But even for them I wonder if they can/cannot choose other options which give them similar instant benefits (fun, relaxation, distraction, etc.) which are far more rewarding (ROI for their time) in the long term.
    Best wishes to everyone making his own choices for however he lives his own life (without hurting anyone else).

    • Well said. Living vicariously and without passion is sad for any man.
      Life is too short for black and white categorizations but at least this article made me think and for that I’m grateful.

  12. Lazy Guy raises an interesting issue – that of the passivity of sports viewing. I don’t really follow any sports, but I’m sometimes in a room where Sky Sports is on, (especially when it’s Soccer Saturday or one of the Fantasy Football type shows) and I’m struck by how much it seems orientated around feminine ideas – viewers are encouraged to think of themselves as consumers, ‘fans’ who wait for clips of their heroes, with gossip about players and bitchy digs at other teams. It’s so female, yet I’m not aware that TV Sports production is dominated by women.

    So how come so much of it looks like “Loose Women”?


  13. There’s an entertaining thread over on Roosh V Forum on whether the car you drive is beta or not. I think you should open this up and comment on people’s video game choices in similar fashion:


    The only videogame i’m currently playing is NBA Jam with my neighbors/friends when we do a regular get together. It’s hilarious, dead simple so many can play, but does involve skill at the higher level. Then again, you may not have ever played an arcade-y basketball game before.

    Interesting dissection. i think a big part of it is how much you play and how you view video games as part of your life (or not and why).

  14. How about God of War, Devil May Cry and Darksiders? What do they say about the SMP?

  15. Nick, why would you not publish my previous comment? It was directly on topic

  16. I do think it’s an overreach. While there may be some correlation, I believe it’s the amount of time spent on a game (any game) that matters more.

    I haven’t watched tv in almost 5 years now and I really despise wasting my time in from of a tube, no matter what’s on. I gave up video games for good almost a year ago.

    Having said that, I spent years playing RTS (StarCraft, WarCraft), (A)RPGs (Diablo, Oblivion, Skyrim), MMOs (just WoW), and FPS (CounterStrike). I actually spent the most time on MMOs/RPGs when I was dating/in serious relationships. As my notch counts increased and I became more alpha, I still can’t come up with any correlation between it and specific types of video games, other than the fact that I cut them out altogether because I don’t like wasting my time period.

    I like the comparison, it’s entertaining, but I think it’s a loose concept.

  17. After C&C Civilization was my fav.

  18. Yeah, this would make me Alpha, Gamma, and Omega…

  19. And what about Football Manager?. [A tough call. My buddy JJ has been playing it for years and has knobbed >150 women. K.]

  20. How about starcraft 2. I play it 4 hours a week and I love it)) Greetings from Odessa, city of vodka and angels.

  21. Alpha’s play anything that doesn’t take too much time… race games! They’re too busy fucking woman and managing their universe.
    I play shooters, and I am a gamma. It has to be quick and violent and has to eliminate my frustration. I hate that finalfantasy stuff. It’s too weak.
    Your omega-analysis on worldofwardcraft is spot on.
    Beta’s rarely play computergames. Their girlfriend doesnt like that and they have to take care of the kids when mommy is to “the dancing lesson” (riding a racergame-player’s cock).
    You are a sigma. What do you like to play?

  22. What? Dwarf Fortress not listed? Blasphemy!

  23. Hi Nick,

    I liked your concept for this article. Using your characterisations, I came up with the following groups and protagonists. In looking out these books/characters it soon became evident that Alfred Bester was the king of writing Sigmas. More dfficult to find Omegas for obvious reasons – only really came up with one.

    Conan the Barbarian – (Robert E Howard)
    Takeshi Kovacs (Altered Carbon – Richard Morgan)
    Eric John Stark (Ginger Star – Leigh Brackett)
    The Wasp (Wasp – Eric Frank Russell)
    Lorq Von Ray (Nova – Samuel Delany)

    Greatest Sigmas
    Sam Harker (Fury – Alfred Bester)
    Gully Foyle – (Tiger Tiger – Alfred Bester)

    Oscar “Scar” Gordon (Glory Road – Robert A Heinlein)
    Mike “Ghost” Harmon (Kildar – John Ringo)
    Dominic Flandry (Flandry Series – Poul Anderson)
    Juan Rico / Sargeant Zim (Starship Troopers – Robert Heinlein)
    John Carter (John Carter 0f Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs)
    Conrad Kallikanzaros (This Immortal – Roger Zelazny)
    Fedhman Kassad (Hyperion – Dan Simmons)
    Logen Nine-Fingers The Bloody-Nine” (First Law – Joe Abercrombie)
    Doc Savage (Doc Savage Novels)
    Huyghens – Exploration Team – Murray Leinster)
    Paul Atreides / Duncan Idaho (Dune – Frank Herbert)

    Greatest Alphas
    Nicholas Van Rijn (Trouble Twisters/Other titles – Poul Anderson)
    Tarl Cabot (Tarnsman of Gor – John Norman)

    Merlin Athrawes (Safehold – David Weber)
    Mouse (Nova – Samuel Delany)
    Elijah Bailey (Caves of Steel – Isaac Asimov)
    Turner (Count Zero – William Gibson)
    Calvin Morrison (Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen – H Beam Piper)
    Slippery Jim DeGriz (Stainless Steel Rat – Harry Harrison)

    Greatest Betas
    Billy Danger (Galactic Odyssey – Keith Laumer)
    Darian Frey (Retribution Falls – Chris Wooding)

    Lord Clane Linn (Wizard of Linn – A.E. Van Vogt)

  24. Series/Movies also define which sexual rank people stand.
    I assume the one who belongs to the respective sexual rank identifies with the respective protagonist:

    Alpha: Commando , 007, Gainsbourg, Mad Men
    Beta: 500 Days of Summer, Californication (though a womanizer, a white knight), Dexter
    Omega: Akira (ok, Kaneda is Alpha as fuck, but Tetsuo, the main character is the ultimate Omega)

    Just like the “size of wallet” (Rational male’ New Sensivity post), if we don’t change exterior projections, not enough mindset can overcome our exterior.

  25. I disagree about Metal Gear.

    The plot of MGS2 is phenomenal once you’ve read essays written on it and truly grasp the message Kojima was going for.

    MGS3 was alpha as fuck.

    Series went wonky with MGS4, sadly. [I’ve completed 1,3 and 4 of which 3rd one is by far the best (and the only genuinely cool one imo). I quite liked 4 but found the lefty propaganda grinding. Link to the essays? K.]

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  27. Methinks Krauser is coming out of his RTS closet, and I respect him for that. As an old-school kinda guy, I prefer Age of Empires II: the Conquerors (the name itself drips with testosterone). Build an army for war and go medieval (literally) on someone else’s armiy’s ass. Good times… problem is RTS can eat up time that could be spent banging chicks or learning a new skill. For that reason, I like FPS. Twenty minutes of deathmatch is a good way to get the juices going for a workout, then a good catharsis after an hours-long research session. And blowing shit to ludicrous gibs is always fun.

    If you can get a chick into gaming, it can be a good measuring stick for compatibility. If she wants to play RPG’s for the cool loot, change your number and run away. If you can get her to be a good teammate in RTS/FPS (following your lead of course), she might be worth more than regular bangs. [I prefer turn-based. Advance Wars is my biggest timesink. Reminds me of an old routine – get a girl to suck your cock while you are playing a game and then pull her head up to watch the boss fight, then back down for the next level. Another one is to make a Sims house that is like both of you and then make her character do all the cooking and cleaning while yours stays on the couch reading the paper. K]

    • “Another one is to make a Sims house that is like both of you and then make her character do all the cooking and cleaning while yours stays on the couch reading the paper.”

      Now THAT I find entertaining.

  28. How about playing Skyrim while getting a blowjob [depends how much you have to pay your mum. K.]

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  30. What about Grand Theft Auto?

  31. My gameplay choices are Alpha with a bit of Sigma (Hitman series), although I also love Bethesda games, and find the description of Sigma games fits pretty closely to the Fallout franchise, and also are why I played Skyrim briefly; true story, I was in college when Skyrim came out, and took a month off to play it while phoning and emailing assignments into school. I showed up to class twice the first month skyrim came out and still got A’s. When all the broads asked me where I had been, I was honest with them, and it didn’t prevent me from fucking a few of them.

  32. None of my games are even on here. I’m either playing games Grand Theft Auto and Saint’s Row, or games that remind me of my childhood like new Mario and Sonic games.

  33. I have spent my gaming time on Age of Empires II (ages back), Cossacks: European Wars (also ages back), Civilization 2-4 (5 was shit, so didn’t bother), the GTAs, Hitman 2, Far Cry, Wolfenstein (the original – way back, obviously; Return to Castle Wolfenstein; and Enemy Territory).

    More recently, I did complete Skyrim. Does that make me omega? In partial defense, I didn’t do any replays, nor did I get any of the sequels. I loved the landscape and world-building at the beginning but then the missions got too grinding and repetitive. The two games I currently play from time to time are Counter-Strike and Red Orchestra.

  34. How about fighting games, e.g. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat?

  35. We talk about what movies or tv shows are alpha/beta/whatever and that’s well accepted, but IMO video games are just as relevant.

    The amount of time you spend on this type of entertainment is the biggest indicator of your SMV. Someone who spends 12 hours a day watching tv shows and movies isn’t better or worse than someone who spends 12 hours a day playing Command and Conquer.

    Also in any sphere there will be various types of people and at the highest levels of competition in any game you’ll find alphas, because alphas are good at competition and competition creates alphas.

  36. I just finished Bioshock: Infinite, and Speck Ops: The Line; though I play a fair number of top-down RTS and TBS games, as well. I’m leaning towards the Sigma category.

  37. Where does Chess and Backgammon figure in? Most video games bore me, but chess and backgammon can be played quickly, a computer is an ideal opponent, to hone your game. And both are filled with tradition, played by Kings and Knights and Sultans and Maharajas.

    All those video games above sound boring as hell, and useless. But Chess? Backgammon? I’m there.

  38. Hitman and GTA are my favourites. love the freedom to do whatever I want, that includes being a virtual pervert 🙂 But I now reserve gaming for friends houses, it’s a social guy thing now.

  39. Cant see i agree. The most avid and competitive Real time strategy lovers today are starcraft 2 players who partipate in the ladder, not to mention the starcraft2 pro’s who can actually earn an income playing starcraft2 competitively lee.

    Most of them are korean and theyre some of the most socially maladjusted non-verbally communicative guys i’ve seen

    check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hscJ5OZFJcc

  40. How about super smash bros?? best fucking game ever for having a party, or with girls over. loser takes a shot =)

  41. Way offbase. I’ve played Total War with equal passion as World of Warcraft. It’s not about the game — it’s about the gaming lifestyle. A guy who plays Total War all weekend is exactly the same as the guy who plays WoW all weekend.

    You fail to realize that all video games fulfill a deep psychological need. Guys play video games because it gives them a sense of control and domination over their environment…. this is why there are so many male gamers and so few female ones.

  42. Robert Heinlein would definitely be alpha sci-fi – you want voting rights, you’d better earn them boy!

  43. what about cybersport? I mean, real cybersport, not this shit like LoL. QuakeLive, Starcraft, CS

  44. Hey, that division left a lot of shit out. The shit I mostly play.
    Where are shoot-em-ups, action platformers and the children of them (run and gun)? Alpha? Epsilon? Delta? They don’t seem to fit in any of the categories.

    My favorite games on each are Thunder Force IV, the Mega Man series, and the Metal Slug series. Just noticed they all have a common denominator – being just you against hordes of mindless, yet well armed and/or big enemies.

  45. Haha, just found this site.

    I’m vaguely reassured by this post. I always enjoy a good RTS; ordering minions, crushing other cultures and appropriating all their things, that’s heady stuff. I DID play WoW, but it was with a bunch of guys whose whole purpose was to defeat, grief and humiliate the other faction as much as possible, whether in BGs or world pvp. It felt like being in a wolf pack, and we just wanted to hunt and eat those we came across.

    Other than that, who gives a damn? Games are what you do when you’re not working on your actual life. To that end, they don’t mean jack. Methinks part of this post is a blatant troll.

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