My year’s stats in review

January 24, 2013

I’ve long believed that I should be ending each year in a better position than I started it according to whatever metrics I deem relevant. My pillars of finance, health, career, social, girls…. whatever it happens to be. The metrics will change over my life cycle and according to interests. A man’s life must be an arrow travelling forwards. He needs a mission. Should you ever take your foot off the pedal then the forces of lethargy and mediocrity will take root.

That’s a long-winded way of saying I was thinking about my girl stats for 2012.

Long-suffering readers will be aware how the tone of my blog changed in late 2011 as I went through a cycle of game-revulsion. I changed from the high-approach/high-adventure phase to a low-approach/maturity phase. At the time I thought it was a permanent shift, now I’m not so sure. Perhaps its cyclical. A couple of weeks ago I started reading Tom Torero’s daygame book and it rekindled the old hunger. Like when I walk into a boxing gym and smell the dried sweat on leather, hear the thumping of bagwork, the whistle of a jump rope and I’m immediately in state to train. I was reading his lay reports, his joy/obsession for going out every day, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed it.

The greatest

The greatest

2012 was the year I switched gears. 2010 was brute-force approaching to get the sets in the bank, with some decent success. 2011 was more brute-force but developing the artistry side and upping the quality. But by the end of 2011 I was still thinking “it shouldn’t have to be such hard work”. There must be a way of making it all easier and more efficient. Thus 2012 I worked hard on lifestyle, masculine value, and removing my niggling career doubts. I cut the approaches right down. Here’s my stats. Estimates because I never tracked numbers.

  • Approachs: I’d estimate 250 in total, about 200 outside of the UK. Of the total about 150 went nowhere, 20 idates, about 100 numbers/facebooks with vaying degrees of flakiness.
  • Dates: I had day twos with about ten girls who I made out with / got sexual with but didn’t actually bang. There were another five girls where the day two went nowhere at all. The remaining dates led to sex.
  • Sex: Seventeen new girls, plus a few continuing on rotation from 2011.

Overall the lesson is I had more sex, better sex, more fun and with higher quality girls. Nonetheless I gradually got the nagging feeling of scarcity as I stopped approaching. It’s important to feel abundance in lead-creation, not merely abundance in having regulars on rotation.


  1. Great post, very inspirational. Your blog actually got me off my ass and into improving my game.

    My stats are more modest but I’ll break them down. I work and travel full time so approaches, and Day Game isn’t in my frame at this point.

    I tried a few things. 1) OK Cupid Game and 2) Social Circle Game

    With OK cupid, i must have written maybe 100 replies using your model. It worked in about 80% of cases in that I got some type of hook or positive response.

    Of that say 80, I got around 40 numbers. From that it lead to 4 bangs, one finger bang, one instant make out and lead to two becoming regular sex partners.= 6. One of the girls actually read portions of 50 Shades of Gray to me over the phone. All of them sent me naked photos of themselves on a regular basis. This had never happened before.

    Of Social Circle Game, I approached and launched “Long Game” on 3 girls…and banged all 3. This has now lead to a potential regular from a tall, statuesque dancer who at 34 is a bit older than my target but looks younger, has a great body and is completely in love with me because I gamed her and banged her using your platforms.

    Then there’s a hodgepodge, 4 more girls who were regulars until they started to drop ASD and disappeared.

    Learnings: 1) more confidence with women 2) better game that has lead to the one dancer becoming a prospect for something more regular 3) more confidence in my day to day life—work, with people etc.

    But….there is a nagging scarcity mentality with the one girl who now wants to be my regular…I keep thinking what would i be giving up? Even though this girl is up for anything, generous but a bit sticky and clingy. The one thing i learned was to have a regular text chat, then disappear.

    There is also the nagging thought that I may be going too soft or could revert to beta by chatting with these girls. I rationalize it by thinking that by gaming and banging them I did display hard dominance. They know that. By chatting and by listening to them, the soft dominance keeps them hooked.

    This idea that by actually going out with a girl i may be becoming beta bothers me most.

    Thought I’d share this because your writings and ideas have been very helpful and by adapting them I can say that you have been an insipiration. [Thanks for the outline. I’m glad it’s been working for you. Just keep pushing forward, figuring out what you want and then moving towards it. K.]

    • I have also found one thing….early on I ‘over-gamed’ these girls. From reading your posts and others here, the one area i need to focus on is “soft-dominance”.

      This becomes clear when being a dick all the time doesn’t work.

      I still do nice things for the girls. But they do know that when I do them, they need to be extremely grateful, not take it for granted and find a way to pay it back.

      The one girl I’ve game does this with constant upgrades to her wardrobe, sexy messages, photos etc. It means if i’m on vacation and stop by the duty free to get some crap, i’m not beta, it’s clearly an imposition that requires some type of show of gratitude in kind.

      I hope this would be clear to readers that supplication and being a decent guy are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

      This is another takeaway.

      • I fell victim to “overgaming” girls as well. There’s always a happy medium, being a man she can be comfortable around while also not falling into their frame. Great explanation walawala. And keep it up men, let’s make 2013 an even better year.

  2. Thank you for revealing numbers. Your hard work is appreciated.

  3. I think the key to effective game is in having the other parts of your life handled as well. It wasn’t until i switched focus from purely gaming girls to focusing on my hobbies, health and fitness, side business and career that i actually started getting better feedback from the approaches i was doing.

    They were ironically much less, but more targeted to the type of girls i was interested in.
    I feel the results were positive because of the innate feeling of direction and confidence i had knowing that my life was in order and in control due to it being all from my own will and the sense of strength i was developing from it.

    So my strength and masculinity leaked into my interactions naturally without having to be conscious of it.

    To me, i think game is a lesson of ‘finding balance’. It’s not until i begun working on my life as a whole in unison that i started to become more of a complete man. I see masculinity as a Parthenon where a strong foundation requires that the pillars are strong. The weaker one of them becomes, the higher the risk of your overall masculinity and foundation to suffer.

    • “So my strength and masculinity leaked into my interactions naturally without having to be conscious of it.”

      Humbly suggested, another way of viewing this might be: So my strength and masculinity GOVERNED my interactions naturally and CONSCIOUSLY.

  4. Hey!

    I would like to ask you why are you so much into foreigners, and not into British chicks?

    I am a foreigner, studying here in UK, and I never had any sexual encounter with a UK chick… To be honest, they haven’t really caught my eye yet, and they seem they don’t attract your attention that much either…

    Why are you staying away from UK girls?

    • i’m also curious krauser when you say you don’t like like english girls do you mean just anglo-saxon ‘proper’ english girls or does that include 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants like indian, carribean etc girls who are also english in their passport, accents etc.

  5. Will you be reviewing Tom Torero’s book? [Mini-review: If you like reading “player’s journey” blogs you’ll find it an interesting read. If you’re an active daygamer it’s an essential purchase. K.]

  6. good work, I’m still living by the methodology of your book though I know you’ve matured since it’s conception

  7. Nah sorry Krauser, game doesn’t work. Girls only like guys because of their model good looks. They only like you if there’s pre-existing attraction.

    You, good sir, show that men can improve themselves and make women want to sleep with them on a level beyond anything that most men could comprehend. That’s because you have worked on this, you have developed yourself and your talents in these areas, and now you’re pushing the limits of reality for 99% of men. [Thanks. I like to preen occasionally. K.]

  8. Gotta admit, that girl is a stunner. Much prettier than most girls you’ve posted.

  9. Thanks for the stats. I’m assuming you got 100/250 numbers/facebook details and most of them from streetgame?

    Of those 100, you got 32 dates. So roughly 1/3 turn into dates.

    And then closed 17/32, so roughly 50% of the time you earnt your cup of coffee.

    I’m interested if you’ve looked at other PUAs stats and drawn any conclusions?

    My observations with this sort of thing (with far smaller data TBH) is that streetgame has a high flake rate. Much higher than say coffee shop game. As a rough rule I think one girl met in a coffee shop is equivalent to three streetgamed. I appreciate that you can find ways to add value etc but its not always logistically possible and that is part and parcel of the streetgame proposition anyway.This may sound anal but its actually a useful consideration for me and I haven’t come to a firm conclusion on it yet. For example, I find myself wondering if I should sit in a coffee shop and work (and game at the same time) or work at home and then game seperately? It’s not as easy a calculation as you might think because I need to work on my trips.

    So other than ‘add more value initially’ what else have you been modifying in order to increase the number-conversion-to-date ratio? Adopting plausible non-needy urgency at the point of first contact in order to frame and get a quick date afterwards? Pre-suggesting a busy schedule? etc etc

    ABC (Always Be Cadding)

  10. It’s great that you are honest with numbers regarding approaches, dates, and sex. It’s a great eye opener to men just how hard it is to be successful with women in this increasingly anti-man world. Too many PUAS or wannabes claim ridiculous success odds, so it’s nice to see an honest guy out there genuinely interested in helping men improve by learning the facts.

  11. I’m curious about the quality, like roughly how many were 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s …
    and how that changed over the three years

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  13. Well done on revealing numbers and resisting the urge to create a personal mythology (always a temptation when posting about your life on the internet).

    On one hand your giving ammunition to your naysayers “Krauser approached 250 women and only shagged 17″… but it is really nice to get clear straight information on someone’s batting average.

    Do you believe that you can further improve things? [Yes, but those %s are fine for me. I don’t mind striking out on approaches. I do mind wasting time on dates or failing to find sufficiently attractive women. K.]

  14. Hello guys and thx for sharing, my initial thought was wow around 250 women approaching and only 17 lays! terrible! but really thinking about it that’s more women then months in 1 full year and if you think about it 17 plus lets say next year you had 15 that’s 32 women in 2 years which id say is a very nice number. Unfortunately probably according to bad marketing that’s nowhere near the one girl everyday of the week claim. Of course quality of women is important well for me atleast as i have seen many puas going out with women that simply confuse me meaning they aren’t attractive at all.
    I guess it brings the question are these guys really living what they are claiming and does game really work? I know some basic principles of game work if not id be sexless for 5 years now, but can game really reach the high levels as claimed? Meaning 2 girls a week if thats what you wanted or 104 girls a year? I heard some of the top guys reached about 175 women during about 5 to 7 year period so about 28 to 30 girls per year.So the question that is rising on alot of mens mind is there such thing as game? I mean apart from the main principles of approaching and meeting women could it be that its simply -approach women- show intent- shes says yes %8 likely, she says no 92% likely, then you need to deal with trying to get laid. It often seems that even the guys who claim are good at this approach (gutter girls) but doesnt this mean your still dating women you don’t really find that attractive? basically being almost back at square one?!

    As for Krauser id say he is happy with the results and really if you guys ever had 3 women on the go trust me that’s crazy enough as it is, so he done well with 17, plus iam sure if he wanted more if he pumped it to 350 women he would of been past hes 20s lays

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