Bedtime stories for big girls

January 25, 2013

Lately I’ve been rather uninspired in my Skype chats, not really feeling the pull to be fun and creative. That’s not an especially good thing when you want to keep your Euro harem happy. So tonight as I lay tired on my bed with Serb A pestering me for a video chat I decided to leverage the wonders of the internet with these two aids.

A quick google search of “bedtime stories” found some free sites with illustrated stories. I told her to brew a cup of tea, get comfortable and imagine she’s lying next to me as I read a story. Girls like the sound of a man’s slow deep voice, especially non-native speakers because they love the accent and the perfection in a native speaker’s delivery. Then there’s the obvious framing of when her dad used to read her stories. Big time rapport on the cheap.


I read her Pickles The Cat. What a great story for winter when she’s couped up in her apartment most of the day. Framing the big bad world outside as scary and exciting. Get the girl to open the link to read as she listens to you.

Next I teased her a little on how when she’s being feisty she reminds my of Droopy the Dog, then sent her this clip to watch together (from 2:12). Vintage kids cartoons are great for that.

Easy rapport. Everyone’s happy.


  1. Add a touch of and you’re sorted. [Great find. K.]

    Given up on Cervantes? [No. Just not feeling inspired on that side yet. I haven’t been travelling or doing anything interesting the past 4 months. Just work, and game stuff more suited to this blog.]

  2. It’s interesting how these bed time stories and toys and children’s books bring out a really girly side to women.

    One girl I’m seeing is constantly sending me photos of cats and dogs….this approach in this post taps into something more about dominance…role play. Creating a world of your own.

  3. Hello Krauser,

    thank you for your good book. My question: If you go out in field. What Goal do you always have in mind?

  4. Krauser,(guy above gd question). Do you ever fear losgistics. I do daygame in Essex and yeh im with you that foreign girls are nicer in many ways. Btw K your writingn a previous article about young women blossoming and bf not catching up,very powerful and truthful.

  5. You know what? I’ve actually done this, and not even really realize the full potential. I’ve been reading to a girl I’m dating the book the hobbit and she loves it. As the narrator you are totally bringing her into your world and your friend by default.

  6. most women are book nuts. reading to them at bed time taps into you providing “fatherly comfort” to her. if a girl texts you that she’s turning in for the night. tell her to call you right away.

    when she does, pick a book (any fictional work….i go with wuthering heights) and read to her for about 5 minutes. then tell her “sleep tight. bye.” and you just sent her to bed moist and thinking of you.

    winner winner chicken dinner.

  7. Interesting. There are other pua’s like Frank Kermit that advocate treating a girl like a child, like scolding them or reading bedtime stories. They need guidance, just like children.

  8. Krauser;

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and you are always very inspiring! Especially
    the fact that you travelled around Europe is outstanding. As a matter of fact, me and my wing decided to follow your path. I’m going to start my european journey beginning of march.

    Do you have any suggestions which countries suit best for a start? I got the impression
    that Croatia (Zagreb) and Poland are good places to start.

    Many Thanks!

    Sorry If this is not the right place to ask you this question.


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