Easing my way into a well-worn rut

November 5, 2012

I’m working these days so I’ve not got much time or inclination for chasing girls. For a couple of years while I was building up the various pillars of my life (health, romance, travel etc) it was all coming at the cost of my Career/Financial pillar slowly eroding. The transition from go-getting professional banker to lazy hammock-sleeping wop is a gradual process so it took a while to realise Expert System Energy Husky was becoming increasingly agitated. I refuse to be one of those pussy-hounds that the Community so lionises, who do the “300 Day Challenge” or other such ego-ridden nonsense that results in your whole identity being wrapped up in chasing women. Men who’ll find themselves hitting their mid-thirties prime with loserness having crept up on them by squandering their 20s on the pussy carousel.

My ego demands entirely different gratification! I still work towards the Cervantes-esque male development model and right now that means topping up my career and savings. There’s something purposeful and satisfying about making my early morning walk to work and then coming home that evening with a pocketful of loot and the serene calm of having participated in a high-level value exchange. Manly pride has to be earned in manly arenas. Women can’t provide it.

So I plan to work until Christmas and then begin 2013 with a long sabbatical. Until then I’m just keeping my existing women ticking over. Here’s a sample of how I do it. I’ve put a focus on their hamsterbation.


Her: How is it today?

Me: relaxed I’m writing a report and I have to go to a client office next to [redacted] for a meeting at 4pm what are you wearing?

Her: Nick)) ahahah)) I’m wearing the leggings in which my ass looks especially appetizing and a long sweater )

Me: Hmmm….. I won’t undress you. I’ll just rip a hole in the leggings big enough to squeeze my dick through and roll up your sweater

Her: such a pervert )

Me: yes you are

Her: he)) Others usually call me an angel 😉

Me: heh

Her: My teachers from Uni are so lazy that I will write the recommendation letters for me instead them Going to do it in English it means the teachers will never know what’s written there I need it for Uni in Uk

Me: how is your escape plan so far? I’m quite impressed that you are doing all of this hard work to try to get back into my bed

Her: ahaha)) I’m not gonna say no and ruin your fantasy )

Me: Maybe I’ll buy a blow-up sex doll and give it the same haircut as you, same clothes… same tarty facial expression then I’ll abuse it and lock it in my cellar

Her: ahaha! Nick! you’re awful ! too much sometimes I gonna to to my dance class

A few days later after a Skype call….

Her: It was nice to see your british face yesterday 😉

Me: yeah, I liked chatting with you. It’s a bit difficult, now I’m starting to like you….

Her: Don’t play games with me, Nick You do It’s warning ))

Me: i’m playing xbox games


Me: heh!

Her: I’m totally lost somewhere between Russia and UK

Me: look at some photos of me, and you’ll feeling better

Her: ahaha) worse all your photos are full of Slavic beaches =D

Me: beaches or bitches?

Her: ahahaha)) sorry And you also don’t want to date with me such a bastard )) Probably I should delete you on the facebook and sleep well then )))

Me: you’re in Russia, what do you expect me to do? buy an NKVD cap and Nagan revolver, call everyone “comrade”?

Her: hehe))) I don’t expect anything It’d be quite stupid )) You give me a lot of emotions doing nothing ) it’s obviously a talent =D

Me: the English word is “charisma” I just ordered a big fat pizza mmmmmm

Her: lucky you)

and a few days after that….

Me: buy some Union Jack underwear next time you are here

Her: then I’ll be look like a typical UK tourist in your bed ! =D

Me: I like those Union Jack things. Top left (link to girl’s vest with British flag)

Her: no)) I already passed ‘typical tourist step of being in England’ no british flag on my clothes any more )

Me: I insist

Her: If you insist you can buy it for me ) 😛

Me: I might

Her: Really ? )))

Me: I want you to look good when I fuck you, so maybe I’ll buy you things

Her: ahahah))) don’t make excuses never will believe that this buying of Union Jack is because you want to be with me forever and die in one day together =D

Me: that’s scary

Her: for sure )

Me: so now you dream of marrying me I should run away

Her: ahaha) I was sure that you know me better )

Me: I had two girls ask to marry me in October. Don’t want any more in November

Her: I could ask you to marry me for getting UK citizenship only, but you would ask to much money I guess =D no choice only free sex and probable Union Jack underwear as a bonus )

Me: I might start charging you money to have sex with me too

Her: those women who asked you to marry them were crazy or drank or both?

Me: an ex-girlfriend (Russian), who still loves me and wants my children and an English girl who I never dated but she thinks I’m the perfect husband, like Darcy or Heathcliffe

Her: hm…curious ) too much attention for one terrible person 😛 but unfortunately guys who have wanted to marry me I was playing ‘good girl game’ with )

Me: I can imagine nice guys would want to marry you. And also that you control them and make them do lots of things for you they probably all call you an angel too 😀

Her: no the last time I was talking with my boyfriend he called me terrible and soulless bitch =D I don’t think that I’m like this, honestly… I’m close to an angel )

Me: he probably called you that because he now realises he was wrong about you, and can’t accept responsibility for his own inability to understand women

Her: I don’t think so i gave you his expression without context doesn’t matter you’re much worse than I am My personality is still depending on people (especially men) who surround me the influence can change me i’m not fixed yet… but you’re already formed by your experience and it’s an irrepairable damage :/ I should run away from you

Serb B

Her: hey Nick I have one message for you, it`s long, dont be scare 🙂

Me: ok 🙂

Her: I know this is my usually story, but this time I want to be determined. I don’t t think its normal that I miss something it doesn’t exist actually…. People miss things if they care about and like something what they have in their lives, or what they gat use to…I don’t want either of that with something I don’t feel it`s real. You exist here only as a word, sentence and picture.

I’ve said this several times and always break my rule, because it was – “I am about losing control but I think I like it”…. I cant even explain how you don’t think something is weird. I see that I am doing things which I usually do with people who are around me, for example sharing a great news, saying how I feel…and that is not normal.

Having fun is ok, that’s one thing, but living in illusion is wrong..every level or type of illusion. I have to go

Me: There is no illusion. I like you, you like me. Communication is about words, thoughts, and feelings. We share those now. When we video chat on Skype we can also share the face-to-face contact and see each other. These are good feelings. We don’t need a purpose or a mission. Happiness is it’s own goal and when we talk we like the feeling it gives. When you eat delicious food or listen to sweet music do you think “this is an illusion” or “what is the future”? No. You enjoy the feeling it gives you in the moment. Too many people live with their minds in the future or the past. Happiness is when you live in the present and enjoy the moments as they come to you.

And life goes on….


  1. I know what you mean, I was the same way for a while. There needs to be a balance.

  2. Damn this is amazing. Has been a while since I connected with a girl on these levels. Need to find a new one worthy of that time and investment.

  3. Today I was browsing the internet and I accidentally your whole blog.

  4. K, what kind of job is this? What kind of value do you provide? I’m a college student possibly heading towards some lucrative quant work. [That’s an expert system right there. Learn to love it. Even if it’s just a model for prop traders, your work will support a massive amount of transactions which helps create market liquidity meaning there’s always a bid when a real-world person wants to trade. This smoothes prices and reduces transaction costs, which is a net positive for the world and promotes efficient capital allocation. K.]

  5. “Happiness is when you live in the present and enjoy the moments as they come to you”. That’s gold K! You inspire me on every post! Damn you!

  6. I came across your blog from a mention in RSD and I must say I’m impressed. Not with your skill with women but your general outlook in life and also writing ability. As Owen says, the self always comes through. Great job.

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  8. Algo’s promoting efficient capital allocation? Sounds like you’re talking your book K. [higher trade volume = more bids = more liquidity = more efficiency. K.]

  9. “I might start charging you money to have sex with me too”


  10. “but you’re already formed by your experience and it’s an irrepairable damage :/ I should run away from you”
    –> so she’s calling you damaged? That you’re more terrible than she is?

  11. Hello Krauser,

    you are like me. I also go out every day on the street to do approaches. [I don’t. But good luck. K.]

    Through permanent observation of the girls walking by, my eyes and my brain is overloaded with informationen. How do you handle this hard work, without destroy your eyes and brain?

  12. my fanny gets wet from reading all this you horny little man! [Photo of your face, breasts, ass and legs to krauser@rocksolidgame.co.uk please. K]

  13. How did you explain the ‘gap’ in your CV? I’m guessing “dedicating time to becoming better with women” wouldn’t cut it with a potential employer? [Travelling, pursuing my hobbies. I sold them on my lifestyle and my orientation towards work, explaining I don’t need to work but I enjoy learning expert systems and this fits into my lifestyle. This will work better for mid-career professionals with a strong resume like mine. Didn’t mention birds. K.]

    • Are gaps in your CV a big problem if your skills are up to date? There’s nothing that says you always have to be in work if you don’t financially need to be. [I’ve taken lots of long gaps over my career. Generally I lose a little momentum but get it back within a few months. K.]

  14. great uses of rapport and communication mate.

  15. Mr. K, bit off topic here but something highly relevant to your life since 2009: I have been reading The Rawness, and I wonder what you think of Ricky’s analysis of the psychology of PUA, now that you’re able to see the whole scene from several perspectives of personal experience. Perhaps a good jumping-off point, if you care to discuss this, is his ‘Reader Letters 1, Part 4’ where he deals with Mystery, Neil Strauss and that whole lot. For example, do you agree that learning Game turns codependents into ‘compensatory narcissists’ (if they are successful at mastering it that is?)

    • The article that you mention contains a potentially useful concept, his typology of PUAs into “narcissists” pure and compensatory. I would put that into my “provisional theory” basket as something awaiting testing and observation. However, I take what Raw writes with a grain of salt because he is long on logic and rhetoric and short on real-world evidence.* It appears from the article and the comments that he hasn’t met any PUAs, that his knowledge of the field is primarily the book “The Game,” and that he was, at the time of writing the article, unfamiliar with the state of its current development.

      * Reliable understanding of the world follows the sequence of the trivium system: 1. real-world knowledge of a subject gathered as thoroughly as possible and marshalled into a coherent order, 2. the application of logic to sort truth from untruth, and 3. explanation or implementation of ones new understanding – in that order, and iteratively going back over the steps as often as necessary until the new understanding is stable. Raw is tremendous on step 3. (rhetoric), OK on step 2 (logic/dialectic), and puny on step 1 (traditionally called grammar). Thus the likelihood of a bullshit result, and the need for a grain of salt, is quite significant.

      • Actually, all theories are provisional, but some are more provisional than others. 🙂

        Speaking of having a puny step 1. I haven’t done any cold approaches yet, but my new watchcam arrived today so I have no more excuses.

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