Facebook sex chat for a shy girl: Part One

November 3, 2012

Here’s another facebook sex chat. The girl in question is my new favourite Serb, a 20 year old student and volleyball player that I met in October. We had two long dates together on my last two days in town and the crucial thing is we never kissed. I went for it, obviously, but she was playing a very guarded hand. I know she’s massively into me but something is holding her back.

So it leaves me with an escalation problem. We aren’t far enough along for her to come visit me in London (plus there’s massive friction because of her age and parents), and I’m not going out there to see a girl I haven’t kissed. The solution is to escalate over Facebook with classic Long Game until I can get her masturbating and sending naked photos. Once those are filed away I know it’ll be worth a trip. I do like this girl so I’m not going to blow it off with a “she wouldn’t kiss, what a time waster” type ego trip.

I decided to work a smooth and long escalation by putting alot of time into the atmosphere, pacing and leading her emotions so every little step forwards seems natural,not asking for much input from her. For the first 2/3 of this the video was on too so I could calibrate to her actions as she lay in bed. It was interesting to see her eyes widen, cheeks flush, and body language become more sensual as the chat progressed. Once it was fairly heavy the video went off – possibly a recurring bandwith problem, perhaps she was shy about me seeing her so turned on. So, here it is. I did the usual “lets imagine a perfect holiday” entrypoint and got her to choose the location (Sicily):

Me: So we’ll arrive by boat. A little local ferry, driven by an ancient Sicilian guy with a flat hat and tanned weather-beaten face    We’ll have old fashioned suitcases, leather ones with brass buckles and leather straps I’ll be wearing a panama hat and beige suit      like this it’s hot 🙂 tell me what you’ll wear

Her: (link)

Me: ok you’ll probably need a hat too so we’ll get a local taxi to drive us up the hillside to our hotel a little old 1970s Fiat with a coughing engine and sticky plastic seats bad air conditioning struggling to get up the hill, and the driver speaking random stuff in Italian saying “mama mia” alot Finally we ‘ll walk through reception. We’ll have to sign in as Mr & Mrs Black, to protect appearances and your honour but not spies     or perhaps we are 😉

Her: like a movie

Me: Yes, Mrs Black we’ll take our own suitcases to our rooms, because they are heavy with all our spy stuff and guns I’ll be all hot and sweaty so I’ll immediately jump in the shower

Her: me first

Me: as you unpack the clothes you’ll hear me singing you know my shower song?

Her: be a gentleman       you told me

Me: (link to Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy) so I’ll walk around the room in my towel, like James Bond, while you undress and get in the shower you’ll enjoy the cold water on your skin, washing off all the travel very refreshing cooling you down so when you put on your evening dress, it feels soft and cold show me what you’ll wear. We’ll be going out for dinner at a restaurant by the sea it’s getting late, the sun is going down and splashing the sky red

Her: (link)

Me: nice you’ll have earings and a sparkling necklace too so we’ll walk out into the cooling evening air, still a bit hot. Me striding ahead, my chin up, looking at the buildings around us. You on my arm, tottering on your high heels to keep up we’ll walk through cobbled streets, row upon row of small white houses, some with washing hanging from the balcony a couple of dogs running around, radio sounds of a football match then we get to a seaside restaurant and sit at a table on the patio, just a few feet from the soft waves splashing against the sea wall the waiter looks like this

he hands us handwritten menus in Italian, we try to order what do you ask for?

Her: pasta

Me: what sauce? it’ll be fish probably, next to the sea chilli fish I’ll get a steak so we sit and eat, washing it down with local wine. We can see the vineyards up on the hill getting a little drunk as the sun goes down and the sky turns a dark blue already there’s music coming from the bars, some of it live and groups of local musicians move from table to table playing requests we finish up and move on to the most fun-sounding bar

Her: (link to Luna Rossa)    that’s south italian music i want that song in this night

Me: yeah, I’ve heard that before. I like it they’ll be playing it on little guitars and accordians here I have to put my hand on your shoulder to stop you getting up and dancing before we’ve finished eating there’ll be time for that later

Her: but you can not stop me you are standing up and starting to dance with me

Me: Just this once I watch you moving your weight, gradually getting into the music, your hips beginning to sway, your head moving to shake your hair As you loosen up and feels the beat, I pull you in to me so we can dance together a little I let your hand rest on my shoulder while you pick up your wine glass for a sip my hand on your hip and the other holding my drink we dance a bit more, the music stops but we don’t really notice just enjoying the feeling of the cool breeze from the sea, the slapping sound of the waves, and the distant sounds of music and laughter from the bars it’s a beautiful scene and we are happy to be there so I give you a quick kiss on the forehead, take your hand, and we walk off to a bar

Her: and?

Me: well, we are laughing now. We feel free like this but busier    I order a double whiskey for myself. What cocktail do you drink?

Her: find some darker place.. with low lights

Me: I looked. Can you find one?

Her: ill try

Me: ok, how aout this?      so, what drink do you have?

Her: i take wine

Me: ok so we take our drinks into the darkest corner we can find

Her: yes

Me: some soft red velvet seats, the material worn thin by use over thirty years the bar is busy, lots of chatting and shouting, everyone having fun it’s all in Italian they don’t notice us, too busy with each other we don’t care, we came here to be alone so we sit and drink, not talking much now, just enjoying sitting with each other I like looking at you, with your hair and makeup done nice, and an elegant evening dress you like absorbing my male energy, leaning against me soon you feel so relaxed your head is resting on my shoulder as my arm is around you we look around us, at the posters on the walls, the local people – fishermen, builders, waiters, wine makers, tailors… the local colour of life everything else seems so far away I’m stroking your hair now, scratching the side of your head softly like you are a cat sipping my whiskey you feel so warm and relaxed, you just want me to kiss you I notice this, I can see your eyes soften and your pupils dilate your lips moisten so I hook my finger softly under your chin, raise it upwards so you are looking up into my eyes, and I give you a kiss not too much, yet. I don’t want you to be greedy then I call to the barman to give us another round of drinks and some peanuts salted you ask for cookies but he doesn’t understand you he brings you an old leather shoe we drink a bit more. we are silent now we don’t need to talk, there’s nothing to say. we just enjoy the atmosphere around us after our drink it’s getting late, time to walk home it’s only a short walk but I see a young boy riding a bicycle I tell him I’ll give him £10 if he lets us borrow his bike. He laughs and grabs the money, a big smile on his face, and I get on the bike While I hold it steady and lean forward, you get on the back and sit in the seat, your feet on the back wheelnuts it shakes side to side a bit as I start to pedal, the cobbles rattling the wheels, you squeal a little worried you’ll fall but as we pick up speed it gets better and your squeals of fear become squeals of delight, like a little girl being given a cookie so I pedal up to the hotel and park the bike outside reception the garden looks exactly like this now

there’s noone around, it’s abotu 11pm and everyone is either in bed, or out by the sea your heart is still beating fast from the bike ride, and hanging onto me you grab onto my arm as we walk up the steps. I stop at the top and turn towards you, see you looking up at me with anticipation somewhere in the tree nearby a bird chirps this time I give you a proper kiss, deep and long, until you feel your heart flutter and you struggle for breath your resist a little at first, pushing against my manliness, to see how I am, to enjoy psychologically feeling my male energy you push me away a little with your hands on my chest, not really trying, just a symbolic effort for a few seconds you keep your lips tightly closed but a few seconds is all you can resist, then you have to surrender to what you’ve been feeling all day and you fall into the kiss, your hands snaking around behind my neck, as I put my hands on you it seems like time stops and then I pull away, leaving you gasping, and lead you into our room I kick off my shoes, as do you open up my suitcase to take out a bottle of good scottish whiskey and pour a glass you are standing by the window looking outside looking at the stars, the twinkling lights of the seaside, and far in the distance some lights on the cruise ships at anchor your dress feels nice on you, you like how you feel and, catching your reflection in the glass you like how you look reflected in the glass, you see me walk over to you you stay looking outside, waiting for me to reach you, anticipating the little spark of electricity through your skin as my hand touchs your shoulder slowly traces a line down your spine and then rests softly on your hip your whole body shudders a little, a warm flow of energy through your stomach and down your arms the you can feel my other hand sweeping your hair away from your neck you are still looking forwardyou really want to turn around, to look at me, to grab me, to kiss me but you also enjoy this feeling of denying yourself holding yourself steady, eyes fixed ahead, a test of your mental discipline and you know I like it too I bend my head towards you. My lips are only millimetres above your skin you can feel my breath against your neck, almost wet little goosebumps rise your chest feels hot and flushed now I slowly blow air onto your skin, moving my mouth up and down from the top of your neck and along your shoulder I can sense you shivering, your knees weak I glance upwards for a moment at the window to see your reflection. I see you biting your lip, a pained expression in your eyes I smile and softly bite your neck, at the same time as I tighten my grip on your hip then I spin you slowly around to face me you are looking up into my eyes now it’s like the rest of the world is a blur… all you can see is my eyes vividly, filling your vision, very sharp and looking deep into your soul for a moment I let this happen then I pull you to me I feel your whole body fall into my shape your chest against mine, your stomach touching mine, even your thighs pushed against my thighs and of course our lips touching now we kiss much harder there’s no restraint now, just the bursting of the dam, the gate flying open it’s passionate and high energy, I take a handful of your hair and pull you tighter into me as my tongue pushes further into you you can feel the sting in your hair but it’s not really hurting just like spice on food, it’s more exciting

(video link goes off)

so now you are grabbing me, your hands running up and down my arms, along my shoulders feeling the shape of my muscles beneath my shirt squeezing, testing the strength wondering how it feels to be held, crushed, in those arms knowing you’ll find out soon I put my hands under your ass and lift you up, you jump onto me, legs wrapped around while I stand you’re hanging onto me tight, slightly above me know, bending your head down to kiss me and grab my head squeezing your legs together to avoid falling I turn around and throw you back onto the bed you land with a big thump and let out an excited squeal I undo my shirt now you push yourself back against the headboard, reaching behind you to stack up the pillows behind your head, not taking your eyes off me watching as I unbutton my shirt and throw it over a chair I pull off my trousers too so just my boxer shorts I’m wearing my sexiest shorts      you’ve already pulled your dress off, so I can see you lying there in just your underwear what colour is it?

Her: black

Me: nice, I like black. it matches your hair well so you are looking up at me, taking in the shape of my wide shoulders the determined thoughtful look on my face and the intense interest I’m looking at you you know I desire you you like to be desired by me it makes you feel like a woman I’m looking at you on my bed, lying there, semi-naked your chest rising and falling heavily with your breathing a soft red flush on your cheeks and chest smooth female curves of your shoulders, breasts, hips and calves I look at you waiting for me and know I want to take you so I put my knee onto the bed and lean over, my face just a few cm above yours then I climb over, get into bed, and fall asleep Part 2 will have to wait for another time how was my story?

Her: it was like real like it’s happening now to me

Me: you have good imagination, I like that

Her: always

Me: Something strange happened. As I was writing the story, you seemed to get prettier

Her: really?

Me: I think it was your facial expression you began to look softer, happier, a very natural smile and your body language became looser it’s attractive you are cutest when you are less guarded like now

Her: i know

Me: I like to see you like this. I knew it was there, but would take some time to express itself

Her: when i show this part of me it doesn’t finish very well for me do you know what i want to say?

Me: I think so it’s natural I think as a girl you want to find a good guy who you respect, trust, and are attracted to you want to fall into his world, experience how he lives, how he sees the world give yourself to him, like a present of love to reward him for how he makes you feel but to do that, you must surrender some of your will, some of your independence and it makes you vulnerable is that what you mean?

Her: something like that thay use it against me so it’s better to pretend that i’m cold one

Me: in the beginning, perhaps to reject all the men you don’t want

Her: i don’t know where am i wrong

Me: you’re not wrong, you are just inexperienced

…… I wrap up this part with ten minutes talking about comfort stuff and further qualification. Part two soon……


  1. Great stuff. I’ve used much of your ideas and adopted or localized them to great success.

    I have one question about what you write. It seems to me counter-intuitive to do ALL the writing. in this scenario, you brought her around, but you were writing huge tracts.

    I’m never quite sure if this is over-eager or over-doing it. [Usually I get more input from the girl but in this case she’s shy and has high ASD so I decided she needed to be swept along on the tide as a passive participant. I could see her on the video so by watching her physiology change I could calibrate. The important thing was to get her to experience these feelings with me, not to invest her. K.]

    I”m now in the midst of gaming a girl in my social circle giving me IOI’s. We now have a few ‘memes’ or themes we talk about when we meet up in our dance class.

    It’s short little things that tease her or surprise her and now when I come her eyes widen and she’s very receptive.

    I practice with her, then disappear or leave her to switch partners which is what we all do.

    My question now is that it’s taken some time for her to open up and she’s now getting more playful. But since it is a social circle, I don’t want to be the guy who over-plays it so tend to keep these interactions shorter until I get more IOI’s.

    Perhaps over distance this may be easier than face to face where one inappropriate move may get you labeled a player too soon.

  2. “lets imagine a perfect holiday” is a great idea. genius, really.

  3. i really admire that you are evolving to pursuing higher and higher quality girls. these very high quality girls don’t come easily. they require effort. and you clearly enjoy this effort. i am sure it is worth it.

    in other words, how about some pics of this 20 year old serbian volleyball player. i am sure she is a knockout.

  4. how do you manage to maintain the thrill of the chase after so many girls?
    is it a consequence of high testosteron? [Hot girls are their own motivation. K.]

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