A small pool of mediocrity in an ocean of brilliance

July 5, 2012

I’m out on the continent hitting on unsuspecting women. It’s roasting hot. We’ve been dragging our sweat-soaked blistered bodies from cafe to cafe, street-stopping girls inbetween. It’s a glorious holiday with my compadres. Both the quality and quantity of women is outrageous. Girls we would chase down the street in London don’t even turn our heads here, so inured to the quality are we after just two days.

I find it takes a couple of days to dial in my calibration for a new country. There’s been a few very good sets, some solid leads and……. sets like this one which will likely go nowhere. However its the only full set I’ve recorded so far so I’ve thrown it up anyway.

I’d put my game at 5/10 here. Workman-like, lacking in creativity. Don’t let it be said I cherry-pick what I post.


  1. Regarding your last sentence: Sometimes one learns the most out of its own worst performance.

  2. she seemed really flippant

  3. hey krauser, what kind of camera do you have? is it gun cam? i want one like yours

    • Krauser has an earlier version of this, without the button:


      I bought that one because the button makes it easier to wear and conceal.

      The quality is pretty shit though (its the same quality as most of Krausers videos although sometimes he uses a watch cam apparently). The quality wont really affect your ability to improve or whatever from reviewing your approaches, but I’d like nicer quality just for the sake of it.

      I’m in the market for a cam above $100-200 US, please let me know if you find a good quality one.

  4. Good work getting a close on an off day (by your standards). Maybe it was the mic, but your voice sounded a little odd at the beginning.

    Have you guys had any problems with getting a wi-fi connection in Zagreb? I couldn’t get a decent connection to anything when I was there. I’m thinking of going back for a few weeks later this year, but I need wi-fi.

  5. looking at the tram passing reminding me Vienna

  6. keep posting these. I find it interesting that you just sort of gab with her. Is that why you’re “off” your game? But you talked almost 10 minutes. I tend to be much more teasing, maybe it insults them too much. I’ll try the more laid back approach, why not….

  7. Is there a place where all of your videos are located on one website? I’ve been reading Daygame Nitro and it would help immensely to be able to watch some of the videos and see some of the techniques in field.

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