August 29, 2011

Regular readers will be familar with the female typology I cribbed off Alchemy42, namely:

      1. High beauty / High Esteem – the holy grail of pickup
      2. High beauty / Low Esteem – ditzy club psychos
      3. Low beauty / High Esteem – annoying cockblocks
      4. Low beauty / Low Esteem – Big Toe‘s girls

I have very pointedly aimed my game for type one girls because I like actual dating and thus want to be around girls who make me feel good and don’t try to fuck me around with their stupid games. I believe that honest direct game, especially street game, is the way to get these girls and then on dates you just take your time. Turn off the bullshit and let the girl see your value. However, type 2 girls are also useful on your journey in masculine development and not just because they are often great lays. Like a boxing prospect needs some testing fights against challenging opponents for him to elevate himself to contender status, an aspiring player needs challenging game-playing girls to teach him about women.

I have been lucky enough to have some such girls. Tall, smoking hot women who are in constant demand from men and have, due to daddy issues or whatever, learned to shamelessly manipulate them and break their frames.

      • Man-Eater: A tall leggy black English girl with massive fake tits and a £100k City job.
      • Button Nose: A tall leggy white English girl with massive natural tits and from extremely posh background
      • Russian Bear: A tall leggy white Russian girl who oozes sexuality and works as a hired gun for nightclubs.

You’ll probably notice some similarities between these girls. In each case, everytime I walked down the street with them on my arm, every single man’s jaw dropped, his tongue hanging out. Literally 100 times per hour. It was a great insight into these girl’s reality. They are being validated with attention, favours, and offers of cock literally a thousand times a day every day for years. No wonder they are difficult.

I didn’t fuck any of those three girls. Man-eater gave me a few blowjobs, Button Nose masturbated over sex chat and is dating me later this week, and Russian Bear let me put my cock halfway in before she spazzed out and I threw her out my house. No lay report on the later because I didn’t get my two strokes. But over the course of the chase I learned an incredible amount about frame control, shit tests, flipping the script, state control and so on. These girls helped educated me alot for when I encounter the girls I actually like.

JJ calls them “messers”. Girls who mess you around. The most important thing I learned from them is don’t date them. They are a siren song waiting to drown you on the rocks. Learn to recognise the warning signs and don’t waste your time.


  1. No doubt, man.

    For me, I had one come along early in my transformation and I’m glad it happened. I estimate this chick, a bonafide 9 “messer”, in the month that we saw each other advanced my game by at least six months. At least.

  2. The model’s good but a bit simple. Imagine a girl who is a high 7/low 8, who is sweet, demure, considerate but ultimately does have nagging low esteem (like nearly all women) but doesn’t do anything bad with it, where in fact her low self esteem is natural for a woman and if she meets a strong man is more than happy to hitch herself to him, submit and live in his reality. There are plenty of these girls about and they are totally marriageable. They’re not models, they’re not average, they’re not messers, they’re not super-confident.

    The HV/LE girls you describe are simply not worth it except for the pure frame control practice. Chasing them as trophies is low-value behaviour.

  3. I agree with this. No matter how you classify girls, the ones that you don’t want female affection from you should put through the sausage machine more quickly. That is, if she is hot but I am sure that I am not into her emotionally or for regular meetings, I simply game her quickly. That is: the socialising I dial down, the attraction and escalation I dial up and finally I will pounce on her more quickly. In other words, I apply a harder screen and I take the risk of fucking it up by escalating more heavily. The sooner I find out what she wants from me (validation? sex? socialising?) the less time I lose.

  4. Hahah, there is only 1 class that matters, which is SMOKING HOT.
    The rest is bollocks; fluff for pickup theorists.

    But let me get this straight:

    Approaches: 1,000+
    Smoking hot lays: 0

    Ouch !


    p.s.: Love your honesty & your blog

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