Avoidance Weasel

June 14, 2011

The mighty Bhodisatta coined the phrase “avoidance weasel” to refer to that voice in your head that keeps psyching you out of approaching by throwing up half-baked rationalisations for why the approach won’t work. While out in Estonia Burto and I were having so much fun that we barely bailed on a single set. That let us have fun mocking each other on the rare occasions we did pussy out of a set.

And thus a new meme was born. Burto will be updating them on his sidebar. Here’s my first crack.

Good reader submissions using the template will earn a spot on my blog. Feel free to rip it off for your own but please give credit to Burto and I.


  1. Lol good short post.

    I’d pussied out on approaching an HB the other day on the street.

    Credit to Berto for the template.

  2. this is an excellent meme. useful and productive.

    my #1 avoidance weasel excuse is:

    “avoidance weasel says
    she is not as cute as i initially thought”

    that happens when i see a hot girl
    and then see a minor flaw
    and then use that minor flaw
    as an excuse to bail.

    i used to do that just about every day
    no longer!

    now i am an approach machine
    using the krauser method
    although i have yet to stand in front of a girl
    and block her path
    gotta work up the courage for that

  3. This happens to me when I’m not warmed up, its just a matter of discipline and not pussying out for me. When I’m warmed up I usually go for everything.

  4. So many unfunny meme comics on the web now. Sucks.

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  7. Yeah, I pussied out of an approach the other day but it’s weird, i tend to always awkward go back running after the girl. lol

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