Catwalk model bounceback

June 7, 2011

Here’s one of the bouncebacks I got during this week’s trip to Estonia. It’s not the greatest because ultimately I can’t fuck the girl, but on the plus side:

1. She’s a catwalk model
2. She’s a teenager
3. She’s a virgin
4. It took me an hour from open to my door

So all things considered I did ok. I might update this post with some play-by-by. Dunno, me and Burto have gotten fucking loads of material this trip and it’s gonna take forever to sift it all. Estonian girls are well nice, I’m as happy as a pig in shit.

I’ll rate her a high eight.


  1. Did you get the kiss at the end? [Nah, she backed out at the last moment. She was well nervous. K.]

    Also, what was that she said near the end? It was very quiet. Something like “I’ve never someone as…” (was it “confident”?)

  2. Wow she’s really pretty. Definitely at least an eight.

  3. I actually think I like these unsuccessful vids more than the successful ones because they remind me just how many numbers a guys has to approach to get a lay. If only the successful ones were shown I think it would really dampen my mood because it would make me think my success rate should be tons higher; I’ve more or less maxed out my game potential so for me it comes down to just increasing my approach numbers.

  4. Thanks for the extra camera angle! Do you have the software to add the commentary as subtitles in the video?

  5. Krauser… Have you ever considered that you still may not be very good at game? I.e. that you could be getting 5 times the amount of lays that you get at the moment? No disrespect or anything and I know you have a certain style but I feel that you could be closing with a much higher success ratio than what your blog indicates. A lot of naturals can go out to clubs and bars and pull 1 in every 3 nights and you dont seem to be doing that.

    • But they don’t look like potatoes.

      • Well put, I couldn’t have said it better myself – plus the host is 35 or older and has a strong accent many foreigners find impossible to understand – as such he does very well for himself.

        For a 35 year oldunintelligible potato head to be consistently pulling teen virgins is no mean feat…

  6. Mr K:

    Sir… fucking great blog.

    Question about this post… you open the set w/ your arms crossed. Spend a lot of time w/ that closed-out body language. Is that coincidental?


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