Kill Momentum 101 – Don’t move your feet

June 8, 2011

One of our students on the Estonia residential had never heard of the “Yad stop”, where you jump in front of the girl and stop her dead in her tracks. It’s the basic bread and butter of London daygame. So we taught him that and his results jump up immediately.

It’s always tempting for guys to follow a girl. Even when you’ve done your big “stop” movement, the girl might keep walking and then your feet will start following her automatically. Resist it. Don’t chase the girl. Don’t pander to her whims. A man who holds his ground exercises a magnetic power over women.

Here’s an example.

This hot young thing turned out to be a mum on her way home to her small child. A fair excuse. For training purposes just notice how I never move my feet, I keep talking, and I order her around. She loves it.


  1. Gr8 video, I remember asking for a 3rd person body language video a couple of months ago and its a treat to watch you stand stock still and draw her back – I would have closed the distance to her to reduce the discomfort – now I have to go out and try this…

    Not a fan of the cargo shorts and T Shirt look – trialled this in Madrid this week and just looked like a kid compared to my wing that was in slacks and a cool linen shirt. How to dress cool and classy in hot weather…hmmm…

  2. Love it!

    It’s almost like you hypnotise your prey and hold control of her. But if you move forward a bit, she’s gone…

  3. I found it funny the way she just hauled ass and ran away when she finally had your permission to go. lol!

  4. Never hear of the “Yad stop”.I’ve known of similar techniques like plant and stare.
    Anyway,it’d be nice if you could post a how to of this technique.

    [It’s the basic run-around on a moving target that I usually do. Apparently he “invented” it. I certainly didn’t. K.]

  5. Krauser, have you tried this going solo in the bar scene?

    1. Pick your spot in the bar, preferrably dead-center middle or between the middle and the doorway (forget what it’s called, pretty much like an X-marks-the-spot type of deal where you’re in the spotlight, center stage)
    2. Stand there and look around, giving eye contact to one girl at a time
    3. Stare at them for a minute or two, in hopes they return eye contact
    4. Hold eye contact with them, smirk, and curl your hand out so they come over to you
    5. They approach YOU, and you start interacting
    6. Let them go whenever you want to, either by disqualifying or because you need a break to check out other girls

    I want to do it this way, in co-relation to this video. I don’t have to move an inch, but the girls have to come to me or else they miss the opportunity. If you try it before I do, post it up. Or if you already have, can you provide some details on it? Would be very much appreciated.

    • P.S.

      I remember Willy posting something about Jambone doing this (vaguely I remember). Jambone pulled a girl in the middle of the street by telling her to come back, and she obeyed. He got her digits. As I’ve said, can’t remember the details and I’d look them up if my computer wasn’t such a sloppy mess (it fucks up if I do a TAB at this moment)

  6. Damn good job playa, even though you didn’t get her. I thought you had her hooked when she crossed her legs.

  7. Damn you are persistent… plowing through like crazy! I have to work on that.

  8. awesome job, kman. you stood there like a rock. inspiring.

    and that girl was SMOKING.

  9. I notice too how you speak so slowly, pausing between words, creating suspense so she kind of hangs around to see what you will say.

  10. That was awesome. Thats beautiful plowing and the way you stood your ground was great. I’m gonna have to implement that in my day game so I can get girls to stop.
    Btw Estonia looks awesome, I need to visit there sometimes.

  11. Some mighty powerful shit right there

  12. Love it… totally ignore her social cues to walk away… keep talking, don’t move your feet.. awesome stuff man.

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