Facebook Game: Osama Bin Laden is burning in a Christian hell edition

May 4, 2011

I’m still expecting to deflower this virgin but I wonder if our hostile chat is conducive to the goal. See this recent chat. After a long argument with Croatian Mouse, where she is having a go at me for fucking a muslim virgin in the ass….

Me: yeah whatever     there’s a world of difference between the Bible and Koran    I dislike both, but the Bible is not a savage 7th century murder manual
Her: it’s Qur’an
Me: it’s bullshit, is what it is
Her: go read a Qur’an
Me: I’d rather eat dogshit
Her: it’s just sad you don’t understand the differences between the cultures…    you hate indians as well maybe?
Me: No. I’ve got no problem with Indians, or with Hindus and Sikhs
Her: ..just Muslims, cause they believe in something that’s obviously a pure bullshit?
Me: no    I don’t mind that Islam is bullshit. ALL religions are bullshit    I mind that Islam is evil, expansionist, savage bullshit
Her: oh, Islam is just worse that others?
Me: yes
Her: Islam is NOT evil
Me: Muslims are not evil. Islam is evil
Her: try to study it a bit…    I got that point
Me: take your clothes off
Her: still, you’re so very wrong    you know, every time I speak to you…it just mostly makes me wanna hit you…but that would turn you on, so…that’s all just lame
Me: it’s because you’re attracted to me     Girls say “I didn’t know whether I wanted to hit him or kiss him”
Her: you’re not an option. and once upon a time I even thought we could be friends, but obviously girls are not good friends, so….there’s nothing between us, and it will stay this way    you just never say something that would surprise me in a good way
Me: send me a naked photo then
Her: you think you’re smart?    you think you’re a good person?
Me: I was the smartest person in school in everything, every year
Her: you think you’re an alpha?
Me: I know I’m a good person    It’s not for me to judge if I’m alpha – only girls can decide that
Her: I just don’t like you
Me: that’s ok    you can still suck my cock

On a related note, I was in a Facebook chat with my latest Brazilian girl while I was writing this post. I accidently copied and pasted the post heading into the chat with her. Oops! So, I’ve changed the title incase she googles it.


  1. You are one of the most solid pua/person I have came across but this is not seduction anymore. I am assuming, you are trying to prove that you don’t back down, but I am sure there must be some alternative to this.

    [It’s about boundaries and ultimately about my frame absorbing hers. She’s the only girl I’m this confrontational with, and if you look at past posts you’ll see it’s been getting me naked photos. There’s method to it, but I won’t know if it works till the fat lady is singing – K.]

    • I have been reading all your posts. I understand your approach and I really like it. I think its always the best to stay away from the topic of religion. I think you dealt with it well and kept your frame. But when you told her the Muslim virgin girl story, you should have not stressed on the fact that you enjoyed it more cuz she was a Muslim. It would still be a DHV.

      [I think a few readers are misreading my frame. Girls only get two chances with me – the open, and a plough. If they dick around after that they are nexted. This girl is walking the line where I’d quite like to fuck her but I really don’t care if I never hear from her again. She happens to enjoy baiting confrontation, and i enjoy the opportunity to practice frame control. When a girl throws yet another obstacle in my way, I don’t think “how can I get past it so I reach the golden pussy”, instead I think “she’s lost her chance.” So we somehow got talking about Bin Laden getting shot and she piped up with some lefty bullshit and I slapped her down. If that makes her walk away, so be it. I’m not bending my principles for a woman. But of course by not bending it increases attraction. She always comes back, like a moth to a flame. She just reopened me ten minutes ago. Don’t be a pussy beggar. K]

      • Right on. I tend to ignore the obstacles and lower her grade down a point. Although most women do this shit just to not come off as ‘easy’. They want to keep their value in check.

  2. Can you imagine an average Beta talking to a girl and admitting a) he thinks Islam is evil b) he wants to fuck her? Betas try and boast, beg and agree their way into bed; it’s dishonest. She’s getting more authenticity from talks like this than (probably) with any other man. It’ll thrill her.

    Having a girl say she “hates” you is progress. You are capable of generating strong emotions in her. You will be in her thoughts the times she’s not speaking to you. Women are vampires for people who can create strong emotions in them: she’ll come back. Also, just getting a woman thinking about you a lot when you’re not there plus feeling strong emotions is a good way to make her fall for you. It’s a simplification but at some point her brain says: why is this guy in my head all the time? Oh… I must love him. If I remember rightly this is similar to what Ace said about douchebag game.

    [Yep, I first heard it from Ace and I work it mercilessly. Falling in love is something a girl does to herself by anchoring to you when you’re not there. That’s why I got the Russian model to knit me a sweater while she was back home. That’s two weeks of her working for me and future-projecting the smile on my face when she gives it to me. Dark side. K.]

  3. The proof will be in the pudding – does she continue to contact you/accept your chats through facebook. If she does, then its on…as bhodi says about strong emotions, hate and love are two sides of the same coin, all it takes is a flip of the switch.

  4. Honesty Game. It works. Diplomacy and tact dries up the pussy. Knowing unequivocally what you think and saying it deadpan is always more effective.

  5. Too pushy on trying to get her naked, should have expanded more on the aggression. I’ve done that before, where the girl is trying to be angry and I’m like ‘I love an emotional girl. Apathy is the soul killer’ type attitude – very quickly the frame is back in my control and the girl is practically begging for forgiveness.

  6. The sexist remarks are just too funny. Even if her blood is boiling up a volcano inside, she’ll at least laugh at some point on the naked photo request.

    Better to be hated than to be put in the ‘friend zone’.

    “you’re not an option. and once upon a time I even thought we could be friends (she wants it, attraction has gone up), but obviously girls are not good friends, so….there’s nothing between us, and it will stay this way (Say’s who? HER? haha. Don’t believe her, she’s trying to deny it) you just never say something that would surprise me in a good way” (I’m sure she’ll like you for something you say in the future, I suggest you stick it in her ass too, when the time comes :D)

  7. Hahahahahahaha.

    The thing that was wrong with this interaction was that in this context, the ‘suck my cock’ comments came across as angry. You lost your cool over what, exactly? It didn’t really come across as ‘you lost your chance with me, woman, and I can’t respect your intellectual dishonesty’. It was the right thing not to change your opinion, but the wrong thing to lose your cool and not present yourself in a more sophisticated way, or just diverting the conversation to something purely sexual.

    She is/was attracted to you, but her ideology is throwing up serious obstacles and she wanted you to handle them in a smarter way. That’s why she keeps coming back. You’ve given her plenty of being a jerk, but where’s the comfort so she can cave?

  8. Evil expansionist savage bullshit lol, what the fuck was the British empire?

    [Civilising. K]

  9. been enjoying your blog lately. Some decent stuff on fbook game although you fell unusually flat on this one. Still you’re honest and maintain frame and it takes an honest guy to post this up as a blog post. I appreciate thd updates.

    My grandfather, an atheist professor and son of a Rabbi (he was meant to be one, too), lives in Israel and he pretty much equates the Talmud with the Quran in terms of being a barbaric genocidal call to arms – although one mixed with a persecution complex. Also unlike the Quran he points out that the ancient god of Israel promoted racial division rather than one of ideology and coversion. Either you were one of the chosen people or you weren’t. Hell, I’m a proud half-Jew, but even I’m amazed that this is the foundation for our civilisation. Not a political statement or anything. Just the truth about religion in general. Islam is the bad guy today, but every religion gets its turn to be the barbaric cunt. Not much difference really when you consider that the writings that make up “the Bible” have changed over the centuries to suit political ends. Which of course tends to make a comparison between it and the Q a bit slippery. Then again unlike Granddad I haven’t read much of the Q in context, so I can’t say much about it.

  10. I note that your impassive tone was the essential feature of the conversation. That is, if you had responded with anger then that would have blown your frame and lost her.

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