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May 5, 2011

I’ve never paid any attention to flags. I just wasn’t comfortable about objectifying women, treating them as objects, reducing them down to another member of a foreign tribe. Hang on, that’s not right. No, my woeful disinterest in flag-rousting comes from my goals for game and the things I like about women. Specifically:

  • I am strongly attracted to girls from a limited geographical / ethnic range and completely unattracted to girls from outside that. I adore Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Brazilian, Colombian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Croatian, Nigerian, Tunisian, Turkish and Italian girls. All the rest can go piss up a rope for all I care and thus I’d derive little pleasure from capturing Mongolian or Scottish flags.
  • All I really care about in a woman is what I see standing in front of me. I don’t give a flying fuck about her nationality, her resume, her life achievements, her social class etc. She stands or falls in my eyes by what she can show me about herself in the interaction we are having. External props mean nothing except as a story. The above-mentioned countries count to me because of the ethnic flavour and mannerisms.
  • I don’t fuck girls for the story, generally. I want to enjoy the experience of chasing and nailing her, not of telling a wacky tale later to my friends when drunk.

So this blog will not be turning into a 50 Flags. That’s Burto’s thing and he’s progressing nicely with it. However, I was just checking out Wonka’s stats and it got me thinking how many flags I do have. Here we go:

– English only until I graduated
– Japanese (many times)

New game flags
– Nigerian (but English-raised)
– Romanian
– Thai
– Libyan
– Tunisian (but French-raised)
– Turkish
– Kazhak
– Polish
– Dutch
– Croatian
– Australian (does this even count?)
– Lithuanian
– Latvian
– Uzbeki (but culturally Russian)
– Brazilian


    • Canadian
    • Russian
    • Estonian
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Norwegian
    • Chinese
    • Bosnian
    • Czech

Girls I’ve put my cock into but not legitimately fucked: Greek, Azerbajhani, Somali. Looking at that list it would seem I’m an unacknowledged flagger – 26 lifetime flags, 24 from game, 13 in the last twelve months. And I’m going to Estonia soon. Now wouldn’t it be awesome to beat Burto to 50 Flags without actually trying?


  1. Let me think…


    1. England
    2. Germany
    3. Sweden
    4. Norway
    5. Ireland
    6. Netherlands
    7. Austria
    8. Italy
    9. Russia
    10. Poland
    11: Lithuania
    12. France

    Asia / Oceania:

    13. Korea
    14. Malaysia
    15. Australia
    16. New Zealand

    North America:

    17. USA
    18. Canada

    South America:

    19. Brazil

    [Readers, please feel free to list your flags. See who has the most obscure list. K.]

  2. Flags? I only have the two…
    and the Rwandan I got in London

    I expect my stats to take a nice jump this summer. I have a lot of targets I’m working on right now. Not flags necessarily, just notches. I imagine for flags you either need to travel a lot, or live in a very international city – such as a London or New York.

    Most people I meet in my city, are from my city. I did meet a Brazilian au pair the other day though, never even met any au pairs here before. I’ve chatted with her on Facebook a couple of times since – difficult though – her English isn’t very good.

  3. Europe:

    Czech Republic


    Shit hole non descript Asian country not one of the above.

    As you can see, I am surely lacking in flags. A master mental masturbator am I…

  4. I thought you were talking about red flags. If borderline personality disorders don’t phase you then hey, go for those crazy chicks lol.

  5. hmm i think all ive got is usa, mexico, russia

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  7. Come on Krauser, you make flagging seem like it’s a chore…

    Just finished reading your:

    – ‘How you banged a hot Brazilian waitress’

    – ‘ Greek ballet dancer..’

    – ‘ Croatian ten’

    – ‘Lithuanian virgin’

    – ‘Russian Bear’

    – etc..


    Wait, are you writing STORIES about how you pick up and bang HOT FOREIGNERS? Admit it Krauser you love foreign women. Whether it’s about flags per se or a love of foreign women, you are a flagger and you didn’t even realize it!

    Welcome aboard mate 😉

  8. Ha! none of you guys have the Icelandic flag..would have thought that at least one of you guys would have nailed one of us by now 😉

    [Shitty blowjobs, that’s the reputation. K.]

  9. What’s the explanation for “put my cock into but not legitimately fucked”?

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