I almost deflower my first 20yr old Greek ballet dancer

April 20, 2011

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m in Camden market with three new wings for a spot of daygame. It’s blindingly good weather and lots of girls out. We do a few unremarkable warm-ups and then on my fourth set I hook strong with a tall dusky girl wearing a yellow and black woolly cardigan.

Me: Hey, you know what you look like. A really clumsy bumblebee.

Right from the off she’s responding well to the banter and opening up. After five minutes I bounce her to a market cafe. I’m working alot on leading but also a few of the things Yad told me in our session a couple of days earlier:

  • Look for a single moment where you push (sexually or a tease) and her response says “Yes, I’m into this guy”. After that moment you know you have her and just have to not fuck up. Time for authentic communication.
  • Keep the banter stage going longer, and even when I move into investment and rapport, continue to throw banter in every now and then.
  • Stick to my model, doing the stages in the correct order. Don’t get carried away with having too much fun in any one part. Always keep thinking “is this an effective strategy right now?”

So we are sitting outside the cafe and she’s loving the banter and starts unconsciously playing with the bottle of orange juice she’s finished. She’s really twisting and pulling on it. I note that. I’ve got her. We move into rapport and she starts telling me her passion for ballet and how she’s on a university exchange for a few month and has travelled to London by herself for the week to take a ballet seminar. Ok, I’ve got a limited window to work in but she’s alone, probably bored, and has no reputation risk from a dalliance with me.

Needing a bailout

I walk her along the canal and up to Primrose Hill. I use some push-pull to get the kino going, pulling her down to rest her head on my belly as she gazes to the sky. Then there’s an obvious kiss-close moment when her face is near mine and we stop talking and gaze. I pull the trigger. She says no, stays there, then accepts it. I give her five seconds of it and pull away, back to just lying together. That’s what I do now – just get the thing done, don’t milk it like a horny kid.

We walk off hand-in-hand to a pub so I can put some alcohol in her. I’m going for the bounce-back. Too many times I’ve let instant dates stall out into numbers. Just the week before I’d instant-dated and kissed an Italian girl under exactly the same circumstances (actually picked her up about 10 metres further down the same street) and let it fizzle. So I get the cat-kino going and qualify her hard. Before long she’s excited to come back and eat noodles with me. Easy so far.

I give her the house tour, shoes off before she’s allowed in my room, then escalate. It’s smooth sailing until I start yanking her strides off and she gives me a firm “no”. The next two hours are a battle against LMR that I can’t win. She tells me she’s a virgin, expecting me to be all angry and disappointed. A swift reframe ensues as I take responsibility for making a woman out of her. But eventually I have to back off and let her go home.

Two days later we meet in town having a few beers and back to my place for white russians. She rebuffs kisses in public with a “not here” so I pull back completely. I know things’ll go down back at my place and sure enough they do. We connect alot on shared music tastes and then it’s another protracted battle with LMR. Ultimately I can’t deflower her. She does do a few personal firsts:

– blowjob
– facefuck
– fingering

And the coup d’grace is having her wank me off in the street while waiting for her bus home. It’s not until I’m debriefing with Tony T that I realise something curious. She wouldn’t let herself orgasm. About six times she came right to the edge of it and then suddenly pushed me away and cooled down. Strange that. The whole story of the escalation was me pushing, her resisting, then her giving some ground. One more day and I’d have fucked her.

Anyway, she flakes the third date and I don’t bother trying to reel her in. So the 20yr old Greek virgin is gone now. I’ve got a crack at a 20yr old Lithuanian virgin tonight. I’ll be playing that different.


  1. Like I always say on my blog, you never know what is going to happen next.

    [But I do. I know you are going to blogwhore and try to get some readers for your rants about how good Blackburn Rovers are. K.]

  2. Krauser,
    I need some more enlightenment on this buddy. This is too complicated for me to figure out.

    She almost came 6 times, but she didn’t want to. So she wasn’t ready for the bang, yet?

    You saw her for the 2nd date after 2 days. So if you saw her 3-7 days later, you think she would have wanted it? Your timing was too fast, like you were impatient to sack her?

    She’s gone now, meaning she went back home, correct? Now you gotta python her like all the others? If so, that sucks.

    Just need some more clarity on this because I’m confused. Good luck and have fun with the Lithuanian, bro.

    [I had to move quick because she wasn’t around long, and I was trying for SDLs that day. She was crumbling, but I ran out of time. I think she didn’t want to orgasm because she knew her resistance would fold. K.]

  3. in 2011 a 20yo virgin are you sure? or is she telling you something you want to hear?

  4. What the difference between a blowjob and a ‘facefuck’? Is it that in the latter her head is still and you do the movement whereas for the former the inverse is true? I hardly think that difference merits a seperate bullet point.
    Oh, and great stuff.

    [It’s an important technicality. I facefucked her first by pushing her back into the mattress and sticking my cock in her mouth, fucking it while she gagged and generally couldn’t do anything but take it. Very submissive position for her and great for leading a shy girl. Later I had her kneeling and doing a normal blowjob in which she did all the work and I just sipped a white russian. K.]

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  7. DHB.

    dark haired beauty.

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