A virgin wanders into my killzone

April 17, 2011

Sometimes long game surprises you. This is the 19yr old Lithuanian virgin, Goose, who I instant-dated in January. She’s been talking about coming to the UK in Autumn for study so I just assumed this was one for the back-burner. Then this lands in my mailbox:

"what have I gotten myself into?"

Her: i have a surprise for youuuuuu!;D

Me: You’re pregnant? It’s not mine, so don’t come after me for money or a wedding ring. [I replied 2 days later, been out of internet range]

Her: not now:D i mooved to London!! ;P

Me: good work! text me your UK mobile number

Her: i dont have it yet. but i will 🙂 my birthday is on [day].maybe we could meet for a while.i dont have any plans for that day but my friend and other roommates probably thought of smth.but still.theres enough time:) so just give your number.so i could text you from my friends phone just in case.untill i get mine.

Me: [number]I’m busy from 3pm to 5pm on [day]. Free other times.

When I pick up that last message from her I see she’s just sent it and is still online. I want to get some logistics and a rundown on why she’s here.

Me: you still there?

Her: yep

Me: cool so what suddenly brought you to my town?

Her: yours and other 8million people’ it just happened ;D my friend talked me into this

Me: I guess you have a sense of adventure What are you gonna do?

Her: i dont think so. because i tend to plan everything in my head one step ahead ;D and ive had this (comming here) in the back of my head for a while.but i just didnt think it could happen any time soon.    but i lost my job.and there was nooooooooo point of staying in LT anymore. becides,i was really depressed and lonely.so this is like a rehabilitation 😀 i need to become happy and normal person again:)   [she’s got no direction in her life so will respond to leadership]

Me: You’ll have a great time here How many people do you know in London?   [getting a sense for competing demands on her time and how isolated she is]

Her: ammmm.about 7.counting you and new roommates    [almost alone]

Me: Ok, I’m gonna have to look after you and show you around for the first couple of weeks No problem. You’re fun   [reframe as me having to persuade myself she’s worth the trouble]

Her: ohh,thanks ;DD im not asking because i dont whant to be a burden ;D i know youre a busy person :))

Me: Don’t worry. You’re a nice person, so I’m happy to have you around but don’t break stuff or cause trouble or get arrested or eat my food   [qualify her then playfully set a few hoops]

Her: dont worry.im aware of my surroundings 😀 but this is a new place so everything is possible. i do bump into people 😀

Me: Cool. I gotta go now. Text me and we’ll go out on [agreed day]    [job done so don’t stall out]

Her: good night 😉

And that in a nutshell is long game. Keep your female network orbiting and sometimes things just happen on their own accord.


  1. You’ll have a great time here How many people do you know in London? [getting a sense for competing demands on her time and how isolated she is]

    You crafty devil – I applaud your practicality: pickup needs to be executed just like this – with sharp precision, cunning and a focused relentless drive towards the final destination. None of this romantic destiny/chance meeting/ stars in the correct positions b*****s women harp on about…

    I feel the force is with you on this one, isolated, new town, looks up to you – its your to f*** up…

  2. Krauser, since you’re a day game pro – interested in your input in these day game pickup videos here:

    Spend more time on the misc. I go there for the lolz.

    [First vid is just self-amusement. None of the sets will ever go anywhere. Treated as an occasional AA-busting exercise it might have a little help, but the guys are basically doing a mild version of Mode 4 behaviour. They have already given up on the idea of getting the girl, so they are just trying to tool her to amuse themselves. It’s not pick-up, but it’s probably fun. K]

  3. I hope she knows you’re a player. Only fair with a virgin, seems to me.

  4. You better nail that after that exchange. Dont get why you diluted you good start at the end tho with the nice guy bit?

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