Hypnotic Scanning

February 10, 2011

Try an experiment next time you’re on a date. Hold strong non-threatening eye contact with a girl and then lower your voice. Maintain tension until she releases it by laughing. Immediately tell her off for being too childish to hold eye contact without giggling like a schoolgirl seeing her first willy. Then challenge her to hold your eye contact for ten seconds without laughing or talking. It’s okay to blink but she can’t look away. If she’s on the date then she likes you, so she’ll do it.

Tell her to take some deep breaths. Make a big production out of it. Then she has to settle down and get ready. This will make it even more difficult for her to keep a straight face because of the pressure. Then start. The important elements are:

1. Eye fuck her. Visualise her naked and your cock inside her. Get vivid images in your mind.
2. Lower your voice to a deep monotone
3. Say the numbers slowly and deliberately
4. Do not smile, raise eyebrows or anything else to lighten the mood. The goal is sexual tension.

She will laugh almost immediately. You probably won’t get to “five”. Keep admonishing her and making her do it again. Act like an exasperated teacher who is giving the dumbest kid in class one last chance. In-between each attempt completely lighten your demeanor and be normal. Then as you count go back to the intensity. Enjoy her involuntary IOIs.

Congratulations. You’ve created strong sexual tension within a safe open environment without using any kino and without openly talking about sex. Do it anywhere – a cafe, a bus ride, a park. This video doesn’t include the part where I did this routine, but it does show the same principles in lower intensity in normal conversation.

The next step is hypnotic scanning. Tell the girl you are going to do it. She’ll wonder what it is so tell her you’re demonstrating it. Tell her to sit up straight, turn towards you, and hold her hand. Then do exactly the same routine but rather than counting to ten and making her giggle, you’re gonna pace her reality with something like…….

“Ok, so look into my eyes. Just hold my eye contact. Don’t worry about laughing or anything. Just relax. Now, we are not touching each other, except for our hands. Feel the connection that is building from our eyes. My eyes start to look bigger, filling your vision. Everything else is blurring. You don’t really notice everything around you. The sounds are a blur. You can just feel my voice, slowly, deeply, inside you. You are intensely aware of how your body feels. You can feel your toes inside your shoes. You can feel the muscles in your legs, the tenseness of them, and you can relax. You can feel your heart beating and your breath quickens. It’s relaxing. It’s like a connection between us. With our eyes.”

Just do that sort of bollocks for a while. Feel free to ask her questions such as “can you feel xyz?”, or to gesticulate in her peripheral vision. The important thing is to hold strong eye contact and not allow her eyes to wander and sever the link.

It feels fucking weird. Doubly so for her.

Congratulations. You’ve created strong non-verbal rapport without telling a story about your childhood or your hopes and dreams.

I did this for about three hours straight on this poor Bulgarian girl. Mostly it was in a dark bar so it wasn’t worth turning the camera on but watch towards the end of this video when I’m doing it just talking about coffee. See her eye contact and deer-in-headlights look.


  1. Awesome! Bringing in the hypnosis & NLP. Kicking it old skool, like some old time Ross Jeffries joints. The modern PUAsphere has put so much emphasis, mostly justafiably, on internal game, that we have lost sight of some of the cool old school routines & ‘magic’ stuff like this.

    If done well, and with the right tone and intention, this stuff is super fun and really creates an interesting, compelling vibe.

  2. This is GOLD – thank you.

  3. I forgot to mention, you often talk about eye fucking a target for a period of time. How is that doen exactly? Is that an intent gaze? Do you imagine you are banging her while doing this? Do you do the old classic eyes lips triangulation? Or do you whip out your cock and unceremoniously stick it in her eye?

    What is it exactly?

    • Eyefucking is basically looking at the girl during a conversation while creating mental images of her naked and you fucking her, so that the micro-behaviours she sees in your face trigger complimentary reactions in her, making her horny. It speaks directly to her hindbrain.

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