The Russian Infiltrator

December 23, 2010

For the first time since my divorce I’m in a normal relationship.

Perhaps I should define “normal”. I’ve still got my harem which consists of Thai and Jap in London, plus High-T as a fuckbuddy, and Brazil, Greek, Dissident, and ManEater as active but as yet unclosed targets while Estonian Model and Spaniard are long game possibles. I’m on Eurostar as I type to spend a week servicing Frenchie in Paris. Muslim is talking about visiting London again, as is Wonky Fringe. The Croatian Virgin opens me on Facebook every day and Croatian 10 is in long-game irregular rapport chat. I’ll be in Lithuania for a week in January when I’ll meet Painter, Borat, Salsa, Low Esteem and possibly also High Esteem, Squirrel and Newscaster. I expect to fuck at least two of them. Also Finland will be coming round for a bit of action too. There’s another ten girls which are in a looser orbit and may or may not go somewhere.

Despite this I’ve finally met a girl who inspires me to have a normal relationship in which we date, connect, and do all the normal boyfriend-girlfriend things. She’s the Russian catwalk model I picked up in Piccadilly a month ago. A solid ten if ever there was one. Here at Chateau RSG we are all using the beauty / esteem typology and this one is high beauty / high esteem. We are also complimentary opposites in polarity and good complimentary DNA matches. So the theoretical boxes are ticked and we both really enjoy spending time together. There’s a spark there that is extremely rare and I haven’t felt for years.


After the pickup I did some light messaging on Facebook while I was in Croatia, trying to draw her in. Then we had a first date beginning with a pint, then an English tea shop, then my members bar. It went astonishingly well, stretching into six hours, and finishing with a light kiss close. I almost couldn’t believe it because this girl seems too good to be true. I was having some real “I’m not worthy” moments and fortunately had enough game to hold the frame through them. This date was immediately after my first consultation with Skeletor and I told him “I’ve got a first date with a perfect ten. I’ll find a way to fuck it up” yet I managed to not fuck up – quite the opposite cos I smashed the ball out the park.

Second date went even better, beginning with coffee in Covent Garden and then a sunday roast in a pub and on to Bradley’s Spanish Bar where we ended up in a serious makeout. Another six hour date that went perfectly. I was starting to realise this girl adores me and feels lucky to have met me. A ten. Wow. She actually told me that when I kissed her it was the best feeling she’s ever experienced.

Third date was a walk around Camden market in the snow, a few drinks in a bar (the same one I’d gamed the thai barmaid in – I wanted to let Russia preselect me in front of her but unfortunately she wasn’t there) and then an extraction. No f-close even though she desperately wants me to fuck her. She’s angling for the relationship (as am I) so she’s protecting her value. There’s alot more to it than this and I might write about it later.

Current status is she’s gone home for Christmas and is knitting me a sweater with my name on it. She’s fallen head over heels for me and I’m so into her I’m gonna properly date her. The only question is upon which terms?

She knows about the harem and isn’t too enthused by it. She says she understands why I have it and that it’s okay but I’ll need to disband it before we can have a relationship. I’m certain she’s just fronting and will take whatever I offer her but that’s not the point – I’m genuinely thinking I should disband the harem (more on that later in my next post about Skeletor). I’ve actually stopped opening girls while I decide what to do.

I think I have to find closure on the reasons I have my harem. I’ve put lots of work into it and it’s my current mission. My best guess is I’ll knock over four or five girls in the next month and then when Russia comes back I’ll freeze the harem and start dating. I don’t think I’ll be ready for exclusivity until I’ve banged a few more girls.

The fact I’m even considering it makes me feel strange.

NB – I’ve saved all the mails, texts and facebook chats for this one so I have a full trail from the video of the initial pick up to where we are now. I’m holding it back for now.


  1. This makes an excellent counterpoint to Roosh’s famous “I’ve fucked so many girls I’m ruined for life” post. Which I’m too lazy to look up.

    • Oh, c’mon. It sounds interesting. Roosh knows his stuff but the guy is seriously bitter. Roissy too. DC must be a hellhole. There’s nowhere that bad in the UK, except Burnley.

    • I’m really curious about this “I’ve fucked so many girls I’m ruined for life” post. Could you point me to it?

    • Yeah but Roosh always goes for one night stands with girls he can get for the least effort possible. Though it seems that recently he’s been getting terribly bored of that, and may begin putting in effort to get a different type of girl.

      DC sounds like shit indeed.

  2. It’s the “Dark side of Game” post I think,he has a point,I said as much to a friend recently,then met someone which proved me wrong,maybe,time will tell.

  3. Awesome man, and you’re coming at it from a position of strength…

  4. Thanks chanusi. It’s here if anyone else wants it:

  5. there’s no question in my mind that you have to many girls and that is the only focus of your life so you aren’t growing anywhere else. but you were the one who told us that a real alpha has to have options. she might be hot, and you might feel the need to stop this gaming stuff and set your focus on what you think is a 10.

    i still haven’t started a harem yet, I’m too weak-minded so i just date one girl at a time. but i don’t think its a bad thing to have one, coz a lot of girls seem not to have a problem to me sleeping around. Because they don’t know about the existence of game, letting me have my fun is the only way they can think of to keep me as alpha as possible. It might actually be the natural state of things in the modern world ….. that’s what I’m begging to think.

    Question is, is the Russian really a 10? a roissy blog post from a few days ago says that the length of time you are interested in a woman is determined by her mark. So even if i think a girl is awesome, coz I’ve been wanting a girl like her for a long time, if she is actually a 7 I’ll be interested in her for 6 months or less.

    I’ve been very serious with my comment, so let me end it in a stupid way: don’t you want to have a threesome with the Russian and…. her sister or something?:)) or some interracial shit with the perfect Japanese, Russian and….Estonian models…..coz you can do that, i swear you can!

  6. Two things I am curious about the f-close not happening seems peculiar to me at least.

    Wondering where the girl is from, if its not Moscow/St.Petersburg than you are very lucky, if its one of those your being played. Yes I am stereotyping here but that’s my thought process.

    • Definitely not. I know how to read girls now and this one is falling in love with me. I haven’t spent a penny on her. Give it a month. That’s the schedule we agreed so I can close some more targets before I date her properly. If I haven’t closed her by the end of January, you’ll have a point.

      • I’m rooting for you. is it the blond or that leggy brunette with Asian features? You have to admit, game got you this far so you can’t really give up on it, do it for her at least. At least teach us some more about maintaining hand….don’t leave us sensei:pp

      • leggy, half-black, looks a bit Somali

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  8. monogamy strikes back

  9. She knows about the harem and isn’t too enthused by it. She says she understands why I have it and that it’s okay but I’ll need to disband it before we can have a relationship. I’m certain she’s just fronting and will take whatever I offer her but that’s not the point – I’m genuinely thinking I should disband the harem (more on that later in my next post about Skeletor). I’ve actually stopped opening girls while I decide what to do.

    You mean before she’ll even start f*ucking you? Totally ass backwards for alpha game.

    I agree with eaglem that you’re juggling an awful lot of girls. It also seems you’ve lost enthusiasm for starting up lots more of them from day game scratch. It’s understandable to me that you’d want to pause on that, or only day game real stunners, when you run into them, instead of making purpose driven hunting esp. on home London turf such a regular, pushing yourself to do it all the time thing. There was a place for that while you got your game to a much higher level.

    So you want to spend less time in active hunting day to day, and to have more time and energy to focus on “properly dating” your dark Russian girl — totally get that. But having multiple LTRs aka a smallish harem is kinda the ultimate isn’t it? With one girl being the lead, having your real heart in time perhaps, and her knowing that. Completely disbanding or freezing (won’t that amount to disbanding in most cases, though maybe not Frenchie?) the harem you’ve F closed and who are still big close to you on facebook, seems like a rad move, given all the work you’ve put into it though. And also given the success you’ve had in how most of the girls kinda or definitely know you’ve got others, but are ok with it, at least for awhile it seems. (That’s not too hard to see for the ones in other countries, Frenchie, Finland and Salsa, but how do you pull it off with Thai and Jap who you’ve said are an 8 and 8.5?)

    You have the advantage of a several of the girls that you’ve actually got in your F-closed harem being in other countries. Frenchie, Finland and Salsa. So they’re inherently not gonna be competing for week in and week out date time with leggy half black Russian. You spend a lot of facebook chat time and energy with them though – but at the same time you’re not working 9-6. Your “high T” fuck buddy (the Romanian?) seems to be someone you’re not all that keen on keeping doing from what you’ve said before in comments, so she can be iced and still maybe gone back to, in true fuck buddy style. So that would mean two local FBs (Thai and Japanese) to give up or not?

    That’s the schedule we agreed so I can close some more targets before I date her properly.

    I hope that doesn’t mean you’ve promised her that you’ll go completely exclusive before even banging her , while you “date her properly”. That would be really beta man. Feels like real pedestalling territory and giving up massive hand before you’ve properly begun. Most girls these days don’t expect exclusivity before even starting to have sex – certainly not from any guy they feel is alpha. Of course you can’t be demanding it from her either (though many girls will in effect give it.)

    I can see “dating her properly” meaning that you’ll spend more time and attention on one girl, namely her, and not be so manic about banging other girls all the freakin time. But totally breaking it off with all other girls? Don’t let leggy Russian extract so much especially so prematurely from you man. Backwards move, seems to me. The bull pen man.

    I’m certain she’s just fronting and will take whatever I offer her but that’s not the point

    I think that is or should be the point, certainly to begin with, with her, while “dating her properly”.

    Well my 2 cents.

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  12. Pics or it didn’t happen.

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  16. i don’t think you ever told us how or why this ended. but i am scanning through your archives, maybe i will find out.

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