I bang my first 17 year old Dutch blonde

November 5, 2010

This was fucking seedy.

I’m out with Suave shooting material and it’s been a so-so day. I’ve had a couple of weeks of inactivity so it’s taking time to recalibrate and find my vibe. The video camera has run out of battery and we are thinking of calling it a day. As we walk through the piazza at Covent Garden a girl opens me asking for directions. For some reason my spidersense tingles and I think she likes me so as she’s asking for a good place to drink I walk her fifty metres to a nearby pub – she then invites me on the instant date, telling me she’s too young to get served alcohol.

Ok. Pause. I’ve been opened and insta-dated. It’s going a bit quick…..

I project my usual alpha body language, eye contact and vocal tone. On cue she starts IOIing me and then it’s all a bit easy. I give a few physical compliments on her hair and eyelashes then we hold hands across the table. I kiss close her fifteen minutes in with the whole pub watching. Her eyes are spazzing out and she’s hit sexual state but she’s meeting the rest of her class in less than an hour for the theatre and says the teachers will take a roll call. She number closes me and we arrange a date the next day.

Next day I’m doing more material with Suave and Jambone. At the end of the session I meet Dutch and she’s pushed for time again so I just take her to the pub and finger fuck her in a booth in front of some elderly tourists. She won’t let me drag her to the toilets. I verbally escalate until she’s super-horny then send her away with an explicit agreement I’ll visit her host family’s house tonight to fuck her in an alleyway. Doesn’t quite work out that way. I arrive late, about half nine, and while her house is empty she’s expecting her friends and host granny back anytime. I throw her against the wall and escalate but she’s terrified of getting caught. She’s also told me she has only had sex one time in her life, two months ago. She’s horny but anxious.

Flatters her somewhat

We get interrupted and I just manage to pull up my strides and fasten my belt before the friends come in. The granny starts talking and really takes a shine to me so I have to humour her for ten minutes before Dutch excuses herself to the garden for a smoke and invites me to join. I walk her to the end of the garden and get to work on her LMR. She sucks my cock for a while but is constantly stopping to check no-one is looking out the windows. I can see granny is in her favourite comfy chair watching Question Time. Finally I get her to bend over so I can fuck her. I stick it in, which startles her cos she’s never taken it doggy style before, and I’ve barely gotten two strokes in when her friend opens the curtains on the 1st floor and looks out the window at us. Busted!

Dutch freaks out and that’s the end of that. We chat a bit and for all her anxiety she’s still really really happy. We go back inside and I have a coffee with Granny until it’s time for my train. Back at the house we have an RSG vote to determine if two strokes still counts as a lay. We decide it counts.


  1. 17?

    In the states that will get you 20. 😦

  2. Dutch girls. the first girl i ever made out with was dutch. we need more foreign girls in America.

  3. She opens you, huh? So you quickly put on your recorder, that you´re always carrying with you, just in case a woman( or in that case: Girl) is talking to you. Creepy!

    • I’ll humour this one……

      Read the post. We were out shooting material. We were mic’d up. The camera ran out of battery (the mic didn’t). This particular set I was using the audio record function on my phone which has 32Gb memory and lots of battery life. If you ever start fucking lots of girls you’ll find this type of situation isn’t so improbable.

      • “If you ever start fucking lots of girls you’ll find this type of situation isn’t so improbable.”


        Actually that line “If you ever” has a lot of potential. It sets up a great frame of dominance, experience, power, wisdom. Hmm.

  4. Actually in the US, every state has their own laws for the age of consent and some are lower than you think with 16 actually being the most common with certain conditions. I wouldn’t take a chance, but it’s interesting to look up.


    Great story and I would count that as a notch. She was certainly more than ready to go. Did she ever ask how old you were or maybe she just didn’t care?

    • She guessed my age as 28 but liked that I’m mid-thirties. She said she finds young guys boring. I actually teased her that I’m twice her age so that means I’m twice as cool, twice as intelligent etc. Age difference doesn’t matter if you project yourself as a man rather than a boy.

  5. Krauser, how do you do so well with foreign women yet struggle to lay an English-speaking woman?

    Not that I dislike European/Asian women, but I’m stuck with the talent here across the pond. I’m wondering how much of your success in the field is a result of you using your “exotic English man ” card, and your ability to control and dominate the frame due to your targets’ inability to speak English and shit-test.

    Show us your day game model applying to – and you getting laid by – the local English women and I’ll be doubly impressed.

    • Good point, but I think irrelevant and perhaps a limiting belief on your part. If you lived in London, you’d probably notice:
      1. It’s absolutely crammed full of foreign girls and they are way hotter than Brits and Yanks. There’s simply no reason to bother with a native-English girl. I don’t struggle to lay them – I don’t try.
      2. I have sarged native English on occasion. Man-Eater is English and she blew me several times. Kiss closed a leggy Aussie fashion girl (there’s a post or two on it) and should’ve fucked her, finger fucked an English-born Somali in the middle of a pub (there’s a post last year), dated another English black girl lately (there’s a post), I dated a girl from Guyana who was raised in New York from the age of five (see post) and the first girl I fucked this year was an English black girl.
      3. Being English in England is not exotic. Girls have often commented that London is full of very cool guys. I think it’s got the toughest male competition of anywhere I’ve even been. It would be so easy to daygame English girls in provincial English towns if I ever went to them.
      4. Girls always shit test, no matter how bad their English.
      5. Frame control isn’t about linguistic ability. My hardest sets are the girls with the weakest English. Any time I meet a native speaker (or very high level 2nd language English speaker) I absolutely cream them with the verbals. Far from a foreign girl’s language helping me, it’s actually frustratingly limiting. I can’t use all my subtle puns, nuances and reframes in case they go over her head.

      My overall conclusion is native English speakers are easier. More slutty, more chatty, and easier to game. I just rarely find any worth opening.
      You raise an interesting point but I think really you’re looking for an external excuse for not doing the hard work yourself.

  6. Limiting beliefs, external excuses, so true, so true.

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  8. This setup is odd and creepy. It’s like she gamed you and got the SDL. WTF? Creepy. Be careful; she may well be totally fucking insane.

    Run up and talk to ten women in central London and eight won’t be British; thank fuck.

  9. I’m pretty sure you’d be liable for significant damages in the tort of misuse of private information should you not have permission from the participants for the video and accounts you feature in this blog. Have you considered this? Or have you got permission (pretty impressive if so)?

    • I’m interested to know exactly how you see this. My understanding of tort law is that I’m not exposed because:

      1. These are girls of no special reputation with no fame, and with no risk of significant loss due to reputation damage.
      2. There are no sexually explicit images of them. Not so much as a nipple (unlike say the paparazzi pics in the supermarket gossip rags)
      3. Most of the video is taken in public places, no different to tourists videoing people in public.
      4. There’s nothing in here making the girls look bad.

      I can understand how posting an explicit video of Cheryl Cole sucking my cock would be a problem. Please elaborate.

  10. Another slut gets her wings.

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  12. Definitely counts as a lay. If you’re in, you’re in.

    • Agreed. Especially since the only reason it stopped so quickly is that they started being watched from a window by a trip acquaintance of the dutch girl. Pretty smooth of Kauser to go talk to the granny after that.

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