I’m on a roll!

April 20, 2010

Last Friday I did five sets and number-closed / facebooked four including a hired gun. Nice work when I only meant to go out to see a friend and not do any approaches. I might do a post on that. I wake up on Saturday to more glorious weather and I’m feeling good. I stop by the corner shop to buy a packet of Tootie Frooties (my weekend treat) and sit down on the Underground train to eat them. I notice the hot Persian girl next to me varnishing her nails. She shakes them dry.

Krauser: You know it looks like you’re trying to talk to deaf people.

I hear they prefer anal

She laughs, hooks immediately and starts shaking my hands in the air. Good indirect set and I take her Facebook. I walk into town to meet Suave and Shammers. After a quick coffee we head into Covent Garden for some daygame. My state is fantastic and I start tearing it up. The following videos show every set I did that day, except one (a thirty second 1-set that went nowhere).


  1. I like it during the Latvian set in part III when I can see your reflection in the glass. No need for multiple cameras anymore. Not when you can sarge in a hall of mirrors!

    As always, awesome to see you tearing up London, and my cameo was a scene stealer.

  2. LOL!
    Are you really gonna come to Sao Paulo?

  3. Those two Japanese girls are so cute. Such a DHV when you started speaking Japanese to them ha.

  4. Cool!

    I´m also from Sao Paulo!
    Let me know if you wanna hang out! Among my friends there are some pretty skilled naturals, but no formal PUAs.

  5. I’m sick with jealousy as you get to chat up super-hot Jap tourists with your Japanese yet for me with my Mandarin most Chinese seem sour-faced rejects with bad clothes. If anyone knows where I can find Taiwanese babes TELL ME!!

  6. wonderful vids krauser. i truly enjoy watching them, you’ve got some balls.

    let us know how it goes with the japanese girl, they’re fun.

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  9. Hey, what kind of video camera do you use? I want to get one like this.

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  11. btw you have a similar day game approach to paul janka (screw night game and going to clubs, waste of money, health and time).

    keep it up and always wrap it up!

  12. On video 1 whats the music playing?
    Love how Krauser completly ingnores the bf line and carries on the convo nicely done.
    Dam man the 3rd girl the asian one was really hot what a shame you didnt get her but big balls
    for trying it on with her.
    Just before seeing the 4th girl did you spot the fit long legged blonde wow krauser you should of chased her instead.
    Like the 4th girls sharp eyes Krauser uses interesting body languase here noticed the pussy tingle lol was you doing palm reading or something? Im suprised her friend didnt ruin it for you normaly you wouldnt get an instand date becoz of cockblocks. At the cake stand you seemed very alpha in my opinion.

    Whats name of that music you play in the video?

  13. Yay on video 2 Krauser trys picking up my fav type on girl indian women yum haha was you checking her arse out before leaving.
    Arabic no wonder she seems freacked but krauser done one amazing job staying in set.

    When Krauser does the two set and it fails it seems like it didnt work out because of her friend i feel like he would of got her details if her mate wasnt there.

    With the russian girl i like how krauser describes the situation of her talking to her friend on the phone back at home

  14. On the 3rd video the asian girl on the right is sooo cute thought one of them said pokemon at one point lol.

  15. Maya is cute i like how Krauser discribes things to her in this set resistance at the end but oh well facebook better then nothing i guess

  16. Persian was indeed hot. And that Japanese you did showed major DHV in their eyes.

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