Why Trump Derangement Syndrome?

April 6, 2020

By now, we are well aware that people most opposed to Donald Trump are…. shall we say…. not of sound mind. Go back through the past few decades of political disagreement and there’s nothing else like it. Remember all of those Republicans rioting in the streets after Obama won election in 2008? No, me neither. It’s easy to forget just how deranged and violent the Resistance was – rioting, smashing shit up, violently attacking anyone with a red hat, burning flags, assassinating cops, punch a Nazi, false rape accusations against Supreme Court judges, valorising foreign terrorists…. Unbelievable, really. We’ve got the media being openly seditious, Congressmen leaking the President’s itinerary to foreign enemies before he travels to visit troops in a war zone, Senators leaking intelligence briefings…. and who can forget little Robert De Niro saying he’s gonna knock Trump out?

You’ve probably encountered it in your personal life too, talking to Lefties. The levels of reeeeeeeee are off the charts. None of them are capable of discussing policy differences, like they might have done when arguing between Nixon and Kennedy, or Brown vs Cameron. It’s all Orange Man Bad and wild shrieking.


The Left. Every. Fucking. Day.

But why?
Why are they so insane?

Just today I heard three prevailing theories summed up nicely. Nicely enough they provoke thought and are worth sharing. The first one comes from Twitter iconoclast Thomas Wictor (now renamed Carlos Osweda under a new account)

1. Cognitive Dissonance
Thomas Carlos believes Trump is a Rorschach test of mental illness. If you hate him (not merely disagree with, or dislike, but actually hate) then you are mentally ill. I agree with him. But what is the process? During this Twitter thread was one tweet that jumped out. He was discussing his phone call with a Trump-hating boomer acquaintance in NYC who was convinced he had Corona despite not getting tested. Carlos said he patiently debunked every one of the NYC guy’s points but the guy would just immediately switch goalposts to a new accusation, never once conceding his earlier points as debunked. You’ll all know that game with Lefties.


Nailed it

That nails TDS as experienced by the common (Leftist) man: Cognitive dissonance.

A. My Mental Image Of Myself = I’m smarter than Trump
B. Real World Evidence = Trump is outsmarting me

= cognitive dissonance

Unable to abandon A, or deny B, insanity ensues.

For well over a generation, Leftists have had an uncontested field in media, academia, and politics (in the West) and therefore they were constantly encouraged to feel smugly superior. The plebs had their avarice fuelled at the promise of gimmedats, the intellectuals had their pride stroked at being the heroic leaders, the degenerates had their gluttony and lust, and the muds had their envy of whites encouraged. Leftism is marketed to the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s evil.

Thatcher and Reagan were especially hated because they were a rare (yet mild) push-back against this trend. Trump is the superhuman Mecha-godzilla of push-back against Leftism, at a point in time when the Left thought they had already won, forever. Who can forget Hillary’s 98% chance of winning in November 2016? That’s the very definition of a turn-around. It was a truly traumatic moment for a lot of slags and soyboys. That stuff leaves scars.

Trump is winning so consistently and so brazenly that Real World Evidence is destroying the smug tranquillity of the Left. I see it in my parents every day: the real world has become an existential threat to them, and thus they hide in a bubble blown up by the BBC and The Guardian. Any time a sliver of real world evidence penetrates the bubble, they freak the fuck out. TDS.

The second theory comes from the QAnon types and I didn’t take it seriously until today, when a few odd “coincidences” were made clear. You’ve probably noticed that celebrities and world leaders are afflicted with Corona virus far more than the common man, relative to their proportion of the population (2,400x more often, one Twitter account calculated). You’ve probably also noticed how it’s always the same small group of celebrities and politicians who are outspoken against Trump to the point that they sound like tantrum-throwing toddlers. Have you also noticed those same people were all on the flight logs to Epstein’s island, and they nearly all look like absolute shit now?


2. Adrenochrome
The Pizzagate / QAnon crew have said for a while that there is an international child-sex trafficking ring run by elites, that they worship Satan, and perform child sacrifices. They postulate the reason is that when young children are terrified, their brains produce adrenochrome, and then the elites kill them and drink their blood. It has amazing (but temporary) age-defying properties. This is likely the scientific basis for why vampires in legends live for centuries, why blood sacrifice was common place everywhere amongst pagans and barbarians, and the likes of Elizabeth Bathory bathed in children’s blood.

Premise: the celebrities, businessmen, and politicians making up the Cabal have been taking adrenochrome to attempt immortality. Trump has cut the supply.

Here are some isolated facts, each one which can be reasonably well verified:

  1. Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to roll up global child-trafficking networks. There have been an unprecedented number of busts, stings, and arrest since Trump’s inauguration.
  2. Trump signed executive orders targeting human trafficking, including asset seizure of anyone involved.
  3. Trump significantly shut down illegal border crossings from Mexico, and gang activity inside US border, particularly MS-13.
  4. There is a synthetic alternative to adrenochrome that was patented in the UK in 1981 and then in the US in 1985 by 3M. The same company deep in the Corona mask story.
  5. The laboratory that makes the world’s synthetic adrenochrome is in Wuhan, China.
  6. The same people who are heavily suspected of belonging to the Cabal have been very outspoken indeed against Trump, to the point of embarrassing themselves publicly, and also experienced rapid physical decline since his inauguration.


So, putting these and other pieces together, the theory is this:

All these Cabalites were on natural adrenochrome, harvested from trafficked kids (with associated trappings of Satanism for some of them), to stay young. Much of the supply came across the Mexican border. Trump broke up the trafficking and thus suppressed both the kiddly-fiddling and the supply of adrenochrome. The Cabalites are going hard cold-turkey and are acting out publicly like desperate junkies jonesing for a fix (see Robert De Niro, Tom Arnold, Rob Reiner etc). They have been forced to turn to synthetic adrenochrome and now….. well, that’s interesting. Has Trump cut that supply too, under the cover of Corona (and the quarantine keeps people off the streets so kids don’t get kidnapped and Democrat terrorist attacks don’t have massed targets)? Or did China infect a shipment of adrenochrome for their own reasons and the Cabalites just got a “hot fix” that gave them Corona (or HIV, with Corona as the cover story).


I remember reading when this arrest happened. Media memory-holed it fast.

I have no idea. But, to paraphrase Vox Day, the one thing we can be absolutely sure of is: the mainstream media story is false. I don’t know what the truth is, but there are so many anomalies that it certainly isn’t what we are being told officially and by the media [1]

3. Rabbits facing K-Selection
A third explanation, call it the AnonCon view, is that TDS is when rabbits realise the world is turning wolfish, and are freaking out at the thought of the King Wolf- Trump- and how he is reshaping the world into something they’ll be eliminated from. The rabbits felt comfortable in an r-selected world but completely adrift in the encroaching K-selection. They know they are uncompetitive and can’t possibly challenge the wolves. So, they freak out like the pathetic fags they are.

Trump made an official statement in today’s press conference that Daygame Overkill is indeed the best in-field product on the market, way better than the frankly inept competition, and the patriotic thing to buy [2]

[1] Has anyone else realised that the Democratic election campaign has disappeared from public awareness, yet Trump spends a couple of hours a night on the most-watched broadcast in the USA being presidential? Those press conferences are the beginning of his campaign and he’s pushed his opposition off the airwaves. Very smart.
[2] No matter which nationality you are.


  1. Fascinating post Krauser, a lot to chew on.

    Just to make a point re Kathy Griffin’s demise, I posit a somewhat simpler for explanation it.

    As a result of Her public “Hexing” of Trump; She got to know sorcery in the most brutal way.

    There are two fundamental rules to cursing or hexing somebody.
    1. You cannot Hex or curse somebody who has done you no personal harm.
    2. When you curse or Hex somebody you cannot name them publicly.

    When you break these rules of engagement the curse or Hex comes back on you, so you see all these idiots cursing Trump when He has done them no personal harm the curse comes back at them – the end of getting cancer, psychiatric illnesses and so forth.

    The ones especially to watch and the readers here may well come across them in Daygame, are what I call The “Harry potter wiccan witches”, a silly, utterly stupid form of paganism that seems to have gained in popularity recently (esp. among Feminist Americans) where these self-proclaimed witches with no magical training, are performing cursing or spell rituals against Trump, consequently breaking the two rules above and thereby ruining their lives; die of cancer, get committed to a psych ward, age horribly and very quickly etc.

    As an aside, real witches don’t tell people they are witches, (you’ve gotta work it out for yourself) and they know the rules of magical system engagement. And most aren’t evil yokes either. Years ago, I dated a real “White witch” from the North East of England and it was an education to say the least.

    I have no doubt Trump has had training in the magical craft – He’s just too good at it, brilliant to watch and observe Him running rings around His enemies. [I know little about witches. Magic isn’t real. K.]

  2. “Arya: Its been a while since I trained
    Breanne of Tarth: I can go and find the master of arms for you my lady.
    Arya: He didn’t beat the hound. You did. I want to train with you.”

    – if Globalists are still running the UK, then why did brexit happen?
    – Good job man on keeping up with your training.
    -what if corona is fake news.
    – what if globalisation is not the problem? problem is somewhere else. You are looking at the wrong enemy. Rememebr, trump’s hormones are imbalanced, he can’t fuck, so he has low self esteem,
    – so if you all go wolf, where do you think are we going next?
    – what if stock market won’t exist anymore.
    – what if doge coins takes over?
    – the problem is, how do we beat gold? and other precious metals.
    – what if quantum block chain exists?
    – Well, you say people who oppose trumps are not of sound mind. But then are you of sound mind? Am i of sound mind?
    – what if there are competing globalist ideologies, one is feminazi aother one is nazi plutocracy, both have gone insane
    basically these are our cullective internet consious.
    – “Leftism is marketed to the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s evil.” the thing is, right is also communist, hidden in plain sight.
    – hormone optimisation is anti aging,btw
    – have you seen a single dead body from corona with your own two eyes? [I have no idea what you’re on about. K.]

  3. I wouldnt describe Trump as right wing. He is more a common sense dude. Civic nationalist, not an ethnic nationalist (also I believe deep deep down he knows).
    From liberal New York. And he symphathised with the democrats also (long ago before the dems lost their marbles “Reagan democrats”).
    Franco and Pinochet were right wing (and saved their countries from communism / bolschewism). [Trump Jnr is the white nationalist that Trump Snr is preparing the ground for. K.]

  4. The Tale of trump the saviour. Is going to be an epic tale in the centuries to come. It’ll be like Alexandra the great etc.

    P.s. just for clarification you don’t really believe the part about drinking kids blood right? [Do you know the history of Aztec child sacrifices, African cannibalism, Roman debauchery, Chinese torture, Turk impalements, Cartel torture videos, and Bolshevik secret police? If so, you’d have no doubt that heads of large organisations can quite happily commit the worst possible atrocities. No reason to suppose things are different now. K.]

    • Ya Tom Arnold drinks kids blood to look young lol

      Can’t believe you’ve gone full Roosh conspiracy proponent

      You’re going to start sounding like Eddie Bravo (IQ < 90)

  5. They also messed up South Africa. Turned the only first world state in Africa into a hellhole, within 20 years. Western mass media turns a blind eye on the “Rainbow nation” since things derail there. And now they mess up Europe. They wont stop until the whole world is turned into a giant shithole.

  6. I remember Trump tweeting about kids not to worry about their junior league, and that their sports will resume soon. The focus and emphasis trump has on kids could be subliminal for a few who get the message that trumps in this for the kids.

  7. Nick, any chance you could get back on twitter just so we can see your thoughts frequently, it was super interesting. Just keep the extreme posts to a minimum to avoid being banned haha. [I’d like to, but I think Twitter is bad for mental health so I’m only on 5 minutes a day, reading the only two accounts I follow. K.]

    • I thought your theory is if your inner game is strong, reading about politics etc shouldn’t effect mental health?

  8. Have you read The Witches by Roald Dahl? Similar story.

  9. >>I’m only on 5 minutes a day, reading the only two accounts I follow. K

    Which two, if I may ask?

  10. yay krausers back. more politics please.

  11. Chiming in:

    Very hard to take all the peto-gate stuff at face value… but there are a lot of signs. Epstein “suiciding” in front of our eyes was a really big deal – and that was explicitly about kids/sex. Harvey Weinstein seems so similar (Disney kids all used for sex), same crowd, same level of power, what he might say about whom is interesting. I am surprised you didn’t add in the “Grooming” in the UK (which is an endlessly scandalous story, clearly suppressed). We can add in Catholic Church “kid stories” and it actually makes the whole thing more credible. That is a lot of kids stories at the “rich and powerful” level.

    Pat Stedman has been making the same points on periscope (and he is a surprising source for this story).

    Blood drinking vampires. Sounds insane. I feel trolled by the idea of Adrenochrome. But child abuse/sacrifice is such a continuous story. Eyes Wide Shut is the same theme. The last season of True Detective is more of this.. Sex + kids + power. Strangely powerful theme. Myths aren’t the “truth” but they are saying something true.

    As for the QANON stuff… they have made a bet this will happen like this week. So that’s great. They are either correct, or their pushed aside in short order. In terms of US based politics, we could add in that Barr/Dunhams investigation of SPYGATE was supposed to be completed in Spring. That was to crush Clinton/Obama/Deep State (some of these same people).

    This story is all over the place. I am tempted to read it all much more metaphorically than literally.

  12. As for TRUMP:

    In terms of GAME, he is an incredible example of a man. Really incredible. If he was a “normie,” and you ran into him and his friends at a bar, how do you think he would do with women? Do you think anyone would notice him? If you were in set, and he and his friends rolled up next to you… do you think you could hold the girl’s focus?

    He is a hurricane of a man. Very usual. Classic “Leader of Men.” Ridiculous at some levels, incredibly charming at others. Undeniably effective.

    TDS is real. Otherwise obviously smart people in the culture go on and on endlessly about how “dumb” he is… they bet against him, publicly, and LOSE, over and over. RUSSIA. IMPEACHMENT. Now CHLOROQUINE. Lots of outright lies against him… and easy to prove lies.

    Is he “dumb?” That clearly cannot be the case. I’m not saying he is super smart, but he has SOMETHING so clearly effective. People say he has “great instincts” (as opposed to intellect) and that makes sense too. That is a good way to think about how he could be so “irregular” and so obviously successful.

    GAME: If you think of men as providing POWER (aka ENERGY), and women receiving energy, Trump is another perfect example. He is not “hyper,” but he has so much “energy.” He has so much “LIFE FORCE.”

    I did a whole thread on KRAUSER vs PAT STEDMAN on this topic:

    Woman are after this “high energy” kind of man, maybe more than “good looking” or “rich” or “super smart.” If you’re any of those things, but lack “LIFE FORCE,” you’ll go unnoticed. They need energy.
    DYNAMIC “powerful” men that “pump energy” (quote from Krauser) into women (and followers in general)… you can see how Trump could be this unbelievable example of all that. There are Game lessons here.

    “VITALITY.” This is an under-referenced way to talk about men that kill it with women. Look at the guys that really kill it. These “vital” types are easy to identify (in life and in instructors). Even introverts/sigmas, that can turn this on in one-one situations could make things happen. If you’ve ever pulled a girl off of another guy in real time, you probably had more “Trump Energy” than the other guy had. I’ve seen this in field many times. I have done it to guys, and its been done to me. Can look like frame, but is maybe better expressed as “energy”/dynamism.

    This quality is one of the things about IMPACT ON GAME I’ve learned from watching Trump in particular.

  13. Krauser’s “Emperors new clothes moment”

    If hiring Sessions is proof of Trump’s commitment to fighting pedophiles, why did he remove Sessions for the man who covered up Epstien’s murder?

    Crazy how tea sipping shut ins an ocean away think they’re experts on American politcs.

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